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Digistory Chapter 4:World Of Chaos.


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Unsure of what lay ahead, Ginny, Amanda, and Cera crossed lowered drawbridge.

"I can't believe we're doing this...." Cera muttered.

"Neither can I," Ben said dryly.

The girls spun around. He stood behind them, an amused look on his face. "[I]How does he do that???"[/I] Amanda hissed.

Ben laughed. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

[I]Know your enemy.[/I] Some forgotten quote echoed in Ginny's mind, and she glanced at Ben's hand. In it, he held a dozen crests....

Her hand darted instintively to the necklace at her throat....It was gone.

Ben grinned, pulling one chain from the othersand dangling it before her. "Looking for this?"
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American Writer, I don't think that would be such a good idea, this story has been going on for quite a while and there are a lot of things you wouldn't understand.

You know, I would post, but i'm a little lost still. :blush:
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Ginny: That's mine! How did you get that?!
Ben:laugh: That's one of the perks of being a bad guy. You don't have to answer to anyone.
Amanda: You wanna bet?
Ben: I wouldn't be starting this. Your's could very well be in here too. But, alot of good that would do you. You still don't know how to use that stupid digivice that this place gives you.
Amanda: Its not stupid!
Blockmon: Shut-up.
Zaltamon: Ha! Try and make her. It won't work, believe me.
Amanda: Z! Cut it out! This is one time you don't wanna pick on something your size!

*zaltamon glares at blockmon before hopping back on amanda's shoulder*
Blockmon: That's right little baby. Go hide!
Zaltamon: Alright, that's it! Can I go whack him?!
Cera: RUN!
*blockmon had taken out his hammers*
*Ginny still stood rock-still looking at the crest Ben held in his hand, while the 3 digimon jumped on blockmon*

*cera grabs ginny's arm* C'mon! We have to go!
Amanda: Any idea where we're running?!
Cera: Just run! Don't talk!
*amanda looks behind and sees the 2 champions "de-digivolve", and stop moving*
Amanda: WE have to go back!

*cera slowed to a stop*
Cera: MARI!
*ben walked over and stooped over the non-moving form of her digimon*
Zaltamon jumped up(after all, she had done the least amount of fighting), and Ben turnt around and grabbed her.
Ben: I don't think so.
Amanda: Great, just wonderful. He changed attentin from Mari to mine. LET HER GO!!!
Ben: Ha, yeah right.

Alright, me done. LOL
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AmericanWriter [/i]
[B]CAn I just put in my digidestined and join the story line? [/B][/QUOTE]

No,I'm sorry.I let KK join late only because she had been ready this from the begining,just not posting.And,to be quite frank,I don't like you because you are a spammer,Sorry!

Peace out,
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zero-Sama [/i]

No,I'm sorry.I let KK join late only because she had been ready this from the begining,just not posting.And,to be quite frank,I don't like you because you are a spammer,Sorry!

Peace out,
Zero(º.º)/ [/B][/QUOTE]

He is a big spammer.
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(What's your Crest again, Amanda? Do you have it yet?)
Cera: Mari!
Ginny: Oh shoot, Gryf, Neko!
Zalta: Fine, let's not show any compassion to the one Digimon who's got the bad guy breathing on her!
All three girls: ZALTAMON!
Zalta: :cross: Thanks...
Amanda: Give her BACK!
Ben: I'm afraid I can't do that. I've got some corrupting to do now, so I'll bid you ladies adieu. *he vanishes with Zalta*
*Amanda runs to where Ben was just standing, but is stopped by Blockmon.*
Blockmon: Bring it on, little wussy girl.
*Amanda suddenly loses her temper and whacks Blockmon over the head with her digivice. Gripping the hammers he was about to throw, Blockmon sags, a little dazed. Amanda's digivice lights up and shines on Blockmon. The lit up parts of him are now ToyAgumon looking. The shadow parts still look like Blockmon.*
Amanda: Uh, what's going on?
Ginny: You're asking me?
*WereGarurumon, Mammothmon, and Monzaemon stand over Blockmon. Meanwhile, Cera picks up Marimon, and Amanda helps Ginny try to shake Gryfmon and Nekomon awake.*
Cera: They're...they're not moving....
Ginny: *almost in tears* Cera, [i]what's wrong with them?!?[/i]
Cera: You think I have answers anymore than you do?
Block: Fools...idiots...corruption...darkness swirls...confused...
*One by one, the three Ultimates begin to shrink and there are five SnowAgumons once more. The SnowAgumons begin to fade.*
Amanda: Uh, are they supposed to be doing that?
Ginny: HEY! Where are you going?
5SnowAgus: We'll.....return...in time....be brave...
*And they vanish completely.*
Cera: *mutters* That's the last thing we need right now.
Amanda: Lemme add one more--Blockmon or ToyAgumon or whatever, he's waking up.
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Oreta can't move. She is so sad. A digimon appers in frot of her.

