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  1. I'm trying to be more involved here but I'll be honest, I don't know what I'm doing. Hah!

  2. [font="Georgia"]I'm a little glad I stumbled upon this topic because, like James, I always remember the video when I hear a track on the radio. Unfortunately, I don't really stayed glued to the TV at 3 AM like I used to so what I see of videos is usually what I find online or via facebook. But, on the rare opportunity that I am awake at 5 AM I am able to catch something as awesome as the following: [center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Sail [b]| ARTIST:[/b] AWOLNATION [b]| MATURE:[/b] No [b]| COUNTRY:[/b] America. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPtSKimbjOU[/media][/center] I had first heard the song when I was picking up my mum from work. I remember that the entire city was shrouded in this really thick fog, which isn't unusual for us in the when the weather's trying to change. But when I say thick, I mean it. You couldn't see like ten feet in front you. Now everytime I hear this song I remember the fog and how terrifying it was to think that someone could just hide or tiptoe right behind me but anyways! Afterwards I came home and looked up the song on Youtube and found the amazing video that went with it and I have to say that I am not disappointed. What I love most about the video is that when it starts off I don't know who this guy is, what he's running from or why, and even after the video ends, the first time I watched it, I had to watch it again to understand the story behind it. You never really realize who he is but you get those small suggestions throughout the video if you pay attention. Even still, I wonder whether he really was what the video suggests or he's just the son of the man that knew what was going to happen, if that makes sense. Either way, I love this video and I think it deserves more views that the three or five million Katy Perry's gotten on her E.T. one. [center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Rolling in the Deep [b]| ARTIST:[/b] Adele [b]| MATURE:[/b] No [b]| COUNTRY:[/b] UK(?). [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYEDA3JcQqw[/media][/center] First off, Adele is such and amazing singer. Her voice is the right amount of blues and soul and melody without being completely overwhelming like some artists. As for the video, I just really love the images. Everything here is happening in seperate rooms but it's all pulled together by the music. The drummer under the stairs plays the music for the dancer upstairs who dances for Adele in the next room who sings her heart out until the city burns down in the next. I love the dancing, for one thing, and for some reason, I love the plates that are being trashed on the wall. I can't really explain my infatuation with the images here but I know that I love them in tune with this song and I know that no matter how many times I watch this video, I will never get bored of it. [center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Cameras [b]| ARTIST:[/b] Matt & Kim [b]| MATURE:[/b] Yes [b]| COUNTRY:[/b] America [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mN3Frq1xYI[/media][/center] I have to warn you guys that this video is incredibly violent but I absolutely love it. One, because, I mean, seriously? It's Matt && Kim. These guys always have amazing tracks, in my opinion. Second, I don't even want to IMAGINE how much time and fight training/coreography they had to practice before filming because with the way it's put together, it would be really hard to yell cut in the middle of a good punch, re-organize the scene and props, just to yell action again and start over. Third, the song is so loud and upbeat in contrast with the video. I mean, sure it has it's moments of hilarity when Kim throws a maraca at Matt's face or when she pounds his nether regions with the bass drum's stick, then there's Matt tying her hands up and getting back into a fighter's stance in slow motion that's reminiscent of Mickey's fighting in the movie Snatch. Needless to say the entire video is wonderfully coreographed and edited, the lighting looks awesome throughout the entire thing and the music keeps pace with the editing and fighting, which I love! These guys, in my opinion, are also a couple of artists that deserve more views and more listeners! The first time I heard them it was with their track Daylight that was being played around the same time Empire of the Sun's Walking on a Dream was, and I instantly fell in love. I will forever reference both those songs together and only after their Cameras single was released did I see them as seperate artists instead of one awesome group that lived in the soundtrack that was my 2009 summer. [center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] The