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  1. [color=indigo][font=Book Antiqua] lol yeah that's what me and Alex were doing on the bus after seeing that episode...It was like, like, Stacy's Mom for real! It was really wrong considering it was his [b]x's mom.[/b] That was deffinalt quite wrong...maybe if he went for a friend's mom..I think I could handle that. [/font][/color] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Yeah well me and my friend Alex, well we call the Oc many a name. His favorite is "his guilty addiction" while I just call it "my night soaps". Yeah we're freaks. Fear us. No really you shoud hear it when we do our high-pitched laugh at the same time. heh. Actually maybe you [i]don't[/i] wanna hear it. Anyways I'm gettin off topic. [/color][/font] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] I'm pretty mad at Marrisa for basically all the stuff Queen[color=indigo]Asuka said. Can't say I care much for her after the whole Oliver thing...I mean even Luke could see he was trying to frame Ryan! Luke! You just gotta love how the first person she called was Ryan...just came crawlin' back to him...I think he should just forget about her and move on. It doesn't matter who really. Just move on. All he did to try and warn her and she just ignored him...[/color][/color][/font]
  2. As I said wehn you were sneding it to e over AIM awsome. I loved it. The whoel double xs to his Y chromosome part is deffiantly one of my favorite parts. Ya also gotta love that she has such an over-protective little bro who barely even know her. BUT!! You said that this is a short story but is the first chapter of the shirt story or the whole thing? I mean 'casue you know the way it ends doesn't seem like much of an ending inless you're adding more to it or something. Well my ramblings are done so keep up the good work and I'll get that picture of Loki to you soon!*for some odd reason a arlac duck appears and she flys away on it*
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Queen Asuka [/i] [B][color=hotpink][size=1]It's Seth, lol. Summer obviously was all for jeopardizing the relationship between Seth and Anna because she [i]wasn't[/i] happy for them and wanted it for herself. She wanted to be with Seth. She even went to the extremes of dating that crazy guy who wanted to be funny because she always talked about how Seth Cohen was always so funny. And besides, do you remember Seth's birthday? When Anna made the comic and Summer dressed up as Wonder Woman? I'm sure Summer's little Wonder Woman costume cost her a pretty penny. But anywho... About Oliver and Marissa, I myself am so shocked that Marissa is as blinded as she is about things. She obviously wasn't paying too much attention to the guy when he was trying to ram his golf cart into Luke and Ryan's. She should be a LITTLE suspicous after some of his stunts. He's like a crazy stalker! I can't wait to see what happens with that whole situation.[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] Man how did i get that wrong? I forgot his name...*shrugs* well I had just written a science paper so I'll use that as my ezscuse lol. I gree with you on the wholeCrazy stalker" thing. I doubt that there ever was a "Natile" for him to have relationship problems with. Just using an exscuse for Marissa to feel soory for him. Remember the whole "I took to many drugs" thing. I was waitin for Ryan to open the top of that clock(or whatever it was) and find all the drugs there. Oh well.
  4. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Queen Asuka [/i] [B][color=hotpink][size=1]Since the last thread pretty much died, I wanted to start another thread with fellow viewers who were also interested in speculating different aspects of the show. The first one I want to address is that Seth and Anna finally got together, but it looks like they are about to break up. That really makes me mad because when she first appeared on the show, I just KNEW they were the perfect couple. She stuck by him through all of that crap where he was trying to get with Summer and she's just so much more cuter and happier. They have a lot in common and I don't like the way they all of sudden made her and Seth out to be the same person. So yes, who would you prefer Seth to be with and why? [I personally think that it's Summer that he had sex with. I guess we wont find out until next Wednesday!][/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] Yes Scott and Captain Oats are me and my moms favorite charcter. But Luke is slowly making it up there. Slowly but surely. ^_^ Anyways me and my mom hate Oliver as much as we love Scott(which is an awful lot mind you lol) The [spoiler]whole thing he has for Marissa. WHY?!?!? What do these guys see in her? Okay she won't listen to Ryan, her supposedly boyfriend, when he says the truth, Oliver likes her. Aren't relationships based on trust? yes belive the drug addict over your loving, caring boyfriend. nice choice Marissa, nice choice. I meanGod! Even [i]Luke[/i] gets it!*sighs* So basicaly I kinda hope Oliver kills her with that gun! Go Oliver!!! lol[/spoiler] Anyways 'bout Scott. I think that he shoudl stay with Anna. I don't like Summer and the way she clearly isn't over him at [i]all[/i]. Telling two people who are going out that "they could be brother and sister" isn't something a friend who wanted them to be happy would do. Then he'll as Queen Asuka said, go and sleep with Summer. Bad move Scott, bad move. Man dang Fox for making us wait three weeks for a new episode!
