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  1. Heeeeey, Steffi, is it alright if we just use our old profiles? I I can find mine that is...
  2. [COLOR=purple][SIZE=1]Name: Lunnaya Feya M. Morven(most people just call her "M'am", Ms. Morven, her second first name, [yes Lunnaya Feya is her whole first name] Feya, or her first first name shortened to "Luna.") Age: 21 Gender: Female Rank: 2nd Lieutenant Specialization: Medical Personality: Cynical to a fault on the outside but deeply compassionate for others on the inside. Luna's the type of person who will listen to all your probelms paitently while patting you on the back as you ball your eyes out. She loves dry humor and sarcasism although the chances of a smile being spotted on her face are a million to .001. She hides most of her emotions behind an excellent poker face, which very few people have cracked. Although she will help people with their problems Lunanaya Freya keeps her own to herself. She's a tad bit of a neat freak, her quarters are absoultly spotless. She's always poliet and has a noble air to her due to her upbringing. Appearance: As seen in picture, except her hair is pinned back into a bun during operations and the like or at important meetings. She also wears rectangular glasses when her contacts are out. Bio: Born of a family of wealthy upper-class buisness men and women on the planet Tomb-ay Lunanaya Feya Marina Morven she was showered when everything she ever wanted all her childhood. The saying "When your parents buy you anything you want instead of actually "parenting", the offpspring will either end up totally spoiled or irrecoverably jaded" applies to her, and guess what, she ended up with the short end of the stick and became the latter. The only thing that slightly resembled love that she recieved form her mother was her name. Her first and middle name same from her mother's ancient russian ancestory, her first name meaning 'moon fairy' and her middle name meaning 'sea fairy.' Once Luna learned to read at the age of 2 years and people first bgan to call her a proidgy, she cracked the meaning of her name and her inflation with the moon(s) of an planet had yet to cease. She sped through the standard years of school graduating high school at age ten. (Of course she was privatetly totured through high school,thusly she had very little hope of ever getting a friend due to the fact that she was not allowed off the grounds.) She went to the absolute best medical school with a full scholarship and graduated from *that* in a mere 4 year out of a standard 8 years. After returning home the little time that her paretns were not away on buisness they were despratetly trying to marry her to one of their many buisness partners' sons. Luna resented this, and it tainted her whole outlook on love something horrid, resulting in her shunning any possile love interest and running away from home at 15. She ended up enrolling in the junior military academy, one look at her test scores got her in. She absoloutley loved her life there, the fact that she was there pretty much made it offical that she would be put on a starship, able to cruise by one of her beloved moons. At 20 she was assigned to the starship Twilight and eventually she worked her way up to 2nd Lieutenant, the youngest ever recorded in history. ~~~ Hope that's good Char. I can't believe you got me to get back on OB after so long...[/SIZE][/COLOR][IMG]http://www.mep.lund.se/mep02/tony/sm/manga/m-michiru.jpg[/IMG]
  3. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] Alright so all the spots are taken now we just need an Adrain, Then we can start. Right so tell your buddies or something...at this point you don't have to pm me for the part you just have to post the part well. This will probably start tomorrow, it might start tonight but it's doubtful. the latest it could syaty would be on Friday. Yeah...that's it.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  4. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] Okay so everybody who has posted so far great job. sonofdragon and shadowofdeath13 you guys need to hurry up and post your characters. [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#4b0082]Imortant note: We still need an Adrian!!! Some evil minions would also be nice but really we can't start inless we have him. Anybody who pms me about it will automagicly get the part I'm that despreate so tell your friends. :smirk: [/color][/size][/font][/i][/b]
  5. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]Okay people anybody who has written a profile is in. The people who have requested a spot be saved you have untill tomorrow to write up your profile or it will be up for grabs. People rememeber you CAN be evil you just have to PM me first. Please? Here's how it is so far:[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][b][i] Fire: taken by [color=indigo]Drizzt Do'urden[/color][/i][/b][/color][/font] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Water: saved for sonofdragon[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Earth: Open for the taking[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Wind:taken by Mage15[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Lightning: saved for Vicky[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Shadow: taken by Unborn Lord Xion[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] I ce: saved for shadowofdeath13[/color][/font][/i][/b] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][i][b] Light: taken by [color=indigo]Cysword6[/color][/b][/i][/color][/font] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Dark: taken by Knightmare[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Wood: taken by Kittychanann[/color][/font][/i][/b] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][b][i] Rock:taken by [color=indigo]PiroMunkie[/color][/i][/b][/color][/font] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Sky: saved for callmegoddess04(she pmed me asking for it)[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Wanderer: taken by Chichiri's girl[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] [/color][color=indigo]So sorry Cloud Strife but sky is takem. Wood isn't and is not reserved. We need an Adian(pm me if you want that role). This will start once every profile is finsihed including some evil people. SO preobbaly by tomorrow or tonight.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  6. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]Yeah I've always loved Puss in boots too. Cats are one of my favorite animals so to have one as smart as that...I always thought it was cool. But when we saw the movie I was sittin' next to Caitlin and we keep on going "pussycat!" whenever we saw him. And she does it in this voice so...:sweat: Right it was cool. I have doubtst his thread will last though...[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  7. [QUOTE=Kittychanann][color=pink][size=2][font=Comic Sans MS] How is that, let me know if anything needs to be changed.[/font][/size][/color][/QUOTE] [font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo][b][i]It's fine. The pic wouldn't show up though. And I don't think guys can be priestesses... Yours is good too [color=indigo]Cysword6So[/color] we now have Lightning, Shadow, Fire, Dark, Wood, Light, and the wanderer. Only 5 places left! Remember you CAN be eval. PM me first though. When there's only 3 left his will come rather selective...[/i][/b][/color][/font]
  8. [QUOTE=Unborn Lord Xion][color=darkslateblue][size=1] Brief Background: *I'm unclear on the 'finding' thing. You didn't really explain what that meant. Perhaps you could explain a little?* [/size][/color][/QUOTE] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] it's basicly you're history before you joined the group. That will pretty much take place in the RPG. Just put in what happened in your character's life before they joined the other charcters. Kind of like their childhood. An example would be how somebody fell off a horse and got a nasty scar that draws people away. Hope that helps[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]So Shadow, Lightning, and Fire are taken people! Plus the wanderer![/color][/font][/i][/b]
  9. [b][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] On the planet of Daio a terrible evil has been unleashed. After 80 million years of peace and imortality a sorcerer has risen to his highest point of power. His name has become a curse word among the simple people and anyone who dares to utter it is shunned and labled a threat to the soiceity. Resulting in death for the person. The unspeakable name of the evil mage is Adrain, meaning Dark One. He was the one who has found and is attempting to use an all-powerful relic, Death's Key. [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][i] The Key [/i]is[i] death. Once acctavated it not only will it introduce death to the whole planet of Daio but it will kill every living thing. Thusly leaving the world to Adrian and the ones he chooses to svae; the ones with powers. But once he has the key working there will be nothing to stop him form doing the same to every world there ever was. Or is there?[/i][/color][/font][/b] [b][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] The people of Daio support themselves on farming. Towns are small and scattered along the country side with hundreds of miles between each. But the simple undying people of Daio have one hope. This hope comes from the prophecy of the 13. [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] The prophecy tells of 13 teens with powers to save the planet in case of such an event as this. Their powers come from the elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Shadow, I ce, Light, Dark, Wood, Rock, Sky. The last,The Wanderer, has no element and their power source is unknown. These youths are to stop Adrian beofre he activates the key but first they most gather amongst themselves and discover a way to combine their powers.[/color][/font][/i][/b] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]***[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Sign Ups[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Name: (nickname can be added)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Age: (13-19 but try to not use the extremes)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Apperance: (obvious)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Element: (among the ones listed in the propchey the Wanderer is taken)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Brief Background: (what they were doing before they were found)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Weapons: (they may have weapons don't go over board)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Personality:[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]***[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]You may be Adrian but you MUST run it by me first. You can also be a friend/minion of his also just change the sign-up so it fits. Remember only 12 teens are needed(not counting me)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Here's my sign-up[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]*****[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Name: Ieya( pronouced 'I ya)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Age:16[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Apperance: 5'6 with shoulder length blonde hair kept back in a pony tail. Although she keeps it up there is always some in her ace no matter how hard she tries; which she doesn't.Her eyes are dark green and they aren't exactly warm. She warms a dark purple tunic with long sleeves and black baggy pants.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Element: none; she's theWanderer[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Brief background: Ieya remembers nothing of her past before the age of 12 when sh ewas founf on the riverbank. A kind elderly couple took her in and they became her adopted parents. For a reason unknown to anyone since the day she was found she has always had skills at handling a sword. She was indeed found with a small dagger strapted to her ankle and a sword at her waist. At the age of 15 she left home to start her own life. When she first moved in with her adoptive parents the children of the town teased her for her unknown and odd powers that no one could explain, least of all her. SAo she grew up in solitude from others her age thusly lacking people skills. Since her departure from her home she has been training not only wiht her swords but with her powers as well.