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  1. I am going to Have to Say [SIZE=4]Sakura[/SIZE] Reasons.... I love her outfits... She always has such cute outfits and i love her school uniform Second reason would have to be becuase she has magic :D She can control the cards and i think thats so coool. you have to admit magic would be so cool if it were real Well there you go....
  2. I like alot of movies.... I thought Spirted away was really good [COLOR=Magenta]But my Favorite would be the CARDCAPTOR SAKURA movies even though i only saw them in Japanese and english subtitles (which i dont like because it sometimes goes really fast so i have to rewind and so on...) but for those movies i was ever so willing to go through that ^.^ :D [/COLOR]
  3. I would want to meet Sakura.... I would tell her believe it or not that i just love her outfits so much.... i have metioned that subject so many times but i really do :animestun im srry if you are annoyed And i would also want to meet Tohru and tell her to open her eyes and see that yuki and kyo like her..... but of course this would be her :animeblus Well thats pretty much it lol.... :rotflmao:
  4. [COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=4]O My [/SIZE] CLAMP I love CLAMP. I Just Fell in love With CARDCAPTOR SAKURA, and CARDCAPTOR SAKURA: MASTER OF THE CLOW I am so amazed by how the story line goes. Its so good. I also love Sakuras outfits. You just have to agree with me right?.... (well you dont have to have to but i do :D ) I also really liked Wish but i only got to read the 1st book. But i just love CLAMP and am so thankful that they made CARDCAPTOR SAKURA. :luv: I AM IN LOVE WITH CLAMP FOR MAKING CARDCAPTOR SAKURA.... :love2:[/COLOR]
  5. Well i dont quite remember what my first anime was... O actually i believe it was CardCaptor Sakura. It was a a couple years ago and i just fell in love with the series. I Started to watch others and soon fell in love with anime and manga.. i will always love CardCaptor Sakura for opening my eyes to anime and manga as well as it being so good. :D
  6. Hmmmm.... well i guess u could say, That i am always Looking forward to a new Fruits Basket Book... Such is my life :D or so my friends say. they calll me a addict :luv: i think i am am well im not sure :animesmil . They also call me a addict of CardCaptor Sakura but i dont think that there will be any more of those :animecry: Waaaaaa. i love that series. it is so good. srry im getting off the point well the new fruits Basket book is coming out in April so i cant wait
  7. [FONT=Courier New][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]The list is quite good. to be honest i am just happy that my 2 favorite animes are on the list. (fushigi yuugi and fruits basket :D )[/COLOR][/FONT]
  8. [FONT=Courier New][COLOR=MediumTurquoise][COLOR=MediumTurquoise][FONT=Courier New]Hey everyone, This is a final fantasy discussion. I just love final fantasy. To me final fantasy x is like the best game in the world. In this discussion don't just write something explain it. :D [/COLOR] [/FONT]
  9. [COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]omg i love fruits basket. it is like one of my all time favorites. i have it on dvd i can't wait til the new season comes out. :D i just can't wait. :rolleyes: i love kyo :catgirl: :love2: hes so hot tempered and so nice at the same time. i like yuki and haru to they are so cute and lovable :animeshy: :D [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
  10. i know i am answering kinda late but i haven't been on in a while i started this file because i didn't like my othher so i deleted it Anywho i love the opening theme song for Fushigi Yuugi its so good. It matches the story perfect i also like the theme song for kingdom hearts i am not sure though if itis considered a anime but i like it to :D :animesmil
  11. [COLOR=MediumTurquoise]You can't help but loveInu yasha :love2: . its so good you just can't stop watching the show or set down the book til your doneeven then you can't stop you want to know what happens next it gets u hooked so easily :rotflmao: . [/COLOR]
  12. [FONT=Courier New][SIZE=2]I love almost all anime characters. My favorites would have to be Tamahome from fushigi yuugi and also miaka from fushigi yuugi i also like tohru and kyo and yuki from fruits basket and inuyasha from inuyasha (of course)[/SIZE][/FONT]
  13. omg i like love that show. it is my all time fav. Tamahome and tauski and amiboshi r like my fav i also like chichri and noriko alot :D i like totally fell in love with tamahome the first time i saw him. hes so cute . [spoiler]its so good he gets maika in the end awwww :animecry: its so romantic :love2: even if i want tamahome for myself its so good that miaka and him get together :animecry: Its so sad that amiboshi dies :( :animecry:[/spoiler]
  14. [CENTER]I really don't know what group i fall into :animedepr . I have friends but i am not popular. Any ways who would want to be popular. with all thoose brain less followers. If u r popular doesn't that mean that everyone only wants to be your friend beacuse of that. i mean how r u ever going to find a true soul mate or best friend when everyone is only your friend because u r popular. u know. i guess i fall under normal if that is a group. A normal girl that likes to draw, watch anime and takes band because her parents make her (which is a total waste of time if u ask me), no offense if u r in band but band is sort of not my thing. i like it now only because i grew into it but it is still a waste of time But thats just me :catgirl: bye :animesmil [CENTER] :blush: ~*~Ally~*~:rotflmao:[/CENTER] [/CENTER]
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