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  1. morbid angel666

    What is your favourite (Proper) rock band of all time.

    it's hard to define my favorite band because i like so many, i would say ANY underground metal acts (mainly black/death metal) at the moment i'm listening to alot of dark funeral and limbonic art (dark funeral come from sweden and limbonic art comes from norway both are excellent black metal bands)i do like cradle of filth because they got me into the black metal scene
  2. morbid angel666

    At the end of the world, where will you be?

    i read somewhere that the earth will end in 6000 million years time so i think most of us will be dead by then (unless of course your immortal, or if they create a serum for immortaillity) and remember that we would have probaly moved to another planet by that time anyway.
  3. morbid angel666

    what do you think of death

    death is a very intersting topic to talk about, personal i don't care iff i live or die because after your dead your not really going to care are you, i'm not sure what'll happen to me but it'll probaly be cool, if there is a heaven and hell; i want to go to hell remember the cradle of filth slogan "it's better to reign in hell, than to serve in heaven"
  4. morbid angel666

    Stand up or Die?..you choose

    if my life was in danger, i would kill, but it depends if i had a gun or not, if i didn't have a gun i would try and defend myself by any means nessercery, but it's not every day you take a gun out with you?
  5. morbid angel666

    Punk rock baby, yeah!

    i don't really listen too punk rock, but i do like horror punks "The misfits" and "Danzig" and a bit of "Amen"
  6. morbid angel666

    Art Your current desktop wallpaper thread.

    my current wallpaper is a dark funeral one, it has the band, and under-neath it says "SUPPORT THE WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY"
  7. morbid angel666

    Linkin Park

    i hate linkin park, i've never liked them, they were probaly put together in some office in the middle of new york, i hate corparate bands like them, like "Chapterblack888" said "there are better bands out there" like misfits, darkthrone,cradle of filth, moonspell e.t.c.
  8. morbid angel666

    Favorite Japanese Song

    i have not listened to any japanese music but the title did say "favorite song (preferably japansese) so it means i can choose what music i want CRADLE OF FILTH: hard choice, so many good songs, like "Queen of winter throned" from "Vempire (or dark fairytales in phallestein)" album , and probaly "Tortured soul asylum" from "Midian" album. Dimmu Borgir: either their cover of "Bathory" 's "Satan my master" or "The mourning place". Dark throne: a very hard choice but it has to be "The pagan winter" from the "Blaze in the northern sky" album as it was the first song i heard (round a friend's house). to many other's, and i'm tired (from lack of sleep), these are only a few that spring to mind.
  9. morbid angel666

    Musical selection help

    cradle of filth is my favorite band, also try some scandinavian bands, like dimmu borgir or dark funeral, i would suggest bestial mockery as i've said else where there one of the heaviest bands around on the black metal scene.
  10. morbid angel666

    Favorite guitar make??

    [COLOR=DarkRed]out of all guitar makes it comes down to two different makes which are: "B.C. warlock signiture series", and "vintage reaper 3000 btb"[/COLOR]
  11. morbid angel666

    Anime Who's Your Favorite Anime Character?

    [COLOR=DarkRed]my favorite anime character would have to be alcurd from helsing because he turns out to be the guy there hunting ironic is'nt it, and he's cool and a vampire[/COLOR]
  12. morbid angel666

    American Idiot song

    i don't like green day's "american idoit" album it's, *****, i could tolarate their old stuff but now their just jumping on the "bands against bush" bandwagon and it's getting really tiresome.
  13. morbid angel666

    Gothic Music

    some bands that have influnced me are: cradle of filth ( there british *yay* and they've been following in venoms blueprintand added melody and i have there new album nymephetamine) dimmu borigir(norways answer to cradle) dark throne (they've been around since 1986 and have a raw black metal sound) anal c**t (cool name quite heavy as well ) bestial mockery (heavy as f**k, makes most of the previous bands i've said sound like cliff richards) venom (they invented black metal and there british ) emperor & immortal (two of the greatest black metal bands EVER too bad there now desfuct) cannibal corpse (new york death metal veterins) deicide (with a name that means "the killing of god" and a frontman that branded an inverted cross into his fore-head, you can understand that these guys are really intense)
  14. morbid angel666


    i would just like to say that all "trends" e.t.c. have nothing to do with it, when it boils down to it, it does'nt matter what clothes you wear it's all about THE MUSIC AND STATE OF MIND, plus you forgot about vampiric goth's
  15. morbid angel666

    Albums that change your life.

    i don't think any album has changed my life but my three faviorites are: midian,by cradle of filth: it's the best album cradle have ever made (but there new album nymphmentine is getting good reviews). death cult armageddon, by dimmu borgir (dim-moo, bor-gear):it's a classic album and one of the finest with a cover of "satan my master" original done by emperor. prepareing for war,by dark throne: it's a sort of "best of album" which all tracks dating back to the bands demos, a great band that have stood the test of time (they've been around since the 1980's)