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  1. Lucy

    Art Graphic Worm 2009

    [FONT=Georgia]Gosh darn! That's a tough piece to follow. . . . Excellent! Claimed. [/FONT] [indent][color=green][size=1][b]Boo-[/b] Lucy has pretty much exceeded their timelimit twicefold, so if anyone feels like claiming, feel free to. Until then I'll leave Lucy at her spot, because no one else has put themselves available yet.[/size][/color][/indent]
  2. [FONT=Georgia][COLOR="Sienna"][size=1]Refer to my current signature. I feel like you guys are entitled to an explanation as there is room for misinterpretation. And before "bestiality" comes into mind, here it is:[/size] [b][u]Hobbies featured:[/u][/b] [b]1)[/b] Playing with Photoshop's blending filters; [b]2)[/b] looking at pictures of pretty boys; hence [b]3)[/b] listening to songs by hide (whose song "Beauty & Stupid" is also featured here); and [b]4)[/b] collecting yaoi. [size=1]Quite evident, wasn't it? [/size][/COLOR][/FONT]
  3. Lucy

    Art Graphic Worm 2008

    [color=#656446]So sorry for the delay! [center][URL="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/071.jpg"][IMG]http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/th_071.jpg[/IMG] [B]_\|Fans|/_[/B][/URL] [/center][/Color]
  4. Lucy

    Art Graphic Worm 2008

    [COLOR=#656446]Let me try.[/cOLOR]
  5. Lucy

    Request Make kids happy.

    [color=#656446]Now here's a unique request! Had loads of fun looking up boarding passes, especially when one link lead me to a repository of airline meal pictures! I do hope your students like it! Your suggestions are very much welcome. [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/lolly.png"][b][center]airtran Boarding Pass[/center][/b][/URL] If you need more tickets, i.e. train stubs, destination stickers, please let us know.[/color]
  6. Lucy

    Art Graphic Worm 2008

    [CENTER][COLOR=#656446][FONT="Georgia"]Here it is! [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/tongari.jpg][IMG]http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/th_tongari.jpg[/IMG] 99 Luftballons[/url][/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]
  7. Lucy

    Art 20 (at-a-time) Theme Challenge!!

    [COLOR=#656446]Lovely idea, yakiimo! May I claim [i]Smile[/i]?[/COLOR]
  8. Lucy

    Art Graphic Worm 2008

    [color=#656446][font=Georgia]Ooh! Controversy! Just kidding. Capital piece, Shishou! Great, lovely, stupendous background! (It's much better than mine, I admit!) Will have the next piece up in 24 hours.[/font][/COLOR]
  9. [color=#656446][FONT="Georgia"]Hmm... I feel sheepish. So that would mean that I get to make another piece? Alright, I'll have it up in the next 24 hours. [b]I guarantee it![/b][/FONT][/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=#656446][FONT=Georgia]My piece is finally up! I thought I'd bump this thread just to let everybody know that the next spot is open. I do hope someone claims it; I've a pretty easy transition set up.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  11. Lucy


    [color=#656446][FONT="Georgia"][b]Mmm... Bacon![/b] (I'm quite sure that I wasn't the only one who uttered those two glorious words that only once during a blue moon aren't spoken together.) I luuuuurv bacon. Give me crispy ones, give me limp ones, give me burnt ones. Honey-flavored? Heaven on a pork strip. Oh how it sizzles when it first touches the greaseless face of a pan! How the fat melts away to reveal the glorious coloration of the crinkled erubescent meat folia! Fascinating! It should be renamed [i]Devil's Food Meat[/i]: the fat dripping from the strips are like yellow CAUTION flagging tapes, but bacon draws you in like a freak road accident that the most prudent onlooker just can't ignore.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  12. Lucy

    It's a sunburn I swear.

    [COLOR=#656446][FONT="Georgia"]My tendency to blush after ingesting alcohol is something I got from my Hispanic maternal side. Unlike my full-blooded Filipino relatives whose capillaries seem to ignore the effects of alcohol, my maternal relatives go very red when drunk. I have a pinkish sort of blush, like it's being tempered by my father's blood. Very pretty, especially against [i]mestiza[/i] skin. I honestly don't know of anyone with East Asian descent who turns red when drunk. Then again, they all are [i]chino mestizos[/i].[/FONT][/COLOR]
  13. Lucy

    Art Graphic Worm 2008

    [COLOR=#656446][FONT="Georgia"]I wish to claim the spot after Shishou. EDIT: Alright, here it is! I hope it jives well with the previous piece. [center][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=26648&stc=1&d=1217434580][color=#9c0c0d][b][IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=26648&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1217434562[/IMG] 99 Luftballons[/b][/COLOR][/url][/center][/FONT][/COLOR] [color=#ededed],,[/color]
  14. Lucy

    Art Banner Critique

    [COLOR=#656446][FONT="Georgia"]Retribution uses Arial, doesn't he? There was a time when he used them in almost [i]everything[/i], and they all looked good. You know why? Fonts are just like the PLBD (perfect little black dress) or any other good accessory - say a wide belt or chunky coral jewelry - the trick is to know how to work it with everything. Inject it into your formals, work it into your casuals, your Sunday best, your denims. So get to know your fonts. Get to know each letter's every curve, every serif, height, width, placement and feel. It's not rocket science, really. If it looks good to you, que sera sera. Experiment. Don't be afraid to use text; I don't think you need to switch from Arial nor do you have to shorten the text. In your case, the devil lies in text placement. Many artists insert text just so people can read the caption. But really, the text becomes unnoticeable and forgettable if you just put it anywhere you like. What we have to do is to consciously incorporate the text into our designs. Not just type, [i]incorporate[/i]. Hide it in the background, repeat it to form a pattern, make it glow, make it transparent, burn it into your background.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  15. Lucy


    [color=#656446][FONT="Georgia"]Once again, Squenix saves the day! *cue in Final Fantasy victory theme* Ah, one more thing. Get a manicure. Or a pedicure. Or a new haircut. Or hell, a round of therapeutic shopping. See how much free time you have now?[/FONT][/color]