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Weapons: [/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][u][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Basha[/color][/font][/u][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]The larger of the two swords she was found with that sh ekeeps at her waist. She tries to keep it with her at all times but sometimes she must part with it. It is the length of her arm and is extremly sharp. Basha is also extremly light-weight--but only for Ieya. It seems to be made out of a mysterious material...[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][/b][/center] [center][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo][b][u]Perdita[/u][/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]The dagger that Ieya was found with that she keeps attached by her ankle hidden. When she doesn't have Basha wiht her Perdita will sure as hell be there' just in case. It is the lengths of her hand and like Basha weighs next to nothing for Ieya. It also seems to be made out of a mysterious material...[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]Personality: From years of being shunned Ieya has become a loner. She keeps to herself and isn't exactly a master of human emotion. She's a quick learner and is slow to trust someone. Once she opens up to you she talks but only when she wants to. She herself is pretty myeterious.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]****[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Right so sign up![/color][/font][/i][/b][/center]
  10. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]Heh now Steph can leave me alone about not posting...[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Anyways I'm going to see Shrek 2 today at 1 I think. With my posse, yeash I have a posse. Anyhoo it looks like it will be as good as the first if not better. I've heard somewhere that Julia Andrews is going to sing. Wow. And remeber even if the story sucks horribly one can always remain entertained by marveling at the anmation. That and messing with your friends.;) [/color][/font][/i][/b]
  11. [QUOTE=James][color=#707875] Kangaroo Jack would be another example. The fact that it was number one in the United States is a scary, scary thought. [/color][/QUOTE] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo][i] That was a number one movie? After learning that bit of trivia I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight....::twitch:Right well my worst movies? Hmmm that's hard. I normally stay away from movies that look like I'll leave the theater wondering why in seven hells I wasted five dollars on that crap. But that's getting off subject.[/i][/color][/font][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][i] 1.[/i] Eight Crazy Nights [/color][/font][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] [i] I wanted to see themovie since I saw the first preview. I finally saw it in Febuary. Now maybe it was because after I watched that with my mom I headed to the basement to watch Millenium Actress and it just couldn't compare to MA. But whatever it was I thought it scuked. Badly. I mean the story could pass for an alright movie but then they had to, I;m not sure what to call what they did to it. They sapped it up with romance when the movie was a third over then made all these horrible jokes. And not the 'Oh god that's so friggin' stupid it's funny' jokes. It was just, just disgusting. Again not funny disgusting either. It made one hope that Adam Sandler had signed a contract and that was the only reason he was doing it. One can hope. The only part in the movie I liked was the credits. Really. I don't mean that I liked them because it ment that the movie was finally over but because of the song. Heh.[/i][/color][/font][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][i] 2.[/i]Spy Kids(the first one)[/color][/font][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] [i] Well it all started when Paccileo had to open his big fat mouth and say that for our X-mas party in school we could watch it. Now don't get me wrong I really did like most of the movie. It was the ending that had me looking for hte trash can so I could gag into it and not worry about my lunch coming up. It the last five minutes they changed the whole theme. It went from all 'we're gonna kick a** intill we find our parents' to *mimicks two hands talking to each other*'I love you. No I love you! No I love you! And from now on we do things as a family'. One also wonders why Juni was watching a show that was [/i]obviously[i] made for little kids. Not, what grade was he in? Fourth, Fifth? Yeah it boggels the mind. What a waste of awsome spy gear.[/i][/color][/font][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][i]3.[/i]The Mummy Returns[/color][/font][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][i] First off let me say I thought the first one was awsome. Period. But then they just [/i]had[i] to make a sequal. Why? This was just...bad. Well the first thing they did was to marry the two main characters and then, if that wasn't bad enough, they gave them a kid. Why?!?!?! Did they really run out of other ideas? Of course since the whole 'romance' element was gone there goes a big 'ol chunck of plot. Say goodbye to the plot kids because you'll never see it again after where it's goin'! Then the kid had to get all up in the parent's work and you know, just create extreme worldly chaos by waking up the mummy, again. Whoops. Can't we just give them their 300 years of rest. Guess not. Oh well. There go his chances of an afterlife. Oh and just to worsen the whole deal guess who they had to throw in? That's right! The Rock! Whoo! He had a five minute role and suddenly the critics are raving about his great acting skills and how he finished off the whole movie. Ugh. It urks me how the kid, who was one of the main characters mind you, wasn't even on the cover of the dvd and video while the rock, who made a five minute cameo, was right there a little to the left(or right I don't remember) of the center! Again, whoo! Don't even get me started on that horrible Kids WB TV show. I have fears that the squal to Pirates will turn out the same way...*sighs*[/i][/color][/font][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][i]4. [/i]Any Disney Sequal [/color][/font][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] I don't think I really have to explain that one. At least I hope I don' have to. After Lion King 2: Simba's Pride I lost all hope. Toy Story 2 is the rare exception along with thh Rescuers Down under, of course the latter was when good 'ol Uncle Walt was alive. Man that was an awsome movie. I feel like having a Disney marathon tonight now...the goo dones of course. [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][i]Right well that's all I can think of for now and I know I won't get slapped around for my opnion, because it's [/i]my opinion[i]. So sorry if you don't agree.:toothy:[/i][/color][/font][/b]
