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Writing Two Poems.

Guest Morphious

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Guest Morphious
Here's a few of my poems.

[b]The Lag Plague[/b]

I cannot play games online,
It seems to be a plague,
When I go play Diablo II,
All I get is lag.

Yeah, that was short and stupid. :)
Here's another one that I like that I wrote :)


Vacant eyes like windows
They take it as a joke
All I'm really doing
Is looking for some hope
Some hope just for this hopeless world
The hopeless twit I am
I close my tired, vacant eyes
And softly say "I can."
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[color=red][size=1]I like the second one [b]much[/b] better than the first. But of course, if you knew me, I'm a fan of the angsty/ drama kind of poetry, with an occasional dash of humour. *cough* DRAGON_WARRIOR!*cough*[/color][/size]
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Guest Morphious
Heh, I like the second one a ton more than the first too. The first was made to be stupid, not realistic or anything. :D:mrt:
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[QUOTE]Hope & trust
Hope is light.

And there where light is is dark.

Sometimes your trapped in darkness,

Youre affraid.

Then you dont have hope.

Hope for getting out of the darkness,

Hope to see light again.

But if u believe in yourself you can get out,

out of the darkness

and see light again.

Now I remember! I made a hope one myself too!
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