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  1. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hells Fire [/i] [B] Now I have three rides to take care of:a jeep(my favorite), a car(the audi), and a old style beautiful coverett(I named her Precious) oh yeah and a motorcyle that needs the head lights fixed. [/B][/QUOTE] That's what we named my kitten...I just find that interesting. Of course we only named her Precious because when she was a kitten she had a big old Golum head. Heehee good times good times...Anyhoo what did I get for Christmas? Well a bunch of stuff: 1. 2 Diddles from my dad...(what can I say? I'm a sucker for those cute little German stuffed mice! The King and Queen one to go along with my wizard. God this makes me sound like such a little kid....) 2. from my mom I got a butterfly chair. Yeah one of those chairs that you kinda drap the cloth over. Sorta...yeah well I put it up myself! Yeah!* V for Victory* From these last two gifts you'd never be able to tell I was a tomboy would ya? 3. From my fellow otaku brother, Drew, I got lots of manga! Excel Saga 1&2 AzuManga the manga Diaoh 1&2 and Alice 19th! Yes I even made an attempt to hug him after that. Of course then Doug jumped in too and we ended up probably scarring Drew emotinally if poosible. (Which it isn't What can I say? The boy just don't like hugs from his adorable little sister) 4. Actually Doug should probably be #3 as he is the oldest of my 2 older brothers. But he came home from college for Chrismas so we got to pretend he never left at all. Well anyways he gave me some cds. Yeah...No Doubt Greatest Hits, Linkin Park live in Texas, and um for my own safety I'll keep the last to myself but let me tell ya I've had lots of fun blearing all three cds at volumes not ment for humans to listen to just to annoy the both of them. Yes I'm an annoying, adorable little sister. Be thankful I'm not your sis is all I'm saying. Then in my stocking I got a new watch! Praise be! I really, [i]really[/i] needed one...yep. Actually I got Alice 19th in my stolking not from Drew my bad. Oh well. I also got some other stuff in there....but I wanna go watch the Simpsons then Pirates of the Caribean(curtisy of Drew) so that's all for now. Edit: I forgo to put this up earlier but my friends got me some art supplies and I'm awaiting the day when my copic markers come. Now who's ready for round two?!*evil lauhter* Yes the joys of having a birthday 3 days after Christmas..
  2. Yes well three points for Fruits Basket cause it has my vote too. I got a preview disk from one of my big bro's newtypes back in what? Mabey March? Well whatever it was love at first site. I remember I brought it over to Erin's house and we laughed our a**es off all weekend. So then I got the first 6 episodes and now for Christmas I want the rest! What can I say about it that hasn't already been said? Not much except that episodes 5 & 6 are halrious! Hee it's classic when Torhu's family gangs up on here and calls her well wouldn't wanna ruin the laughter. It's kind of sick that I find that funny anyways.... Well thats all I can think of for [i]anime[/i]. Now manga that's another story!
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i] [B][size=1] Oh geez, talk about horrible dubbing. Why were all the voices the voices of African-Americans? O_o Anyways...the voices really ruined it for me. It was uh...*coughs* I watched the movie about a year ago in Korean, and it was pretty funny. The fight scenes didn't look that great, but some parts [especially expressions] were laughable. Don't know why they aired that on MTV...[/size] [/B][/QUOTE] I agree. With,well, everything maladjusted said. It would have been better if they used asian voices. It was really freaky to here a rapper's voice coming out of an aisan body. When I was telling my dad about it because I thought he might like it once I came to the part about the voices he said "You had me intill you said that." and well basically shivered. lol MTV could've made it much better then they did if they didn't use the voices of famous rappers for publicity. I mean I like Andre(sp?) 3000 in Outkast but his voice comming out of that body was...simply freaky. Not that at sometimes it wasn't funny. heh Like when he used a really emotinal voice. That would have me laughing sometimes.
