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  1. yeah toykopop comes out with a new installment each or every other months to make more authentic. *chuckles* It's much better then it was at the begining, 3-4 monthes before a new install ment much like Viz is now. Only god knows why viz gets some of the best titles and dubs them like crap. *shighs*
  2. Okay I think the worst Anime couple is... *bangs gong* Rika and Mr. Terada from CCS. I'm mean she is like 9 or 10 when he must be in his early twenties! He could almost be her father!*shuders* In the manga at the end of the "Sword" installment he gives her a wedding ring. Some people might think this is cute but i sure don't. Second would have to be Vegeta & Bulma I mean ya just don't see the love till one of them dies (witch most DBZ characters do) I know when I'm sayin this i'm speaking for Erinzyger 's little sis who thinks Bulma is EVIL! LOL 3rd would have to be Dou and Herro. I mean how do they fit together! I've always kinda seen Dou as a player and Herro as a person who isn't really interested in love.Ya'know? Sorry if I've afendded anyone with my opinions *Erinzyger ;)*
  3. Iv'e seen the first two episodes and love it! I just can never work up enough money to buy the dvds :( But the story is cute. And of course so are the characters. my favorites are Kyo and the guy who turns into a dog but I can't remember his name (I know it starts with an "S") But frankly Yuki freaks me out.:0 The eyes are kinda scary tho.
  4. I haven't seen much of the anime just alot of the clips. I have voulmes 1-8 of the manga and I love it. It gets alot funnier as the series goes on and they collect more senshi. I just wish viz would come out with them faster. Alothough with the new viz the books are cheaper instead of $15 its gone to $10 and they said that 4 will come out each year so its better than it used to be. You should probobly get both cause I argree with IwakuralLain Tamahome and co. are hotter in the manga ;)
  5. Yeah Chichiri's hair IS cool! It should be an orangish/blonde though! Stupid animaters! It wasn't that color in the manga! Makes me so mad!
  6. oops sorry didn't know there was a Music/Tv forum! I'm kinda new. Yeah well back the whole American Junior thing. The funnist epsodes are gonna be the first ones cause you get to see hoe bad some people sing*laughs*. If my dad is home at the time I think well waatch it together and laugh so hard will start to cry!
  7. Do some of you guys watch this show? if you do who do think will win. I think Rubun will but based on tinights performence I'd vote Clay. You how there is going to make the show "American Junior"? Well I bet it will get it's best ratings in the first few eposods cause people like to see how bad people can sing. i t's going to be very interresting who will win.
  8. Ha Ha slaping!That is ssssooooooo pathtic!! I'm a girl and I punch and kick! Not that gender makes any difference... They could at least pinch each other geeze!
  9. Ummmmm I hav e the Manga vol. 1. My favriot is..... What am I saying I love them all! * Goes to sleep and has a vision of X1999 vol.2*
  10. 1. Miaka and Tamahome. I mean look at all the stuff thay went through the whole Yui thing where...well wouldn't want to spoil it for you. 2.Ykuki and Trouo? In fruits basket. Personly I'm happy as long as she stays away from MY Kyo!(In your face Erinzager!) 3.Sakura and Synoran. One word. Awwwwwwwww. 4.Chi and Hidiki. Another one word. Chi! LOL 5.Fuu and Ferio. I have a warning for this one! it's for Fuu: IF YOU BREAK HIS HEART YOU WILL ANWSER TO ME! NO MACIC CAN SAVE YOU!*evil laughter* 6. Sana and Akito. BACK OFF FUKA!! 7. Usagi and Mamour. I'll love you no matter how many times we die! 8.Meimi and Auska Jr. I'll catch you , you theif! 9.All those Miracle girl couples. 10. Chchiri and ME!!!! NO DA!!!!
  11. Well I can't think of anybody who is better than kenchin. i mean probly his teacher but I have nerver seen him in action. Of course mabey the saying"he who excels his teacher" comes into play here. Hiei IS good but his sword is like magic and stuff. He probly wouldn't be as good with a reverse blade sword. Be ides how many anime swordsmann do YOU know of can knock out a whole police force of men without sheding any blood.*note I am not referring to the manga* *Takes out Boton's broom thing and flyies off*
  12. hmmmm tough call I'd have to say throw in Chichri, Excel,Kenchin,Fuu,Usagi,Ed,Taski, Kyo. Wait a minutet I just realized I'm just like Sana! Well that sums it up in a nutshell! I'm just too lazy to actuly delet all that other stuff! i think I'll go sleepy poo now. *Runs off grabs hold of Kero's tail and runs off again"
  13. I wa sjust watching Conon O'Brian (attuly I'm typing this during the comerceral) and he had this guy on with some big hair. Now I'm not talking anything afro but just some hair that neeed a cut. Well to the point the guy said that his theroy was that if you have bidhair you gain a few pounds and if you have small hair you lose a few pounds. What dose this have to do with anime you ask? Simple. Here are just 3 names for you Salior moon, Inusha, and the guy with the big brown "fro" in Excel Saga. Now I could think of more but come on I had a lonnnggg day at school. back to the point. These people are super skinny yet they have bigggggggg hair. So eathier the people who draw them like to defy the "hair" theroy or it's just plain wrong. I want to know what you guys think.
  14. What are Trigun and Inuasha on?!? And here i though the lineup was:5:00pm G Gundom, 5:30 Dragonball Z, 6:00pm YU YU Hackosue, 6:30 Rouin Kenchin and all the rest was carttons cartoons. Well my mastake! A friend told me that they started playing Inusha at like 1:00 am so she just recored it. I didn't even know CN had Trigun. I thought Saturday night were just Justis League and Zoids. Wait a minute we are talking about the line up in the US on the east coast right? cause if we aren't I feel like such an baka! Oh hey this is my firat post yay!
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