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Charles [/i] [B]I'm glad that Scooter Girl was eliminated; I hated her thoroughly. Her voice was good, but her flimsy personality annoyed me. Obviously, it was apparent there were problems when she needed a gimmick to veil her boring Surge induced act. What made it worse was that she chose a scooter of all things for that purpose. So, yes, although Scooter Girl was interesting at first, her charm wore thin fairly quickly. You can only watch a girl act like a fool and run around in tiresome. She seemed pretty fake too; she wasn't as wholesome as she let on. I didn't like how she isolated one of her teammates as the "weak link." The judges saw through her pretty well, I'd say. If she was to advance to the finals, I'd probably get a dull headache every time I watch the show. [/B][/QUOTE] *cries tears of joy that she wasn't the only one in America who didn't like Scooter Girl* I never could see why everybody liked her. The only reason you even remembered her was 'cause of the scooter. Not her voice...anyways when she got eliminated I was jumping for joy. heh yeah now I'm probably going to get flamed by a few Scooter Girl fans but I don't really care. it's my opnion. :p Ahyhoo I also hope the girl with the pink hair wins. (isn't it sad how we all want her to win yet can't even try to find her real name out? I just fins that a tad funny...) Either her or as as been said before the girl who is always wearingt he suspenders and the army shirt with the short blonde/black spiked up hair. Or the red-haired sixteen year-old. Or one of the twins or-lets just say it's a little early to be predicting winners. Heh but this certinly will be an interesting 3rd series. Too bad that they couldn' t find someone as bad as keith though...the "She-bang" guy was close but just not quite there....
  6. Yeah! Welcome to the world of the Kyo Shoma fangirls!!!Screw Yuiki!!!?*insane laughter starts up* *Ahem* Yes well second I would like to say: Die Kagura! DIE!!! Muhahahahaha!*coughs* yeah sorry bout that. But I hae to agree with haruno_sakura the help one is one of my favorites. I also like the other two. they fit well with Kagura's personality I think. Yeah the text is quite awsome. it diffinatly fits her. For that matter so does that background. Yeah so keep up the good work! Edit: i posted before i saw the second one! Wahhh!! yeah but anyways I like that one more I think. When ever Yuki starts making fun of Kyo or vise versa you're always in for a treat. I do love that episode. It's the one of the first right? Maybe episode 3? Where they were playing Rice man Poor man(or Dai Hin Min) and Kyo loese so he has to clean up the classroom all by himself. Poor Kyo...but we still love him!!! WE LOVE YOU KYO!!*Kyo gets some dirty looks from the following guys: Alec, Chichiri, Tony, Marty, Ben-I mean Yuna my bad, Haru, Alex, Sand Shigure. and many many more lol*
  7. [b]Be prepared for lots of quotes lol[/b] [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Stephanie Ayler [/i] [B]I believe for all the Janet Jackson fans, it could've been planned out for the big final of Halftime. I however didn't see that. I was actually too busy posting in this site. Although, the halftime show turned out pretty cool to me. I think Janet didn't really expected that to happen. Justin had to be an idiot to pull that stunt. From Janet's reaction, I think she was shocked herself; so I don't blame her for that.