  4. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by duorocks17 [/i] [B]I had to work the day after thanksgiving. You know, the rush and all that stuff. I had never been apart of such an awful experience. It was like people just lost their sense of humanity. Two ladies where fighting over something, and we had to call the security to come and break it up! I just thought to myself "gez, people...you need to get a life." i couldn't believe that all that was just because of some stupid doll. Me, there is only one thing i really want for christmas, and that is for my family to finally get along. It seems that my dad and brother are always fighting, and just for once....maybe...they could get together long enough to not shout each other's heads off. And then i was asking someone whether they were going to go to mass or not on christmas, and he replied "no, it takes to long". I'm sorry, but that is really pathetic, and it just made we want to slap him. I believe that this world has truly lost the true sense and meaning of christmas. [/B][/QUOTE] Here here. In my opinion if you haven't gone to any of the advent masses or at [i]least[/i] gone to mass on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day you shouldn't be able to celbrate with the rest. Reminds you of the Hen and the loaf of bread story no? "who will help me plant my weat? Water it? Take away the weeds? Carry it to the mill? Bake it?" Then when it's all done they expect to get some too...mabey I just see it that way cause I figure if I have to go to church(and I mean [i]have[/i] I'm not that fond of it...) then you shouldn't get off without going and still get presents. It's sad that the Holiday has become all about the gifts. I'm proably in this sate of mind because what I [i]really[/i] want for Christmas isn't an item you can buy in stores or anywhere else for that matter. But still what happened to people not knowing(or forgeting)the meaning of Christmas? I bet if you went up to any 5 or 6 year-old kid and asked them what the meaning of Christmas is they'd simply say "presents" and go on and on about what toy they want Santa to bring them. Now if I tried that with my parents at that age i'll I'd get for Christmas would be a bible. *sighs* Well that's just the way the world is now....and it will get worse before it gets better.
  5. I um didn't see Lalaith Ril use any big words...but oh well guess thats why I'm in advanced Languge Arts. :p heh. Yes well I live in the shuburbs around Washington D.C. so from 5pm to 8pm you should try to avoid crossing streets at all cost. People come whizzing down the main road up the street and to the right of my house at at [i]least[/i] 45 MPH. So it's pretty much a death trap. So when I have to cross the street I just run like hell. Haven't been hit yet.(Crap now I'm gonna jinx myself) Of course I've also learned some of the backways so you don't have to cross that many of the heavly used roads. So you could just try to avoid it...
  6. I use to watch Seinfeld everyday...wait I still do. Heh but why do II like the show? How can you not like the show? The characters are just....(for lack of better words) briallant. Not sure if that's what I really mean but um yeah I'm kinda off today. My head is filled with other stuff....*coughaleccough* What i mean is well, they were really planned and every eppisode was written to be the best. My favorite character would have to be Kramer. I mean with a name like "Kosomo Kramer" (I have little faith I spelled that right...) he [i]has[/i] to be weird. I l;oved it when he got fried like a chicken when he used butter as a sunscreen..that reminds me of the time that chicken restruant put up the big neon sign...good times good times.... Favorite episode? The "Soup Nanzi" episode. Do I really have to explain that? Deffiantly one of the best in my opinion. "No soup for you!" Poor soup Nanzi...poor poor soup nanzi.... Just for grins and giggles some of my favorite quotes: "You double dipped a chip" um that's all I can think about right now...heh heh...
  7. I know I'm not gonna get what I want for Christmas...inless I walk up and down his street trying to figure out which house is his...:sweat:..actually thats not a bad idea. *take sout imaginary tape recorder*Mental note:take dog so it doesn't look like I'm a stalker*puts away imaginary tape recorder* Actually it'd be enough if I could see him in his Jazz Band uniform again.:love2: So hot! ^_^*takes out Alec plushy and huggles it till it pops* Um whoops...but hey my fortune cookie said "You will have good luck in your personal affairs." so it was actually a fortune this time! Yay! Well back to the topic. I'll be fine with some copic markers, some new manga, and some Anime. Oh and lots and lots of books. I'd like a laptop too but that ain't happing...bu then I have my birthday too....
