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    I am 20 years old attending the Art Instiute of Philly for media arts and animation.
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    Works @ Joy StrideRite
  1. ~*Lilith*~

    Art FFXII: 1/2-1/2 sig

    Very good with using the diffrent filters however the text seems to bleed in the background a little to much. I see it is not down (so says your post). It is great so far. Just work on the text and make it more clear.
  2. ~*Lilith*~

    Anime Who is the best anime character, in your opinon?

    My favorite character has to be Pegasus aka Helios from Sailor Moon. Just recently my craving for him grew stronger. My friend here in college has a tatoo of Pegasus which is nifty. I wouldn't mind doing that. Others: D from VHD Count D from Petshop of Horrors D-Boy from Tekkeman Blade Two Dead End from Tekkeman Blade Two Yuki from Fruits Basket Kyo from Fruits Basket and many others :D
  3. ~*Lilith*~

    RPG ~*The Land of Gaia RPG*~

    After to being very quit for some time she finally spoke. "It seems we are the only hope for this world." She sighed. "And I am not sure how powerfull our enemy actually is. The best way is to test them. It is the only true way. But doing that is dangerius." She sighed and looked around. "We need more help. There is one last place were people who contain spirit power exist but they only can give us a tool to use even if they allow us. They are rare to find and hopefully we can."
  4. ~*Lilith*~

    RPG ~*The Land of Gaia RPG*~

    OOC: Just start role playing... I advice short and sweat only so it is easier to read however long discription are fun to read at times. Try to make it interesting and worth the time in playing. Thank you! Characters: Liliy: Water Otsuyu: Earth Charisma: Air Seuneu: Fire *********************************************************************** Lily swam on shore and quikly transformed into a more human like form. She dried off quikly and got dressed with cloths she left on shore earlier. She was waiting by a large lake for the other wariors to come for a meeting into what is going to happen and how they can save their home. She wasn't as worried as she should be but her heart still poinded. She sat on a large rock and played a floot made from a shell.
  5. ~*Lilith*~

    Sign Up The Land of Gaia

    OK This is closed since I have a feeling no one else would join. Sorry for delay. Please refrian from making any new characters. If I open regs. up I will tell you all. Thank you! :D
  6. ~*Lilith*~

    Edumacation: College

    I am in college for media arts and animation. ^^ Very cool! I love being here and making plains for my furture with the one I love and my career. :D
  7. ~*Lilith*~

    Proem night weirdness

    [quote name='HOTpage2004']Well, whats the point on dating if your not gonna take chances? Maybe she want to get back with you maybe she doesnt, but if she breaks your heart, move on, dont cry like a whimp,and get another lover. Plus, get someone your own age. :smirk:[/quote] Well it seems you miss the point. He is in love with her or well likes her enough to be with her. I understand how he feels. It is easy said then down.
  8. ~*Lilith*~

    Sign Up The Land of Gaia

    [color=red][b](Since my other RPG seems to have lost interest I decided to make a more indepth one telling a more descriptive story and more rules so we get idea of what will happen. Please read carefully!)[/b][/color] [center][color=purple][font=bookantique][u]The Land of Gaia[/u][/font][/color][/center] [center][color=plum][i]In the land of Gaia there is four kingdoms ruled by one super power known as "Spirit". The five kingdoms repersant Air, Water, Earth and Fire and they contain four great wariors who come to do battle against any enemy threatining Gaia. This time there is no true enemy but a deases that effects the heart of Gaia. Gaia's spirit is dying and know the wariors most find a cure and gain help as they go along.[/i][/color][/center] [center][color=purple][font=bookantique][u]The Lands of Gaia[/u][/font][/color][/center] [color=plum][b]Spirit[/b]: [i]Spirit is the heart of Gaia. It is not exactlt a place more like the center of the world which is incased in the pure soul of the goddess known as Gaia. You can only go there is you die and be reborn again on the lands of her outer core.[/i] [b]Fire[/b]: [i]Fire is home to dragons and the Phionix. The warior from this world is created from a phionix and dragon hybrid. Human in appearence he/ she can transform into both a phionix and a dragon as any time and has the power to controll fire.[/i] [b]Water[/b]: [i]Water is the home of merfolk and sea dragons. The warior from this world is created from the pearl of an osyter and can walk on land and in the ocean transforming into a merfolk. He/ she has the power of the water and can controll it easily. [b]Air[/b]:Air is the home of the mythical birds and the air dragons who possess no fire ability. The warior of this world was born from the egg of a rare white eagle and she/ he possess the ability to fly and the abilioty to controll wind. [b]Earth[/b]:Earth is the home of the elves and furies and many other earth bind kin. The warior of earth is a pure elf breed not mixed with anything else. He/ She can controll the earth element and can transform into an animal kin.[/i][/color] [color=red][b]Being a warior you most take note of the written words here. Once one warior is choicen it can not be choicen again. Make sure you read everyone's character to see what is choicen.[/b][/color] [font=bookantique][u][color=purple]Character Profile Setup Example[/color][/u][/font] [color=plum][b]Name[/b]: [i](First name only)[/i] [b]Age[/b]: [i](Ranges from 100 and above no younger and no older then 5000)[/i] [b]Sex[/b]: [i](Male or Female)[/i] [b]World/ Element[/b]: [i](If you choice to be a warior read information above and create your character according to that information. Remeber only one from each element/ World... If you choice to be your own character and is not the lead warior then you may.)[/i] [b]Appearence/ Species[/b]: [i](Talk about your species and your characters appearence here. Give good detial. If you are a warior refer to the information above for species)[/i] [b]Weopons and Powers[/b]: [i](What is your speciality? What is your fighting skills? Remember no one is a god so it most be trythfull to your species. All wariors most refer to the information above and add anything interersting)[/i] [b]History/ Other[/b]: [i](Write about character personality traits and historical information that you want to tell everyone. Wariors create your own history based in the world you live in.)[/i][/color] [color=red][b]Remember when you play a warior you most be unique even though some information is given and species requirement. If you choice to play your own character then you can create your own town either living on its on or in one of the worlds provided. By worlds I don't mean seperate places it is on the same place known as Gaia. You can create your own comunity if you so choice. Wariors can create their own town in their element given. Only one can be a warior from that world the rest are followers.[/b][/color] ************************************************************** [b][color=purple]My Profile[/color][/b] [i][color=plum]Name: Lily Age: 1000 World/ Element: Water Appearence/ Species: (See Water for information on the species) In her humaniod form she is pure light blue with long dark blue almost black hair that is slightly wavey with volume. She wears a slight skirt made of pure silk and a lose fighting cloth on her breast made of pure blue tinted white silk same as her skirt. She wears no shoes but her feet are padded for walking and her eyes are pure blue crystall with a hint of green. She is very thin with no hair on her body but her head. She wears pearl earing and a pearl necklace. She stands very tall at 6'5"..... In her mermaid form she had a fine and her upper body is the same insept she as wings that guide her through the ocean of her land. Weopons/ Powers: (See Water for information) She carries a small sword and knows a few martial art skills and fighting skills. History/ Other: Born on Water her home world she became the fastest swimer and quikest to develope on land. She became quikly a warior as a young age and started to learn about the lands from far away. Her passion is to know everything and anything and to stop ignorance through her strengther and power.[/i][/color]
  9. ~*Lilith*~

