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  1. What about, who is it, Envy that shape shifts. I thought in fma, envy was more feminine than in fma:b. I just settled with androgyny.
  2. [quote name='chibi-master' timestamp='1315600767' post='709368'] Possibly one of the most argued-over subjects in any household. What pizza toppings do you like? If I'm in a group, pepperoni is the usual choice, but I much prefer [b]ham and pineapple![/b] I can't eat anything spicy, so peppers are never an option. If I don't feel like having pineapple, I just get meat lover's. I also kind of dislike cheese pizza. It just seems like a sad, naked slice of failure. If you're going to get pizza, it may as well have something on it besides the basics. [/quote] Yay, gay pizza!!!! Personally I used to like cheese as a kid but I usually stick with the standard peporoni maybe add pineapple. I also have no quarrels with a meat lovers.
  3. Update. Started collecting One Piece. I need to start just buying them and not reading them, because I can read a whole on in an hour or so. I attained more Tenchi books but like two up to book 9 or 12 I forget.
  4. How many books are there? I'm up to book 6, lol. I feel like I'm way behind!
  5. [quote name='Inuyasha Fandom' timestamp='1280297455' post='698085'] Yes.... Turn Dr. Phil into an anime.... and you'll have the worse anime ever lol [/quote] Ever seen the squiglvision cartoon D. Katz. There you go. I agree with any game based anime. The exception would be the original Yu-Gi-Oh. They did good work. Any season after the original cast made there leave is just unacceptable. Especially now, they duel while racing on retarded looking motorcycles? Prince of Tennis. Sorry, I'm not that fond of tennis and it seemed like they tried to take an anime about ordinary school kids and bump it up. Tennis is not that serious. I'll be the second to nominate Shin Chan. The little niche audience they tried to entertain is just way too small. The animation and whatnot from what I seen was just too much. I wouldn't watch it if it was hentai. I would like to defend Lupin The third. It was made in the 50's, that's why it look s like it does. It's animation was(like most anime) above most of what USA was putting out and still is somewhat. It's early anime, it looks like what early anime looks like. Eve see Kakaider? Same style. Hell Astro Boy still uses that style in all versions.
  6. I remember watching anime as a kid before I really knew what it was. I started watching DBZ before CN got the license to show it, back when it was on Fox's sister channel [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UPN]UPN[/url] or whatever it would be called in your city. Which was also the channel to air Sonic Underground. That and the stuff Fox and the WB aired in the 90's to early 2000's like Fighting Food-On's. Of course I seen what CN had to offer at the time. I mean what did the USA have to offer that was as advanced in art style? I watched USA toons too but only a few of them actually had decent art. Such as anything from Detective Comics, Big Guy and Rusty, Xyber 9, NASCAR Racers and so on. Hell yeah, I still watch and read. Even though CN has been airing stuff I didn't think they ever would, I feel like I'm going to eventually find something better than whats on TV o not as dubbed or americanized(made "safer" to Read or more PC or whatever) because it seems like Viz and Shonen are about as bad as the anime dubbers. I want to have a decent collection of both anime and manga. I think this site has helped change me as a fan. My number one stuff to look for is always something with giant mechs in it like D.I.C.E. or Gundam. Then there's also stuff to hit the other senses like Dessert Punk, RODTV, Trigun, Ultimate Muscle. Sometimes it's best just to watch or read it. Some people say they don't like trying new stuff. I didn't like Death Note but I watched it just to see. I tried to endure Witch Hunter Robin. Just make your self watch or read something. I wish it hadn't took me so long to start getting One Piece Manga. I should have started buying them when CN stopped airing it. I just get a tad intimidated with long run books. That's why I don't buy comic books.
  7. I think I've seen Escaflowne before. I've got a few Tenchi movies, can't wait to move on to buying actual tv episodes. I've got all of Outlaw Star and trying to get all of Trigun. I've been collecting One Piece manga and with Borders closing I feel it's gonna get harder. I think it's bullspit. I stole books 4-10 of the all new Tenchi series from a library but I'm missing like two or three. I only have like the first six One Piece books. I have a loooonnngggg way to go. I can read one in a day, so I'm going to try not to read them till I have a few. I need to see anime outside of AS and the CW. Sometimes I feel like a poser saying "Yeah I watch anime. I always watch adult swim." Or something like that. At least for a while the CW went ol skool and aired Cubix. Now they want to air DBZ"kai" as if it's something new and the season 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh.
  8. [quote name='Sangome' timestamp='1299772889' post='705581'] [color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]Would somebody please tell me the point of wearing headphones if you're going to have your music so flippin' loud, I can hear it as clear as day anyway? Some people may not realize it's so loud, but others...there's just no way. This is distressingly common at my college, and has me convinced half the alumni are going to become completely deaf by age 30.[/font][/color] [/quote] Theres this and then there's those who can't control their voice volume and try to talk over the music so they can hear themselves. And when people talk to you expecting you to hear then over your earphones-sometimes I can but you shouldn't expect it. I DO like to mouth words till people pull off their earphones or pause only to see I'm not really talking.
