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  1. There's a bit I look to when I watch anime. A good storyline that keeps me wanting more, good animation, and character development that lets you understand them more as the show progresses. Action in a series is alright with me but not too much, there has to be at least good amounts of drama mixed in with light-hearted comedy. Also, I've reached a point that, if the first episode doesn't interest me at all, then I won't watch the rest of series (like when I saw Bleach).
  2. My most recent CD purhcase was little over a month ago and was a L'Arc-en-Ciel CD I had found while browsing at AFO. The CD was one I had been dying to get, but it really isn't the type of CD I would be willing to have on all the time. The only song I seemed attatched to was Ready, Steady, Go. Maybe I need to listen to it again... after I get tear myself away from the High and Mighty Color cd.
  3. Woo boy, how can I say this without getting any hateful looks... Okay, I first saw Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo in a Shonen Jump magazine and I was saying "WTF?!" more than I normally do. I went on happily with my life until I saw the Toonami commercial of it coming on tv. Now, I have sat down and seen one full episode and I must say I am not at all humored by this series. Most of the time I can watch dumb, random, plotless comedy and laugh, but I [I]just can't [/I] with Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Someone using nose hair to fight against baldness just does not catch my interest. So, saying my piece, I take my leave.
  4. There are a lot of anime I like. :animesmil My current favorites are Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, s-CRY-ed, Full Metal Alchemist, and Wolf's Rain. I would say Inuyasha, but I've been getting out of it lately.
  5. My first manga was the tenth volume of the No Need for Tenchi series, Mother Planet. I remember I was nearly dancing around out of happiness in the store cause I was in the Tenchi craze back then. Since then I discovered more manga titles and now have a collection building in my small bookcase. But I'll always remember No Need for Tenchi as my first manga.
  6. I would have to say there's a lot of pairings for me to choose from. My top favs would have to be Tenchi and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo and Shuichi and Yuki from Gravitation. But, when it comes to the world of fanfiction, I obsess majorly over the Youko and Kuronue pairing. :animeswea
  7. If I were to date an anime character, the top of my list would most definitely be Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. He's calm, intelligent, and what seems to be the 'perfect' man to most girls. Then you have his faults, which show that he isn't perfect. Kurama's bond with his human mother, Shiori Minamino, is one example I can think of at the moment. Besides that, I really like guys with dark pasts that they want to forget. For the title of Runner-up, Kouga from Inuyasha would probably be another choice. He's devoted and caring, plus downright sexy. All you bascially gotta do, in my opinion, is convince him that you are worth far more than Kagome. .....which would probably take a long time.... However, one guy I would [I]not[/I] date would be Hibiki Tokai from Vandread. He's cute and all, but is one stubborn, arrogant, prideful boy. He acts rather childish from time to time and is, once more, too proud to reveal how he really feels. .... I think I just labeled him the Inuyasha of his series, didn't I? :animeswea
  8. Hm..... man, if only I can [B]remember[/B] some anime songs I like! :animeswea Um, I believe some of my favs are Every Heart from Inuyasha, Trust from Vandread, and WILD WIND ~Yasei no Kaze no you ni~ from Yu Yu Hakusho. ...... sorry, but that is about the only songs that pop into my head at the moment!
  9. Yu Yu Hakusho is one of my top favorite animes. It was the characters that got me into it. Just the way they develop through the series. Yeah, the fights are awesome, too. I started getting the uncut DVDs and quit watching CN before they took YYH off. I showed my friend an episode from the Chapter Black Saga before it came on Cartoon Network and she gasped that her 'dear' Hiei cussed in the uncut version. I just laughed. Now only if the next DVD will come out....
  10. The Full Metal Alchemist manga is [B]AWESOME[/B]. I bought it a few weeks ago and couldn't put it down for the entire day, I loved it. Even got another copy for my friend's b-day. :animesmil In personal opinion, I found it a bit more enjoyable than the anime, especially when it came to humor.
  11. Hmmmmmmmm, my family ain't interesting sometimes. We have our moments, but not many. My younger brother is such a mama's boy that it scares me. I'm closer to my mother than my dad, since he's been away for thirteen years and I only got to see him at holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But now we moved to Texas so we could all be one big happy family. Hoo-ray... I'm closer to my mom's side of the family than my dad's. My papa, my remaining grandpa, is the joking kind. So it's always fun to hang around with him. He lives with my aunt and her three cats in Florida since grandma passed away last summer. My dad's family is [B]huge[/B]. They all came from Wyoming. I decided not to waste time remembering them all since I felt like my head would explode just [I]meeting[/I] them!
  12. [B]Sango all the way. [/B] Why? Does there need to be reasons? I'm not saying I'm a Kagome hater, but Sango is a lot cooler on so many levels. Plus, a lot easier to listen to. There have been times Kagome would just stand there and watch Inuyasha fight someone before it clicks into her brain that she has to do something. Sango, though, just goes ahead and kicks some major demon behind to help out. Also, Kagome mainly spends most of her time wondering if she is in love with Inuyasha or not. Heck, Sango and Miroku have a funnier relationship that can quickly switch to romance when he's not being a perv. Don't know if those are good reasons to support my decision.... but, oh well.
  13. Well........... I don't have a favorite character. I have several and can't seem to decide. I suppose my favorite of all time would be Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo, 'cause she rocks! Ryoko's powerful and a tomboy who's just a bit afraid of showing her deeper feelings. But she's hilarious to watch in her attempts of getting Tenchi to notice her. She's also a great role-model...... kind of. But the one rivaling her for the title of "Taka's Favorite Anime Character of All Time" would be Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. It's just something about him. His personality just caught my attention so quickly. Plus I tend to enjoy characters with dark pasts. He's a handsome/beautiful guy and all, his eyes I could stare into for hours, but it is just who he is that makes him one of my favorite characters.
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