  12. [font=Book Antiqua][i][b][color=indigo]Alright Skye and [/color][color=indigo]Matarael you're in. Very nice work for the both of you. K.K.C and Arika you'll have to finish your posts. If we have more people sign up before you two finsih I can't promise oyu'll get in. But don't worry the chances of that happening are extremly slim plus it depends on the quailty of the post. Remember the more in depth you go the better. Try to have a good paragraph. As of now there are 10 places left(ahh heck i'll be nice and give it to KKC and Arika. Anyways keep up the good work to those that have already posted. Feel free to tell your friends about this RPG(please).[/color][/b][/i][/font] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Alright here's mine!![/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]*******************************[/color][/font][/i][/b] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Name: Lunnaya Feya[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Callname: Moon( or Luna depends on who is telling her story) Fairy[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Age: 20[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Gender: female[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]History: [/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Lunnaya was born on a full moon in the month of December. She was the firstborn of the Empress and Emporer of Russia thus her name in Russian means 'Moon Fairy'(hence her call name). Those peaceful days of the first six years of her childhood abruptly came to a hualt. After the rebuilding of the russian goverment and the crowning of a new line of Emporers the people revoluted again. Her parents were killed before her eyes as her mother pushed her into a secret compartment and slamed the door. But little Luna as her parents called her, saw through a crack as the door wasn't closed all the way. She watched as her parents blood slowly trickled down their chest and onto the floor. It eventualy made it through the crack and onto Luna's dress. When she saw this her amber eyes went as hard as the stone. But her heart was sill alright it wasn't cold and black yet. Not as of now. She fled the palace and ran intill she was through the gigantic iron gates that were glided in gold. She stopped and collapsed from the day's turn of events. A nun passing buy to go to the church found her passed out laying int he snow. When the nun looked closer she could see the tear stained cheeks. And around the girl's neck she saw the necklace. The necklace with the royal families crest pressed into the gold. The nun removed the necklace and carried Lunnaya towards the orphanage.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]As the years went by Lunnaya was raised in the harsh world of the nuns. Since the revolution the church hadn't been getting as much money as it was use to so the living condidtions were fair worse then your regular orpahnage. The nuns would beat the children if they spilled a drop of water. Through all this Lunnaya kept her mouth shut and rarely made a mistake , she had been raised as the highest royalty in the land. But eventyally came her 14th birthday, the day when the children are thrown out. She was seen off by only one person, the nun who found her. The nun had incased Luna's old necklace into a cross of lightweight iron. And with this possion and the clothes on her back L:una set herslef off in the world. She had just walked to the statue to where she was found when she looked towards the deserted palace. She decided to take one last look before she left her home foever. She pushed aside the now rusted gates and peered in. She decided to go further so she opened the gigatic door which was also rusting on its hinges and peered inside. As she stepped in she felt a course hand cover her mouth perventing her from screaming. She was pushed down on the ground and could only watch as a group of three men held her down tight enough so she didn't have an inch to move. She was raped on that cold marble floor.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]When the group of men were sleeping and they thought she was as well she took a vase from a pedistle and broke it. Slitting each man's throat with the jagged blade. Every human can only be pushed so far, and they had pushed her over the edge. Her heart became as cold as ice as she stood their panting for breath at the sight she saw before her eyes. She dropped the peice and moved away then when she came to the door she started running and didn't stop intill she was out of that city. She vowed she would never step foor in the town again. And that she would avenge the death of her parents and friends and family the revoulutionist killed. And eventually she did but she couldn't stop killing...[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Personality:To put it shorty she is as cold as ice. One couldn't go as far to say she liked killing more of she's addiacted to it after all she did for revenge. There are times when she smilies but they're as rare as seeing an actual fairy. After the death of her friends and family she shut herself off to other people for fear they'll die too. But deep down in her soul she wishes someone would help her open up again...she misses having loved ones... ever since her incounter with the men she had been bitter towards all men and can never trust them. But inside she's always wanted someone to love her...she's very brave and she is very stubborn. She's also the brainy type where she could read and write at age 4. She sees life as a game of chest, and she will check you.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Apperance: [url="http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/8745/x-clamp/karenx11.jpg"]http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/8745/x-clamp/karenx11.jpg[/url] She wears tall black leather boots that come above her knees a bit and under her trenchcoat she wears a black leather outfit shown here Around her neck she wears the cross with her old necklace incased in it.