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    Not much to know, really. Just that I like food and computers and, of course, ANIME/MANGA! I would really like it if you would sign my guestbook at myOtaku. I feel so lonely! *tear* Jokin'! I'm not lonely. But, I would like it if you sign my GB!
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  1. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Anime that need a sequel/continuation

    [U][I][B]Trigun[/B] [/I][/U] should have a second season. Though there may not be much left to... [I]reveal[/I], I would like to see what happens after. Like, where do Vash and Knives go? And what about Meryl and Milly? [U][I][B]Cowboy Bebop[/B] [/I] [/U] should also have a second season. I never found out what happened to Faye and Jet. *pout* That's what's mainly bothering me, since we know what happened to Skipe. :( *sniffle* I highly doubt the second season will be as good as the first. The first of everything seems to be the best- in my opinion.
  2. I wish I could drag my mom over here so she'd read this. Anime is NOT a bad thing. Yes, some are a little... over there, but not all. I watch Adult Swim and my mom thinks that, she's only GLANCED at it, that it's bad. She only GLANCED at it!! I love my mom and all but- :flaming: COME ON! She usually takes time to look at things and gives them a second look, but this time, for some odd reason, she completely passed by without a second look! I think she just goes by the style and design and appearence of the charactars and so on. ^^ Love her anyway.
  3. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Anime Crossovers

    :D I LOVE crossovers!! They're so... crossover-y! My opinion? Let's get started. [B][I][U]Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon and Vash the Stampede from Trigun[/U][/I][/B]: Funny, funny, funny! If these two were together, our sides would be killing us non-stop. :laugh: Not to mention that we would be starving. Though they may eat each other out of house and home, they both believe in love and peace and both have that... *gestures with hands* ... I don't know. But, it is something that just helps work it out! [B][I][U]Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho[/U][/I][/B]: These two are always calm and usually always have a plan to get out of anything... Okay, just about anything. They're the most level-headed ones of their friends and are the smartest too! :lecture: Oddly enough, I can't remember the rest. I had a whole list, but I can't find it. *rumaging through piles* *smile* YAY! I found one! [U] [I][B]Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon and Jimmy Kudo from Detective Conan (Case Closed)[/B] [/I] [/U]: Odd? Oh, yea! ^_^ But, my mind is filled with things that are odd and unknown. I thought up this idea of Conan having to solve a case for Usagi and in return she would, secretly, give him the antidote to change him back! Of course, this IS just my idea.
  4. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Do you dream about anime?

    Yup! I dream about Anime and I'm PROUD OF IT! :D They're usually full of crossover-ed humour. That's probably why I like to sleep so much... My latest was about [B]Detective Conan (Case Closed)[/B] and [B]Sailor Moon[/B]. And then before that there was that one with [B]Cowboy Bebop [/B] and [B]FLCL (Fooly Cooly) [/B]. I don't know why, but for some odd reason, I once even had a dream about ME and my friends (and enemies. :flaming: ) in my very own Anime/Manga! :eek: Talk about weird...! But it was funny still!
  5. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime The big anime/manga quiz thread

    Rather I be right or wrong, I think it's... Kosuke Fujishima. I'm pretty sure, but... then again. Am I right? ^-^ I was just guessing. :p I do that on quizzes. Now, my question, which might I add is so easy I'm falling asleep just by typing it: Naoko Takeuchi created Sailor Moon, Love Witch, Sailor V, Prism Time, Miss Rain, Maria, Chocolate Christmas, PQ Angels, Toki Meka, Punch Series and ______ _______? I'm a Naoko Takeuchi fan so... ^-^ Awaiting the answer.
  6. Chibi Devil Me

    What are you afraid of?

    I fear that I may lose my loved ones. Friends, family, the whole category of loved ones. I feel, and know, that if I lose them, I have no place, nothing, zippo. I wouldn't have a purpose. My family and friends are the most important thing(s) in my life. I couldn't exist without them.
  7. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Anim

    OOO! *jumping up and down and waving hand in air vigorously(sp?)* I KNOW SOME!! [U][I][B]Chibi-Usa/Rini from Sailor Moon[/B][/I][/U]: Usagi has blonde hair and blue eyes. Mamoru has black hair and blue eyes. Chibi-Usa has PINK hair and RED eyes. Anybody see something wrong with that? I SURE DO!! [U][I][B]Trunks from DBZ[/B][/I][/U]: To the fact that I love Trunks with all my heart, I'm not going to bash him at all! I'm just curious to know why his hair is lavender but neither Bulma nor Vegeta have lavender hair? Weird...
  8. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Why do you like anime?

