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RPG Hunt For The Dragonballs!


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SSJ Saiyin: Ready when you are!

[I]Warlock and the SSJ launch at each other and throw kicks and punches at each other. Warlock gets knocked back into the ground, and just gets out of the way as the SSJ punches through the ground. Warlock jumps up on top of him and brings his foot down of the SSJ's spine. The SSJ jumps back, sending Warlock 10 feet back, they get back into their fighting positions...[/I]

Angel: They're good!

No Hime: You got that right...

[I]Warlock and the SSJ launch at each other again...[/I]
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[COLOR=red]Warlock is fighting that SSJ dude,[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Gochan is crying 'coz he never got a puppy,[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]And everyone is raiding the pet shop for the Dragonball (It's there, because no one would really think of a pet shop being somewhere where a Dragonball is hidden! ;))[/COLOR]

Dbzman: WHERE IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

[COLOR=red]Powers up, and creates a whirlwind, sending everything flying[/COLOR]

Outlaw: Good idea!

[COLOR=red]Everyone starts making whirlwinds, and eventually Angle notices a glint of light[/COLOR]

Angel: I see it!

[COLOR=red]Runs under the a chair and picks up a Black Star Dragonball[/COLOR]

Angel: Guys, I found it!

Gochan: You found a puppy!?


Angel: The Dragonball, stupid!

Gochan: Awww...

Dbzman: Uhhhhhh.....Guys.......

Dbzman: What?

Gochan: We have company!

[COLOR=red]Aload of SSJs smash in through all the walls and kick the crap outta everyone[/COLOR]


[COLOR=dark-blue]Suddenly, a Dragon made of fire passes through all of the SSJs and a blue image of their body could be seen coming out of their solid bodys and going into the dragon, then the SSJs all drop to the floor, dead.[/COLOR]

Gochan: Kool!

Dbzman: How'd you do that!?

Angel: I don't know..

Outlaw: It's like...You sucked their spirits out or something!

Angel: Hmmmmmmmmm.....Am I allowed to do it to Gochan?

Gochan: Duuuuuuuuuhhhhh.....Do what?

All: [COLOR=blue]Sigh...[/COLOR]
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Ahh this is failing! Come on peeps post. And what the heck is giong on?! Warolock, Angel, No Hime, and TEnx are at the ship. Warlock is fighting the lead SSJ 3 guy. The others are standing there. I don't know if I shoudl post. i dont' know really were the others are. Oh yaeh,. DBZ is with them too. ^-^;;
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Well, I'll keep this going...
[I]Warlock and the SSJ bang into each other, and end up grabbed the others hands, and pushing forward.[/I]

SSJ: "I'm...much more...stronger than...you!"

Warlock: "I...doubt that!"

[I]Warlock grabbs the SSJ's hands more tightly and swings him around. He lets the SSJ go, who lands hard into the ground.[/I]

Warlock: "Just accept it, I'm more powerful than you!"

SSJ: "Never..."

Warlock: "Fine then..."

[I]Warlock fires hundreds of ki balls at the SSJ, however none of them hit.[/I]

SSJ: "You're aim's [I]way[/I] off.

Warlock: "That's were you are wrong!"

[I]The SSJ looks around, and sees the many ki balls hovering around him. Warlock concentrates, and they speed into the SSJ. They hit with a tremendous force. Warlock looks around, and sees the other SSJ's about to launch at him.[/I]

Warlock: "This doesn't look good..."

[I]Warlock braces himself for the big fight ahead. He looks back at Angel.[/I]

Warlock: "You ready?"

[I]Angel nodded, and Warlock turned and faced the thousand of SSJs ahead...[/I]
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Warlock - I dont know If we can take them all.

*All of a sudden, a large blue skined human with short white hair dropped down infront of Angel and Warlock, facing the saiyan army.*

Angel - OUTLAW!

Warlock - Thats Outlaw?

Angel - In his final form.

Warlock - Amazing.

Outlaw - Close your eyes you two.

Warlock - Why?

Outlaw - JUST DO IT!

*Angel and Warlock cover their eyes. Outlaw than turns back towards the saiyan army, giving them a stare so cold it stopped them all in their tracks.*

Outlaw - Blinding End.........

*Outlaw points one hand at the army in Big Bang fasion and a blinding light flows from in palm. The light envelops the army, and 1/2 of them are incinerated.*

Angel - Wow.

Warlock - Amazing!

*The rest of the saiyan army charges at the group.*

Outlaw - Crap! Lets get out of here.
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Ok, so where all fighting a SSJ army right now, except Magnumshot, whos fighting the King.

*Everyone uses ki blasts to hold of the armys while they talk.*

Angel - Geez, there are so many blasted Saiyans.

Outlaw - We can't give up now.

Dbzman - We need a plan to get out of here.

Pyro - Like what?

Outlaw - I got it, remember how Angel got by the Zagar armys.

Gochan - Ya! She was invisable.

Outlaw - Right! And I know Angel can make us invisable with her magic.

Angel - I dont know....I have never done it before.

Outlaw - Just try, I beleve in you.

