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  1. I've read another of the (wait should I call her an author or a manga-ka? Hmm I'll just stick with "creator") creator's works. I think it was "Between the sheets" or was it that Angle something one? Whatever it was ChibiHorsewoman was right. there is alot of [spoiler] full frontal nudity and it's DEFFINATLY hetai. Most of the stuff done by that lady is all about sex. [/spoiler] Toykopop gave it good ratings so when I saw it out of the plastic at one mall I went to once I read it. There's a reason for the plastic wrap. Same reason it's rated mature. I didn't think it wass all that good....but that's just me. And by the way it's not an anime it's a manga so [i]technically[/i] this should be in the Litature Lounge......yeah.
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Othak [/i] [B]I think my friend Chichiri's Girl has kinda made my point. but in a way she has disgusted my show the Simpsons, She has gotten the Simpsons and made it a mockery(dont ask me what i meant by that word) She has made it seem like its the most badest show on earth....im not saying that it can have its bad moments,lol. but every show does. one point or another there is a show where it has its boring shows, but the question is do adults like to critize anime? And im sure they do, but does that mean we cant watch anime or critize it either. i mean take Spongebob Squarepants i mean thats the Bomb tv show, but it has had its bad shows. So has anime and The Simpsons so i think ive made my point, please contact me if youd like to disguss a very unlike civil conversation,lol. means dont act like a suck up, lol. later [/B][/QUOTE] Dude...I love the Simpsons....It's one of my most favorite shows ever. I was just saying how screwy it is that they let shows that little kids really shouldn't watch stay on TV without many complaints while networks that show anime get complaint letters and people threaten to sue them.
  3. Some american cartoons are just as bad as some anime. Lets look at the Simpsons for a moment. *Takes out a projector* Alright now does any body remember the countless episodes were oyu see butts? I remember a certain episode where Homer and Marge were how shall I say it? "getting it on" in the windmill at a local minature putt-putt? And then they had to run naked as the day they were born to escape? Is this not as bad as some anime if not worse? There are countless episodes with bed scenes too. You don't actually see anything but isn't the seguestion enough? And the endless cursing. You can't go a single episode without it. Espically the new ones. The cursing has gotten much worse over the years.(not that I mind but...) Then you have Bart a ten-year-old cursing more viloently then some adults. Anyone remember the eppisode where he and Milhouse got that messed-up slushie? Gee that was kind of a drug refernce. heh it was a classic though..... There's loads of violence in it too. Espically the Hallaween episodes. Yet people don't mind it because they always have Marge warning you that you shouldn't let young childern watch it as it might give them nightmares. Yet Adult Swim has warnings too. Plus the simpsons come on at eight when the kids are awake. Adult Swim doesn't come on till ten and as far as I know only on weekday. Screwy ain't it?
  4. Dude he said he was sorry. He wrote that when he was trying to get over a break up. It's not like he ever released it or anything. Besides freedom of speech right? Technically he can say anything he wants. And is messed up that you can say anything bad about whites but if you say anything bad about blacks you get shot down. Interesting isn't it? If anybody has the right to be mad it should be the girl he wrote that rap about. He regrets what he said so why can't you forgive him?
  5. I watch infomercials....yeah and I enjoy them too. Then sometimes I watch my old Veggietales and Adventures of the book of vertues. Sad isn't it? And if i'm home I'll watch Nick Jr. And then I use to play "Loso Lotto" intill my mom got rid of it. That doesn't sound so bad does it? Well it was Seaseme Street Loso Lotto. [i]Then[/i] I'll read some of m,y old Seaseme Street books. Hey I'm the youngest and both of my bros adored Seaseme Street so we have alot of merchandise. Of course I liked it too.....there's probably more like how I go into trances all of a sudden but I can't think of any more.
  6. My god Blake what have you done?! Knowing your girl friend I'd say you must have screwed up big time. Let's see what would cheer her up....why don't you apolize? Wait you don't actually [i]like[/i] this gil who has a crush on you? Cause then you'd be in deep crap. I suggest that you talk to her. She's understanding....Hey you want me to talk to her? I think I can help. But if you haven't done anything wrong like choose this girl over her....cause if you do that then you really did mess up....
