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  1. [QUOTE]Shinmaru is not at fault! Shinmaru is not at fault! Shinmaru is not at fault! Shinmaru is not at fault! Shinmaru is not at fault! Shinmaru is not at fault! kj kasjk asj kl boot crack fazzah! [Script error at line 201][/QUOTE] Anyway, seriously, hope things on the bot crack down go well. Spam is a big pain, and the more they are undetected, the more they grow. >>
  2. Wow, lots of posts in such a short time... I'll be claiming next! And Drift - LOL on the Jade roll... XD edit: And done. [URL=http://s250.photobucket.com/albums/gg262/j_mauru/graphicworm/?action=view¤t=kaminakio.jpg][IMG]http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg262/j_mauru/graphicworm/th_kaminakio2.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Thanks to Shinmaru for providing the raw image without the subtitles. [QUOTE][size=1][color=green][indent][b]Boo-[/b] This image is rather off in the transition, so I'm sending jomz a PM about it. (:[/size][/color][/indent][/QUOTE] Edit: Thanks for the heads-up. Fixed the transition. Hope everything goes well from here... Thanks. ^^
  3. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]Oh we've been doing that for years here. I think I even nominated 'Bashing Shinmaru' one year for the Nifty 50 because of how widespread it had become. -Shy[/size][/QUOTE] What? This is his fault, too? :O Shinmaru really does spread the blame...
  4. Name: Breeze B. Eir Age: 14 - 15 Devil Fruit: Unkown. Ate a devil fruit, yet did not know what it was... (note: He actually ate the Scythe Fruit (Kama Kama no mi) since the user was a filler character and since he fell down Reverse Mountain, he's most likely dead... so no problem with recurring fruits along the series - hurray!) Personality: Happy-go-lucky and very friendly, he came from a small village on an island near a marine base. He accidentally ate a devil fruit, and lacks the knowledge on how to use it... When he decided to be a pirate, he tried to stow-away on a merchant ship by hiding in a barrel. However, after a few days of travel, he found himself in the midst of a fearsome sea battle between the marines and a group of pirates. The ship he was riding got sunk, and he was saved from drowning with the help of his barrel. He later found himself in the water-filled engine room of a pirate ship... He has a dream of having his own crew and sail the seas and find One Piece. He also dreams of confirming the existence of Sky Island and visiting it. His intelligence and sanity is also sometimes questioned... :D but sometimes pull it off due to luck. Note: I hope I'm not too late in joining... by the way, we got no backstage thread for this?
  5. I'm in an archipelago in South East Asia... the Philippines. So anyone from around here as well? Let me see... the place I'm living in is now known for it's world-class wakeboard cable park. We also got this beautiful Volcano. The city where I am in now is starting to see progress, and is starting to get urbanized. It may not be like our country's capital, but at least it's moving in a positive direction. Wow, a European meet-up. Cool.
  6. I'm always bored... that's why I try to find lots of stuff to do... Daydreaming is nice - or maybe make a fictional post of something... I don't know. Play games, watch tv, take a walk, eat... XD Lots of random stuff. TheO chat is also a good place to ease the boredom.
  7. “Whew, I’m saved!” a voice from behind the kitchen of the Spiral King said. “I can’t believe I survived that… Who would have guessed that the ship I stowed myself in was a marine ship – and to top it all off, got itself in a battle and lost… Good thing I was in that barrel or I would have died for sure…” A man’s voice happily spoke to himself as he ate some meat. “I wonder who this shi-“ “Hello there, are you new?” A voice from behind said, causing Breeze B. Eir to nearly choke… *cough, cough* “Hey, are you alright?” It was one of Garlock’s recruit. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Eir said as he gulped down some water. “You do realize that the captain will be mighty pissed if he finds you stealing from the fridge…” The crewman said Eir scratched his head embarrassingly as the crewman left, after telling him that he should just eat with them outside. * * * “Oh, they seem to be having some fun. It’s like a party out there… Alright!” Eir said as he looked at the crewmembers eating. He inched his way over to the group. He sat down beside a crewmember, who – unknown to him, was Tetra. “What are you doing with an empty plate? Our cook will be unhappy if crewmen are hungry! Here.” Tetra handed Eir a plateful. “Thanks!” Eir began eating. “This sure is a fine crew…” He thought to himself. Garlock, after emptying his bottle slowly walked to his cabin. He saw his crew eating, well, more like having a ruckus, then he noticed something. He saw a guy wearing a light-brown pair of pants and leather coat, a pair of boots, a long, white scarf on his neck and a pair of goggles strapped to his head. Garlock raised an eyebrow and smelling something fishy, he slowly walked over to the person. “Enjoying yourself, boy?” Garlock spoke behind the new guy. Eir turned around, and answered with a smile. “I sure am!” ----------------------------------------------------------- OOC: Thought of joining the story. So... I wonder what will the Captain do? Will he throw me out of his ship? XD
  8. The first time that they do that act, maybe it can be forgived. Given the example of the child, since it was done on an innocent knowledge of the child, then it can... However, once that child knows that the word is hurtful to others, yet continues to use it without regard, then I guess, that act is the one that needs punishment...
