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  1. 1. About the death threats, Hideki Anno (creator) did in fact receive lots of hate mail when he did the last episodes. Not only that, but he got some others after the End Of Evangelion, as well i think that there is some info @ evaotaku.com 2. @ScirosDarkblade: it is not known, for a fact that who it is. It was never discussed in the series. Moreover, since Rei is who she is, [spoiler]part human--but just a vessel. i'm guessing that there is no soul but that of herself, which also gets transmited from one Rei to the other, and is probably easily used by the Eva. Actually, if you remember, she can even activate Unit 01, and Unit 02. The dummy plugs were also " Rei's " and worked as back ups when the pilots couldnt use their Evas. So i'm thinking that she's just special :D i guess that's why there is an "Uber" Rei in the EOE, and why Kaworu could "activate" the Eva so easily. Since they aren't 100% human. If you want to make it more complicated, you can ask the harder question: If Rei is a vessel, then who's soul does she have? most people think its Yui's, since Rei is kinda like her clone // To answer the question simply: There is no soul in Unit 00. basicly what i think is that Rei is soul enough for the Eva, remember she even merges with Lilith in EOE, so why not with it? besides, that lady died--killed--and they used her for the MAGI[/spoiler] this of course is just my view on it. besides, it saves time thinking about it differently.
  2. [quote name='CaptainAnarchy']Can someone explaine Fooly Cooly to me? I started watching it late and it was so random that I didnt even bother watching the rest.lol. Can someone explain the anime to me?[/quote] i think that they did a pretty good job [QUOTE=DeathBug][color=indigo][size=1][font=comic sans ms]Furi Kuri was discussed very extensivly when it was first aired, but there's only so much you can say about a six-episode OVA. (The robot's name is 'Kanti'). The plot is simple: [spoiler]After Haruko nails Naota on the head with her guitar, his frontal lobe becomes the gateway through whichj hostile Medical mechanica robots are transported. Kanti's programing is altered after a piece of him is removed, so that he becomes one of the good guys. MM's plan involves stripping the human race of the ability to think, for reasons never revealed. Haruko doesn't care about that, though; she wants the power of the space pirate king Atamosk, who is supposed to be a prisoner of Medical Mechanica. Agent Amuro, who knew Haruko from his childhood, is trying to stop both MM and Haruko, but he's an idiot, so it doesn't matter. And, while all that's going on, the story is [i]really[/i] a metaphor for growing up, with Naota learning about who he is in the world.[/spoiler] Cool, eh?[/color][/font][/size][/QUOTE] [QUOTE=r2vq]The plot was summed up pretty well by Death Bug. Although that's the most [i]interesting[/i] use of the word "simple" I've seen today, DeathBug is correct in the plot is not overly complicated if you try to pay attention and read between the jokes. Furi Kuri, FLCL, Fooly Cooly was great and horrible and confusing and relatable at the same time. It was great how the packed so much nonsense and seriousness into six episodes. It was horrible how at times you could be confused or bored or just wondering [i]why[/i]. It was confusing. That speaks for itself. It was relatable in the way you see the main character grow and have to put up with all these changes all guys (and possibly girls if you replace a few words from my list...) go through... Women, hideous things growing out of your face, girls, sudden interest in music, the female gender... and basically things going out of control and impossibly crazy when you just want peace and quiet. FLCL is actually jampacked with plot and story. This anime has more plot in 6 Episodes than Excel Saga had in its first 20. Now [i]that's[/i] an anime just meant to make people laugh...-ArV[/QUOTE] and i really found it amazing the first time i saw it, i've loved it ever since. in fact its my No.1in any anime list. Great animation, Great Music, and Great Plot. If you dont understand it, you just have to watch it a few times over i've seen it like over 10 times :smirk: !!! and the DVDs are the best thing ever.