  7. Heh sounds fun....remind me to thank god my school doesn't have dances.... ****************************** Name: Ashley "Ashes" Tiller Age:12 Race: White Eye color: Deep Green Hair color: Red with orange streaks not that you can tell cause she always has a bucket hat on with her hair pulled up in a bun Apperence:Kaki Cargo shorts that come just pass her knees with a Green T-shirt with with a white long sleeved white shirt underneath with the sleeves rolled up. She has red and light blue 'roos (yes those awsome shoes from the 80s are making a come back! More or less.....) Bio: Ashley defines "tomboy" to perfection. She hates anything that is pink, has ribbons, bows, or ruffles. Much to her mother dismay of course. She hates the name "Ashley" and if you call her that you can pretty much start making your funeral plans. She's a tomboy to try and make up for her father wanting lots a boys when I'll his wife could deliver was a girl, and one no less. She also enjoys making her mother suffer trying to get her into a dress. She always wanted a girly-girl daughter and she wound up with a tomboy....how sad. Ashes enjoys sports and is somewhat know as the class clown. She also enjoys wacking people when they annoy her. Espically boys. She's a flirt alright. And consideringh all her friends are boys she does it alot. She hangs around with Kyo alot and together they've created alot of chaos. Yet despit the frequent detitions she recieves for it she gets staright A's. They've tried to get her to skip a grade but she refuses. It'd suck to be know as the brains.... Personality: Flirt, joker, stubborn, tough, smart, stubborn once she decides something. ************ Hope that's good!
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mitch [/i] [B] By the way: No, I don't not speak l33t. And anyone that does should be shot with assinal death-darts. [/B][/QUOTE] Wasn't that like a double negative? So then you [i]do[/i] speak l33t? I'm [b]SO[/b] confused now....Oh well I'm always confused. Now back to the topic! I only speak l33t when I'm talkin to likle Erin or somethin. Yes we are wannabe l33ters...we know back off. lol Yeah and it's in my sig cause...um I honestly don't know....*shrugs* Yeah well Java Mask you can't start a thread like that....I don't know why Mitch hasen't closed this already.*shrugs* I'm gonna go know before I'm hit with assinal death-darts...
  9. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kyo no Ryu [/i] [B]HAHA! More seven Hells... anywhoo... I dont really care that hes in there it doesnt matter, I love the song and cant tell hes in it. Haha army brat. *giggles* You crack me up. Your ALSO one of the only people who replies to my threads. [/B][/QUOTE] Yes "seven hells" is one of my favorite expressions....DON"T STEAL IT!!!!!*suddenly grows a snake tounge and hisses at you* You can kind of tell it's Justin Timberlake in it though. His voice is hmm how soud I put this? Unique? And by that I mean...i'm not sure what i mean actually...:sweat: But anyway when I first heard it I was all like "Is that ustin Timberlake? What is [i]he[/i]doing in this song? It isn't the type he normally does...." an dwhat's wrong with being an Army brat?!?!?*whacks you upside the head* fool....
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kyo no Ryu [/i] [B]Thanks Manic, your the only one who ever replies to my threads here. I remember when my mom told me about JT being in that song and I nearly hurled. I agree, shut up is pretty funny. [i][center]shut up, just shut up, shut up[/center][/i] [/B][/QUOTE] I was wondering how in sven hells you could even [i]listen[/i] to that song when you hate Justin Timberlake that much. But with him or not I still love that song. and I'm deffinatly not his biggest supporter....That's sad though that your friendwon't download the song cause of JT Manic. I mean who cares who is in it as long as you like it. Oh well...his loss....They played that song all the time on my old station. And I'd still be listening to it if we hadn't moved.*walks off grumbling about being an Army Brat*
  11. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kyo no Ryu [/i] [B]Its funny how one can like a pop singer and a hybrid/metal band at the same time. Personally I dispise Clay since im a pop flamer, but Numb is my current favorite.[/B][/QUOTE] Technically when you think about it isn't Linkin park also "pop"? I mean all that "pop" means is popular music. heh just [i]HAD[/i] to do that. Sorry bout that buddy. But um yeah I listened to "Numb" somemore and now I really, really, like it. I love the way it starts and ends. Yeah...
  12. Okay has anyone ever seen it? I saw a promo for it on my Angelic Layer preview from my brother's Newtype. From what I saw it made no sense....:sweat: Yet I find it interesting and I want to see it. It deffinatly looks like a comedy about Ko-gals*...or Mago-gals**...I couldn't really tell the age....well anyway the reviews I've read in Newtype didn't tell me much either so I was wondering what anyone who has seen it(or heard of it) thinks of it. Yeah....that's it I guess.... *A ko-gal is a super-trendy teenage girl **a Mago-gal is a ko-gal wannabe young girl Thanks to Kodacha #8 for the definitions....or more of I took it from them...whoops...