  9. [quote name='Ikillion'][COLOR=#35160f][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"] That my friend, would be awesome. While I can't see him joining up with luffy's troop, I can't really see him going into another long drawn out fight with him either. I mean, how many times will you be handed a "get out of jail free card" at Impel Down? Also, am I the only one who's wondering what happened to the other nine of the eleven supernovas? last we saw most of them were down and out, and wouldn't it be a pleasant surprise to find them on their quest for ace?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Since it will be a while before the next chapter comes out, I'm guessing they might have been caught and tossed in Impel Down... As per report of the number of pirates caught, there's a good chance that they might be among them. Then, Luffy might end up gathering one mighty force if he can let them join for a free ticket out of Jail. [spoiler] White Beard will attack from the outside, then Luffy and company causing havok from the inside, man that would be insane! The Marines' force would be divided. And Luffy is bound to get an even larger bounty. [/spoiler]
  10. [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE UNIVERSE NARUTO IS SMART AND SASUKE HASN'T APPEARED IN LIKE 30 CHAPTERS AND THIS FIGHT IS GOOD WHERE DID KISHI GO RIGHT?!?!?! [/FONT][/QUOTE] The Universe will come to an end! Or... we could hypothesize that Naruto's current brain was a result of the lack of Sasuke... Kishi sent them to Naruto. O_O Either way, it's a fun fight to see.
  11. Ah, now I remember... he got it when they left thriller bark... :D [spoiler]I'm also thinking that Kuma might be seeing this "new era" thing, despite being a pacifista. Afer all, he did report to Marine HQ that he "eliminated" the strawhats, despite the fact that he just scattered them all around grandline... Unless... seeing how he sent them to different dangerous places, he was not hoping that they would survive... Also, I find it fun to see old villains reappearing again. Good thing they were not killed before. ^_^ If Luffy fight with Crocodile again, what are the chances that he might win? I am betting he'll have a better chance now than before. I would certainly find it funny if for some strange reason, he gets Crocodile on his bandwagon... like how he got Buggy and Mr.3. I also hope Mr. 2 gets to join their break-out. ^_^ [/spoiler]
  12. Wow, I'm starting to like his rasenshuriken now... [spoiler] It's actually like a shuriken, which you can really throw, not just shaped like a star and given a fancy name. At least the damage that the user gets when that technique is used was eliminated. Nasty drain on chakra, though... [/spoiler]
  13. Hello everyone! Finally made it to One Piece 529... Alright, let me see... [spoiler] I am having second thoughts about Kuma's motive... why did he merely banish the Strawhat crew, instead of leaving them to be obliterated? It could be that he actually was touched by what Zorro did on thriller bark... That even the most "loyal" of the Shichibukai would make a second sparing of their lives... Also, I am having fun at watching the sudden change of personalities by the Boa Hancock... specially with Luffy around... Ah, it's too bad she is unlikely to join the crew... Sanji would be jealous. XD Though the chances of her joining the crew at the drop of a hat if Luffy asks her is highly probable... [/spoiler] also: [quote name='Magus']h. Uh.. [spoiler]Hancock[/spoiler] is an interesting yet funny character. I don't know where they got the idea to [spoiler]look up to talk down to people[/spoiler], but you can't help but chuckle at that. (even though it's stupid.) It's too bad Sanji (I feel so sorry for him LOL) didn't arrive there though. [spoiler]Having Robin work hard labor is just not right. (I'm a Robin fan dangit) Should've had Zoro to be there.[/spoiler][/rant] The only people I think that ended up in decent spots were Zoro, Luffy and Nami. [/QUOTE] [spoiler]if Sanji ended up in Hancock's island, it's more likely he'll end up being petrified... XD. Robin also have a fair chance to escape, specially if those cuffs are ordinary ones. If Zorro was sent there, he would have died - seeing that he was in a terrible condition to start with. I also see Nami gaining more powerful items from that weather station. XD [/spoiler] Oh, almost forgot... I have not noticed it, but when did Luffy get that armband of his (which was given by Nami) [spoiler] and now in the hands of Buggy. Man, I bet Nami will have a fit if she finds out that Luffy gave up potential treasure...[/spoiler] Now, I'm off to catch up with the Anime. ^_^
  14. [quote name='MissWem'][FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Sienna"]This, but even worse. You have no idea how many times I've been tricked by pants (even skirts and jackets) with... FAKE POCKETS!!!! It's cruel. It's down right cruel. Not to mention it's hard to find stylish pants that even have pockets. [/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE] Fake pockets... wow... that's got to be a tough one to deal with... That means you need to do pocket-checks like Allamorph. ^_^
  15. Man, if I only discovered this thread immediately last year, my comment on the worm entry which was mistaken as a claim would not have happened. XD Anyway, how often can one claim in a month, or at least a rule of thumb as to how many entries do you usually let others pass before you claim again?