Ghost Inside [b]| ARTIST:[/b] Broken Bells [b]| MATURE:[/b] Yes [b]| COUNTRY:[/B] America [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVxTsXRjNTw[/media][/center] I noticed that a lot of artists are using the whole space and alien metaphor thing but for some reason, no one quite does it like Broken Bells. I think I only love this video because of how much it reminds me of Cowboy Bebop though, I know it's meaning is much deeper than that. The plot revolves around this beautiful actress who sells herself for the opportunity at stardom but after giving everything she has, in the end, her dream is unfulfilled and the promise of stardom and fame was all a lie. I supposed it's a metaphor on how far people will go to reach stardom only to realize it wouldn't really make you happy. Overall, I think the video is edited well, the actress protrays the right emotions and ultimately, you end up feeling sympathy for her. For a five minute video, I have to say, this one is the only one whose meaning delves much deeper and touches something in you that a lot of people fail to see. We all want to be famous but how far are we really willing to go to get there? And for what? A barren land of broken dreams. Overall, it's a great video to go with an amazing song that touches on the same subjects. Recommend, recommend, recommend! So, there's my top four. For today, anyway. I might change my mind when another awesome video invades the airways but for now, enjoy![/font]
  3. [font="Palatino Linotype"][quote]Last time I got a fortune cookie, it said something about me having good luck in the real estate business. ... what.[/quote] I tend to get a lot of fortunes like that. Our favourite chinese restaraunts must buy their fortune cookies from the same place. I also get ones that say something about me traveling the world. Huh, maybe I'll be able to support my worldly travels with my successful real estate business. I'm one lucky bastard. Seriously though, despite how cheesy they are, I do love fortune cookies. I'm the one that makes everyone pick their own cookie instead of passing them out to them. If I pass it out it's like I'm picking their fortune for them and there's really no fun in that![/font]
  4. [FONT="Georgia"][quote name='Matt']In regards to the casting, I love who they did for Bella. I saw her in "Speak", and she was a wonderfully casted actress... And then we have who was cast as Edward. The actor does have a sense of arrogance with him, and he looks more like a Lestat than an Edward. But, he does have a hint of that noble dignity that we saw in Edward, so I still have high hopes for him.[/QUOTE] I think I very easily adapted to Robert Pattinson as Edward. To me, he does have that very inticing and peircing gaze I have always pictured Edward with. It kills me to learn that not everyone likes this actor; I love the guy. I heard tell that he has already read [I]all three[/I] of the books as well. That there just improves my view of him. It's comforting to know that the actor that will be playing the role is extremely familiar with the character, which will make him all the more believable. I get this weird feeling, too, that once everyone sees Robert Pattinson in the movie and how well he executes his role, everyone's opinion of him will change. I suggest he get ready for a new set of fangirls...and boys. As for the quote I stole, I saw Kristen Stewart in Panic Room a few days after they announced that she will play Bella. I must say I agree, she [I]was[/I] a wonderfully casted actress. I was having doubts about her until I saw that movie. I am extremely happy with the casting so far and as well as I picture Emmett and Jacob in my head, I don't think the Twilight production team will let me down.[/FONT]
  5. [FONT="Georgia"]Dear God I was happy to find this thread. Not a lot of people I know have read the books so it's always refreshing to find someone that shares a common interest. So far, I 've read all three books in the series and impatiently await the final one, Breaking Dawn. Oh, and I'm not sure if you've heard, but the movie is something that's got me all rabid fan girlish. I am extremely excited about it. As for Mrs. Meyers casting, apparently the production crew did take note of it but as Mrs. Meyers always claims that she has no say in who will be cast and they will be more concerned with acting talent; looks are always secondary. So far the casting of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan did mildly disappoint me but if during the movie she can convince me, I've no problem in believing she's Bella. The crew has also visited the city of Forks to discuss the scenery and locations that will be used for the picture. [URL="http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20070926/NEWS/709260302"][U]Peninsula Daily News[/U][/URL] Besides that, I am hoping that they choose Steven Strait as "older, New Moon" Jacob. He is the only one I can see portraying that sexy beast.[/FONT]