[/B][/QUOTE] Now you see there's a thing called 'acting'. That's probably why she looked so 'surprised'.:rolleyes: It deffaintly wasn't all Justin because did you notice that she just stood there waiting for him to pull it off. If a guy was reaching for something on myu chest I'd a) put my hands up, b) slap his face, c) deliver a quick one to the groin. I wouldn't just stand there waiting. So [i]obviously[/i] it was planned and she knew about it. [QUOTE][b] not sure if MTV planned that without telling her or she must've forgot her bra at the dressing room; it's just my opinion. With Janet, she looked like she felt really ashamed and embarrsed; I hope she'll be ok. I'm a Janet fan myself. Hmmm...maybe her outfit just needed a few more stitching; "OBVIOUSLY!!":rolleyes: [/B][/QUOTE] Well as I said before she deffiantly knew about it. MTV wouldn't pull a trick like that without telling the artist. It just isn't done. At least not on purpose and that was deffaintly done on purpose. as for her "forgeting her bra" well that just isn't true. You wouldn't [i]wear[/i] a bra with that outfit. In case you've noticed that stars, well actually most people now, don't wear as many undergraments as much as they use to. And for her looking ashamed and embrassed where? When she was clutching her breast after it was uncovered? I don't know, she didn't look that ashamed or embrassed there. [QUOTE]Yep . It was definitely planned, but not to go as far as it did. Janet Jackson's agent said that the black part of the cup was supposed to come off, but the red article of clothing underneath was supposed to remain behind. That's her official story. The new question is, with as little force as Justin used, how did the red part come off too? Most clothing takes effort to tear off.
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sarah3099 [/i] [B]Sailor Jupiter is my favorite, but when I was younger mercury was because I thought since she was the smartest that she was my favorite.But now I like Jupiter better because she is so cool and I am like her in ways. Oh and why is there a pokeball as a smiley? :D I miss Sailor Moon on the air. I love the show but suddenly it stopped airing and ed edd n eddy took its place. A lot of people on sailormoon.com and I have already sent several messages to numerous tv sites complaining about it being taken off and nearly demanding that they put it back on the air. But I have good news- I was looking at some sailor moon universe site and some of the recent news said that on June 13 at 4 pm Cartoon Network was going to put sailor moon back on the air. now I know some of you are wondering which year it means, and I checked a June calendar for 2002, 2003, and 2004 and I was wondering which June 13 because that date this year is on a sunday. but if it is true, oh well! at least they are putting it back on! [color=hotpink][size=1]Please do not double post, it is against the rules. Just go back and edit your original post. *QA*[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] Yeah well if you're talking abou Sialor moon Universe then belive me that isn't any time soon. Last time I went(which was years ago mind you I no longer associate myself with Sailor moon websites such as SOS or Universe that won't face so many of the truths of Sailor Moon) they had that still. Besides belive me the anime that they showed on Cartoon Network isn't all that great. I strongly suggest you should rad the manga and see the difference. Yeah. Much, much much better. And it would help if you strayed away from sites such as SOS....they refuse to belive the fact that [spoiler]Sailor Uranus and neptune are gay! They have to make up this story about how Uranus use to be a pronce in a former life. yeah like [i]that's[/i] more beliveable.:rolleyes: [/spoiler] It seems they go out of their way to make up fake stories...