  3. I didnt like FMA, i thougth that it was too random, but wasn't funny-random. edward was my biggest problem, he 's like on something. one minute sitting down, while the other he's tossing some guys around. really odd. GITS:SAC was awesome, as always, and well, i cant complain with it : D also i've had the OSTs for like forever, and was finally happy to hear the OST 2 for 2nd GIG. Yoko Kano is like god. ;)
  4. i personaly have the rahxephon ost, it was Devistingly DULL :sleep: Hemisphere was great and everything else was like the Chobits OST XD wierd BGM but then again i never did like the Rah BGM so, sigh, to each their own. although there was the battle theme that resembled teh Eva theme, wierd. And actually there are 3 Rah OSTs + ~Pluralitas Concentio~ My fav OSTs and Songs would be: Bebop (1-5 + Box Set) FLCL (1-2 + Shooting Star Single CD) Berserk (1 + Berserk ~Forces~ Single CD) "Hemisphere" from Rah "Robin's Theme" and "Shell" from Witch Hunter Robin Last Exile's OP "Let Me be With You (Step Mix)" from Chobits Excel Saga's OP Gost In The Shell (TV) OP Macross Plus (1-2 + Symphony) Millennium Actress OST Paranoia Agent OST [Basicaly everything From Susumu Hirasawa :)] Serial Experiment Lain (All OSts and stuff) and anything else that i can't think of right now XD
  5. [quote name='Dagger ]I just don't understand what ADV [i]or[/i'] the CN suits are thinking. ADV has The Anime Network; why the heck are they whoring out their series to other channels? I hope to heaven that AS will air the super-localized (i.e. actually funny) version of Milk-Chan.[/quote] wouldnt it be that not everyone hast the anime network i know i dont and since CN is like a regular cable/satelite channel, its most probaly going to hit a larger audience and make them want to buy the DVDs for personaly home viewing, unless they tape them >_>'' BAKA~! but who tapes things? n e ways what is milk-chan? *does web search* i just hope that they dont show [b]2[/b] episodes of it like they did with Eva in Toonami a few years back LOLz (eva=owned by adv [i]of course[/i]) :laugh: i mean there was a reason for the 2 eps, but w/e
  6. FLCL: i just hope that they could make just one 1hr OVA ep maybe like based one part on Haruko, one on Mamimi, and one on Naota. i mean i just want more flcl XD or something that comes after FLCL, like haruko chasing after Atkmus and finaly "eating" him and Ninamori and Naota as a couple or something. Mamimi going to (?) and living her life as a photographer. however, the series was perfect so i doubt that GAINAX would do it *deep sigh* :(
  7. 1st: as an FLCL fan :love: i would like to say to a few people who've already posted, that its not REALLy overated since not THAT many people know about it :D do you know what i mean? and FLCL makes 100% scense, i have the DVDs SOO great XD + the directors commentaries were a little more than good. i've probably seen the show like 5-8 times i should REALLY write a FAQ for FLCL :p 2nd: I never even knew about Eva until i saw eva, so i wouldnt call it overated. just the (psycho) fans REALLy call it out and say its No.1 but to me its like 3rd i liked eva, i thought it was really good and interesting. however, the begging (first 5 eps) was boring, and the end was short lived (because of monetary problems at GAINAX) i did like EoE, and thought that it was REALLy action packed BTW: TV Ending=Inside Character's Minds EOE: Physicaly what happens to the characters ...they go hand in hand and i dont buy into the religious crap, i mean it makes the series interesting.... but as an FYI the creators just added them to make eva stand out from other "big giant robot anime" so i personaly dont think much of the religiousness of the show *shrugs* religiousness is the overrated part of it ah, and yes ASUKA rox! Also, i used to say that Rah was an eva clone, for like a second but its really not, they both are clones of some 80s anime called Raiden or something, so yea :D. gasaraki... etc are not clones of eva either 3rd: Wolf's Rain verry annoying to me because it was soooo slow paced and they were just running after Cheza after a while but the whole show is okay, not great. I personaly think that it thinks of itself TOO serious 4: WHR this one just used the same routine of the "villain of the week" every episode she fought a new "villain" and that was the whole show. just dumb little fights. and some deep misterious ending [IMG]http://otakuboards.com/images/icons/icon11.gif[/IMG] *sigh* i hate DBZ with and EXTREEMe passion, and watch inuyasha. although now its (eps 60+) getting reppetitive and dull
  8. 1st of i agree w/DaggerIX1 about WHR, that end was so ... .... ........ like there needed to be ONE more episode or OVA just to close it and end it right, but they didnt :o 2nd bebop's end was perfect, just right 3rd i would KILLz :flaming: the director of Evangelion ... wtf was that "congratulations" about, i mean, JEEZZZ, could it have been any more lame of an ending??? they could of put Hamtaro, and still wouldnt have been as lame as it was. i think that they should have cut the last 3 or whatever, minutes of the last episode and end it right. I swear, that show was butchered by the last ep./
