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Gaming best company ever!!!


which company is the best!!!  

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  1. 1. which company is the best!!!

    • squaresoft/square
    • capcom
    • game arts
    • other

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Have you noticed that megaman and finalfantsy have a lot in common? they both got the initalls were the letters are the same (if you dont get i mean like MM and FF) they bothe have many titels and spinoffs. There is more but cant remeber right now. I think maybe square and capcom are starting a conspirecy.
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Yeah there were more similarities like when Final Fnatasy 7 introduced Barret where he has a gun on his arm.And Megaman 7 introduced a Blackbomber Bass with a Canonbuster on his arm.But from what ive heard it was just a coincedience of the similarities.
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