  9. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i] [B][color=royalblue] [b]Milkshake[/b] by Kelis is possibly the song I hate the most right now. Once again, the media's hit song is about sex and all that good stuff. Huh. And it's worse when you hear some eight-year-old singing it in the street. [/color] [/B][/QUOTE] Ugh the music video for that. So wrong...and seeing like 3 times in an hour doens't help either. Dang you After Hours!!! Stop playing the same songs! My biggest problem with the video. She never drinks the frigging milksake! She just plays with the straw...and has a sip or two...okay that didn't sound quite right. I'll shut up now. Edit: Hey Aqua rocks! Okay so the voices are a little high-pitched in Barbie Girl but Candy Man is awsome!*nudges Erinzyger*
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Chabichou [/i] [B] And the names... like Li and Meilin, those are supposed to be their last names! And what's up with "Madison"? Isn't Tomoyo easy enough to say? [/B][/QUOTE] Yep it is easy to say. So is Yuki or Yukito for that matter. But they had to "Americanize" it so that...well..I'm not quite sure [i]why[/i] they do it but it's not good when they do. It's their reciepe for ruining a perfectly good series. They changed almost all of her friends names too. Nobody was safe. They even pronounced 'Sakura' wrong f I remember correctly....
  11. Well I have tried to avoid the show on the WB that they call 'Card Captors' as much as possible. Even since I read the manga I just seemed...[i]way[/i] off. The way they messed up the names...scares me.*shudders* They certainly butchered up all the relationships into tiny little peices so that you could never tell someone liked someone.(Except for the ones you knew were there signs or not) Toyua and Yuki? Gone. Tomoyo and Sakura? Gone. I haven't seen read much of the reviews for the second season but I have a feeling if I do I'll pity Ruby Moon...Probably took out Eriol and [spoiler] ha wouldn't wanna ruin it for ya![/spoiler] too....*sighs* Fromt he manga I don't remeber any incest though. *shrugs* I wonder who it was....but this is basically what happens when you give the WB an anime. They murder it. Okay so maybe i'm in a bad mood right now but...hey...heh 3 science papers due Friday. Joy.
  12. Ahh it's one of my favorite [i]remaining[/i] cds. I have no clue where a good 20 of my cds are. Heh anways I got it for Christmas and since then have listened to it many a time. I haven't watched all of the dvd but I think I've seen up to From the Inside. It's pretty good. my only complaint is that they don't have the lyrics anywhere. Sometimes i'm not so sure what they're saying. Oh well...In the end it doesn't even matter....heh*points to sig* familiar? Yeah. Well it's a pretty awsome CD with most of my favorite LP songs. What can I say? I'm a sucker for anyting that has "In the End" on it.
  13. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by haruno_sakura [/i] [B]Yes the Live Action is actually pretty entertaining. I actually like the idea of [spoiler]all of them having black hair until transforming because then it makes a lot more sense that people can't tell who's senshi and who isn't. Sailor Moon especially looks different with black hair as opposed to the blond hair she gets when she transforms. The only thing I guess that irks me is that the youma that they fight look so much like the bad guys in Power Rangers from way back LOL. It also is a little distracting to see Luna as a stuffed plushie. However, the girls they picked for the Inner Senshi are quite convincing. I think they did a great job on the casting. As for the guy who plays Mamoru *drool* I absolutely love him LOL. I have no idea who the actor is, but he's pretty convincing as Mamoru. [/spoiler] ~haruno_sakura [/B][/QUOTE] Heh I agree It's deffinatly better that[spoiler]their hair is black when they aren't fighting. I mean how many blue haired girls do you see in Tokyo? Not very many.( I didn't say blonde cause it's kinda comon to blech your hair....at least according to Ceres it is ^.^) I always wondered how they never got caught. Must've been magic or something. It actually probably was...heh heh. [/spoiler]And the actor who plays Mamrou is very hot. I once saw a pic of him in casual attire. His hair was red. Hehe very hot. :toothy: here's a site that's good [URL]http://www.metabee.co.uk/ssuk/index1.php[/URL] There's a whole section dedicated to the live action there
