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  1. Skyrose

    Have you ever wished life was just plain simple?

    All I'd ask for in a simple world is to live with no responsibilities except to draw for the people who it would make happy. Everything else can stay the same, but that one little change would make my life perfect... and simple. Ah, it's just the smallest things that make us happy. :)
  2. Skyrose

    Hurricane Isabelle

    Ah, I just hope it rains enough here to cancel marching band rehearsal tomorrow ^-^ I'm in Jersey, and everyone's talking about it all the time. Even if we're only getting hard rain and school won't even be closed. I'm still looking forward to this ^-^
  3. Skyrose


    Damn, and I thought life was pissing *me* off... sorry you guys had to go through that, Epi and Crimson o.o
  4. Skyrose

    My thoughts on...

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Adahn [/i] [B]I think the mind of a true atheist would be something to ponder in itself. If you believe there is "something" after death, but don't know what to choose, then you have your own personal religion. True atheists believe in no afterlife, and therefore must embrace non-existence after death, it's only alternative. A mind with strong belief that their is a complete, final-death boggles me. Have any atheists put alot of thought into their choice? I pondered non-existence once, and it made me feel scared, empty, sad, and alone. From an atheist's point of view, all existence ends when the individual ends. Since we can only live by our own perspective, when our consciousness is no more, there is nothing, and end to all time, a time that never existed. One may attempt to perceive the world through another's eyes, through efforts in imagination, and even logic, but it is impossible. I, myself, truly cannot understand someone who embraces such emptiness and wishes to live a life with any meaning at all. Even if an atheist does good things, and is generally a nice guy, what does he think will come of it? If he does it to get things from other people, then he truly isn't good. If he believes he will live on in the minds of others, then he has that religion, or prospect of some form of life after death. For those who can live with such pain as atheism, I would like to hear your thoughts, and how you cope with internal moral issues. But know always, whether you are good or successful or contribute to anything, I empathize with you and hope to have an effect on any decision concerning religion that you bring to yourself. It's never too late to undergo a paradigm shift and reconsider one's values, never. [/B][/QUOTE] I'm kind of odd, and think life after death is a strange concept. I mean, there are some accounts of dying and reviving and some strange tarot readings and stuff that indicate an afterlife... but it just boggles my mind. But, I can never be too sure. I just live my life how I want to, and do whatever feels right to me, without concerning over what it all means in the end. I trust my intuition :) What I don't trust is any reasoning, including my own. To me, dying seems kind of like getting knocked out... but eternally. Have you ever passed out? You don't even know it happened. Sometimes you don't even know you slipped away. That's what I always thought of death like. Honestly, it doesn't bother me to think that this all could have no meaning. That just means I can attach my own meaning to it, and I can't screw it up. And when I die... well, I'll be dead, and out of existance if things work the way I think they would. So I won't care! It's kind of a comforting thing, actually. Funny thing is, I believe in a higher power. Not a god, but really the connection between all living things. It's kind of an energy, and we're all a part of it. Life is god, I guess. I guess that means that when we die, our being is snuffed out, and our energy is recycled? Or maybe we ourselves are recycled, and it's kind of a reincarnation thing? Or maybe we actually get in on this connection, and become one? See, too many questions... well, whatever actually does happen to us when we die, I'll still live the way I do. The only things (I can think of) we do throughout our lives are think and learn, and maybe that means those are the real reasons to live. Meh, major rambling and way too many lazy opinions. I hope I at least made someone think ^-^;;
  5. Skyrose

    What makes you Cry

    Whenever I've been anxious all day (For any or no reason at all, and then get hit with some frustration. It's overwhelming how things can crowd in on you, I just gotta let it out somehow. I can't concentrate enough through the frustration to draw or anything useful, so... I cry, instead of screaming or beating the hell out of something. Sorrow and even depression don't really get to me anymore, they make me laugh at myself more than anything. Sometimes I can't eat or sleep, but that's about it. EDIT: Ah, Lady Macaiodh, reading your post made me cry.... yeah, that's another thing, other people's pain kills me... I don't really know what to say, I'm yet a kid... I don't have much experience with these things... ;_;
  6. I'm not bothered at all by things in anime. Just because a story shows god(s) and religion one way, doesn't mean that's how the author sees things, or that it even has to work in the real world. I think it's a good thing for a writer to write with a thought like "Hey, what if this could be true in our real world?" It's just an exploration. And usually something that makes us thankful our world works the way it does O.o
  7. Skyrose

    Anime Ragnarok

    I just got the first two volumes last week, and I think I'm gonna die if I don't get another one this week. It's just great. I love the style most of all, and the story and characters are excellently done... Grrrr... need... more.... Ragnarok....
  8. Skyrose

    morning grouch?

