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  1. [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]I love the kind, caring, smiling, sweet type of guy in anime/mangas. Like... Eichi from FMwS. Just seeing them happy all the time, and always there when they're needed... It's so sweet~
  2. Riesz

    5 Most under rated and over rated bands or artists

    [b][u]Overrated:[/u][/b] [b]Nirvana[/b]: It's kinda weird for me to name this band since it's my favourite but I really have to admit that they're really overrated. People who've never even heard the music keep telling everyone that they love the band and all kinds of crap when the only song they've ever heard Smells Like Teen Spirit. They might've died out (pu not intended) if Kurt hadn't killed himself and then they wouldn't be so overrated but because he did die everyone seems really keen to think "OMGNIRVANAHEARTSTARTHEYARETEHSHIET". Because this happened at the peak of their popularity, people remember tend to remember them as a great band... This is the end of my bashing of my favourite band. Hahaha. [b]Metallica[/b]: I've heard their music and I just really don't think they're all [i]that[/i] great. >> [b]Ozzy[/b]: People make him sound so great but truthfully I don't find his music so appealing. I do like some of his music though... Just seems overrated. [b]Simple Plan[/b]: All their music sounds alike to me. O.o [b]Hilary Duff[/b]: Same with her. xD And actually, a ton of the old rock bands are overrated. The popular ones really are... [b][u]Underrated:[/u][/b] [b]Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers[/b]: I love their music. I don't know why many people don't really care for them that I know. They're just really catchy, and I like their music because it's rock without all the loud guitars and screaming and stuff. It's Pop/Rock but Rock nonetheless. xD [b]The Odds[/b]: "Someone Who's Cool" has got to be one of the catchiest songs I ever heard. Wish more people knew recognized them. >> And I have to leave to go the movies now so I can't add more. I'll edit if I think of more later. xD
  3. Riesz

    Whats your favourite music genre?

    [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]I usually like any type of music, as long as it's not rap (but I can actually stand some rap... but most of what I hear of it sounds pretty much like any other song). I mostly like older music because today's music just sounds.. the same as everything else. There isn't much that stands out a lot. The only band I can think of is Evanescence because it sounded like Opera mixed with Rock. I'm mostly into Rock though... Any kinds. Like Nirvana, or Rage Against the Machine, or Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. No rap or screaming, and I should be pretty content with other music though.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  4. [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]Personally, I don't feel like I relate to any anime/manga characters significantly at the moment. If I were to choose though, I think the one that I'm most like would be Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. Personality-wise, that is. Besides height, I'm pretty much opposite of what he looks like. xD Ed: Blonde, guy, left-handed, oldest... Me: Black hair, girl, right-handed, youngest... and I like milk... xDD When Ed sets his mind to something, he really doesn't want to give up. Always trying his best even when it can put him in danger, and thinking of others' safety before his own, disregarding his own feelings so the people he cares about won't get hurt... Trying to keep his promises even when it won't benefit him... Sensitive about his height... Working hard at studying and doing whatever it takes to achieve his goal. He regrets things that he's done in the past and struggles over the thought of it. He's short-tempered and a bit rash, and he hates being bossed around and is pretty stubborn. Pretty serious a lot of the time, but can also be pretty energetic. Yea, that pretty much sums up my personality. I think. Haha. I also like to sleep lots. xD[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  5. Riesz

    Manga Which type of manga do you like?

    [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]I like all those types except horror. I think I've read more romance/drama though... But action and comedy I really like too. But fantasy stories are usually more interesting so yea, I like most types. ^^ I'm not really into magical girl though...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  6. Riesz

    Gaming What Game(s) Got You into Gaming?

