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    Stephanie got a reaction from pattypv4 in Convention Center Archive   
    [size=1]Who's gonna be there? :D I know that Muad'Dib and I will be there all three days.[/size]
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    Stephanie got a reaction from Xyandar in I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy)   
    Wow, Pumpkin, you have grown up.

    And Vicky, stop being so damn cute. It's not fair.

    Check out my faded hair and awesome Sailor Moon trading cards. I'm so boss.
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    Stephanie reacted to Boo in Your Nuts   
    I have to heehee every time I scroll past [member=Allamorph]'s disagree-baby.

    Btw speaking of pistachios: Pistachio ice cream yes please. Speaking of ice cream: Snickers® ice cream "ahhmagawd"yes.
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    Stephanie got a reaction from Boo in Who would you do?   
    [quote name='Iruka Sensei']HAHA!!! I only know one person on here and lucky for me he is my boyfriend!!!! :catgirl:

    And that person is Korey, so I would probably do Korey and lucky for me I will be able to do him sooner or later!!! >:D Take that!!!! Back off him because he is mine though I am glad he is an icon here on the OB hehehe didn't know I had someone so famous!! He better be worth it!!! :animeswea:[/QUOTE]

    [size=1]O_O Who are you? Do I know you? Korey has not mentioned you to me...[/size]
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