  9. I don't know what this new craze is with the gigapet syle shows giving us this so called NT Warrior nonsense. This is the only Megaman I know: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX_XKIZ1aPc&feature=related[/media]
  10. [quote name='Jeje' timestamp='1298133284' post='705113'] [color="#556B2F"][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]That would work only if I [i]had[/i] a dryer. And besides they would have to be washed again since they were left in there for so long. [i]And[/i] there was no other place to put the clothes, too.[/font][/size][/color] [/quote] THen I retract my statement, I'd just set it on top or whereever. My bad. [quote name='chibi-master' timestamp='1298135572' post='705114'] You could stop being lazy and do what I do. Use a better vocabulary that does not consist of swear words so that the censors aren't usually a problem. There are some good times for swearing, but the internet is not just for adults and you have to be considerate of others. [/quote] I'm not being lazy and even on uncensored sites I don't use that much profanity unless I want to. I'd like the option to use it. [quote name='Nerdsy' timestamp='1298583107' post='705232'] [color=deeppink]Youtube notifying me of old content from my subscriptions. I know the muppets channel was updated a month ago, I saw it then. Stop telling me. And while I'm on the subject of internet, I hate it when a page won't scroll down until it loads. Or, even worse, when it [i]constantly shoots me up to the top of the page[/i] everytime a new widget finishes loading or whatever the hell is making it do that.[/color] [/quote] OR when you think it loaded but when you scroll down and it just sorta "stretches" the top part of the page. I hate when backpacks or suitecases or similar have two zippers and people just slide both of them to one side instead of in the middle. Farts. It's nasty-go outside or to the bathroom. People who stand on escalators. I don't know why but I feel as if it makes you lazy. If you walk you'll get there faster.
  11. [quote name='Lyndy' timestamp='1297643995' post='704958'] [font="Times New Roman"][color="#556B2F"][size="3"]I [i]really[/i] hate it when my mom starts a load of laundry on Friday night and doesn't finish it until Sunday night/Monday morning so I can't wash my clothes. Not only do I not get my clothes clean, my mom would have to wash the clothes again and waste more water. I swear, this might be my new biggest pet peeve, if not a close second. I mean, really, how EFFING lazy can you be to not finish a damn load?! ._. UGH[/size][/color][/font] [/quote] You could stop being lazy and do what I do, whatevers in the washer goe sin the dryer and if theres something in he dryer(Like there always effing is) put it in their bedroom. I hate slow walkers, and hate if even more when the situation is on a set of steps. When your at a light and are either: in the left lane and the right lane has parked cars the block over, Or are in he right lane and a car pulls over in the parking lane with parked cars a block over. And they think they can just zoom off to jump in front of you. I happen to drive a Bronco and it can hold it's own. I hate these idiots that do this and it happens in the same few places where cars are known for parking. WHy oh why you dumbaz mutha luver do you do this. I love reading he opposite light and taking off a second before the green to prove my point of how stupid they are or if traffic is already flowing, keeping it neck & neck so they hafta stop and wait for who knows how many cars. Sometimes it doesn't work, but when it does, I think they should get the picture when you put them in their place. The cigarette ban, Eff you, mother effers! People who read aloud, especially when they can't read. Here's a hint if you read aloud and you sound like there's a 3-8 second effing gap between each word, but you can carry on a conversation with fluency and ease, then STFU, you can't read. I don't wanna hear your stammering 2nd grade level reading skills. I want to take the book your reading and beat you about the head with it's spine, maybe then you'll forget how to read or will read as though you already knew every line of text. Babies- just for being the involent whiny, cryingy, annoying, don't do what their told little effers. I pretty much hate babies for being babies. Websites that censor profanity. as a grown-azed man I should not be censored. People who call stuff what it's not, like my Bronco a truck(its a god damned SUV) or like when my fiance keeps calling a certain Circle K a Dairy Mart because at one time that's what was there, but those are gone forever. And it was forever ago when it was there. People telling me to have a seat, i'll sit when ready and people telling me to calm down when I'm mad just makes me more mad.
  12. The first time I blew up the observatory in vigilante 8 2nd offense and I went to inspect the giant meteor-only to be destroyed by a giant green beam shooting ant.
  13. [quote name='Magus' timestamp='1279633699' post='697509'] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16lsJREj9vY[/media] Hmm... Deadpool ought to be lucky he's Deadpool lol, or otherwise I would've lost the manly image I had of him. [/quote] I think sombody needs to learn the definition of breaking the fourth wall
  14. I was gonna say Ghost in The Shell, but if you really think about it...
  15. I stopped watching Naruto when it started coming on a channel I don't get. I watched One Piece till it got caught between Fox Kids and CN and then to Limbo.
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