  13. ~Mystical Pan~ is right, Kenshin would kick Inuyasha's a**. And I think Inuyasha is cool too....but Kenshin would beat him. I mean think about it. Kenshin is called a "man-slayer". He's killed hundreds of men, and has lots of years of experience. Wait but exactly how old is Inuyasha? He's over 50...but he was out of it for 50 years so I guess Kenshin has the upper hand. Of course Inuyasha has an awsome sword... but then Kenshin's sword is pretty sweet too....but Kenshin wouldn't kill Inuyasha just give him the a** whoppin of a life time. heh so i gues i didn't really anwser the question....oh well..um and no double posting. You should edit that.
  14. Um there are plenty of anime girls with wavy/curly/ well there really aren't many with fizz....but anyway there are lots of curly-haired girls. Lets see...Sailor Neptune from SM, Mimi from Saint Tail more or less, her poney tail curls at the end...., Kotori from X, Fuu from MKR, Nuriko from FY(okay so * technically [spoiler]he isn't a women but when he lets his hair down it's curly[/spoiler]. I guess Hikaru is the same way...the hair that is. But on those standards so are Sailor Moon and Mini Moon and well I could go on foever so I'll shut up) , Chidori from Ceres, and well i could go on but then I'd be here forever....but the reason that there aren't as many curly-haired girls as stright-haired is because in Japan they normally have stright hair so that would be the norm. Yep well muy rambling is done so you can relax now!
  15. It's good. I like how the pictures kind of merge together....or mabey it's just my eyes playing tricks on me...*shrugs* Well anyway it's a pretty good one. The background is nice but it seems too red and takes away some of the dtails of the pictures...again I'm rambling on...I do like the border though. Somehing about simple borders strike my fancy.....*points to own banner* Yes well, um over all very good and keep up the good work! I really do like that Kenshin one though. It's awsome!
  16. I like the Goriallz one. Wait no cross that out and put love. Yeah I always like their music and the videos...*goes into daze ands starts humming Groillaz louder intill someone slaps her back to reality* Yes well a nicley done banner. The one for Duorocks is good too. I like the quote....hey um the Kenshin one you made? The one that said "Assasion" on it? Why isn't that here? That one was awsome....Kenshin in the manga is so cool....just awsome.......
  17. [i]Dea is in the back of the aftenoon bus loade up on sugar[/i] Dea: Hey Alec you know the would chuck thingie? Alec: Um you mean How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if I would chuck could chuck wood?(suddenly raises voice and moving hands) As much wood as he chucking wants! So chuck that you mother chuckers! Dea: Okay now change all the "c"s to "f"s! Alec: How much wood fould a woood f**k f**k if a wood f**k could f**k wood? As mufh wood as he f**king wants to! So f**k that you mother f**kers! [i]Dea claps her hands while Alec just smirks[/i] Dea: Okay now change all the "c"s to "s"s! Alec: How much wood sould a wood suck suck if a wood suck sould suck wood. As much as it su- Alex: Ahhh stop the sucking!(fake cries) Dea: Weridos.... ********************** By the way Alec and Alex are teo sepreate people. Their names are just similar....
  18. *sighs* Why do I make friends with such weridos? Oh yeah I'm one myself....;) *cough* Yeah well for some odd reason I look forward to the next issues...or part....or was it chapter? Yeah um whatever you call it I'm looking foward to it. I swear you and my dad would get along great if you both like war movies so much. Hell, he'd be happy if you just watched it. And the buritto is it the same one from today? That you lost it when it was in it's bowl but you found it in your mom's room? yeah...why do I know these things? Who knows....