  6. [font=courier new]I liked reading a lot of your misconceptions and after getting through most of them, I feel kind of ashamed of most of my childhood misconceptions. I know I have more of them but these are the only ones I can remember: - Ever since I can remember, I always noticed that Santa was always the "jolly big guy" at the mall and I used to think maybe he was a little "too big" to fit into the chimneys. I always imagined he had this small pouch at his side with magic glitter that made him shrink himself so he can fit under the cracks of my front door. Another thing that made me think that was the fact that my house had no chimney. T_T - Sometimes I used to stay up and watch Scooby Doo at night and I used to be afraid to get off my bed in the morning because I always thought the monsters were real and that they would pull me under the bed. I also thought that "The Gang" were real people too and that every show was based on actual events. - The trees behind the houses across my street are really tall and of all of them the only one that stands out the most is a big dead branch that never grows any leaves. I always thought (and sometimes still do) that it never grew leaves because all the people that ever died would sit on that tree branch as ghosts. - I also thought that cats made loud meows at night because ghosts would be running by them. I still get kind of scared when all the cats on my block meow at the same time. I think that's it. I can't remember anymore of them.[/font]
  7. [font=georgia]Yay for more Flyleaf Fans! "Breathe Today" and "Fully Alive" are some of my favourite songs by them. I haven't bought their album yet but I'm planning to soon. The lack of employment really gets to you after a while. T_T But anyways, excited to see more fans of the band on here. Curious though, where did you first hear of them? My friend recommended them to me a few weeks ago at school. Since then they've pretty muched rocked my world.[/font]
  8. [FONT=COURIER NEW]I think one of my main problems is probably that of any other teenager these days, it's that no one seems to understand me and it seems like everyone is quick to judge. I grew up with only brothers and spend alot of time with several friends who listen to only hip hop or r&b music so when I attempt to branch out from the ordinary and start listening to bands like My Chemical Romance or Coheed and Cambria they think I'm suicidal and/or depressed. I personally do not understand how people can gain such an impression just by the music I like but, yeah. I guess that's my only problem. They sometimes ask me (and I quote from a friend of my brother's) "[I]I don't see how you can grow up with them, *motions towards older brother* and listen to that.[/I]"[/FONT]
  9. [FONT=COURIER NEW]I think I like school every now and then. I think school probably offers a good opurtunity to not only learn the same stuff as the year before but to meet alot of unique people that you probably wouldn't even know existed. Most of the people in this thread probably met some of thier best friends in school but who knows, I could be wrong? Well anyways, (my response always seems to stray off) to further answer your question school is okay up to a certain point. I think I probably enjoyed most of my school days during middle school. Mostly because I skipped most of my classes and found new ways to run the halls without forging a teacher's signature on my hall passes all the time. :D[/FONT]
  10. [FONT=COURIER NEW]My list of artists and songs is somewhat of a wierd one but I like to listen to a wide variety of music so yeah. Here you go: [B]*[/B]"La Tortura"-Shakira [B]*[/B]"Haunted"-Evanescence [B]*[/B]"Put Your Money"-Ludacris feat. DMX [B]*[/B]"This Is The Best Day Ever"-My Chemical Romance [B]*[/B]"La Baraja"-Banda Jerez [B]*[/B]"B.Y.O.B"-System of a Down [B]*[/B]"American Idiot"-Green Day [B]*[/B]"Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"-Panic! At The Disco [B]*[/B]"Dance, Dance"-Fall Out Boy [B]*[/B]"Dear Jamie...Sincerely Me"-Hellogoodbye [B]*[/B]"To The End"-My Chemical Romance I know the last one is from a repeated artist but I really like that band.:p[/FONT]
  11. [FONT=COURIER NEW]I always get alot of wierd dreams but usually forget them after a couple of days. But anyways one that I remember from last week is that I was like at this club or in a party or something and I was sitting next to this guy. I guess in my dream I was going out with him because I mean I was all over this guy and for some reason I happen to put my hand on his stomach and the guy was [b]pregnant[/b]! As soon as I found that out the entire party scene changed. Everyone was still at the party but they were all sitting down. No one was doing anything, they were just sitting there, not talking or drinking or anything. I looked around and I saw my Ma next to me cleaning out the fridge in my kitchen, then I woke up...that was probably the wierdest dream that I remember. The fact that the man was pregnant and I was messing with him is probably what made it seem more like a nightmare than "just a dream."[/FONT]
