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  1. For me, It was Fusigi Yugi (the manga) I had no iea what manga was, and hen my friend Ryuu lent me FY 1 and I was hooked. The first anime was Yu Yu Hakusho. he best thing was, I never doubted Kurama's gender like all my friends did. Ain't this random!
  2. [COLOR=royalblue]BEST DUBS: Cowboy Bebop is Awesome. All of the voices fit their characters perfectly, and I think the show would be missing something if Ed had a different voice[/COLOR] [COLOR=crimson]Second would be X1999. I love this show! I like every voice exept Kotori's, her's is just too high. [/COLOR] WORST DUBS: [COLOR=sienna]HunterXHunter is perhaps my avorite anime of all time except for one small problem: I'v seen over 50 episodes of the series, but never in English. And the subtitles suck like monkeys, I tell you! Me and my frinds now have sayings that a
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ricee189 [/i] [B]but does anyone have any tips on buying anime w/o the folks knowing??? I dont have any connections or otaku friends, i dont even know any anime stores in my half of the city! thanx for ya help! [/B][/QUOTE] This happened to me for several months, and I just gave money to my friends and told them to buy anime for me.You could order it off a website and have them deliver it to a friend's house, and then just have the friend give it to you. That sounds kinda complicated, ne? Your city must be big.
  4. [COLOR=darkblue]Just let me start out by saying that I think Yu-gi-oh!is very overhyped. It's everywhere in SJ! And... it annoys me. [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]I think that YYH is the best manga in SJ, but Naruto and One Piece isn't far behind. Excuse me for not liking Akra Toriyama's work at all. [/COLOR] [COLOR=silver]Another thing irks me... SJ is popular in the anime club at my school... but onl girl read it. It's SHONEN jump, and I think not enough guys I know read it. Funny. [/COLOR]
  5. I've got a question about the show: Is Love Hina shonen or shojo? I've oly read one book, but I want to know. just curious!
  6. Okay.... I have a question. Yu see, I have never seen Mononoke Hime in English. Just the trailer, and that was a year ago, I think. (I rented it from the library) Is the english dub of M.H. Good? Just wanted to know.
  7. Could someone help me with the title of my manga? Which sounds better: Dance of Lights or Dance of the Lights? I'm on the second page so far, about to go to the third, and I am proud to say I think I have come up with an original storyline! But... no offense, I don't wanna tell anyone. My idea.
  8. I've created about nine manga so far.. but I haven't gotten published at all. I'm plannng on entering the contest, but I probably won't win. I'm having to create somethin totally different, and it's hard to stay within the 20-page maximum. The manga I'm submitting is called Dance of Lights. Either that or Dance of the Lights. Not sure about the 'the' or not. It's a very strange genre, something of ghost story, but then not really. Well, that's the end of my post!
  9. I have the first two volumes of Gatekeepers (the manga) and I love it! But there's one problem... it's rated youth and they curse a lot.
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Utena_Tenjou [/i] [B]My parents support me in what I like... except for my step mom that used to tell me watching anime was 'childish', then she watched the Evangelion movie. -__-; And I was sort of baned from anime until I moved out. [/B][/QUOTE] I feel or you. I bought (with my own money) Outlaw Star Collections 1 and 3, and my sister bought 2. Well, I kinda left them laying around the house, and... my parents found them. It annoyed the heck outta me, because those are 2-disc collections, and they now think a lot of anime is 'bad' for you. My d
  11. Name: Sakura Takanouchi Age: 15, but short for her age Weapons: Is a self-taught master of shiruken, and has them hidden all over her body. Her speed can be considered a weapon, but she also has the abilities to fight with a sword, but chooses not to. Appearance: Black hair that is cut very short but longer in the front than it is in the back, and vivid blue-purple eyes. Wears a purple short-sleeved asian style shirt and black pants, with black shoes Her outft is so, so that she can draw her shuriken and run fast withought he clothes getting in her way. Personality: Her fat
  12. I'mglad I'm not the only one! Cuz all my otaku friends' parents are fine with their children watching anime. It mad me soo angry. Also, me and my friends got an anime club in our school, and our picture is even in the yearbook... SPELLED RIGHT!!! It's a miracle!
  13. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by doukeshi03 [/i] [B]I know this like the second thread I've questioned the yaoi disagreement with ya Millie and I'm sorry cos I don't mean it personnally but seriously, Quatre and Trowa were meant to be together, true Heero/Duo is almost as annoying as Heero/Relena (cos Heero was just meant to live a lonely unloved life lol)..but who else are you going to pair them with. [/B][/QUOTE] I'd pair Trowa with me! Because Trowa is So Cool! I mean, I think even Relena/Heero would be betterthan Duo/Heero. that's one of those pairings that just... get to me. But T
  14. My dad sometimes watches Rurouni Kenshin and YYH with me and my sister because our only TV that has satellite was convieniently placed in his work-space. Now we get into fights becase he thins that Kurama and Kenshin look exactly the same! It is kinda embrrassing... especially when you talk about it in a restaurant where a lot of people can overhear you and you can tell that they can overhear you. Not to get back into the whole yaoi argument, but I like your idea Milliefan, for a site. I'd make a site of my own, but hae a stupid Computer that won't let me. And parents tht won't let me.
  15. Yeah, you're right, I guess. One hing I don'tlike is Nataku's voice and Kotri's voice.(from the DVDS) They just sound so... unlike their characters. Kotori's sounds weak, and natanu's sounds... higher tha what you' expect. There, I added a post with thought, that I did!
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