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Status Updates posted by CaNz

  1. Using my 3ds! prepare yourself for a lack of spacing.

  2. I will now rate all my posts 5stars! Just try and stop me! BWAHAHAHA!

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    2. Lilly


      >w> mmmaybe...:P

    3. CaNz


      I knew it! You may be even more devious than me MiRa! <3

    4. Lilly
  3. What year is it? Dang, I went too far!

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    2. CaNz


      At least MiRa has remained frozen in time in perpetual stasis of rainbows and sunshine. *scoops pie into mouth

    3. Boo
    4. CaNz


      Thems fightn words! I rek'n yew audda make a status update boy soz I can giv yew watchr askn fer.

  4. A knee is a good pilow when your down.

  5. You're going to have to get down, I must rampage.

  6. I can get through security in under five minutes.

    1. chibi-master
    2. CaNz


      Correct preparation and luck.

  7. Merry Birthday Molly!

    i am sorry that I had to travel all day, but I am pretending that my heart is always with you.

  8. CaNz

    Happy New Year!


  9. You took too long, that band disbanded! d:

    Happy Holidays to you too.

  10. CaNz

    I am probably the only one who cares, but you are right!

  11. Just who in the hell do you think I am!?!

    1. Darth Vectis

      Darth Vectis

      The guy, with the stuff right?

    2. Lilly


      U r CaNz? :P *bop'd* X3

    3. Desbreko


      You're the guy that reports spam bots.

  12. Just who in the hell do you think I am!?!

  13. Happy Birthday!

    Have a 5-star present. Its not every day someone turns 99 yah know!

  14. Happy Birthday!

    wherever you are!

  15. CaNz

    Oh, I almost forgot your present..

    *gives 5 stars*

  16. CaNz

    Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday bro!

    I gave you 5 stars as a present... Sorry it isn't wrapped.

  18. Deathclaw Alphamales scare the crispy squirl bits out of me. o...o

    1. chibi-master


      I think I understood half of that.

    2. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      Sounds like someone was playing fallout lol

  19. Dang... the topic disapeared before I could order one

  20. CaNz

    Happy B-day bro. Keep ballin up the galaxy and sheeeeet.

  21. CaNz

    Sorry, I didn't have much time when I saw it..... -_-

  22. A second birthday wish for you!!!

    Hope you got lotsa cake and things.

  23. Got into the SWTOR beta! Thanks Bioware.

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    2. CaNz


      They pretty much opened it up to everyone, but I wouldn't be surprised if I got skipped again.

    3. Yukazi


      20g download.. only 24g left on HD. I either need to delete something or just wait for release to maxinerd.

    4. Boo


      Yeah, I'm in too, but I have Skyrim, so I don't know. :(

  24. CaNz

    I can't believe you are a year older than I am. When did you become so wise?