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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFJbnG9SVF4   Hope you like it ^^ Please write what are you thinking about it ^_^
  2. Konnichiwa,   This posting is a writing/request.  I am an aspiring composer/producer/writer who enjoys the world of anime and manga. I have written a few short stories that i have composed music for and produced them as audio stories; attempting to follow in the manner of anime and manga. The first is called Blood Wind and is available at http://youtu.be/r4_YAh6eLmU. I have written a sequel called Blood Wind Song and i am looking for voice actors who would like to be the voices of 3 female characters and one or two male characters.  I am also looking for someone who would like to do some drawing of the scenes and characters within the story. if you are interested please email me or would care to share any comments or feedback. Also if anyone would like to help translate into Japanese i would like to know.     Arigatou gozaimasu, scarlett iceburgjab@yahoo.com
  3.    Hey guys, I'm the Unusual Otaku. I hope I'm posting this to the right forum, the videos are something I "Create" after all...       Anyway, The channel is a gaming channel I've been working on for the past couple of months. I went from 5 to 19 subscribers over the past week and have been looking for places to help spread the word of my channel. However, I don't like Facebook or twitter and Tumblr confuses me so I was at a lose until I stumbled across this site. Fellow Otakus are my kind of people so I feel more comfortable posting on here asking for help. Here is a list of what my channel CURRENTLY entails(it will change as I find/think of more stuff to do on it):   The Stomping Land-        This is a Multiplayer series I'm doing with a few of my otaku friends. The game involves survival crafting elements with dinosaurs. Though based on how the series has been going I'd say that other players pose more of a threat.   The Walking Dead-        I know a lot of people have already done a let's play of this series, but my subs voted for it. So far I've been enjoying it but I think my commentary quality isn't that good in it as I'm mostly trying to focus on the story.   Otaku Says-        This one hasn't been made yet. Its a review show I'm planning on making where I will review different Anime, Manga, Movies, and other things should people request it. The reviews will be in-depth looks at the content so there will be spoilers and stuff.   That's about it for right now. As I said its a brand new channel so there is still a lot of growing to do. I still need to have a custom banner and profile pic made (right now I'm just using pics I googled a while back)            The channel's name is also Unusual Otaku if you wanna check it out. here is the Url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLA22YSfmxMs-NUnx1hvjGQ
  4. If you don't understand the title, it asking if you like watching anime that has a lot of episodes and that's on-going, like Bleach for example. If you do, why, and do you get bored if you keep watching it?   Thank you for replying!
  5. [center][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][size=5][color=#008080][size=4]I have netflix and I've recently noticed the selection of anime thinning out. So what are some good animes on netflix that I should watch. Something not too gory but entertaing. [/size][/color][/size][/font][/center]
  6. Okay I think this topic belongs here,you can never be too sure. lol. Yesterday I was thinking to myself of all the good times and of course tv came across my mind. That then progressed into anime thoughts and the cool/clever/devious/funny/stupid quotes made by our most beloved anime characters. The first characters that came to mind were Vegeta and Nappa. And I think everyone knows why. But looking at all the things Vegeta said, it kinda made me laugh. But on to business, list your favorite anime quotes. You can use anything to get your point across as long as its not breaking the rules. haha. For me, Im using a classic from Vegeta. It was part of an old Toonami commercial and I decided to use it here: You may have invaded my mind and my body...but There's one thing a Saiyan always keeps...[size="4"]HIS [/size][size="7"]PRIDE!!!!![/size] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdN6VJ9VHlo (video for more of a dramatic feeling) Thought of another before I head to bed. This comes from Roy Mustang from FMA. It probably the best line he had during the whole series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZshuTflmQM [color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]Please refrain from double posting in the future, Humaru -- it's spammy and doesn't really contribute to the thread. ~ Vivian[/font][/color]
  7. A little bit of topic thievery today. [quote name='zoombie @ toonzone]It is no secret that in the world of manga / anime there are many male characters that have long hair, wear makeup, and some even wear a female top. And some effeminate characters as well. There is a difference between looking like a girl and being effeminate in my opinion. For example, Umichika from Bleach is one of the more effeminate characters ever, and I have no trouble telling that is a guy. There are some that does fall into both categories. What characters did you at first look either mistake for a girl or had to look twice to be sure?[/quote] [IMG]http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/7664/akari02qh3.jpg[/IMG] Akari (Samurai Deeper Kyo) - He hasn't appeared in the anime, at least I don't think he has. (I stopped watching way early) But seeing him in the manga, I swear had they not mentioned that he was a man I wouldn't have ever guessed it. [IMG]http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0WTefdV5wdMHGQAZDajzbkF/SIG=12800p38n/EXP=1275672789/**http%3a//photos13.flickr.com/16645611_06d3450f56_o.jpg[/IMG] Souji Okita (Peacemaker) - The way he carries himself in peaceful moments.... If I were never told that he was Okita I would've never guessed it. (I better be on guard with Hakuouki... It's a lot of guys in the series.) [IMG]http://www.animemi.com/images/stories/haku1.jpg[/IMG] Haku (Naruto) - Don't think I need to say anything here.