  9. I had been wanting to see this anime, ever since i received the soundrack...it was from Yoko Kano, so i decided to check it out. Really good, a mix between jazz and a Native American sound. Anyways, i was amost going to start getting fansubs, when i heard that it would air sooner or later in AS, of course 4-5 months later it happened and i cant believe that its on a weekly basis, i hate waiting *hmm* i wish that they would air it from Mon-Thurs, (Really Tues-Fri because of the time 12:00AM is a new day, so technicaly its not monday, but tues) I like the characters so far, but i keep getting angry at the Kiba...yelling at the screen to come his hair!!! i know its lame but whatever :D...its just that i dont like male characters with their hair like that, they look girly, IMO 'specially with his big blue eyes. COMB you HAIR! *it's ironic because i really dont comb mine ^^' * cant wait to find out what's up with the guy in the mask and the flower maiden(s?) and paradise
  10. i never read the manga, and really started seeing it a while ago. i was interested in what "X" was; such a misterious name and all... that i thought about seeing it. so i did, its not THE best anime (i'm still on ep 13 and going) but because of the repitition and the Kamui's constant refusal about his fate, it's really annoying, as if he couldn't be happy to be the one who will or will not destroy the world. :o but the animation quality is REALLy good, some of the best effects that i have seen. and the music is pretty decent too, orchestral and rock...interesting
  11. [quote name='xmystic_silverx']Guys like shoujo-ai and girls like shounen-ai. I'm not saying thats always true, but that's the case most of the time.[/quote] i dont think that guys are into shoujo-ai that much, i mean unless its hentai >_>' : D and i know that im a guy, but i like shounen-ai ;) :p *heh* i just find it odd that its really aimed at femms; you ladies. i thought that it was aimed for "those" type of guys that [B]would watch[/B] moreover, isnt shounen-ai equivalent to shoujo? cuz of the relationships and the kissing and jelousy and... :tasty: y'know. but then yaoi is with the "action" (XXX) and that is where my prob becomes clear, O_o , like what am i whatching...or what are YOU watching? personaly i'm no fan of hentai, and have never seen a full blown yaoi (full blown xD) . the only ones that i have seen are Kizuna...and FAKE which i hope to get the manga for real soon, which are clearly just shounen-ai and dont go past PG-13 ;-) ... no thanx ... but i'd still watch ^^'
  12. i watch anime because i just do, its relief to find anime and watch it for hours on end if you want (epesode after episode). but the whole thing is GODly and wonderfully awesome. but thats just it, once you turn of the tv (or computer, for some of you) its good bye and back to whatever you were doing before. ---i was taken by that whole "otaku" conotation, as for the word otaku, i think that in the US (which is where i am) it doesnt mean anything too seriously bad, right? i meand there are [B]Otaku[/B] Conventions and these [B]Otaku[/B] Boards. so arent we all calling ourselves otaku by being here? to me, outside of japan, the word otaku means "avid anime enthusiast" but i coud be wrong
  13. unlike that, i actually do feel a type of connection with Spike from bebop for a few reasons 1) careless attude and ideas 2) i have a past love *and i aint kiddn* who i once loved [of course i never see her anymoer, since a long time ago] but i know what it fells 3) being "followed" by the stars or being part of them, i always have this thing with space and fate/destiny and what will happen to me --i actually had this experience where i was almost killed and like he says that he already died, i too kinda have that, the only difference is that i'm antisocial and . . . reluctanct, totaly not Spike, to say the least but i also like people like Naota from FLCL because i too fell in love with an older woman who also broke my heart ^^' and although she never knew that i did like her, she still had an impact in my life (not as huge as Haruko had on him) but i just grew from dumb meek n00b 9th grader to 10th grade experte`) :cool: I can go on with othes, because there are so many characters that i "fee" close to, and, you know what? i TOO like threads like this ^^ tv mimiks life and life itself mimiks tv, meaning that tv and life are interchangable (but dont kill anyone, okay!!??) :)
  14. Dagger IX1, are you mad or something :) ? or are you just questioning the ways things are based as "westerner" who gets things differently than the original japanese audience? --and i know that it's dumb to lable things, but what would you would never call Sailor Moon a shounen, now whould you? :) i could personaly say that i like shoujo MUCH more than shounen, but mainly because there is NO real good "shounen" show that i've ever seen. the only ones that i know are all just teh lame and over "manly" and "ooo, did you just see what supersayan level elevendy gazillion just did?" instead of intricate plots and character dialogue on-screen. obiously, there are some things that cross paths, such as Bebop, as you said, which one could lable as "Shounen-Sci-Fi-Drama-with a love story" [b]that even crosses paths itself[/b] [ litteraly ^^; *loves bebop*]
  15. you can find some manga in IRC althoug it may be hard to find what you want, or the queue takes too long, and if you want to look in [url]http://silverwordz.com/mangareactor/[/url] you can, but you must use eDonkey/OverNet/or eMule (i use eMule) to download, sorry i cant be of TOO much help thou : )
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