  12. [FONT=COURIER NEW]When I get bored I usually just listen to music or take a bunch of pictures. I'm a camera whore and a playback junkie, so most of my time is spent doing that. If I run out of film and the batteries in my Cd player died, I draw or run around my house screaming at the top of my lungs...no, not really, I just draw and maybe take my dog for a walk when it's not cold outside. But it's very rare that I don't have an extra pair of batteries.:p[/FONT]
  13. [FONT=COURIER NEW]My friends and I have this weird thing where we call each other dork, loser, nerd, so on and so forth. Since everyone seems to call me the "loser" or the "dork" I had a choice, so I just went with loser...well yeah, that's pretty much it. Not a lot of creativity in it or imagination to it, just some simple friendship bullshtuff.[/FONT]
  14. [FONT=COURIER NEW][quote name='Tical's Foxboy']talk about what they like and there interests, being kind aslo helps becasuse once someone sees how nice ya are they might consider you[/quote] Yup, what TiCal's F. Boy said. Alot of people always tend to talk about themselves or things they like. You should ask her questions too. Maybe learn a little more about her so you can actually find out if there is things you two might like and have a more interesting conversation. That stuff usually works, but even if you don't have anything in common always remember opposites attract. Most of the time.lol.[/FONT]
  15. [FONT=COURIER NEW]I haven't been watching a lot of movies lately, but some of the ones I have seen and liked are The Ring, The Amittyville Horror, and 28 Days Later. I think those are the only one's that I can really remember at the moment. Although I tend to like vampire movies more, there hasn't really been one that would actually "scare" me anymore. Most of them nowadays show a lot of romance and mushy type stuff and not all that blood and voilence that they used to be about. But hey, I guess times change, right?[/FONT]
  16. [FONT=COURIER NEW]As of right now, I listen to a lot of punk bands, which of course include My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Halifax, and I guess, The White Stripes. Although I do in fact listen to a wide variety of music which include bands and artists like Hellogoodbye and Gwen Stefani, the majority of my music is what people like to call "punk" or "emo." And although a lot of new bands are breaking out, probably (if you have yet to notice) one of my favorite ones has to be My Chemical Romance. I love their lyrics and just the entire sound of anything they do. So, yeah...I guess that' it.lol.[/FONT]
  17. [FONT=COURIER NEW]My favorite genre of movie would have to be those weird psychotic thrillers (that always try to make you firgure out what exactly is going on), horror movies, and comedies. As of now, one of my favorite movies happens to be "The Nightmare Before Christmas" which although it is in fact an "old" movie and quite "childish" according to my brother, I still find it very appealing. Another movie that I've always been a fan of is "Queen of the Damned" because, I too, am a fan of vampire movies, although "Blade" really doesn't fall under that category to me. Maybe because I've grown so tired of seeing it on T.V. Another movie that I liked (although it did creep me out for more than a few days) was the "Amittyville Horor." The fact that all those things in that movie were based on actaul events was the thing that kept me up at night. Finally, when it comes to comedies, I guess comedies don't really need a plot to me for them to be funny. Like "Napoleon Dynamite" I really didn't get what the plot of the movie was or what he and Pedro were trying to accomplish, but I didn't necessarily care. Just as long as the movie is funny, that's all that matters to me. :p[/FONT]