    Proem night weirdness

    Well don't get your hopes up however ask her. Best thing you can actually do. It could be the only thing you can do at this point and time.
  10. ~*Lilith*~

    What do you think of Vampires

    Maddox is one confussed person. lol... There is a huge diffrence between role playing 14 year old vampires and people claiming to be vampires (expecially older ones who understand what the lifestyle is). If you want to know anything on it please pm and I can talk private with any of you on what it actually is instead of having ignorant comments on what it is.
  11. ~*Lilith*~

    BRITNEY SPEARS- Sexy or Slutty?

    Well you have not been to a B2K concert lol... I have not either but I seen some things on tv that can be a little bitt on the sexual side as you call it. Guys do things you would not think they do. Also the fact that you say she doesn't have talent well that is a matter of opinion. I know plenty of people who think she does. I don't like her at all but I don't care what she does. Well you know I just have nothing against sexuality. If a parent allows their ten year old to watch Britney Spears then it is their fault not hers.
  12. ~*Lilith*~

    Manga What Manga would you recommend?

    I would say Hellsing only cause it is awsome manga. I love the style of the art and it is fun to read it then watch the anime. ^^ I also say Petshop of Horrors is a good one and Uzamaki. Two good horror ones. The others I like tend to be girly like Tokyo Mew Mew and Sailor Moon Stars but still good manga. Inu Yasha and Ranma 1/2 is very good.
  13. ~*Lilith*~

    BRITNEY SPEARS- Sexy or Slutty?

    I actually am not against exposing oneself... Why? Because I think it is human nature to do that and if she does it to make money good for her. I think she is good marketing tool and smart to know the human mind as she does. It if funny how people complain about her when I seen worse in my day. I mean look at Christina and Madonna and 'Lil Kim etc.... They call 'Lil Kim a stronge women and yet they ditch Britney Spears. I just find calling someone a slutt because they are sexual and maybe to an extreme is wrong. If a guy was doing it no one says anything about it.
  14. ~*Lilith*~

    BRITNEY SPEARS- Sexy or Slutty?

    [QUOTE=amibasuki][font=Arial][size=2]lol, exactly how do you dispiss something?[/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=2]it's all fine and dandy that she's comfortable with her sexuality, but there are certain lines that shouldn't be crossed. when you go out of the privacy of your house wearing something that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, that's taking it too far. people get arrested for that in most places, heh. [/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=2]personally, I never referred to her as being a slut up until now. I just happen to think she doesn't have a lot of talent, and tries using her body to make up for it. which is exactly what she does. and since exposing large areas of her body is the main device she uses to get attention, I consider her to be a slut, or something to the equivalent of that.[/size][/font][/QUOTE] Slutt? Do you know the definition of it? In order to tell if someone is a slutt you have to know them personally to declare one but no one does therefore calling her that based on what she does in a music video or on tv is just plain ignorant. I am sorry if I am being rude but it is true. I just think anyone who judges someone off that bat without personally knowing them shows ignorance. I think sexuality no matter what form it takes is part of a personal choice and if they feel need to show it let them... You can easily change the channel or not listen to it. That is just my opinion on the subject.
  15. ~*Lilith*~

    Descrimination (yes, another one)

    We have the right to speak our mind but it is how we do it that gives us the respect we deserve. I mean if someone thinks a certain way you can't change them regardless of how much knowledge your give them. Most likely people change do to life events and/ or they never felt that way in the first place. Discrimanation is a key part of judging someone on the first shot without knowing them. We all do it whether it is watching tv and judging a pop singer or judging someone's race... We all as humans do it... It is a matter of how much knowledge we get that can change or not change our opinion. Opinions have two standings one they are personal and ignorant and two they are personal and intelligent. Which one you are it varies from your opinion and what you consider in your moral sense of knowledge. But anyway we have the freedom to speak and protest are butts off it is how we do it that make's us intelligent or just plain ignorant. But also we can't speak everything on our mind cause if we do someone has the right to sue us for false information on them or even their race or creed. So becarefull what you say... Not everyone will be happy with you.