  8. I wanna see LOTR, The Last Samurai, Cold Mountain, Love actually, the Cat in the Hat, Love Actually, Big Fish, and possibly Love don't Cost a Thing. My reason for seeing LOTR has already been( Legolas!) and I wanna see the Last Samurai well cause of the-well honestly I don't know. i just want to see it. Cold Mountain has a love story in it( where the girl takes action! Yeah!) plus you got the Civil War goin on in it. From the previews I thought Love Actually looked funny and I've been told the Cat in the Hat was awsome. Big Fish looks interesting and again a love story in Love Don't Cost a Thing. But the number one movie I want to see during Winter Break is:*hits gong* Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Yes I've seen it a least a thousand times but I was quoting some of in in Languge Arts with Keaton and I forgot how funny it was. Now to fins some Shrubberries!*trots off clonking two coconuts together*
  9. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hells Fire [/i] [B]The endless war between status. The Junior Members rag on the newbies and the Members rag on the Junior Members. Can't we all just be friends? But yes Deanna you were being mean and quite rude to the newbie nation. They out number us and we would be nothing without them. They start most of the threads and do most of the banners. And remember it was only last month that me and you were both newbies. :blah: :lecture: [/B][/QUOTE] Interesting...I thought you wer quite so found of newbies either...*sideways grin* Whatever it's all good. Oh and ClayAikensbabe sorry bout all that I was in a bad mood. Well more stressed...all these concerts and the like...Really my spelling sucks. You know it's [i]that[/i] bad if when you say your own spelling sucks. So no hard feelings? He really is a good singer. Oh and Tony? Call me that again and I'll have to hurt you.
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hells Fire [/i] [B]I think Clay chose the wrong career choice. I think he would do alot better on Broaday then the pop scene. He has a pretty good voice but its not pop. I love Hilary Duff so much! She is so wonderful in every way. She is cute and a good actress and can also siing quite well. I watch Lizzy every day on the Disney channel just tp see her. She has a great personality and is very nice. She has recently said, "I seem to be the only teenage girl without a boyfriend." Well Hilary I would e happy to fill the role for you. [/B][/QUOTE] [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hells Fire [/i] [B] Dude i'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that...*shivers* I really can't picture an 18-year-old watching Lizzie Maguire...and to think you actually called me her one time! I shall seek revenge!*evil laughter* I'm actually surprised you didn't pick Britney tony. I figure you cold have a three-some with You, her, and Madonna. Now on to other matters...Clay Aiken is alright. But had i a chance to meet anybody of the choices I'd deffinatly choose [i]Britney[/i] Spears. But if I did that I'd have to bring a braf bag cause well honest to god she and me probably wouldn't get along. Her music is all right...[i]much[/i] better then that Duff. And honestly "BUTTNEY" Spears? How immature...what are you 10? Damn newbies...Yes I quite like "Invivsible". It's just my station plays it too much. He's changed his image too much. I liked him better when he still had the whacked out hair and glasses. I have a feeling this thread won't live much longer. At least I pry to god it won't...*looks at ClayAikensbabe's last post and shivers because of the spelling*
  11. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hells Fire [/i] [B][COLOR=darkred] Team: Weapons Club(and since know one is the leader I'll be) .[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] [i]What?![/i] Um dude I thought you read my post. Just to refreah your memory... [QUOTE][i] Originally posted by Chichiri's Girl[/i]Bio: As president of the Weapons club (which she founded herself)[/QUOTE] Yeah um so I'm the leader tony. You can be co-captian if ya want. But um yeah thanks for finally postin! Oh and Erin when exactly is this gonna start? Cause Dougie's comin home Thursday and you remember how much of a computer hog he is....plus the computer is in his room and I have a feeling he'd laugh his a** off if he found out I was in an RPG. The teasing would never stop. never. So inless I can clean my room and get back on my mom's goodside(did I mention I'm basically grounded?) so that I can use some of my savings account money to buy a laptop I won't be on much.
