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Writing New Jedi Order: The End, Damn It.


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This is a fairly brief story I wrote. It's pretty much just the death of Luke Skywalker, as I see it.
[b]New Jedi Order: The End[/b]

Suddenly, Luke felt a familiar presence.[i] Anakin[/i], he thought. He sensed his long-dead nephew as if Anakin were standing right there, at that very moment. [i]This must be the ship that Anakin died on.[/i] He mused. Lowbacca bellowed. The Wookie had sensed it, too.

Then, he felt as he had not felt since the Battle of Yavin. He felt young again, as though Anakin had crawled inside of him, and given him a rush of youthful energy. He felt like taking on another Death Star!

He ducked, sliced, parried, and charged through the Vong warriors that were now filling the corridor. He sensed that Mara had gotten the same rush. In fact, everyone seemed to have caught it. Soon enough, the corridor stopped flooding with Yuuzhan Vong. Luke switched off his lightsaber and turned to embrace his wife. She accepted the embrace rather greedily.

?Lu?,? Mara was cut off by the slow clanking of footsteps down the corridor.

Luke turned to see the all-too-familiar form of Tsavong Lah. ?Hello, Jeedai.? The Warmaster said, spitting the last noun out like poison. The Warmaster was followed by well over twenty Yuuzhan Vong, including one Shaper.

Luke responded by igniting his lightsaber. Mara raised hers and soon all the other Jedi fell in step. Then, Luke sensed an old, familiar presence.[i] Jaina?[/i]he thought. She strode up beside him, ?Need some help??

?Good to see that you?ve found where you belong.? Luke said, restraining his urge his embrace his niece.

?I was motivated.? He sensed a loving smile creep across her face. Then, he felt Jacen?s presence on the other side of Jaina.

?I hope I?m not too late.? He said, raising his emerald blade. His wife, Tenel Ka took her place beside him.

?The more, the merrier.? Mara commented.

Tahiri moved up beside Mara, ?For Anakin.? She said.

?For Master Solusar.? Ben said, igniting his silver saber.

?Not just for them; for the entire galaxy!? The slightly weary voice of Kyp Durron announced as he approached, trailed by Han and Lando. Leia, now a fully sprouted Jedi Knight, came not far behind.

Suddenly, Luke felt complete. He suddenly realized just how weary he had become. The weight of this war had bore him into an old man. He now knew what Ben and Yoda must?ve felt like. After taking a few sideways glances at his family and friends, he made his decision. He nudged them all into a moment?s stupor and then charged into battle, alone.

To his surprise, the Yuuzhan Vong warriors surrounding Tsavong Lah moved aside and he was met by the Warmaster, himself. It only took a moment for Luke to realize that Tsavong Lah, too, had grown weary. He could see it in the eyes of the Warmaster, though Tsavong Lah probably did his best to hide it. The two engaged in a brief combat. Tsavong made a faulty step, perhaps purposely, and Luke saw his moment. He brought his lightsaber searing through the Vong?s neck. His decapitated body struck the coral floor.

Luke moved quickly. He lashed out with his blade and claimed the life of the Shaper. However, before he could take anyone else, all the warriors fell upon him. He was overwhelmed. The first amphistaff struck him in the lower back.

?Luke!? He heard Leia call out as all his companions began fighting their way to him.

The next blow struck him in the stomach, then another in the back of the head. Just when his attacker raised his amphistaff for the final, and unnecessary, blow, he saw Jacen?s green blade block it, and then plunge through the Yuuzhan Vong?s abdomen.

Mara?s sweet eyes met his, ?Luke! Luke, I love you! Don?t go!?

He did his best to project a sense of calm to her. He sensed Ben, still fighting, finish his foe and then run over to his father?s side, though Luke could no longer see. He heard a sudden outcry from Mara, Leia, and Tahiri. Then, he felt Kyp reach down, and close his eyelids.

Now, he felt himself dissipate, and drift away. As a parting gift, Luke sent everyone all his strength, and he sensed a sudden calm fall over, even though all them still fought tears. Suddenly, he became aware of everything. He felt as though he knew all, could see all. Even the Yuuzhan Vong, who had been invisible to his senses, now had a presence in the Force. It was a dark, untapped one; but they were there. [i]Not once Mara gets to them.[/i] The thought of his beautiful wife brought him endless joy. Now, he finally felt peace.[i] It was good?[/i]
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