  19. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by BlazinReddrgn [/i] [B] Why? Why do they fight? Is it because of money? Is it because of their way of life? No? They fight because they have their own view of the world. They are screaming now. At the top of their lungs. Why? When has it gotten to the point where feelings have to get hurt? Is it because of their view on things? ?Everyone is special in their own way.? Does that mean that ?their way? has gotten to the point where they have to scream at each other? has it gotten to where they have to trash talk; where they have to fight and yell? They need help now. One of them ran to get some advice. If everyone has his or her view on the world differently, why does this person, who is giving advice has the power to tell what is going to happen. ?Every man is created equal? no matter how short nor tall; nor fat nor skinny; nor old nor young. If so, why does this person have the authority to help others? Is it because of their insecurity? is it because they need someone to comfort and assure them that everything is going to be all right? Now that that person has gotten some confidence, he has gone back to screaming, yelling, and fighting. He thought that that person whom had giving him advice had helped but did it? Did it stop the yelling and screaming? did it stop the madness of it all? Now she has gone out to get some advice. A psychiatrist. An expert in trying to figure and fix the problem or at least get to the root of it. This person, the psychiatrist, has been training for years how to solve the problem. The answer was to talk it out. Bitch. If that was the answer ?to talk it out? wasn?t that what they were just doing but in a more louder and aggressive tone? Its called yelling you say, not talking it out? Isn?t ?talking it out? consists of words of agreement; to see what their view of the world was? Well isn?t yelling the same? Does it consists of words that are more expressive? Doesn?t it get the ?view? out more quickly? Still, after they or rather she was talking it out did it make it better? did it rebuild the relationship these two once had? No. They are now even louder than before. I can?t take it. He says that you?re nothing to me. She says fine, it doesn?t matter because I?ll never be something to you. Heh?hehe? I?m laughing now because they don?t see the importance of what they just said. ?You?re nothing to me? They took out the consideration of a life. Nothing. I don?t believe that. Everything is something, including nothing. ?I feel so empty? like a complete nothingness has consumed me? Nothingness? a noun? Isn?t the definition of a noun a person, place, thing, or an idea? Isn?t nothingness a thing? isn?t it a feeling?[/QUOTE] I like how you described "nothing". It's true....even nothing is something...technically you can never be "nothing" to someone. They can hate you and they can love you. Hell, they can just like you but, they will always be SOMETHING to you. You can never fully forget a person. Sure when you grow old you forget names and faces but you can still remember feelings. [QUOTE]He doesn?t care about her life though he cares; he feels sympathy, for those who had lost a loved one in 9/11 even though he doesn?t even know this person and he doesn?t care for the person he had loved for 40 years. A quote from me: It takes 3 minutes to get a crush on someone It takes 3 hours to like someone It takes a day to love someone It takes a lifetime to forget? Did he know the person who lost a person in that incident for three minutes/hours? No. All he knows is that they have lost one of the most important part of their life? Isn?t this the same situation? Isn?t he going to lose her?[/QUOTE] What can I say? I love that quote part. It's true though. How can you feel sympathize for someone you don't even know when your in the ame situation. because I suppose, they know what it feels like to loes somene....yet they don't try to get them back...by the way I love that quote. Yeah that was random... [QUOTE] They have gone their separate ways now? the left each other? Did their ?way? lead them this way? Is it just one long road that leads in one direction for 40 years then curves apart? I see a family? a happy one. But then I take a second look. No. That?s not a happy family? the dad? he?s yelling. The mom? on the cell. The kids? talking back. It was covered up by conceit, by contradictions, which you have to look twice to see what was I thought about this today... Its not a [I]real[/I] story, just something that I made up. Part of the story is true though just not all of it... This is just something that I assumed that happen so here it is:going on. Did they talk about it twice? No. They just left? never to see each other again because of their view on the world. This view on the world? to put it simply: their perspective. They weren?t meant for each other you say? Then what was the 40 years about? is it just another lie? a deception? Time was running out? Time is a continuum, which means that it will go on forever? If time is running out? how much was ?forever? for them? 40 years?[/QUOTE] "Forever". Eternity. That's what "forever" is. Not forty years. But sometimes forty years can [i]feel[/i] like foever. (how ould I know?) The point is um, I can't remember...:sweat: [QUOTE] Their gone. They?re nothing but specks in the imagination. I don?t really go as much as miss them? no sorrow, no sympathy. They have left each other because they feel that they needed to? no one needs to feel anything. They?re not in existence anymore. This happened so long ago? I?m surprised to even remember this? not because of how long it was ago, just that I remember this even though I have felt nothing from them? Why have I become so attach to this? Why have this gone over to repeat itself in my mind? Because? She was my mom. He was my dad. Sad I know, but please reply!!! [/B][/QUOTE] That's so sad. How old were you when they split up? Can you even remmember when they wer together? Poor BlazinReddrgn. Yeah I better go now before I ramble on...wait too late...my bad....