[url="http://www.hollywoodjesus.com/movie/daredevil/45.jpeg"]http://www.hollywoodjesus.com/movie/daredevil/45.jpeg[/url][/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Weapons: [/color][/font][/i][/b] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][size=3][color=#4b0082]Draconis[/color][/size][/font][/i][/b][/center] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][url="http://www.omegaartworks.com/images/swords/draconis/1.jpg"][b][i]http://www.omegaartworks.com/images/swords/draconis/1.jpg[/i][/b][/url][/color][/font] [left][url="http://www.omegaartworks.com/images/swords/draconis/0.jpg"]http://www.omegaartworks.com/images/swords/draconis/0.jpg[/url][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]Int he dragon's open mouth there is a sapphire jewel with her crest incrusted into it. Although she didn't start using the sword intill after her 14th birthday she became a master in amatter of weeks chaneling her haterad at the unjust world into her training.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][url="http://www.sargs.lv/arhivs/2002/Aprilis/saturs/Bildes/Brunojums_USP_pistoles.gif"]http://www.sargs.lv/arhivs/2002/Aprilis/saturs/Bildes/Brunojums_USP_pistoles.gif[/url][/left] [left][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo][b][i]She has twin pistoles for long distance[/i][/b][/color][/font] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]which she is also a master of. She didn't gain her guns intill her 16th year as she bought them after she got a nice paycheck. She doesn't like to use them if she doesn't have to since she perfers death by sword. She keeps them spotless and clean so the bulets will have no problem coming out. On her belt she keeps extras. Lots and lots of extra bullets.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]The belt intself contains all her other weapons and itmes such as garnades, and poision gases ;ext. SHe's been know to keep someshort daggers on this belt and on assorted body parts also...[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Okay that's all for me. Right so far we've got Callmegoddess04, KKC, and Matarael. Marcus_Beuford I'll let you in once you improve your sign up. Could you try to go in depth a little more? Right I'll try to have this up and running by Friday once I get somemore people to join. Lets see...ONLY 11 SPOTS LEFT!!! remmeber tell your friends![/color][/font][/i][/b][/left]
  13. [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] In the year 3000 Earth has fianally reached it's end. The population has increased so much that sometimes cities will send troops to kill part of the population. Now as if the amount of people wasn't enough the planet is sinking slowly under the ocean leaving forcing the people to flee inland. The plates of Earth have moved so that there is only one land mass, Soris. the good news? The people had finally found another planet to live on, Anzu. The bad news? They can't take even half the population. In fact the amount of land on Anzu is so small that they can only bring 1,000 people. Thusly the first picked to go are Royalty, Polticians, Scientist, Doctors, the brightest of the bright. so what is to happen to the rest of the population? They die. Who could kill all these people including women, children, and babies? The strongest and coldest mercinaries. [/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [/center] [center][b][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] So after all of the neccesary people were put on the list they had 10 spots left. So they thought. Why not kill two birds with one stone? They can kill the entire population and get those 10 people in one shot. By making a game out of it. The game? Simply get 15 assassins to kill the whole population. The top 10 get to go to Anzu and start their lives over. The losers are left to die by their choice. [/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][/color][/font][/i][/b] [/center] [center][b][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Now it may seem impossible for 15 people to kill a countless population but look at it this way: Since there is only one land mass left and that is sinking everyday people have flocked together. It would be easy enough to kill a whole city in one sweep. Mass murder. And what are the people all ready on the list, those genuises and their families, doing during all this? Watching from a city reserved for them and them alone. Sure their servents are stil there but when it's take off time it's good bye jeeves you were a nice butler while it lasted (come to think of it they might and probably would take some of their servents along..).[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][font=Tahoma][color=#000000][/color][/font][/color][/font] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][b][i]Rigt so now that you have the story lets get down to business. [/i][/b][/color][/font] [font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][b][/b][/color][/font] [center][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082][b][i]The rules are few[/i][/b][/color][/font][/center] [center] [/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]1. you CAN NOT kill other assassins. You do and you're out.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]2. Be reative in the way you kill[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]3. No killing those that were picked to go already[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [center][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]4. NO PHYSICS!!!! please don't make yourself have any powers besides that an ordinary human would have. No magic either[/color][/font][/i][/b][/center] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]That's it. really. So here's the setup:[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Name: (please don't make me have to explain this...*sighs*)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Callname: (something along the lines of 'Silver King' that kind of stuff. This by the way is optional)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Age: (no immortals by the way...)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Gender: (very basic)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]History: (basicaly how you became an assassin. )[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Personality: (basic RPG material)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Apperance: (lol I almost forgo this one! right both pics and text are acceptable)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Weapons: (remember no magic people)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left] [left][b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]That's all. I'll post mine later. Remember only 14 people!( excluding me)[/color][/font][/i][/b][/left]