Kerpymon: Oreta I proret the the digiworld a evil digimon is stoping you from stoping Ben.

Oreta: I can't beat Ben so why try.

Kerpymon: You can't beat Ben but with you friends you can. Ben evilness is sealing of my powers.

Oreta: I will go.

Oreta goes after Ben with her digmon.
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Blockmon: Wha-? Why are you all looking at me like that? You look like you're about to pounce.
Cera: Toyagumon?
Blockmon: Uh, no. This is Blockmon, I can't be changed back anymore. [I]This[/I] is my body now.
Ginnylyn (whispering): Can we trust him?
Amanda: Why not? He helped us before didn't he?
Cera: She's got a point.
Ginnylyn: Fine, we trust him.
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*sighs* People, people. C'mon! Lets get this story going...

Cera: I get it now! When Amanda hit him with her digivice, the power from it destroyed the virus inside of Blockmon, leaving only the good part!
Blockmon: Exactly. Now, can we please get a move on?
Amanda: Where do you expect we're going to go? We have no clue where he is, or what he's up to!
Ginny: Blockmon, you said he was going to the Temple of Accurssed Crests. I thought this was the place!
Blockmon:That is exactly where he has gone! And if we don't get a move-on, your crests are gonners!!!
Cera: What do you mean, Gonners?!
Blockmon: The temple is down this way. Thru a few doors, 5 steps to the east, and down 2 flights of Spiral Stairs.
*cera moans* Just thinking of that makes me sick...
Ginny: Isn't there another way to go?
Blockmon: Weelll...we could go back the way we came from, swim through the black swamp, run through the huanted woods, and climb [i]up one[/i] flight of spiral steps.
Ginny: Whats it gonna be? The long-way or the easy way?
*cera sighs* I hate spiral staircases....
Amanda: Is that where he took Z?
Blockmon: Most likely. If he twists the power of your crests around, we'll know it. Those digimon *points to gryf and mari* Plus Zaltamon, will go as evil as they can..depending on the power of the crest.
Ginny and Cera: Oooh...wonderful.
Ginny: Only one way to find out!
Cera: Don't tell me. DOWN the steps.
Blockmon: Unfortunately, yes.
Gryf: Hehe..this is gonna be FUN!
*cera shoots gryf a look* Maybe for you..you can FLY!
Mari: We could digivolve and fly down the steps!
Blockmon: Mari, dear, I think you are missing a point. The stair case will be hardly big enough to go in [i]side-ways[/i], never mind fly!
*cera makes a face* That's not fair. Not only do we have to go down the steps, but lets just add a narrow stair case!!!!

*sighs* SOMEBODY...pick this up..pretty pretty please?
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Maybe I shouldn't have told you guys about that little phobia of mine. We're gonna end up with me passing out or something....
The girls and their digis (minus Z) followed Blockmon though the 'few doors and five steps to the east.' Reaching the spiral staircase, Blockmon shot an apologetic look at Cera and started down. The others followed him.

Ginny and Amanda were talking. "So you don't know what your crest is?"

"Nuh-uh. What's yours and Cera's?"

"I've got the Crest of Peace. Cera has Dreams. Ben has Insanity. Zero has--" Ginny's voice faltered. "--[I]had[/I] Emotions...[ooc--it WAS emotions right? You changed it from Miracles?]"

"Zero? is that the boy who's sister--"

"No... that was Obtok. He...[I]had[/I]...Power. Zero was...well, I guess he's a hard person to explain...." They slipped into silence for a moment.

After a while, Amanda spoke again. "Is Zaltamon going to be okay?"

Ginny bit her lip. "I really don't know. I'm sorry, Amanda."

"Hey!" exclaimed Nekomon. "I turned out alright!"

Ginny laughed and picked up her digi. "Of couse you did." Then, in way of explanation, "Ben corrupted Neko a while ago....I'm still not sure how we finally got him back."

"Oh!" Amanda looked worried. "But you're okay now?"


"That's good..."

Cera, meanwhile, had fallen slightly behind. With Marimon watching nearby, she closed her eyes for a moment. "That's not so bad...." she muttered.

Soon....Finally...depending on your point of view or how sadistic you are....they made it to the bottom of the first staircase.

Now would be a good time to NOT go down the next staircase right away. Glory, ya had to make it two of them......
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Yes,It changed from emotions when my soul was joined with Kazuya's the first time i died.......Ask Ben.....
Kazuya walked down a narrow corridor,With a weapon he had found in a passage with a set of bones.It was a black,Double barrel machine gun,With on barrel on top of the other.As he walked,He thought about the gun,and how his father had had one before he dissapeared.Then it hit him.....

"Father......Y-You.....Where......One of the original Digidestion........I'm sorry,You talked about monsters called Digimon all the time.....Yet i never took you seriousely........I even called you a wacky old coot........Dammit!"