  8. Hello, as Iâ??m sure many of you are, I'm also very sentimental about some of the films I grew of watching however there was one film my brother and I loved that we can't remember the title. I'd give anything to know what it was so we could watch it again. So basically I was wondering if anyone on here might know what it is? I've spent years trying to find out and so far no luck. I'm making the assumption it was an anime and Japanese as it was at least drawn in that style. It was in English so it would have been dubbed if Iâ??m right about it being an anime film. I'm guessing its early 1990's or before that as Iâ??m in my early 20's now. My parents recorded it on to a VHS (which we donâ??t have anymore) which they took from the channel TCM(a UK/Irish movie channel), if that helps. Also these are vague memories I have of the film. I could be wrong with some of the things I said as I was a kid when I watched it last. I'm just trying to give as much details as I can from my hazy memory. The film centred around this boy who lived with his sister and the beginning of the film had him and a load of animals arrive home and have a meal. My brother and I used to call what they were eating potatoes as weâ??re Irish lol but also because thatâ??s what the food looked like. Plus I can remember the animals fighting over who got out and some losing out and the boy giving them his. Also I can remember the boys bed was basically a mat on the floor. I believe his sister was then kidnapped and he went after her. There might have been a sword involved. He climbed a mountain and was trained by this old man. I remember carrying water was involved. Also I remember the film was very eerie and my brother and I at times were quite scared. There was who we used to call a witch in it. But as I remember she was a beautiful tall woman, geisha like. With long, dark, probably black hair, tied up maybe. I remember her doing a fan dance. Maybe wearing a red, Japanese style dress with white flowers. There was also very eerie Japanese style music. However I can remember her as very sinister, maybe she was the villain. I can remember her transforming. She might have come from a lake or turned into a wind type thing. I can remember Japanese flowers. I can also remember a town being ambushed, fire and a little girl. Also when the boy was travelling I remember him meeting a girl and them talking and fighting. Thatâ??s all I can remember for now. Unfortunately I donâ??t know any directors or actors in the film. If anyone can remember the name of this film Iâ??d greatly appreciate it. Or if anyone knows of a way I could find out what it is let me know that too. Thanks anyway :)
  9. 2012 is almost over so I would like to ask the members of this community of which series got your attention. If you're going to ask me. I'll be picking Sword Art Online and next would be Chu2Koi (chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai)
  10. It died right in front of me!!! It was devastating!!!! :sad: Like one minute it was there streaming my shows and when i clicked on the next episode it was *kah-puts*  gone!   Time of Death - Jan. 26, 2013 @ 10:25 pm   Spread the word! People need to know; this site had ALL the anime episodes you could possible want all in high quality - and i am very picky about quality. This site was one of the best, no broken links, no excessive lag times and plus the embed code for the video was at the bottom, right there for anyone to use. If you get any new info please let me know, i just had to tell everyone one of the grates had fallen........    :`(  
  11. Are there any anime quirks that you just can't stand?   Here's mine: I hate when characters do that weird gasp/chunky breathing thing every time there's more than 2 seconds of silence. Who even does that? There's no reason that anime characters have to whimper quietly just because no one's talking.