Angel - *blush* Ok.......I'll try.
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Dbzman: Yeah, I belive in you too! :) Don't you, Gochan?

Gochan: Don't I...What? :confused:


Angel: Belive in me, stupid!

Gochan: Oh, yeah, I belive in you...What are you gonna do? :confused:

Angel: That's it!!! :mad:

[COLOR=red]Casts Fire on Gochan[/COLOR]

Gochan: [COLOR=silver]*Cough*[/COLOR] Ow...

Angel: I guess I should try it then, if you all belive in me! :)

Dbzman: Yaaaaaaay

Outlaw: Yaaaaaaay

Gochan: What's she gonna try? :confused:

[COLOR=red]Angel hits him round the head[/COLOR]

Gochan: Ow!

Angel: There's just one problem...

Dbzman: Yeah?

Angel: You will have to stand still for me to concentrate hard enough, I can't cast the spell if I'm not completly focused on you all...

Outlaw: ****... :(

Dbzman: What are we gonna do? Warlock is busy with the SSJ3 guy and Magnumshot is fighting the king, which means we don't have anyone to cover us while you cast the spell!

Outlaw: I'll do it.

Dbzman: But I wanna do it!

Gochan: Do what???

[COLOR=red]Angel hits them all over the head[/COLOR]

Angel: Look, just one of you do it, and lets get this over with!

Dbzman: You guys, can I do it? I don't really feel that keen on going invisible...

Gochan: I suppose so

Outlaw: 'K.

Dbzman: Ok, Angel, get going, I'll cover you all!

Angel: Got it!

Dbzman: [COLOR=blue]KA...ME...HA...ME.....HAAAAAAA!!!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Dbzman swings the blast left and right, slamming it into all the SSJs and sending them flying[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Had enough yet!? [COLOR=darkblue]BIG BANG ATTACK!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]As the giant blast hits the SSJ warriors, doing little damage to them all, Angel starts the spell[/COLOR]
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SORRY I HAVENT BEEN ON! ive just been so busy, with school and all, but ill try to come on everyday!

Gochan: i beleive... i can fly?

Angel: shut up!

Gochan: oh... shes gonna cast a spell... i beleive in you angel!

Angel: really?

Gochan: yes! ahhhhhh, dont hit me! *crouches down*

Angel: i wont hit you, just stand still

Gochan: ok...

*Angel begins casting the spell*
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[COLOR=red]One of the SSJs get past the ki blasts and punches Dbzman in the face[/COLOR]

Dbzman: SH*T!!!

[COLOR=red]As Dbzman blasts the SSJ back, all the others get closer[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Angel!!!

Angel: What?

Dbzman: HURRY!

Angel: I'm trying! I've never done this spell before!

Dbzman: o.O

Angel: Um...Lemme see now...[B]I[/B]lishelian [B]N[/B]acrinachios...(Blah blah blah)

Dbzman: Com'on Angel!!! You can do it! Now hurry!

Angel: I'm trying!!!

[COLOR=red]A couple of SSJs get to Dbzman and start fighting with him[/COLOR]

Dbzman: ****!!! They're getting closer!!!

[COLOR=red]Dbzman charges up, and the energy sends the SSJs flying, but a few more come[/COLOR]

Dbzman: How's it going Angel!?

Angel: Give me some time, will 'ya!?

Dbzman: I wish I could!!!

Gochan: Could what?

Outlaw: Time.

Gochan: What about it?

Outlaw: -.-

[COLOR=red]As Dbzman blasts the SSJs, his Ki starts wearing out, and the army gets closer by the second[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Outlaw!!! Gimme your Castor (Sp?) Gun thingy!!!

Outlaw: Um...Here it is!

[COLOR=red]Throws it to Dbzman, and Dbzman charges it up with his Ki Energy[/COLOR]

Dbzman: How does this thing work???!!!

Outlaw: Flips that switch, and pull the trigger!

Dbzman: K.

[COLOR=red]Flips a little switch on the side of the gun, and pulls the trigger, then a bullet covered with explosive energy blasts out of the gun, hitting a few SSJs and killing them[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Kool, it works-UMPH!

[COLOR=red]Dbzman turns round to see a fist lodged into his cheek[/COLOR]

Dbzman: Ow...

[COLOR=red]Suddenly all the SSJs surround Dbzman and start pummling him[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]Flys back a bit, away from the SSJs[/COLOR]

Dbzman: That's it!!!

[COLOR=red]Charges up, then self-destructs...[/COLOR]
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Sorry about not posting for abit...

[I]Several SSJs launch themselves at Warlock. He grabs one, injects ki into him, and throws him towards the rest. The SSJ explodes, killing the other SSJs as well.[/I]

Warlock: "Several down, lo-"

[I]Warlock is distracted as a giant explosion rocks the area, and kills many SSJs in the process.[/I]

Warlock: "What was that!?!?!"

[I]Warlock starts heading over, when a SSJ3 fliys over to him.[/I]

SSJ3: "You killed my friend, now you will pay!"

[I]The SSJ3 launches at Warlock...[/I]
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