  20. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by KarmaOfChaos [/i] [B][color=deeppink] The most amusing moment I've ever had in any anime was from Fruits Basket: [spoiler] When Kagura was attempting to do Kyo's laundry, and she used waaay too much detergent, and Kyo rants at her for washing all his shirts and he's going to get pneumnonia(sp) and all of the sudden...he's drowned by a tsunami of laundry suds.[/spoiler] Twas hilarious. -Karma [/color] [/B][/QUOTE] Yes it was hilarious. I remeber that actually. But when Kagura comes over you can pretty much be guarnteed....I rember before that part she had a shirt of Kyou's that was still kinda wet so she [spoiler] Wrung it out with her hands and screamed "DRY DAMN YOU!" then she wrung it too hard and it ripped into pieces. Then Kyou cam and went "What did you do to my shirt!?!?!" then the suds came up....and when they were in the tsunami of suds Shgure said "Is somrthing burning?" cause the tes that Kagura had started was read. So in a panic she went and got it but she bumpoed it and it started to burn the kitchen...then of course Kyou came in all frantic trying to put it out with the remainding shards of his shirt....[/spoiler] lol yes good times, good times. The werid thing is that in the next episode he has that shirt back...which really werid cause it deinatly could not be fixed and come out looking the same....mabey he just has a store that sells that perticular shirt? We may never know....*shakes head sadly*
  21. Yeah I like "invisible". The music vedio is crap though.....:shifty: lol But it gets a little annoying cause they play it all the time on the radio station I listen to. Then it keeps on getting number one on the "Hot five at nine" so bascially don't sing it around me....It's kind of sad....the girl he loves doesn't even notice him....right? Yeah I think....yeah....Numb is okay. Just not my favorite from meteroa.....yeah....I can't think of anything else....nothing at all.....*eyes glaze over and she walks away*
  22. Oh yeah I forgot about the anime on Cartoon Network I use to watch....well then now there are a few more funny moments! Rouini Kenshin(ignor the horribe spelling...) When ever Sano would get drunk, or when Kuaru and Mugumi fight. The fox and what the mouse? I don't remember what they called her... Actually this isn't on CN but still.... Kodacha: When someone gets knocked on the head with Sana's toy hammer. Espically when it's Akito. Of course when Akito and Fuka are arguing that's funny too. Her with her accent and all. I probably will think of more but yeah..I've kinda gotta go. But on a lighter note this is my 250 post! Yes I'm a junir member!*throws confetti*
  23. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Jaganshi [/i] [B]In my family I'm the only one who is really into manga.But when I bring some anime home they mostly sit down and watch it with me.I sorta got my dad hooked on Escaflowne.He was mad when the tape was over because he couldn't see what was going to happen.I had to explain that there were only four episodes on the tape.My mom could really care less.I got my little brother to watch SD Gundum with me one day and now he sits around quoting it.It was cute for the first hour and a half after that it got annoying.Just imagine a six year old running around saying "Zako?Zako zako..." Now to the positive end of the scale. My little cousin absolutly loves Sailor Moon.So we sit around and watch SM for hours and once I had the manga with me and I read it to her.It was cute till she bit me.(long story)She also has me print out pics for her.Once I made her a coloring book.I gave it to her as a present when she got out of the looney bin.She even runs around screaming random attacks and tranformation sentences.Its cute. My stepbro really isn't picky just as long as there are no subtitles. That experiment didn't go to well.He tried reading manga but it confused him.He's not the brightest crayon in the box.But he did like the pictures in Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha. My stepmom is starting to love anime and manga.She's even taking me to Sugio Con in 10 more days.w00t! But she is a little mad at me because I told her to read the first volume of Marmalade Boy and she ened up liking it but I didn't have the volume.So she hopes that I get it soon. Well I guess that covers it. [/B][/QUOTE] You are so lucky.....my mother wil never take me to a con. And if I go with my dad I won't be able to go anywahere by myself. gee I wonder why you brother likes the pictures in Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2? Is it because of the topless girls? Probably....your still lucky to have a family who reads or watches anime or manga. that might happen if I was the only one left in my family. Cause my bro wil never talk about anime or manga with me so what is the point? Oh yeah....free manga....that I steal from his room.....*walks off with #1 of Ranma 1/2 under her shirt while whistling*
  24. The uzamaki naruto banner is alright. I can't really tell if he's lauhing or crying. But of course only my twisted mind could come up with someone covered in blood laughing right? Yeah....well anyways I like the font. What's the name of it? The font that is...but you know what I'm talking about right? Yeah now I'm just rambling on and on but hey it's what I do best! Now back to the banner. As I said before it's alright but you've done better. Yeah I'll stop wasting your lives with rambles now....
  25. lol Yes I am poor.....no really I'm flat broke! lol And you know I can't spell either of their names worth crap.... I mena the " U" sounds like a"W" okay!??! Oh and I still have the They had been walking home from school when they were complaing about a whole week of exams. Dea had gotten well, pissed off, and had smashed her fist into a car. The owner came out of his house when the alarm went off so they ran. They ran so fast they lost there place and ended up lost in the wrong side of town.... part. I read it sometimes. I swear I always laugh when Dea saya"Frig!".lol yes I'll edit the other stuff.*nodds* Um and exactly how soon are we gonna start drawing? Cause I'm hopin to get some copic markers for Christmas....screentones would be nice too....but then I'll need speicl paper...hmmmm.....yeah well I shall fix the mistakes!*races off to last post*
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