  12. Any otaku should know what a waifu/husbando is, right? If not, basically a waifu/husbando is basically who you would marry if you could marry an anime/manga character. So, who is yours? Mine, mine is Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket. I know Kyo has her, but still! She's very caring, nice, and cute! Hahahaha, I'm interested to hear yours! [b][font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Hey Zooper, since your thread has to do with anime characters/otaku culture I've moved it to Anime Central. -Gavin[/font][/b]
  13. I think that the title pretty much explains what this is. Any antoagonist that was just so cruel, or not cruel enough, a crappy villain or too good of one, too manipulative, too soft... I could go on and on. And, if you would like to, give the reasons why. That always makes it more interesting to read. I'll start. Naruto: Sasuke. He just has to have somebody to hate and blame for all of his problems. He can't seem to let it go, and it's tearing everybody else apart :( Inuyasha: Naraku. He's such a manipulative son of a gun, and he just keeps messing with everybody until the very end. One Piece: Crocodile. I have to say that I hate almost every villain in this show because I love the main characters and don't like the people that hurt them, but I choose Crocodile as my very most hated, because he is the villain of my favorite story arc. What about you guys?
  14. [color=limegreen]Yeah I know we ALL have those animes that we CAN'T STAND, what are some of yours? As for me I HATE LOATHE AND DESPISE Bo bo bo Bo bo Bobo or whatever the crapper it is, I guess i don't find the idea of crime fighting nose hair very appealling, and I think the art for Lupin the Third is atrocious (i haven't seen the show so I can't pass full judgement). Also for Kappa Mikey (some can say its anime because of a few of the characters) that one's annoying, the little amount of anime in it isn't that good, at all, and even the American characters are crappy.[/color]
  15. [size=4][color=#333333][font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif][color=#333333][font='Helvetica Neue'][b]So, I found this new app called Anime Doctor and reviewed it on appolicious.com. I thought it'd be nice to tell everyone about it! You will all love this. ^_^[/b] "[i]Anime Doctor, where have you been all of my life[/i]?" That is what I said instantly after only 5 minutes of using this app. Having been a fan of Japanese animation for practically every year of my life since my teenage years, I am stunned to see that all of those years of anime and more, are right in my [url="http://rd.bizrate.com/rd?t=http%3A%2F%2Fglyde.com%2Fproducts%2F12048054%2FApple-iPhone-3GS%3Futm_source%3Dshopzilla%26utm_medium%3Dcpc_shop%26utm_campaign%3Dshopzilla&mid=209735&cat_id=11580100&atom=10400&prod_id=1118500965&oid=4138820827&pos=1&b_id=18&bid_type=0&bamt=d99d6062f0c4f1cd&cobrand=1&rf=af1&af_assettype_id=10&af_creative_id=6&af_id=6784"]iPhone[/url] and iPad whenever I need them. I found out loads of things about my favorite anime (that I thought for sure I knew everything about) within reading the first three lines of the description! Anime Doctor is organized so well and the design of the interface is simply, beautiful! I found it hard to believe at first that out of all 700,000+ apps on the App Store, no app has ever paralleled this one, but I was instantly sure by the time I finally closed it on my iPhone. I can tell you with a 100% positive attitude that even if I didn't like anime, I would still download this app just because of it's simplistic beauty. You just do not see very many apps like this one out there. Anime Doctor serves as an encyclopedia and reference in one, and on top of that, the company that created it put a news feed directly from their website onto it's own page, which clearly shows that they are anime fans after reading through the articles provided in the archive.[/font][/color] [color=#333333][font='Helvetica Neue']Normally, after reading through an app's description on the App Store, you would think that the developer may have stretched the truth a bit, but you can clearly see whenever downloading and checking it out, that all of the information provided about the features on Anime Doctor are true! This app has over a whopping 7,000 anime titles, such as OVA's, TV series, Specials, Movies and more, and over 129,000 anime characters in it's database! When you first open Anime Doctor, you begin on a featured page, containing gorgeous cover photos that you are to flick through. When touching "More Information" on any anime title in the app, the page peals back and behold, you see loads of details packed in! With all of these details to read through, there is also a bookmark button on top of the page, giving you the option to bookmark the anime and read it later! Next to that, is a twitter button which allows you to tweet about what you learned to your followers![/font][/color][/font][/color][/size] [color=#333333][color=#333333][font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif][size=3][font=Helvetica Neue][size=4]Anime Doctor is revolutionary