  12. Dude you actually wrote something...*claps hands in amazment*. Good use of color too. Oh I guess you want me to coment on the story right? Yeah...heh heh. Well it's interesting. Poor, poor Dr. Swom. But hey he got what he desevered right? Yeah well I think he gave up the information too easily to a stranger but hey what ever floats your boat. wait no he gave him money didn't he? yeah I guess that changes it a little. Anyway keep up the good work cause now I wanna read the rest...
  13. I have a lot of nicknames when ya think about it.... Dea-my most popular nickname, short for my name. Thanks to Erinyger for it. See cause there's this manga we made together and one of the main characters she named after me but it's spelled different. But everybody(in the story) calls her Dea so then Erin started to call me Dea thus the circle began.... Dibbly Dee- Don't ask. It's what my Dad called me when I was little(actaully he still calls me that) he made up a little song thingie to go with it. Jill-Now this is what my uncle jhon calls me. It's my mom's name and he says I look like her(whichi is pretty messed up considering we don't look a thing alike with her dark brown hair and my blonde) so to get back at him I call him "Aunt Sally" Purple girl- Ben(annoying brat whom I hate) calls me this because "i'm always wearing purple". At least I was the first few weeks of school. New York-Another nick name curtisy of Ben because I moved from New York. He thought I meant the city...there's more to New York then a city you know! There's a whole frakin state!*grumbles* Crazy Girl-due to my actions on the bus people started calling me this. Of course nobody does anymore except what's-her-name. I think it starts with a K.... 6.0-Matt calls me this and I call him 8.4. It's a long story really involving the spell check. It's a bit sad really...But i'll have you know I changed it to 6.[b]3[/b]!!! In your face! Ha! I remember once I had my SSR book in my mouth cause I was tried of it falling off my pile of textbooks and binders when I was changing classes and I was going to my seat in Languge Arts(ext) and he was in the way so I said "move it 8.4" but it came out something like "move it you f**king whore." Lol yeah he was like "What did you call me" heh god I love that class. I tripped him Friday and he said he wouldn't foret it...hmm I wonder what he'll do?(if he hasn't forgotten already) Well I can't think of anymore right now....
  14. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ChibiHorsewoman [/i] [B][color=hotpink] [b]Kino Makoto from [i]Sailor Moon[/i][/b] Her best one was when all five of the inners were trying to be SNow White in an episode of Sailor Moon R. She says-I have the largest breasts. Well, DiC changed that to 'I have the most talent.' Keep reaching for your dreams Mako-chan! [/color] [/B][/QUOTE] Dude I remember that episode! That was back when I wacthed it with my older brothers cause they likes the girls in short skirts. I was like why is she puffing out her chest like that? Heh thank god they swicthed frim Dic! Now some of my Favorite anime are from Fruits Basket.(I can't really remember much from any other anime's....) In episode five when Kagura is running out of the house cause she and Kyou had a fight(can't she just leave my Kyou alone?! He hates her anyways. Plus they're cousins....) so she wasn't looking where she was going and the paperboys wassn't either apparently. He said "It is I your neighbor hood paper boy! Here to bring you the daily paper!")or something alone those lines) then he ran into Kagura thus changing her into her zodiac animal. Then it went into toal chaos. Hee hee Then in episode six when Torhu's friends come over Shougre is cleaning a table and smiling with his eyes closed and he sings "High school girls! High school girls! 1,2,3 highschool girls! I wonder what kind of girls they are?". Then Kyo says with his eyes closed and resting his chin on his fist" A yankee and a physic" and Shougre goes into shcok. It cracks me up every time. That whole episode was awsome.