    [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]What really got me into gaming? Unreal Tournament. Weird game to start off with, I know. Before that though, I liked games, sure, but they weren't anything big. I played Mario and all but that was all. I started playing UT when I was 10 and I loved it because it was so face-paced and exciting. It was the demo and I was so excited to see the full-version. I remember playing the Morpheus map and jumping all over the place. It was so hard to get used to for me. The maps were amazing, the music was amazing, the single player was... enh. Haha. But the internet play was a lot of fun. Its because of UT that I started looking for more high quality games.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  7. [SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Sienna]I started watching when I was around 4, but I didn't know it was anime. It was this video I always rented called "Unico the Unicorn" and I loved it. I wish I could watch it today but its not being rented out or sold in video stores I go to anymore.. There was also Samura Pizza Cats (still love that show!) and Transformers. Then came Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball when I was around 7. Then around 9-11, Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ, Gundam Wing, and Escaflowne. At one point I borrowed Slayers: The Movie from the video store and thats what actually got me into anime. I started looking for much high quality anime and the like. Jeez, glad I did that. Now I've watched so much more better quality stuff. Yea, the audience today is a lot more lucky than we were... They have a much wider selection with better quality. Except us Canadians; we don't get Cartoon Network so we're still left with not much. ¬¬[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  8. Riesz

    Gaming What is your Favorite RPG?

    Hmm... Tough question, actually. I have many favourites, just because it's so hard to choose just one. Chrono Trigger is one of them. Although I'd have to agree that this is kinda overrated, its still one of the greatest games I've ever played. I can understand why its overrated though... It really is unique. The battle system was perfect. I loved it. One of the few games where I don't mind fighting. The characters were balanced out so that if you want to use a certain power, you [i]have[/i] to use that character, not just anyone you want. (As much as I love FF7, I hated how you could choose anyone to be your team and they can be any type you want... Just eliminated the use of other characters.) Next would be Grandia. I didn't think anything could match Chrono Trigger's battle system, but Grandia is pretty much an advanced version of it. I loved fighting, and I loved the story. It was so happy and innocent... I love games like that, where the characters and story is simple. Grandia executed it in such a way though that it didn't seem so cliched. Not only that, but I really liked how it was 3D but using sprites. (I like that style... And like Legend of Mana's especially.) I got hooked to this game. Legend of Zelda series. Now would this count? Its not really an RPG... Its more Action/Adventure with RPG elements, but I'll include it here anyways. Classic game. Pretty much every gamer knows it. I loved fighting... and actually, I [i]looked[/i] for things to fight here, which is really rare for me to do in games. (Mostly because they're so repetitive.) There's not much need for explanation here right? It may be overrated, but its overrated for a reason! I really can't wait until the new LoZ comes out this year. :D And other games I'll mention but not explain... Dewprism (Threads of Fate), and Final Fantasy 7. Great games, they are. :)
  9. Riesz


    [SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Sienna]I'm new to myO, but I decided to join because it's art-related. I never really liked deviantart (no offense, deviant-users.. its just a personal preference) so I never signed up for it, but the thing is, I want feedback from other people. Then tra-la-la, one day I was surfing the net for One Piece wallpapers and I found this place. It looked cool so I decided to join. Little did I know that it was also a blogging service. A nice plus. Therefore... [URL=http://www.myotaku.com/users/riesz]myOtaku: riesz[/URL]. Now I'm only blogging here to post about art-related news since I already have a Livejournal where I post nonsense and all. Maybe in the future though I'll start blogging [i]here[/i] about my nonsensical ramblings. That'll actually probably end up happening anyways since I always seem to tie artsy stuff to real life. Nyah. Also, I like how I don't have to code much. >P I love doing HTML and all, but it can really get tedious... I used to have a blog that I updated constantly and had new layouts for each month, but the blog craze went out and no one used theirs anymore so I felt there was no point in blogging in mine a lot. (Its still up... Just neglected, haha.) Instead, I went to Livejournal where the posting is easy and simple. I blog just to get my thoughts out and to hear what my friends have to say. Because I don't see them online often in AIM or MSN or whatever, blogging is a nice way to keep in touch with them. Truthfully... I miss the days when blogs were really popular and there was a wide range of webdesigners who made fansites to anything they liked. The internet seemed a lot more active then. ¬¬[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  10. [b]Admire[/b]: Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket. She understands the feelings of others and puts them before herself. That's such a hard thing to do. I would love to be that type of person but its more of something that you learn rather than something you can just be. So I admire her for her love for others. [b]Love[/b]: Hmm... Lesse... I'd have to say Sakurai Eichi from Full Moon wo Sagashite (manga). You don't really learn much about him but you know that he has a kind heart. [spoiler]He protects Mitsuki even in death, and doesn't wish to part with her. Even at the end, when he sees her happy with Takuto, he smiles tearfully and lets her go because she's finally happy now.[/spoiler] He just seems like such a sweet guy; it would be nice to meet someone like him in real life. :P [b]Hate[/b]: Any Mary Sue type character. Like [i]really[/i] Mary Sue-ish. Like Kagome from Inu-Yasha. Or Usagi from Sailor Moon. Maybe they're ditzy, or too nice, or too study-oriented, or whatever. I don't like how Kagome sides with Kouga more than Inu-Yasha when Inu-Yasha is clearly trying to do what's best for her. Or how she always makes him "sit" when him and Kouga are in a fight... It's just not fair, and its really annoying. (Difference between Tohru and these characters is that Tohru won't butt into something that isn't really her business fight-wise. Or she won't try to make someone do something that goes against what... they usually do. xD) So yea. There's my example of a Mary Sue type character. A really cliche girl. [b]Respect[/b]: Have to think about this one... I'd have to say Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. He's dealt with so much and is still working so hard. His determination to achieve his goal and his love for his brother is just so strong. Even though he's only 15, he's doing things that many adults (in that world) would hesitate to do. A genius boy who tries his hardest to do what's right (in his terms, at least)... deserves respect in my opinion.
  11. Riesz

