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what`s the best moves for my mew????


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Guest Deranged Gerbil
why are ya trainin a mew ya **** pansy! train a REAL pokemon, not one which is a bastard to take down like mew or mewtwo :mad:

but if ya want to give him some decent moves, give him psychic, seismic toss, ice beam and thunder wave
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Guest Deranged Gerbil
but if ya want the opinion of a REAL pokemon expert, ask sephiroth or altron, they are definately the best guys to ask!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Satoshi_Tajiri [/i]
[B]Give it...
-Sweet Scent
-Horn Drill/Fissure
-Psychic/Recover [/B][/QUOTE]

I seriously hope you did not come up with that moveset.... Horndrill? Sweet Scent? Sweet Scent doesn't lower the evasion enough for it to be useful for Horn Drill. And the mew would be taken out a way too fast to actually use the technique. Now, I'm no G/S master, that's Vaporjolt's job.... But I know that Mew won't last very long.
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Guest Deranged Gerbil
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Nerdsy [/i]

Now, I'm no G/S master, that's Vaporjolt's job.... But I know that Mew won't last very long. [/B][/QUOTE]

haha! everyone know's that safer and altron are the pokemon masters
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my mew knows
Lock on

spore is 100% acc puts opp. to sleep
lock on guarentees next attack will hit
guillotine is a 1 hit ko
foresight is just in case i come across ghost. normal attacks will hit ghosts

but i used brainboy to give my mew those moves i've already beaten the games plenty of times without any cheats now im bored so i went and got that im just looking for the best combinition out of all the moves and if you give those moves to an areodactyal you'll get 1st hit every time except against electrode but electrodes moves are week and wont hurt aerodactyal much aerodactyal's the second fastest pokemon electrode's 1st well at least thats what it says in the versus books on pokemon crystal version perfect guide

but not using any cheats

id say use some good combo moves like sunny day tm11 and solarbeam tm22 sunny day turns solarbeam down to a one turn attack instead of two

or if you know how to duplicate pokemon make three mews and do like i did im not using them much for fighting i just taught them all the moves that can be used out side of battle surf dig fly cut on one and strength teleport sweetsent waterfall on another flash and whirlpool arn't needed too often in the game so i dont even bother with them till i need them and i just take a pokemon from my box for those moves with dig and cut u can escape from almost anywhere including most gyms and sweet scent is real helpful in the unown dungen thats how i caught all the different unowni just kept using sweet scent caught the ones i needed and ran or killed the ones i didn't but the moves you teach them should be your own combination other wise its not really your pokemon im learning how to battle with any and every kind of pokemon i have my friends teach the moves they chose and the pokemon and battle with them on pokemon stadium 2 over and over till i come up with strateigys on winning here i am going on and on sorry its just when it comes to pokemon i can and will go on forever i LOVE:love: :love: :love: :love: pokemon
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If you want to get some good moves I would suggest sticking with the same type moves they are stronger if they are type with type.
So I would suggest Psychic, Psybeam, Metronome, and Recover.

My Mew has these moves and it can whipe-out the Elite four with no help from my other pokemon. :tasty: Of course it is level 100 so that could play a small part .;)
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asking what moves to use for Mew is a lot like asking what Pokemon make the best team, you will get a differant anwser almost every time. but, since you asked, i'd use:

- Psychic (a must have for any Psychic Type)
- Earthquake (for taking out any pesky Steel Types)
- Toxic (use it as your first attack and the damage really adds up)
- Rest (i shouldn't have to explain this one)

hope this helps!
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