  15. I'm backkkkkk*laughs evily* yes well the big baby one is nice. You've done better though.*nodds* The ones I really like are the DragonBoard, Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop. THose are all pretty good. There really should be a Dragonboard. Interesting place that would be. Very interesting. *nodds* The Inuyasha one id diffinatly well done too. Inuyasha looks good with red. Background or other wise. As for the Cowboy Bebop one...well, Spike is cool. :toothy:
  16. "Sex bracelets"? At my old school we just called them F**k braceletes. Nobody actually ever had sex because of a broken bracelete as far as I know. It was more of something you did on the bus-ride home to keep yourself entertained. I've never seen the girls try to break a bracelet though. It was basically just the boys. There was this one boy-Dereck I think his name was- who broke a girls bracelet most every bus ride. Never got any no matter how many he broke. Poor Dereck. lol I've never heard anything of the "secret meaning" of the bracelets at this school though. But just for safe measures I don't wear mine anymore....I know some pretty werid at this school....oh and by the way Mitch that was awsome. I swear I cracked up when I read it the first time. Yep yep....
  17. [b]Ceres[/b] Aki- I will not kiss my sister. Fight the power!*thrusts arm up into the air* Aya- I'll try not to make out with Toya or my brother in public...um scracth that! I think i'll just try to umm not try to get my self killed! Yeah there ya go! Yuhi- I'll try not to force myself on Aya....umm remember I said [i]try[/i] Ms Q- I promise to fully commit myself to my Toya!*everyone stares at her restraining to barf* Toya-I'll try to not to scare people....period. [b]Fushigi Yugi[/b] Yui-I will try not to be as gulible and easily tricked. Wiat I'll just try not to gain any weight. Wouldn't want my perfect figure to go to waste!ho ho ho ho! Tamahome- I will try not to be obsessed with money. I will try not to be obsessed with money I will try-screw it it ain't gonna happen! Tasuki-I'll try to learn to swim....*Tamahome throws him in a mildly-deep pond and Tasuki sinks to the bottom like a rock* I will try not to be so loveable so all the men around me fall(hard) for me-but it's sooo hard not to be! ********************* That's it for now. As you might have noticed I'm in a Yu Waste state of mind.....
  18. Well I agree with the bank account theroy. When I read some of the manga it explained it a tad...from what I remember.(which isn't much) Wait no that was how they get excused from school...I think once you become a trainer they send you money to support your "advances in the feild" cause you know if they find anything new they report it back thus getting more infomation for the professers. Lucky 10-year-old....
  19. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i] [B][size=1] Fortunately [^___^], Tokyopop snatched up the liscence, and it's planned to come out in 2004 [along with DN Angel.] [/size] [/B][/QUOTE] Yes thank god! Sorry I just really wanted to read this bit of CLAMP goodness. heh. Hey didn't you have another thread about this maladjusted? I just remember posting in it....oh well mabey my memory is going.*shrugs* Yes I remember saying something about Aoshi and Sorta being married in this....oh well. It's all good. But I want to see Monkana as a pet! So cute. But that's a bit of a down-grade. One series your [spoiler]God[/spoiler] the next you're a pet.