in my opinion, and I recommend it to not just anime fans and "otakus", but everyone! ^_^. Whether you have had a curiosity or desires about anime, or you think you know everything about anime already, then this is the app to use to learn everything you need to know about it! It goes in-depth on every level to deliver every little detail about anime. Try it! It will be one of those apps that you will not want to ever leave your [url="http://rd.bizrate.com/rd?t=http%3A%2F%2Fglyde.com%2Fproducts%2F12048054%2FApple-iPhone-3GS%3Futm_source%3Dshopzilla%26utm_medium%3Dcpc_shop%26utm_campaign%3Dshopzilla&mid=209735&cat_id=11580100&atom=10400&prod_id=1118500965&oid=4138820827&pos=1&b_id=18&bid_type=0&bamt=d99d6062f0c4f1cd&cobrand=1&rf=af1&af_assettype_id=10&af_creative_id=6&af_id=6784"]iPhone[/url] or iPad! [i][b]Here is a picture of the featured page for Anime Doctor:[/b][/i][/size] [img]http://a4.mzstatic.com/us/r1000/119/Purple/v4/6e/bc/44/6ebc44a6-3227-769d-34f7-392d045380fe/mzl.uqopefhh.320x480-75.jpg[/img][/font][/size][/font][/color][/color]
  16. Are you or someone you know the spitting image of a character you've seen in anime or manga? Â Do you feel an emotional connection with one of them because they remind you so much of yourself? Â Or perhaps there is one particular character you wish you could be like. Â Whatever the case may be this is the thread to discuss such things. I've always thought I looked sort of like a slightly pudgier version of [b]Gendo Ikari[/b]. Â I have the same hairstyle and color and I also wear classes. Â I've even considered shaving off my moustache and growing my sideburns down to connect to my goatee but I don't think I could pull it off quite as well as he does. Â I have been known to steeple my hands while looking sullen at times though. I can't really think of anyone to compare myself to emotionally but I think I might like to walk a few miles in [b]Tenchi Masaki's[/b] shoes. Â Having random women fawn all over me for no apparent reason would probably get annoying after a while though. Â I find a lot of appeal in living the life of a carefree traveler like [b]Kino[/b] from Kino No Tabi though so that might be the way to go.
  17. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as8lesgxyN4[/media] My Bonus ASMV about Naruto & Kyuubi, enjoy... [Full HD] If you like the video and wants more, sub to channel [img]http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_biggrin.png[/img]. Thanks in advance. [url="http://www.youtube.com/user/GooYesIz"]http://www.youtube.com/user/GooYesIz[/url] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­ Anime : Naruto Shippuden Musiques : MFuture World Music -Final Judgement Logiciels utilisés : Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate Work: 20 Hour --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­ *NOTE: This AMV Naruto are made with non-profit or does not represent another company. This is purely made for Naruto Fan, Bleach and other Anime. Credited to TV Tokyo and Association.** 'Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use'
  18. Pic: [img]http://i.imgur.com/liWoF.jpg[/img] Title: Redline Year: 2009 Studio: Madhouse Watched Dubbed or Subbed: Dubbed Synopsis: The movie starts out with a qualifying race for Redline. Redline is a racing event involving creatures from many different planets. As it turns out, this Redline will be held on "Roboworld" where the government swears to kill anyone who enters their atmosphere. Thoughts: The visuals in this movie are amazing. I wouldn't expect much less from Madhouse, who are known for making some good anime. You may want to watch the dubbed version if for nothing else but the fact you're free to gawk at the visuals the entire time (unless you know Japanese...then i guess this would be a moot point). The voice acting wasn't too annoying and it almost reminded me of some of the older Saturday morning cartoon shows. The music in this movie is also very good. It's techno-ish music that just seems to fit the mood. I could have maybe done with less vocals, but overall it was very good. A lot of the movie is made to look as if it's being broadcast on television. There's an overview of many of the different racers on the news. I thought this was a very refreshing take on this kind of movie. Grade: This was one of the better anime movies I've seen recently. I would have to give it approximately an 8.5 out of 10. Trailer: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t26m_Q6ENo[/media]