  16. When I overdose on chocolates... Just kidding. A good laugh, a dose of theO chat insanity and fun stories get me feeling happy. A lot of other simple stuff like a good photo or scene, food... good times with good friends... A lot of little stuff can make me feel happy. ^_^ Edit: Also, since we are talking about "feeling happy", here's a wallpaper I made some time ago... [URL="http://www.theotaku.com/wallpapers/view/159965/l_eating_cake"][IMG]http://www.theotaku.com/submissions/thumbnails/wallpapers/5/9/9/6/5/thumb-790-20080706030348.jpg[/IMG] [/URL] There's a little caption at the side of that character. It reads, ""Can't you see that eating sweets makes me feel so much better?" Though "Feel better" and "Feeling Happy" may seem a bit different, I thought the two are a bit related. :D
  17. [quote name='Indi'][COLOR="Indigo"][FONT="Arial"]Well so long as there are controls in place to keep it from being abused, I don't see a problem with having post ratings. =P Also...Why haven't you chained him back up yet Dessy? He's practically begging for it! :D[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Oh noes! Des is hunting the boards again with a tranquilizer gun? Quick, hide! :-P
  18. Hmm... what are in my pockets? My wallet because I have no where else to place them without the hope of getting them lost... My cellular phone, to send and receive messages from people I also stuff my flash drives in my pocket, attached to my wallet. The last time my flash drive was not attached to my body, I lost it. Also a handkerchief to wipe stuff... though most of the time for sweat. Every once in a while, random junk gets in there like scrap pieces of paer, lint and some string. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I am also in my pants most of the time... XD
  19. [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff]Okay I'll jump in. I say the egg came first because Dinosaurs came from eggs and chickens are closely related to dinosaur. Therefore by that reasoning the egg came before the chicken Yes I know not very detailed. But you'll forgive it because you love me right?[/color][/QUOTE] Not detailed, but a good one... hahaha... yeah, eggs did come first - not necessarily chicken eggs, but eggs nonetheless... XD
  20. [quote name='chibi-master']GWAH!!!:o I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!!! Mark my words, I will attain the "Senior Member" title!!!:smirk:[/QUOTE] Wow... you'll be making that number of posts stated by Korey? XD Good luck! You'll need it!
  21. if the egg came first - it would have been only one chicken as a result (or a rooster if it was male). Under the assumption that it was fertilized and also by some strange circumstance that a fertilized chicken egg is lying there, it also hatches... If that's the case, how on earth could they multiply if there's no one to reproduce with? Same goes with the chicken statement pointed above by Raiha... ;-D
  22. Ah, weather... Being in a tropical country, the heat can get unbearable at times - speacially in summer. I prefer a nice, cool weather. Not too hot, and not too cold that would make ice gather on my nose... Luckily, the coldest I have experienced so far have not gone below 20 degrees Celsius. Humid, heat - I can't handle that too well... edit: Oh, forgot to mention that I don't like the rain that much... Getting soaked by rain is too troublesome...
  23. [quote name='Darren'][SIZE="1"]Oh boy, another one of [I]these[/I] threads. I think that in order for God to end all of these things, he would have to constantly kill all the bad people in the world. It would certainly show his presence, and people wouldn't do bad things anymore. We wouldn't have war, murder, torture, rape, etc... However, in that sense, he would be taking away a human's right to choose. Something that's very prominent in the Bible. And if we don't have a right to choose, then we'd all be living in the Garden of Eden right now...[/SIZE][/QUOTE] Yeah... I agree with this point... It's all in the "Free Will" thing. That's got to be the bug in the equation. If this was taken away, things may not turn out like they are now. I know I have not added much to the argument, but add "Free Will" to that equation and things might get a bit more confusing. It's like: He can, but leaves the humans to do it for themselves, if they want to. Add our interaction to other humans, ripple effect and such, and that's our lives in this world, in a nutshell.
  24. OK, let me see... First off, I'm not much on a poster here yet, being an OB Noob (though I have been in TheOtaku for quite some time and know some of you guys in here...). I hope to do better in the future. I am excited about the new rank names. I just hope it does not involve any plus sign or any other sign attached to the rank name. *is strangled by bossman* Ehem... anyway, I have no problem on the post count giving ranks. It's much more fun that way... though, some folks may go overboard on the posting little bits in almost every thread to up their count... I also like the idea of quality over quantity, but it would be very hard to promote members on that basis - being subjective and all that. I don't think I'll be displaying my postcounts, though - seeing it's a very tiny number... XD And while I'm already here: LOL on "No Life" and "Living Here" rank names...
  25. To help the Chibi-master out... here is that [URL="http://silentreaper.deviantart.com/art/Death-Note-Valentines-Rant-48753631"]Valentines Rant [/URL] link to those lazy bums out there (like me... ) that are too "pre-occupied" to do a search. Yeah, that comic gave me some LULZ... Valentines Plan? It does not exist! Hehehe.
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