  14. [b][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#4b0082]Rika gasped. "Why didn't I see it before?" she said to herself as she jumped out of her bed and ran out of the room following Hikage(or whoever that was...), "What the?! Hey Rika wait up!" Trilby shouted gettig up from the bed and running after her. On her way out of the house Trilby shouted to Gene from upstairs" Gene!~ Something is happeneing come quick! We can fix our weapons with magic!! Just come on!" She left the stair way and ran out of the house as Gene grabed his sword and headed up the stairs. Rika and Hikage were already far ahead. They were heading towards the mountains. They were stopped in their tracks however by a gigantic monster blob of-"s**t!" trilby said when she saw it when she got out of the house and saw the monster.[/color][/size][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#4b0082]***************************************************[/color][/size][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#4b0082]I'm sorry I couldn't help it!! lol [/color][/size][/font][/i][/b]
  15. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] When Trilby finally stopped hugging Rika she looked down at the bedspread and asked "Hey Rika...Do-Do you remember what you did berfore, before you...um...woke up?". "yeah, Trilby I, I do. And gods I'm so sorry. You now I would never try to hurt you...I tried to fight it but-" Rika looked towards the window biting her lip to hold back the tears. "I understand" Trilby said looking up into her best friends eyes. Rika smiled sadly and accepted the gaze. "Right so can I ask you something now? Did you guys hear a flute?"Rika asked. "No, but then I was so excited you were okay. Plus Hikage was hearing voices..." Trilby looked over at Hikage who was shaking her head no at the flute question. "Oh? Well I'm glad you're better now, Hikage. it'd be bad if we lost you. Man I could've sworn I heard a song coming from flute..." Rika said gazing out the window,"Maybe after you're possessed your ears screw up" she said looking back at them grinning.[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]*****************************************[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Righto...um hey I'm not sure Drix is coming back I never got a PM back from him....[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  16. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=black] [color=indigo]I missed my ride:confused: lol[/color][/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]**********************************[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=black] [color=indigo]Dea pounded her way down the staircase jumping over the last 3 stairs. "bye Mom!" she yelled as she slammed thwe door behind her while she ran towards the skating rink relizing she was late and had never made it to Skye's house in time. She just shrugged and ran faster as she flew down main street. She finally made it to the rink when Ray's car drove into the parking lot. "Haha! I made it in time! w00t!" she said as she did a victory dance while Skye came out of the car and put her ina chockhold to stop her god-awful chicken dance in public. Dea just grinned and waved at the rest of the party as Skye dragged her into the rink.[/color][/color][/font][/i][/b]
  17. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=indigo]OCC: Meh I be confused but whatever right[/color][/size][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] "Oh crappers If I'm not home by 4 my mom's gonna hash it out. Meh whatever. That will be nothing compared to the pounding Skye will give me with a folding chair if I don't get her soemthing'"Dea said to herself (yep I talk to myself, fluetly really. It's a sign of genius..or that I'm insane...) as she ran at fodl speed(I'm pretty fast)to Main Street. Ocasionaly she ran in front of cars and slid off the hood just to piss of the drivers. All the while thinking of what the hell she should get Skye. Pondering over this fact she didn't notice when she ran into the side of a van.(Just think Excel Saga, I'm okay...I couldn't recieve anymore mental damnage :toothy: ) She jumped up off the road scaring the concered soccer-mom that was driving the van half to death as she had just recieved her idea. She ran into boards picked up the present she wanted for her threw it on the counter and once it was paid for ran like crazy to her house getting there at 3:59.[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]*******************************************[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Muhahahahah! I am the Queen of Run on senteces-well sort of.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  18. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Awsome. MAn soon everybody will be makin' banners cept me...oh well. [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Anyways I love the last one! I don't think that pic of chibi-usa works well though. I know that that's in the orignal pic but put a picture of her int here that doesn't look like she's tellin everybody. I give that one an 8 'cause you know the whole chibi-usa thing.[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] The Bellyadandy one is nice too but that's just 'cause i love the style it's drawn in. It needs some sort of background though, evena plain light blue one would work. But the white, no. So I give that one a 6.5 because it's nice and all but the background is the problem. [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]The Uranus and Neptune on eis fine but it just doesn't do anything for me. You should put in soem other text. like 'lovers' or something. I do like the background though so I'll give this one a 7.9.[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]You know I already love the first one so no comment here. So that's all i have to say except Don't Double Post.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  19. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] Meh heh heh...um yeah right...so um here's goes...[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Name: Dea Moser*coughcurent crushes'slastnamecough*[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Age:13(just so I'm your age Steph lol)[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Gender: Female[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Apperance: She's a blonde(yep that's right I'm a blonde*holds up blonde sign*) but her shoulder length hair is constaintly tied back. Her eyes are a hazl/green color and are framed by tink glasses*she swaers the days she can fit contacts into her eyes that she will burn her glasses at stake*. As for clothes she fits the prep revoultio or America's top Secret Plan for making little girls into sluts by sopping in the boys department and stealing shirts out of her big bros's closets.She pulls this all off of course, with her black and white shoes and anklet that she wears just to be misterious. Add a cool watch and presto! You got Dea![/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Personality: For lack of better words; Tomboy extrodanare. You don't wanna mess with her...*you think Matt would have learned this afte ri kicked him int he ballls but noooo had to go and stab me with that pen, the idiot.* But what do you expect when she's had 2 big brothers beatin up on her all her life? She's also what some would call the class clown and she has deffiantly earned the nickname "Crazy Girl". She's pretty perverted too, but she cares 'bout people.[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Bio: Dea met Skyle 'bout roughly a year ago and they've been best buds ever since. When they're together you migh a0 wanna run for cover or b)get some sort od downers to shut them up. Either way it's all good! Caution: Craxyness will ensue[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]Ther it's all good[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  20. [color=indigo][b][i][font=Book Antiqua] Right so most of you have noticed that this has started back up again in the Adventure Arena after I got an OK from Terra. The problem is we're missing a few characters. I'm not quite sure if Erinzyger( I can't remember what she said ont he phone...),[color=indigo]Drix D'Zanth, or Assassian are all coming back. I don't think Assassian is so just post or pm if you want to be him. There isn't much point in making a newprofile and stuff for him, just take it or leave it. I'm going to wait a few dayd more to get the direct anwsers from Erinyger and [/color][color=indigo]Drix D'Zanth so hold on if you want to be either of those two. There will also be a new character up as soon as I talk to him so just hang on. Element Guardians is already back up in the Adventure Arena so Erinzyger and [/color][color=indigo]Drix D'Zanth if you want to come back just post in their. Sane goes for Assassian if he comes back before someone else steals hi chacter(which is highly unlikely since he hasn't been on for a long time). Right so if you're taking the place of an old character just pm me. Thanks.[/color][/font][/i][/b][/color]
  21. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]Okay i'll take care of the minor details later but right now we can move on with all the characters we have. I think I'll be opening up the Recruitments again. Now lets get this show on the road. It might we wise to just forget all the other posts since my last one as I said it wouldn't be starting back up till Friday. Lol whatever though...[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]*****************************************************************************[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Rika slowly driffted out of her sleep and fluttered her eyelashes open. Yawning she rubbed her eyes trying to get the morning gunk out. But this stuff, this stuff wasn't normal, it was black. She stared at her hands where the gunk had rubbed onto fo a few minutes in puzzlement. Suddenly she heard a faint tune on the breeze that she relized she had heard in the last bits of her sleep. She smiled and stared into the golden sunlight streaming through the window as her door creaked open. Trilby 's eyes floded over with trears as she saw Rika was finally back among the living. "Yo-'sup?" Rike said waving to Trilby stiffling a yawn with the other hand. "RIKA!!!!!" Trilby screamed in joy as she tackled Rike on the bed. Between gasps for air Rika turned back towards the window straining to hear the tune over her best friend's loud squeals which eventually brought everyone into the room. That song...it sounded almost fimilar...[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082]********************************************************************************[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] [color=darkred]Standing on a mountain top looking down on the cabin a cloaked figue was playing the flute. The cloak ,which covered it's whole body except the extended arms , was ripped and tattered and a deep dark red which resembled blood. Hearing the screams of dilight the flutist stopped playing and smiled a smile that was ment for only one person, their loved one. The person looked up into the sky and said "I'm finally back. And this time I'll protect you Rika. No matter what." At that moment a burst of wind came and took the cloak letting the person be fully exposed to the light. The sandy hair glinted in the golden sunlight and the person smiled from ear to ear as they jumped this way and that, going down the mountain, grabing the cloak at the last minute.[/color][/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#8b0000]********************************************************************************[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]Okay NOW you can post lol.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  22. [QUOTE=Skyechild91]OCC: If that wasnt confusing, I dont know what is... IC: Trilby held Ryus hand, and thought at Kudara, [i]K? You okay? I... have someone I want you to meet. [/i]She looked up at her brother confidently as she waited for Kudara's answer. Rika now had a steady pulse, and Trilby smiled, content.