  18. [FONT=COURIER NEW]If I could change something about myself, I think it would my entire lifestyle. [B]Everyday I pretty much do the same thing:[/B] come home from school, draw, procrastinate on my homework and reports, spend the entire day listening to music and that's about it. Everything I'm currently doing is affecting my grades and because I spend all day locked in my room listening to music, my Ma is beginning to think that I'm "depressed." I know what I should start doing and although I like trying new things for some reason I'm always afraid to take the next step mostly for fear of failure. I hate sucking at stuff and I'm a very competitive person. If what I do doesn't work the way I wanted to I'll feel like everything I did or worked for was a total waste of time and never attempt it again. I want to work on [B]actually focusing on my life after high school.[/B] I have a year and a half to go and so far haven't done anything positive with the opportunities I've been presented with at school. [B]At this moment I don't even really know where my life is heading.[/B] So I guess, that's what I'll change, my lifestyle. Maybe look for a job, join afterschool activities, or actually try to do me homework for once.[/FONT]
  19. [FONT="COURIER NEW"]I usually don't spend a lot of time at the forums, so when I'm not doing "this" I usually spend my entire day listening to music. I also like to read or draw or do something constructive and artsy. In the end though, I pretty much get tired of the contructive-ness and go back to the music thing. (I'm a music dork :p).[/FONT]
  20. [FONT="COURIER NEW"]At the moment some of my biggest addictions are My Chemical Romance (surprise, surprise), Chuck Taylors, and doodling, sketching, drawing, etc. I recently became addicted to these things after being introduced to them by friends or family. Like My Chemical Romance, I learned about that group when I was at school and a friend let me listen to some cd he had. I was all like "I can't believe people actually listen to this stuff," but now, their music has become part of my everyday life. There's not one day that goes by without me singing one of their songs. The Chuck Taylor thing came by kind of randomly when I couldn't find the K-Swiss' I wanted so I just said "**** it" and grabbed some Chuck T's. Now everytime I go to the mall I choose another style and another color of the same shoes. Finally, the drawing and sketching thing started when they assigned me a Graphics class for the year. Every piece of work that I turn in at school has some form of writing or doodling that makes no sense. It's gotten me into trouble on certain occasions, like when I get caught in class, but I somehow find it so hard to actually pay attention to the teacher. Ah well, I guess we all find it hard huh? Well yup, I guess those are my current addictions but I'm pretty sure there'll be more to come.:p[/FONT]
  21. [FONT=COURIER NEW]I would very much rather die than live forever and watch my family and friends die around me. I've always had this weird idea that there was always a life after death and all that stuff. So if I were indeed to die I'd still be around to watch over my family no matter what. Although, there is always the vampire thing where you forever become the living dead, but I guess that doesn't really count in such a situation or with the question you asked.lol.[/FONT]
  22. [FONT=COURIER NEW]I'm really not a big suckEr for love but when I had my first crush I fell hard. He was like the sexiest man I had ever seen in the world! He had these beautiful green eyes and dark hair, man he was just perfect. I had barely started my Freshman year in high school and of all the people there he was the first one I noticed when I was walking the halls one day. I so wanted to talk to him but couldn't really think of the right thinks to say, so I never met him and he never knew me. Probably my only stupid mistake. I'm a Junior now and I haven't seen him since my Sophmore year and although I'm way over him I wouldn't mind seeing him again maybe just to introduce myself.[/FONT]
  23. [FONT=COURIER NEW]For Christmas I really, really want My Chemical Romance's new CD (seeing as I have yet to buy it. :b), maybe a new camera and I think that's about it. I actually want a lot of stuff but we can't always get everything we want so those two things are the most important to me. If I don't get either one of those my Christmas would be ruined! Or I'll just have to find a job to buy my camera and CD.lol.[/FONT]
  24. [FONT=COURIER NEW] I don't normally like to be labeled and find such things to be quite funny, but I thought this was a good topic to discuss.lol. Although my school is much too small for such things (we don't have anything but a basketball team) but we do indeed have preps and such. I happen to fall under the label: Class clown or loser, which explains my username.lol. I'm a Junior in high school now and since my freshman year I never really cared what people thought of me, but it was quite funny to see how many labels I've actually been labeled under. They've called me punk, loser, geek, dork, clown,etc. all of which seem to fall under: Loser, so in other words they're all pretty much the same to me anyway.lol. I guess High School just couldn't be High School if there were'nt any labels.[/FONT]
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