  20. [b]look familiar? Muhahahahha! Thank the lords of copy and paste![/b] Name: Suziki Kowi Year:3 Team: Weapon club Lable: bad@$$ Description: Dirty Blonde hair partly dirty because of genes, partly because of all the time she spends praticing with her weapons and getting sweat and dirt in her hair. She normally has her hair up in a bun with some tendralls hanging down framming her face except for the seldom special accasion when her anut forces her to do something different with it. She nomally weres a red shirt that shows middrift and baggy pants that she loves. It's VERY rare that you see her without a weapon because she tries to make sure she ALWAYS has one on her. (note I drew a pic of her but haven't scanned it yet) Bio: As president of the Weapons club (which she founded herself) she can use most every hand weapon know to man. Gun, swords, bow and arrows, dagggers, crossbows, whatever, she can use them. Her best friend is Aiko Mitsume and they are constently together. She dosen't have many other friends. When she was 10 she went to a sleepover with some of her new friends and when she got back to her house the next day her parents and her younger brother were murdered. The house had been robbed in the night and her parents woke up to the noise and killed. Then her brother woke up at the gunshots and went to see what was happinging when he too was killed. Since that day Suiziki has lived with her aunt she has not made any new friend for fear that if she left her aunt she would meet the same fate as her parents. she strted practicing with her weapons so if anyone did try to hurt her aunt she'd be ready. After her parents died most of her new freinds avoided her. Only Aiko stood by her. Suziki has never had much of a love life for fear if she fell in love that person would meet the same fate as her family... If ya wanna be on my team just post that you are. The advantage to the weapons team is the weapons *laughs evily*
  21. Sorry I haven't been posting! My internet went out thursday and just came back on today.*cries tears of joy* Anyway as for the whole door concept as now they are all out of the room. Lets just say what Anyu WhiteWolf said, someone stepped on it. works for me. Or Ashes could have just picked the lock.*shrugs* whatever we're out now! ***************************************** They stoppedright outside the door of the nurse's office panting for breath. It wasn't a long run from the boy's locker room but they were all still pretty shaking from what happened there. Kyo tried to open the door."Crap it's locked. Well i guess that isn't really a surprise with all the medical stuff in there...." he trailed off while nodding at Ashes to open it while she just smirked back. She found picking locks fun. With a [i]click[/i] the door opened and they all entered...
  22. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Marik_Duelist [/i] [B]I love the interactions between JD and The Janitor. Do any of you remember that scene when JD said something wrong and there was a little kid standing next to The Janitor and he pretended like it was his kid to make JD feel bad? [/B][/QUOTE] Yeah I remember that. I think JD was making fun of his job so he pulled a kid over. Then he was all like "Do you like to make fun of me in front of my son? You're sick" Or something like that. You just gotta love the janitor. He can be so evil sometimes. Oh and in last weeks episode...well all I'm gonna say is Harason Ford is cool.*nodds*
  23. [i]oh damn...it figures this happens when I'm getting a soda....now I have to find a safe place. Hmm I didn't see Kyo leave so he must still be here. Probably hid under his turn table. Now if I were Kyo were would I go that I'd think was safe? Hmm the art room. Yep that's were he went. And knowing him he took some others with him. K to the art room I go[/i] Ashes thought to herself as she smashed her grape soda can and threw it into one of the many trashcans in the hallway. She turned a cornor and was in front of a door. The art room door. She tried the knob. Locked. She just sighed and took out one of her bobby-pins out from under her bucket hat were it helped her bun stay together. She picked at the lock and in a matter of seconds she worked her magic. [i] Swoosh[/i] and the door opened.
  24. I'd invite them in for coffee or whatever and talk to them about our "relationship". then if it got a little werid I'd get them a refill on their coffee and slip in some poision heh heh. Then while they were still alive I'd say "well it was nice meeting you see you tomorrow!" Of course I'd plan this perfectly so that they'd die when they pulled into their driveway.(if they have one. As chibi Horsewomen said early this person is probably from the loony bin) heh
  25. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i] [B]If you consider them the greatest rock band, I'd hope you'd know more about their history than "like an 80s band or somethin" and their two biggest songs lol. They actually started in the early 70s and continued into the early 90s, before Mercury passed away. [/B][/QUOTE] Kyo and Roxanne Leifen did you read [i]any[/i] of what he said? They weren't just an "80s band". "We are the Champions", "We will rock you" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" came out in the 70s. At least I think they did. Yeah so if I'm wrong...whatever. Queen is one of my all-time favorite bands. I love must [i]all[/i] there songs. So sad when the music ended....*cries*
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