    Gaming Game Endings That Disappointed You

    I don't remember playing many games where the ending made me go, "whoa, that really sucked". Most of the ones I've played (that I can remember) have had endings that were worth playing the game. The only one I can think of that I was a bit disappointed though was Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny II). That stupid final boss battle that was crappily done to make it seem hard but was so difficult to time that last attack that was required to do in order to win because they didn't give much info on how to do it... (Long sentence, whoa, haha.) And then they give me a not-really-worth-the-irritation kind of ending that didn't make me go "WOW!" but more towards the "hm, that... was so not worth the time." It didn't suck, persay... Just wasn't worth it. ¬¬; Am I the only one who had trouble in doing that last attack? Blah. So yea... Maybe Tales of Eternia [I]does[/i] count in bad endings for me. Hahaha.
  12. Riesz

    Gaming Soul Calibur III

    When I heard it was gonna be PS2-exclusive, I got kinda depressed. The art looks gorgeous and the gameplay was already pretty much perfect in the second one (and even the first) so I'm wondering how they're gonna improve that. But the PS2 had trouble running the Windmill level so I'm scared as to how its gonna run. I play the SC2 on the Gamecube and it runs perfectly, without slowdowns or anything like that, but the PS2 isn't as powerful as the Gamecube or XBox... I hope it turns out nicely, or that its only PS2-exclusive for a while. I really don't wanna play the game if it isnt running at it's fullest (it'll probably just irritate me since I'll end up comparing it to SC2). But SC2 is already great, so I'm probably just gonna stick with that (rather than buying a PS2 just for SC3 >P) Aside from that though, the new characters look pretty interesting. I wanna see how their weapons and everythiing will work.
  13. Riesz

    Art do you think i should...

    I agree. Its a great picture but it can be even better with a nice background to match. I really like how you made them all gothic, by the way. >P It looks cool. EDIT: Ah, I'm sorry. My post seems a bit little too, so I'll add more. The fishnets look nice but I'm wondering (not in a perverted way O.o) how that dress would look like from the front. Haha. Oh, that's not a critism or anything, just a curious question. I also like how you highlighted the hair and black (leather?) clothing. It really adds a nice effect. And this probably is little, but I like the orange juice... The warm colour against the dark colours adds nice contrast.
  14. Riesz

    Anime Which do you prefer: Manga or Anime?

