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  1. Well, I like the TV series a bit more then the OVA, mostly because of Anita. The story line is a little slow to get going, but the ideas and Chactors are fantastic, and adorible. and to Darktigerpack17 [COLOR=White]Miss deep did lose her memory, it was covered right as the closeing credits started to run[/COLOR] so I hope that clears up you're confusion.
  2. [quote name='Katamari Nut']Mine's Mugen! He kicks frickin' butt! :triforce: :sick:[/quote] I'd have to agree with you there....
  3. Wow, the more I hear the better it gets! I've heard that they're working on headset units, can anyone confirm this? I think it would be cool it they did, but I'm not going to get my hopes up..............I WANT THIS GAME SO BADLY! :animesigh
  4. Well, I wouldn't go so far as to call it a rip off, since it's only the art style that has the anime flavor, while the story itself is Definately American. great show, either way. (I personally call them Ameri-me)
  5. I've only got the first volume, being poor, but from what I've seen, it's great. Oh, and super_buu, you're right most of the comedy was physical, except for anything to do with the class president. I was laughing the whole time.
  6. I'd have to say I could watch [COLOR=DarkRed]Kyo Kara Moah, FMA, Naruto, FLCL [/COLOR] and a few others over and over. [COLOR=DarkRed]KKM[/COLOR] because it's just off the wall fun, [COLOR=DarkRed]FMA[/COLOR] because I love the story line and the artwork, which goes the same for [COLOR=DarkRed]Naruto[/COLOR], and [COLOR=DarkRed]FLCL[/COLOR] because it's just, well,[COLOR=DarkRed] FLCL.[/COLOR] There are others I'd rewatch a few times, but I'd rather watch them in a group. :catgirl:
  7. I think I came to myotaku to post because I knew there would be people who shared my intrists at least in part. As for bloging in general, I've never gone anywhere else. I have difficulty keeping a real journal even. I think people do it though to share a part of themselves with others and maybe find friends (?) don't really have a clue. I do know I update on myotaku because I like reading other people's sites and then just blowing off steam or yammering on about life, you know?
  8. [quote name='spike123']and if you did go to hell just act happy and tick of a few keepers[/quote] you know it. :devil:
  9. It depends on what his last name is. Mines no winner now, so if his is better, or my initals spell something cool, I'll change it. If not I'll keep my own. Problem is it's my Father's, and the kids will probibly have their dads, so it's really not makeing a statement, other then preferance. My mom didn't change hers, which is cool. Maybe I'll filp a coin. :D
  10. though it sound marcabre, I am looking foward to dieing. I used to be scared. I really see it as the finnal thrill, one not to be rushed. I think part of my fasination is that Everyone has a differnt idea what will happen. I want to know who is right, will I cease to exsist at all, or while I stop being me and be something else? I am wiccan, so I don't believe in heven or hell, will I be damned? If I were to go to hell, it'd be ok, because all my friends would be damned too. In the end, it probibly doesn't matter, but the questions it raises allow me to think of it without being afraid. the ac
  11. :laugh: When the end of the world comes, I plan to be far far away from where I am now laughing my ***** off. I also think humanity shouldn't be taken as a whole, but as individuals, so some of us may actualy be saved only to see those we love die, and thus suffer more then if we were all distroyed. Ahhhh the iorny. :devil:
  12. I personaly Like InuYasha. The design or the typical teen-girl-romace feel has little to do with it. I Like the constent bickering between InuYasha and Kagome. The show gets manotonous (Misspelled) At times , but it has me grinning like a fool at times. And you just got to like Kouga's demanding additude and Sesshomeru's Cool aloftness. Many of the charactors are just loveable. (Rin is a good example) Basicly I just want to smack around Kagome and Inuyasha after most episodes, but I consider that a good thing.
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