At this he began to run down the corridor,Which opened into a arena type room.....Ant that was exactly what it was.When he entered his exit was cut off by a steel gate.Then a Digimon dropped into the room.......It was-


Kazuya didn't wait for a responce,He took aim in half a second and fired,Bumbarding Mylomyotismon with about 200 shells a second.Mylomyotismon was knocked back into a wall,Which gave Kazuya about 10 seconds to end the battle.He slid out his sword and lunged forward.


He stabbed Mylomyotismon dead center,ending his life.........
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Hey,What am I?You guys are afraid to say something?I just don't like post that just say"I can't think." Or "Who's next?".KK,I know your gonna think i mean you,But i don't.You,and a few others,Explain why they can't think.So,Don't be scaredof me,the worst i could do is kill off you character!:laugh:
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...no one's posted lately, so now you are all going to suffer. That's right, I'm gonna twist the story!!! *Bwa HA HA HA!!! *More D.E. type laughter :devil: **
Ben: One little, two little, three corrupted Digimon...
Zalta: *squirms in a cage nearby* You sicko! What could you possibly be thinking, doing this horrible stuff?!? When I get ahold of you--
Ben: You're in no position to talk, now, are you? :devil: Hold still, this won't hurt...much.
*In absolute terror, Zaltamon squeezes her eyes shut and squeals:*
Zalta: [i]AMANDA!!![/i]
*And somewhere near a spiraling staircase...*
Cera: :cross: Oh boy, I don't feel so good...
Amanda: :D Nothing to it, you just--
*She suddenly stops and clutches her head.*
Cera: Nothing to it, eh?
Amanda: [i]Z!!![/i]
*Gryfmon, Marimon, and Nekomon all look noticeably disturbed.*
Gryf: Something's not right here...
Mari: The darkness, it's overwhelming...
Neko: We should turn back!
*Ginny grabs the scared Digimon by his wings.*
Ginny: We can't! Not after all we just went through!
Cera: Try digivolving. Maybe that will make you feel better.
Mari: *doubtful* Ok....Marimon, digivolve to...........!
Mari: ....Marimon?
Ginny: You try, Gryf.
Gryf: *trying not to look scared* Gryfmon, digivovle to........!
Gryf: ...(what the?)...Gryfmon?
Neko: *whimpers* We shouldn't be here...
Gryf: We can't leave Zaltamon!
*Marimon's ears droop.*
Cera: Well, Mari, what do you think?
Mari: I-I...ooohhhh.......
*A strange thing happens. Marimon shrinks back into her In Training form. Nekomon groans, trembling.*
Neko: I knew it! We shouldn't have stayed!
*He too shrinks back to his In Training form.*
Amanda: Gryf, don't you dare! You're our last Rookie!
Gryf: But it's so hopeless....*she sags and lies like a limp rag. She also turns back into her In Training form.*
Ginny: *suddenly stressed--everything seems to be falling apart around her* Look at this! We're down to Tiamon, Noptamon, and...uh...what's yours, Cera?
*Cera is about to answer when the wall to their left explodes. The girls and the Digimon, shaken by the blast, strain their eyes to see what is coming through the smoke. They all gasp together as they recognize who they see.*
*Another famous GinnyLyn cliffhanger! Go to it, my fellow fanfic writers! *dodges SH Cera's weilding**
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Ah!I get Kittel's post for once!Okay,Cyclonemon comes out of the wall,Then behind it come Otera and her digimon.Okay.
Out of the wreckage comes Kazuya,Along with 3 Digimon.They where all rookies.One looked like a small dog,One like a rabbit,and one like a star with eyes,legs,arms and a mouth.Kazuya see's they're expresions of confusion and go's right into explaining.

"These are my Digimon,Starmon(The star.....),Koanimon(the dog....) and Windmon(The rabbit).Oh,and the gun?It belonged to my father....The original digidestion.....Killed by Ben 3 years ago......Now i will return the favor...."His face filled with rage in the last sentance.

Kazuya jumps the gap from the wall to the stairs,Fallowed by his digimon,and decends quickly.

"Okay......What the hell did he just say?"Cera was now extremely confused.

"I don't know....But something tells me he's going where Ben is,So lets fallow him!"Ginny fallowed Kazuya,Fallowed by Amanda,Fallowed by a groaning Cera and three slow In training digi's.
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When the reached the bottom,They found themselves inside a long corridor.The walk along with care,Knowing nothing was as it seems in the this temple.As they crossed the invisable middle line,gates fell at both ends.They ran To the one in front of them,Until they realized that the room was filling with water,And fast!They started back to the one near the stairs,When a huge gush of water burst into the room through a unseen pipe.The water was now filling 5 feat out of the 11 feet they had in the corridor,Floor to ceiling.The girls where swimming,While Kazuya ran through the water,and he was almost 7 feet tall.When they got to the gate,They found that,It too,Was sealed.The water was high enough that Kazuya had to swim,and it didn't look too good for our heros.......
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