  19. Anime symbolisms that you find that is so believable... A good one that I found is this one about Totoro Being God of Death [spoiler][list] [*][i]It is saying that Totoro is in fact messenger of Death, and whoever sees him will soon die. The hospital that the sister's mother was in was based on a real hospital for terminally-ill patients.[/i] [*][i]Later in the story the villagers find a slipper in a pond, which is in fact May's, at this point she has already drowned in the pond. Satsuki lied that the slipper wasn't Mei's out of denial. Ever since this scene, the sisters appeared to have no shadow.[/i] [*][i]Satsuki pleaded the Totoro and the cat-bus to take her to where Mei is, while on the cat-bus, says "Nobody can see us...", this scene is Satsuki leading herself to the land of the dead (by taking the cat-bus).[/i] [*][i]At the hospital, the mother says "I think I feel May and Satsuki smiling there in that tree..." Why don't the sisters go and see their mom if they are already there? Why do they just leave the corn there instead? It is said that the sisters were dead at that point, and the Japanese pronunciation of "corn" is similar to "kill child".[/i] [*][i]The final scenes seem to be a happy epilogue, but they in fact happened "before" the major events in the movie.[/i] [*][i]The movie was set in a place in Japan where there was a case of murdering of two sisters which happened in the 60s. This event took place on May 1st, while the sister's names are Satsuki (May in Japanese) and Mei (May in English). In the real life case, the younger sister was missing first and the older sister was seen to be looking for her frantically. Next day, the younger sister's body was found in the forest (stabbed to death). The older sister was in such a state of shock and kept rambling ambiguous words about seeing a "cat monster", "great big racoon monster" etc to the police. The sisters were in fact from a single-parent family (mother died of illness).[/i] [/list] [/spoiler] The other one is this outrageously cool story about what really happened to Pokemon [spoiler][url="http://cartoonoveranalyzations.com/2009/04/09/pokemon-explained/"]http://cartoonoveran...emon-explained/[/url][/spoiler] If any of you knows one other than these two then please add it here :)
  20. I have seen both a live action adaptation of Initial D and Higurashi (i can never remember the full title). Now mind you that both (actually 3 movies, 2 higurashi movies) were made by the Japanese. Now for a live action "ADAPTATION" i found them to be actually good and had the same feel you get when watching the actual animes. The reason I'm writing this is because of that abomination called Dragonball Evolution (i can proudly say that i've never watched it nor do I intend to). we all know its american made. The point i'm trying to make is how can you royally **** something up with over 300 episodes of storyline that can be used. Hell Initial D is about downhill street racing and the live action actually felt like i was watching something from Initial D. And (don't quote me on this) i'm more than positive a much bigger budget was used on Dragonball Evolution. Ok enough ranting. Think I got my point across. Hollywood should just keep their grubby little claws off of our beloved anime and let the originators work their magic. No monster budget or famous actors... just a good realistic live action adaptation.
  21. hello all i want to know what anime are good out there? becuse i been have hard time find anime that i can get in to now. i like cooking anime but i can't find a lot of them. if you have anime you think anyone like it just post it and tell us a little about it. i may give them look over. thank for the hlep.
  22. And BOOM! The new season is upon us and as usual, the spring line-up is packed I've yet to pick out what I'll be watching but how about all you guys? There really is something for everyone this season, so have a look at the handy preview below and voice your thoughts! [url="http://randomc.net/2012/03/29/spring-2012-preview/"]http://randomc.net/2...g-2012-preview/[/url]
  23. Does anyone collect any anime figures? I have a few [url="http://i53.tinypic.com/1zbs6qc.jpg"]http://i53.tinypic.com/1zbs6qc.jpg[/url] [url="http://i54.tinypic.com/29d8c8w.jpg"]http://i54.tinypic.com/29d8c8w.jpg[/url] [url="http://i53.tinypic.com/dxobqr.jpg"]http://i53.tinypic.com/dxobqr.jpg[/url] [url="http://i56.tinypic.com/14az9g5.jpg"]http://i56.tinypic.com/14az9g5.jpg[/url] I might come across another pretty soon :O
  24. thought i'd attempt in starting a new thread and seeing what anime (old and new) other people would like to see released (or re-released) onto dvd and/or bluray. So this is want i want to see released on dvd/bluray: way back when i came across a movie by the name of Gall Force. i really don't feel like typing up a description of the feature. eventually i learned there were more movies that take place after the first one (Eternal Story). years later with the advance of age and technology, i was finally able to come across all gall force movies (eternal story, stardust war, rhea, earth chapter, new era... theres one more i can't remember). well to cut to the chase, i'd like to see a release that either includes all the movies/chapters or each chapter/arc (3 in total). great story line that spans before, during, and after the human race.
  25. i'm thinking of checking out okami-san and her seven campanions, even thinking about getting on disc... so i rarely ask for others opinions (i just go for it like i have nothing to lose lol) but i thought i'd ask ya'll if the show is worth watching and if you have anything you can compare it with (hey, there's a first time for everything)
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