[/QUOTE] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] Okay now a while ago I pmed Terra asking her if I could start this back up. I was going to but then we ran into a slight problem; Guardian Stom was banned. So I had to find somebody else to take her place as Trilby. This has been done. Now I relize that most of the orignal people have either stopped coming to the OG or just don't want to praticapate any longer so the sign ups will be opened up again after I Pm everybody tellingh them it's back. If they say no then I will put in the sign-ups who is or is not coming back. Oh and there might be one new charcter too. So after the new Trilby posts (or if I edit this post) this will start up again. Thanks.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  23. [QUOTE=KarmaOfChaos][color=deeppink] I feel surrounded by Kyo fans. Alright Dagger, let's do this. As Chichiri said, Yuki isn't the only 'outsider' in the family. Kyo may not be a member of the Zodiac, but he is able to warm up to other people and do normal things with them, unlike Yuki. Yuki lives his life in fear - fear of Akito, fear of other people, even a slight fear of his older brother. Despite what some may say, it probably took a lot for Yuki to really let his guard down and let Tohru in, whereas with Kyo it happens a lot easier. And all this crap about how Kyo is always second to Yuki. Kyo can't win against Yuki physically, and he'll never be as 'popular' as Yuki, but he will always be able to trust people easier because he was shown love by Kazumi, whereas Yuki had [i]no one.[/i] He was mentally abused by Akito his entire life, and hated or ignored by anyone who really knew him. So in that sense, Yuki lost in the biggest way possible - love. Main point? If Tohru were to get together with Yuki, Kyo would recover. Kagura will always love him, and I think there's a deeper bond there than the series really gets into or explores. But if Tohru were to pair up with Kyo, Yuki might never be able to really trust again, because his rival once again won in 'the game of love.' Kyo didn't have as pathetic a life as it appears to be. So Dagger? Your turn. -Karma [/color][/QUOTE] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Thank you Kamra that's precisly what I meant. That Kyo would be able to move on if he and Trohu never ended up dating....but Yuki, Yuki would go back to what he was at the begining of it all. Someone who can't really show the real them to people. Or something around those lines....it really makes oyu feel sympthy for Yuki doesn't it...[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  24. [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo]Now I now that I might be a little bias for saying this but I just don't think Torhu and Kyo will end up. Yeah yeah they're both outsiders [u]but[/u] so is Yuki when you think about it. As they explained, in some episode on possibly the first dvd maybe the second, Kyo can and will eventually fit in and make friends with people. As Yuki says he may be the outsider of the Zodiac but because of tha he can warm up to people. Or something around those lines. What about Yuki some may ask. My point exactly. You see Yuki is admired by everyone yet nobody is brave enought(or maybe they don't think they're worthy who knows?) to confront him and really make friends with him. He seems alone. Sure you have the whole Prince Yuki fanclub but they can't even talk to him without at [u]least[/u] two other members with them (this was in violation in one episode where the President and another uppercalssmen talked to him themselves but I suppose since they are upperclass men they let it slide....). So Yuki is alone. [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Wait but what's this? A girl seems to come and open up his heart a little bit. The first person outside his family to love him(as a friend). Everything is going fine and dandy intill a certain cousin shows up to also become friends with this girl. Now was it just me or did it seem that Yuki wasn't fond of all the time Kyo and Torhu spent together. His very first smile that we saw in the whole season [u]did[/u] happen when he was alone with Torhu. Kyo's didn't come till much later. [/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Torhu being the person she is I think that she would be devastated to see Yuki all sad a mopey if she and Kyo became an item. This works vice versa too. Torhu being the person she is she wouldn't be able to choose one or the other. She'd want both to be happy. So in short I think that Torhu won't end up with either of them, or if she does Yuki, but only because she became friends wiht him first and he was the one who we;comed her into Shigure's house. But who knows really? Fruits Basket's ending was like on ein a good book. Lets you think out the ending yourself.[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] That being said I think the saddest part of the whoel series was the episode about Momiji's family. To [SPOILER]To have your own mother regret having you and begging to forget all about you refering to you as "that creature" with you standing there would be...painful at least.*shudders* I don't think you could describ that feeling...and it's not like he was a little baby. He was at least 5 I'd say but then with Momiji who can tell right? Poor poor Momiji[/SPOILER] *sighs*[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] Yeah so that's all I really want to say right now. But wasn't this thread kind of old? What started it back up again? Oh well*shrugs*[/color][/font][/i][/b]
  25. [b][i][color=indigo][font=Book Antiqua] Ahh Azumanga Daioh. I was actaully going to start a thread about this myself but never got around to it I guess.*shrugs* Anyways it's deffinatly one of my new favorite series. I just lovw how there isn't much of a plot. As[color=indigo] Dagger IX1 said[/color][/font][b][i][/color][/i][/b][font=Book Antiqua][color=indigo] the characters are probably some of the most normal manga characters you'll ever see but yet none of them are quite normal....[/color][/font][/i][/b] [b][i][font=Book Antiqua][color=#4b0082] YEs welll next time I go to a bookstore I think I'll buy vol. 3. I only have 1&2. Oh and about Kaorin, you don't see her much after the first volume. Don't know if you've read it or not.I like the teachers the best. Yukari and her crazy drinkin' habits then Nyamo always trying to stop her. Gotta love the end of book two.Mr Kimura is cool too. Every anime series must always have the preverted guy, teacher or otherwise. heh.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
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