    Actually for me it depends. I usually like the manga because its the original story, meaning less fillers, usually less plot-holes, and the art is usually more to my taste. Plus, I like to imagine how the characters will sound and with the anime, I might not like their voices. For example, with Full Moon wo Sagashite, the manga story is much sweeter and more touching. It delves more into all of the characters' background story where the anime only tells us about Takuto's and Mitsuki's. But then Takuto's story is a lot more emotional in the manga, and to go along with the art... Its a lot better. However, with anime, the music really adds more atmosphere and more feeling. I love that aspect of it. For example, Cowboy Bebop with the music just... doesn't seem like Cowboy Bebop to me. Its also easier to understand whats going on whereas in manga, its sometimes difficult. Its also nice to hear how a character really expresses something. (And I agree with dubs... I don't mind them, granted its not 4kids or earlier Funimation. Or Nelvana. Its a lot easier to listen and watch, rather than listen, read, and watch.) I mean, One Piece is a lot more fun to watch than read. (The sub at least. 4kids really screwed it up.) So I'm also one fo those who don't mind either one. They each have their advantages. I'd probably buy the manga though because it costs less and its easier to flip through to view the art. >P
  15. Effin'... I just wrote a long post with so much detail and then when I hit post it says I'm not logged in. ¬¬ jkkjhsfdkjsd Blah. Here's a shortened version. Haha. 1) [B]One Piece[/B] - Great short with a great sense of humour. Without all the annoying cliches. Not to say that it doesn't have any... just that it handles them very well. :) Its hard to hate Luffy, and every other character is so lovable. If you're looking for a whimsical, action-packed anime with no romance, then One Piece is the one for you. :) 2) [B]Full Metal Alchemist[/B] - I like the manga more but the anime is just as great. The story is well done and the art is top notch. It mixes the humour in well with the seriousness (not many shows can do that withou seeming weird). 3) [B]Neon Genesis Evangelion[/B] - I don't think anyone can argue that this is the most controversial anime of all time. And you have to admit that its got to be one of the best out there, whether you're a fan or not. Though the first watch, you won't notice these things but every scene has significance to it. Every tiny thing that you wouldn't think is important has some sort of meaning to it. Rewatching the show, you'll notice just how much time was put into this show. Many people hated how the series ended but if you've only watched it once, it's a bit hard to grasp that it centres around Shinji's psyche, not the battles or anything like that. So really, the ending was quite fitting. And the movies more than made up for that, in my own opinion. 4) [B]Cowboy Bebop[/B] - Spike is just so cool. Like, [I]smooth[/I] cool. The characters are designed so well. When its funny, its really funny (Mushroom Samba) but when its serious, it can really creep you out (Pierrot Le Fou). Even though the main story is broken down, it doesn't seem dragged out like in some other animes (i.e. Inu-Yasha). This show can really get you attached to its characters. And the way they handled the ending was just great. 5) [B]Fruits Basket[/B] - First word that came to mind: cute. Although the manga keeps on going where the anime ends, Furuba is just an anime you have you watch. Each character story just tears at your heart and can make you cry. (Hatori's was my favourite.) Its fun and whimsical, until you reach the last episode. What happens is rather unexpected bt brings you even closer to the characters. 6) [B]Shaman King[/B] - Shounen but fortunately, the battles don't last for more than 2 episodes (except the last one). I prefer the manga here as well, but its still just a great watch. Its fun watching the characters grow. Its funny and well worth the time. 7) [B]Rurouni Kenshin[/B] - The anime got rid of the best arc, in my opinion, but other than that, this show was really great. When there was an important arc going on, no fillers rattled the sequence of episodes. The Shishio arc was so well done and the fight scenes were great. Not only that, but Kenshin's backstory in the OAVs were just [I]amazing[/I]. The art was top-notch and the story was so wonderfully done. 8) [B]Witch Hunter Robin[/B] - YTV just aired this and I thought that the story was so amazing. It seemed so well thought out and it really gets you hooked. The animation was so gorgeous too. I couldn't believe that I hadn't watched the series before. Everything ties together perfectly and the ending wasn't as open-ended as Eva but was still in need of interpretation. I love how they handled that. 9) [B]Slayers (including NEXT and TRY)[/B] - So funny and such great stories. The first movie was what got me into anime in the first place. The humour can be so unexpected that you'll laugh your arse off. (I loved episode 7 of NEXT xDD). Humour, seriousness, romance... they were all mixed together well. Very fun watch. And Xellos is so great guy... as in cool great. 10) [B]Full Moon wo Sagashite[/B] - Even though I think the manga is 100x better than the anime, I just have to include this in the list. There's a lot of fillers where it doesn't need any and the way they portrayed Izumi was horrible (Izumi was my favourite character) but the ending more than made up for that. It can really make you cry in sadness and happiness. If you wanna watch this, I suggest going for the manga first but this is still really worth it. I might edit this later... I've forgotten a lot of animes I've watched. e.e