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    I'm a female, age 15, black hair, uh...I'm diagnosed with Depression, and some other stuff. ^_^; I hate it. But, It's a life, and I'm living from my previous suicide attempts that didn't work (thank god) and I know it's stupid now. -_-;
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    High School Freshman @_@;
  1. Failed_Attempts

    What's the worst typo ever?

    Hehe. Busty, instead of busy. :) Lets see. I usually don't make many typos. But they are plentiful. Like when I type "random" or "him" I always add an "e" at the end. So they come out like this "Randome" and "hime" Usually when I go to hit enter I hit ' too. So, it's "How are you today?'" I always do it. Especially on AIM.
  2. Failed_Attempts

    Are there aliens

    There's no way that we're the only beings in this galaxy. It's impossible. Therefore, I think that there are aliens. :/
  3. Failed_Attempts


    Hmm, I can't say I've had one. I don't really know a lot of members. I know about 2 personally, and the others not so well. I'm sorry your friend is moving. :( So, the answer, is not yet, I'm sure I will, But I haven't had a crying experience caused by this board yet.
  4. Failed_Attempts

    What are you in your family?

    [quote] [i]Originally posted by Juuthena[/i] [b]Though, I'm a totally different person depending on who I am at the time. (Juu/Dyne/Purple Cow) [/quote][/b] Purple cow? o.O; Well, I'm the silent,emotional, bookwarm, artistic, brainy one. And, I'm just me. ^_^; You can't put me into words. :) But I'm a bit 5. @_@; I voted...something, I forgot. Lol. But, yeah, I'm a mixture, and like Juuthena said "You forgot 'weird'!" ^_^; I'm DEFINITELY that.
  5. Failed_Attempts


    I see, I see. I had no previous knowledge of this Intro thread. That's the only reason I brought it up. Now, I do realize what a "disaster" it would be to have it. It would be filled with spam and all that stuff.
  6. Failed_Attempts


    Uh, I think that there should be an Introduction Forum. Because, there are people who like to give themselves introductions, and end up getting the thread closed, then they get angry because they don't know all the rules yet. I think it'd be a helpful place for Newbies to come and introduce themselves and get aquainted with the site members. The regular memebers of OB can Welcome them, and maybe even show them "the ropes." I don't know, but, I think it'd be a good idea for Newbies to introduce themselves, and to see how nice everyone (that's an exception for some) is on OtakuBoards. ^_^; Just a suggestion. (EX: INTRODUCTIONS A place for Newbies to come and introduce themselves to OtakuBoads.) !@_@; I don't know exactly. James, you're better at phrasing things when it comes to Forums, and that's only IF it becomes one. ^_^(finally at the end of the message)
  7. Failed_Attempts

    Writing Marry Against Your Will

    Yeah, I meant the commercial. @_@; Not Announcer. Heh, that sounds fun. Running around hitting each other yelling "Buy Our Stuff" Script change?! For the better I hope. And I still wish you and your friends good luck on it!! ^_^;
  8. Failed_Attempts

    Has Anyone Heard Of This Foreign Exchange Program?

    Hmm, I've never heard it. I live in America, but, I haven't heard anything about it at all. I'm sure if I did, I wouldn't be able to participate at all. Stupid grades. ~_~; Ah well, I hope you get in!
  9. Failed_Attempts

    Manga Demon Diary

    Are you serious about the "literature" part?! *dies* Thank you Baka. Well, Shounen-ai is NO problem for me. So...Vertigo, just how much do you sense the Shounen-ai in Demon Diary? I'm interested in reading this manga... There's nothing better than Sweet Teenage Demons. ^____^
  10. Failed_Attempts

    Writing Haiku vs. Other Poetry

    I don't particularly care for Haiku. I usually can't write any sort of Haiku at all. I only like them when they're extremely well written, otherwise; they're just not good. I like other forms of poetry, often ones with no rhyme(Sp?). If they do perhaps rhyme, it'd better be good. *thinks she shall post one of her poems*
  11. Failed_Attempts

    Manga Demon Diary

    Hmm, I haven't read it, but it sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. Oh yeah, may I ask, Why you have this in the Poetry, FanFiction and Literature section? O_o;;; Just curious... *runs off to find Demon Diary the Manga*
  12. Failed_Attempts

    Hollywood Homicide

    Hmm, very good point. Ooh, Jim Carrey when he did The Majestic. THat movie was just NOT for him at all. You can't expect him to be serious at all. Now that I think about it. I agree with Semjaza. A serious, yet, comedian-esque actor is the best to play parts such as these.
  13. Failed_Attempts

    Skateboarding, Agreesive, Snowboarding, etc.

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Agatio [/i] [B]Hey anyone else here do any skating or snowboarding. I myself skateboard and snowboard and their both really fun. Except I live in Maryland and we dont too much snow except for last winter when we got a ton but thats not the point. So anyone else skate or snowboard? [/B][/QUOTE] I live in Northern-Virginia, near D.C, so, we don't get much snow either...except the over 3 feet recently...but yeeeeeah. Okay, but, Snowboarding fascinates me, I love to WATCH it. If I actually DID it, I'd end up killing myself, I'm very accident prone... :blackeye: Haha.
  14. Failed_Attempts

    Words That Make You Wonder

    Haha, yes, Sara. I heard this one boy say B-R-B when he was leaving his friends to go to the bathroom. I laughed, but found it insanely stupid. Pronouciation doesn't bug me, except when it's a real easy word, and they completely butcher it. @_@; It's messed up. . .
  15. Failed_Attempts

    Hollywood Homicide

    Yes, it does seem kind of...different with him in it...? It's just weird... But, he does bring a new sense of "funny" to the movie. So, I believe it'll still be good, and funny, even with him in it. 'Cause, the Preppy, poppy, jocky Hartnett, just isn't the type of person for this role...but it works.