    Why? WHY? Because. 1) The style and art. 2) The really cool music!! 3) (Time to get serious.) Anime expresses the creators ideas. Out-loud, too. It's good to express things aloud, especialy if it's an idea of some sort. Being thoughtful and creative makes you a better person because you are open-minded. That is in MY opinion. 4) The different kinds vary a whole lot! There's Comedy, Romance, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, so on. 5) I JUST DO! Basic, childish reasons, but at least they're true! :)
  9. :tasty: Yoai...Yummy! [U][I][B]Yugi and Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh[/B][/I][/U]: The best of friends can come out as the best of lovers! Besides, the short one loves tall one/tall one loves short one is soo cute! ;) [U][I][B]Quatre and Duo from Gundam Wing[/B][/I][/U]: The safety-first, goody-two shoes blondie and the out-going, out-loud brownie (don't ask). Opposites attract. Need I say more? :smirk: I didn't think so. [U][I][B]Kurama and Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho[/B][/I][/U]: You know, Yusuke does show this great, certain affection and protective-ness (word?) over Kurama. No, really he does! And they would look good together. :D I think they would! [U][I][B]Inuyasha and Miroku from Inuyasha[/B][/I][/U]: *laughs evil-like* A high-tempered hanyou and a perverted monk sudden get locked in a room together. What more can you ask for!? :naughty: [U][I][B]Vash and Wolfwood from Trigun[/B][/I][/U]: Do I really need to explain this? I can just see Wolfwood snatching a box of donuts from Vash and then they get into an insult war and then Wolfwood ends the mini-war with a kiss... and maybe more! :blush: OOO!
  10. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Divorce Court: Worst Anime Couples!

    *stares* I'll be up all day and night answering this, but anyway. The traditional couples. Oh, well. Let's get started! :blah: [U][I][B]Kagome and Inuyasha from Inuyasha[/B][/I][/U]: :nono: Their tempers will blow each other away. Literally. While Kagome continues to use the "Sit!" command, she will be insuring Inuyasha's slow and painful death. In Inuyasha's case, it would be pure suicide to get with Kagome. [U][I][B]Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon[/B][/I][/U]: Another no-no! Mamoru is four years older than Usagi. While she is niave, sweet, and loves to eat, he will be so caught up in his studies, he won't have any time for her! :mad: And Usagi VERY high maintinence. (sp?) [U][I][B]Vash and Meryl from Trigun[/B][/I][/U]: I have a stupid reason to this but, I WANT VASH!! *huggles Vash* *Meryl enters room, jumps on me, and drags Vash out of room* :blackeye: Owie... I think that's enough. I'll go attend to my blackeye now. *taps eye* Ouchies! Ouchies! Ouchies! *pokes head out* The only traditional couple I won't bash is... Tada! [U][I][B]Milly and Wolfwood from Trigun[/B][/I][/U]: I just love this couple so much! I couldn't bash it even if I wanted to! :D
  11. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Is Anime a Big Thing Where You Live?

    *gag* Here, I don't even think the people know what Anime is! I mean, me, my friends D and L (as I call them), and the boys at my school (DBZ fans) know about it. But other than us, I don't really know. I mean it's a big thing between me and some of my friends... *shrug* So, I guess it isn't a big thing. Darn it! :flaming:
  12. Favorite? [U][I][B]Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing[/B][/I][/U]: If I could meet Heero, I'd probably faint before he could shoot me! *lovesick sigh* [U][I][B]Vash the Stampede from Trigun[/B][/I][/U]: If I could meet Vash, I'd take him on a date to the Krispy Kreme. No doubt. Two wonderful combinations... :tasty: YUMMY! Least? [U][I][B]Tea from Yu-Gi-Oh[/B] [/I] [/U]: If I could meet Tea...? :flaming: I'd shot her in the head before she could start with those stupid friendship rants! *bang, bang!*
  13. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Dating Anime Characters: Would You?

    :( I'm so going to hate myself after this, but... [U][I][B]Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh[/B][/I][/U]: I'm sorry! He may be adorable, but just not my type. The friendship speeches would kill me cold! And did I mention we wouldn't be able to dance (Waltz)? I'd have to PICK HIM UP to dance with him! *huggles* At least you're adorable, Yugi! :)
  14. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime Do adults like to critisize anime?

    My mom will critisize the Anime I watch like Simon Cowell. She says things like, "They don't have to look like they want to kill someone!" "Does that say 'ADULT Swim'?" (I watch the Adult Swim line-up) Things like that and more. I get soo annoyed with her!! :flaming: But, she IS my mother so... yeah. Oh, yeah, she also says this one line that really kills me. "What happened to Barbie.com?! I thought you LOVED that site!" You've got to be kidding! *croaks* *dead*
  15. Chibi Devil Me

    Anime What makes a good anime?

    What makes a good Anime, you ask? In my opinion, it has to at least have good character designs, good music (not all the time), and... *drumroll* ... AN UNDERSTANDABLE PLOT! Phew! I don't understand FLCL, but it's an exception. :cool: It has cool music! I don't really like animes that seem to be slapped together like a hamburger from Sloppy World. *shudders* Ewies... Also, it should have a tolerable amount of episodes. Trigun is an exception of this. That's all, in my opinion. Glad I got that "plot" part off my chest. Phew!