    Eh, I'm a 24/7 grouch. :D But I'm reaaaaaally awful in the morning, until I get my coffee. Coffee solves everything.... Coffee.... yay.
  9. Skyrose

    Weight! Eeep, Girls and Guys help!

    This thread has inspired me to haul my *** downstairs and eat two good bowls of cereal. I think you should all do the same. Here's to health...
  10. School doesn't take intelligence, it just takes a strong method and a good memory. Basically a lot of studying... What hell. I think I've gotten smarter. But, I just don't care anymore. I used to be near the top of my class in elementary and middle school, but that was because I was so afraid of failure, and of what people would think of me if I didn't ace everything. But now I understand that failure is a necessary human thing (Come on, you're not human if you've never failed. You're not mortal. You're some kind of a freakin' god.). And that other people can think what they want, because it doesn't have to affect me.
  11. Skyrose

    The A bomb

    The Japanese soldiers (And even civilians, I think) had these codes they lived by. They were never to surrender, they'd die before they ever were to let themselves surrender... while that was honorable and all, it also killed way too many people. Yes, the A bombs were awful o.o Very awful. But there is the possibility that they killed less people than the Japanese's codes would have. We bombed one city (sorry, forgot which one), and waited 3 days for them to surrender. We bombed the other one when we got no response. They surrendered two days later. We only should have bombed one city, and actually *waited* for a response. It not like we got any aggressive one! They just needed two more days. Typically American? Maybe. It was still stupid to bomb both cities in such succession... EDIT: Yes, I forgot something... Do you think it's possible to get a powerful bomb to scare the hell out of someone like we did, without those horrible radioactive leftovers? I'm no scientist...
  12. Skyrose


    Yeah, I went through a whole year of depression. It sucked. I think it's just a phase of everyone's life, where you start wanting more out of life, you think there's supposed to be more to it, and it gets you really frustrated. Looking back, that's what I think it was. And at least my dad agrees with me on that theory. I think you just have to wait it out. Depression is some kind of disease, and just like with any disease, you'll be perfectly fine if you can outlast it. Some people need meds, but others really just need to focus on themselves positively. That was my case, at least.
  13. Skyrose

    Afraid of blood?

    I think blood is pretty. It has this really vibrant color to it, like flowers do. But it really is something different when you see it gushing out of someone.... O.o I think it's scary in that situation because it *is* their lifeforce. And they're losing that lifeforce.
  14. Skyrose

    Occupations, Jobs, Careers

    Cartoonist. I'm 16, and I'm starting on it already. I have this grand scheme (which will never work) for getting my name out. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to write, but it never worked right because I couldn't get description down right. It was too much or too little. So I figure if I draw... and write only the dialogue... perfect. ^-^
  15. Skyrose


    Okay, a little background to me: I've been planning on leaving home as soon as I get out of high school, and living in a van while traveling crosscountry and playing guitar/horn/whatever on the streets for a bit of money. Okay, now the dream... It started out with every authority figure in my life telling me I'm just a stupid kid and that I shouldn't live homeless; my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, even my teachers. I had a couple of friends in a car, and I drove away. Later on we stopped somewhere, it looked like the house I lived in as a child, and my family was trying to keep me there. I ran out to what was now a jeep, jumped in, and floored it. I escaped... Then I think I'd gathered a following, because we'd upgraded to a minivan, and there were extra people in it. But no one kept me back. I was happy. I think that dream was telling me to go for it, no matter what anyone else wants to tell me. Yes, I do believe in dreams meaning things... and I do live by them... ^-^;;