  14. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinji [/i] [B][size=1] The movie is not going to be released until 2004. So, you have got a very long time to wait. [url=www.spongebobmovie.com] Official site [/url] To quench your thirst for movie plot, This is what I've learned so far... It will be directed by Tim Burton (Batman, Beetlejuice, Big fish) and tells the story of Sopngebob's journey into hell after dying in a car crash. When he finds new living people have invaded his Pineapple, Spongebob calls on the expert exorcist, a sea anemone called Bootlejuice, who is fond of making up tall stories and dressing like a bat to fight crime. spongebob makes new friends along the way, including a talking couch, and a red bicycle. Apparently the scene where Patrick questions his mortality is one of the greatest cinematic sequences ever. [spoiler] this is a joke, byt the way.[/spoiler] Edit: The trailer is available, I don't think it lets on about the Burton connection though. [/size] [/B][/QUOTE] If that really was the story line I'd already be buying tickets. I don't think that would go well with the little kids though. it would be fun to watch their faces when Spongebob dies though. Heh heh*'hehing' evolves into insane evil laughter*
  15. Well back in Tech ed before we switched to mr. Daniels we had to do moduels with Mr. Burman. Figured i got stuck with Enginering bridges with a partner who spent all the time we suppose to be working on our bridge flirtting or just ruining her side of the bridge. So when we had the last session my half was completed her half...well she messed it up so much she didn't have a half. Then we had to build towers out o wood and a few peices of tape. My group came in 2nd or first I can't really remeber. But for advice? I'd say just look at pictures of bridges and stuff and choose an easy design.*shrugs*
  16. You can dance if you want to....Saftey Dance rules! Heh yes...well can you tell I had too much sugar today? Heh. Anyways Let me see....I can't realy pick an old 80s song. Too many cool ones-like all of them. I realyl can't think of one I don't like. I praticuly like anything done by Prince. Okay so 1999 has come and gone but it's just so cool. Paula Abdul's Straight up is awsome too. i love that song :toothy: Okay so *technically* I like all 80s songs but I guess that's why I'm callled "80s rocker" by my dad...heh
  17. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DeathBug [/i] [B][color=indigo][font=century][size=1]A Spongebob movie.... Now, I think Spongebob is okay, don't get me wrong, but I can only take him in ten-minute cartoon segments before he starts to bug me out. I don't know if I could sit through a whole movie. I probably won't see it. Sure, Spongbob, Rugrats and the Wild Thornberries get movies, but there's no Invader Zim mobvie? Gah, there's no justice...[/color][/font][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] I have to agree.(espically the Invader Zim part heh) Movies are like an hour and a half or so long right? I think I might be able to stand that...if I didn't have to go with my little cousins. They're Spongebob fantics(what little kid isn't?) and own all the videos they have out already. I feel so sorry for their poor mother when they go and see that(which of course they will) *shivers* i actually don't mind spongebob. It can be good sometimes. It's one of those shows that teenagers and 6 year-olds can watch together you know? They laugh at the word 'butt' while you laugh at the actual joke. It's so stupid...it's funny. I know a girl who would probably move to Bikini Bottems if she could. She has Spongebob [i]everything[/i]. it's quite freaky actually.....0_o
  18. Chichiri's Girl

    Kill Bill

    "Silly Rabbit" "Trixs are for Kids" *puts on her Trix shirt* Yeah! As you may have been able to tell that was probably one of my top ten favorite parts in the movie. Heh but anyways it was a good movie. That was one hell of a cliff-hanger too. Oh well....My favorite part int he movie was [spoiler] was when they were at the club and the crazy 88(well i think that's what they were called. The movie [i]did[/i] come out a few months ago...)were fighting the Bride and she slipped on a puddle of blood and just started break dancing while cutting off their feet[/spoiler] That was awsome. So was when she killed [spoiler]Go-Go[/spoiler]. There was already a thread for this by the way...
  19. Go Get Elimanted!!! Yeah I probably spelled that wrong but hey it's a three day weekend. Cut me some slack. :p yeah I love MXC. For a time all me and my dad did on Saturdays was watch it. We missed it this weekend...*sighs*....oh well. The way it's dubbed...well it deffinatly was dubbed for a men's network! Heh. It makes me actually want to see the orignal, Tekeshi's Castle, as Transtic Nerve pointed out. There is something funny about people breaking their spines on the log thing. Either that or I'm just a little messed up..wait I am. My bad.*turns on Matchbox 20's "Unwell" and starts singing along*
  20. Um Minako, you might want to learn how to use the spoiler tag...0__o. And his name is Shuichiro not 'Tuichiro'. Yes well she practly gave away the whole story except for you know the begining....[spoiler] okay so one day Shuichiro was walking home from work when boom an angel was getting beaten up by a crow. So he scared it away and to repay his kindness she offered to grant him one wish. Well after a time more characters are interduced and right when Kohaku has to return to heaven she finds out she loves him and frankly I don't want to be here typing this all day so you'll have to read it yourself.[/spoiler] I think there might be an anime but I'm not quite sure...anyways the manga is spectactular and i would highly reconmend it to anyone. Of course you know anything by CLAMP is bound to be good....
  21. Heh heh. Awsome. Just awsome. For killing Prozen i give you a 100 points. That penny stealing nerd....lol. Crap now he's gonna get pissed at me. Whatever it's all good. But really awsome movie. Mr. T rocks!! The Star Wars part was hailrous. ahh what am I talking about? The whole thing was hailrous. Keep up the awsome work. can't wait till next saturday...
  22. Hail Ilpalzzo!! Um yeah just had to get that out there...Isn't that the cover art for Viz's first volume. Actually I think they might've used it on the DVD covers to...well off topic! As I was going to say before I got side-tracked; nice banner. Excel is cool. Yeah I agree with Turkey though. You need to add some sort of background. Pastels would work nicely.
  23. I got the "Young and the Hopeless" for Christmas from my brother. I love it. In the past week(I really didn't listin to it allt he way through till this week) I've basically learned all the words to my favorite songs. I don't have the first CD so I can't call myself a die hard fan but I like them prretty darn well. Among my favorites are 'My Bloody Valientine' 'Riot Girl' 'Sotry of my Old Man' 'Wondering' 'Say Anything' 'Hang On' "lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' 'Girls and Boys' 'Emotionless' 'Movin On' and 'New Begining'. Oh did I just say all the songs on the album? My bad. But Hang on is one of those songs that gives you the shivers you know? It's just that good. The first time I heard it it was the music video. It's so sad...all the people talking about their deceased loved ones. I half expected my bro to o up their and talk about his friend but then again my big bro hates good Charolette. i think they should make a music video for 'my Bloody Valentine'. Of course it would turn out as blooody, if not more bloody, as Kill Billl so scratch that. I really do love all their songs but I'll never be as big a fangirl as my friend...I'm still quite scared of her website. All it was was pictures of them....0___o
  24. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ChibiHorsewoman [/i] [B][color=violet] The band is called Barenaked Ladies. They wrote the song One Week with the part about Sailor Moon. I've only heard it once so far, so I can't form an opinion on it yet.[/color] I knew it was something like that....long day at school, long day at school. But that song does tend to get anoying after your radio station plays it nonstop for a month, then they started playing the holiday music....you just can't win can you?* [/color] [color=deeppink]ooh, another song that grates on my last nerve would be the DiC Sailor Moon theme song! And the Dub DBZ opening song[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] I remember both of those songs....and for some reason I like both of them. I don't really care for most of the orignal Sailor Moon theme songs. I did like the one from S though...and the orignal DBZ ending themem is cool...*goes and rant son an on for hours intill she passes out*
  25. There's a guy I know who got detition just for [i]holding a girl's hand in the hall.[/i] I'm sorry but that's a little much. I don't think ther's anything wrong with just holding hands, hugging, kisses on the cheek, or lips as long as it isn't tounge. Making out in the halls isn't the wisest choice considering at my school the couple will already be broken up. Heh. But there is such a thing as going too far. As long as isn't distracting who really cares?
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