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Lone Wolf


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Well, I guess I'm going to take my sisters advice on trying something new by making this RPG...It might not make it, but oh well.

This is sorta going to be a new type of RPG. It won't have a thing to do with monsters (because then you would sorta have limitations). In this, it's going to be more street based than anything yet it will be the street the way you imagine it based on what you here about it and the pictures that come to your mind from the info. For example, if you were to look at [i]Gangster Rap[/i] it's words and music are more street based. To me, this is how the street is because i don't hang in the street, so I really don't know what it's like. Anyway, now that that's settled, let's get down to the basic idea of how this will go.

You'll need the basics:

Place of interest on the street:
Homeless/Introvert/Why your chara stays in the street: (optional)

Seeing as the title is lonewolf...That's how this game will be played. You will be alone for a majority of the time, but our charas will cross each others paths and will eventually learn to look out for one another. I really wish for many members to join this RPG because everyone won't be able to be all over the place. Say, if one of us were to get into trouble and needed help we'd need for someone to be availible at the least possible moment. If not then, The town will be a small one where anyone that was your friend could hear you.

Well, here goes

Name:Natarica Lune
Place of interest on the street:Anywhere
Background: Natarica is a young girl who has internal problems at home. She usually stays out of her home because of this and usually gets into trouble. She has a problem with asking for help when she needs it. As a matter of fact, she is mostly dependent on herself, but all she really needs is a good friend like anybody else without them.

Eventually, her problems bacame too much for her, so she now lives in the streets of her town. She goes to school hoping for a good education which might not come if she continues to stay alone.

Well, there you go, if there are any questions be sure to ask...
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Name: CK

Age: 14

Place of Interest on the Street: (Not sure what you mean but) Alleys...dark corners...

Background: CK has been on the streets as long as he can remember. He's always been called CK. He doesn't know his real name and accepts CK as his real name. He's a tough kid, brought up on the streets and used to violence. However, he prefers a dark corner at night and a clear place to gaze at the stars than anything else. He has aspirations to write, but doesn't think he'll make it.

He has no parents that he knows of. Instead he relys on the local kid gang. The leader Jason took him under his wing, and CK considers him his older brother. Jason, CK, and the rest of the gang (2 kids) go around town looking out for eachother and just trying to survive.

CK is rather shy and puts out a tough guy imgae when needed to be. He doesn't let his aspirations or anything out, fearing he'll be seen as a "softy". The only person that truly knows him is Jason.

Appearance: Blank black T-shirt. Icy blue eyes. Rough looking blonde hair. Pair of baggy skater black pants. (He found). Pair of torn up tennis shoes. He only has this one outfit.
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Name: Furora

Age: 15

Place of intrest: Hangs around an old abandoned factory of some sort.

Bio: Adopted into a family of 8 children she felt left out. So she left no one Noticed she was gone. So she lives on the streets most of the time. She has strange tattoos on her shoulders and one under and over each eye. No one knows how they got there or who put them there. She has no memory of most of her childhood. moving from foster parent to foster parent, she cant remember any of it. She was born BLIND in one eye. Her left eye.

Attitude: She has put on this Rock wall barrier. No one can get in and she never lets anythign out. She is tough and can match any guy in strength even though she doesent look it. She does not go look for a fight she just fights when its nessiscery. She is a tomboy but paints hr LONG finger nails black anyways. She sometimes looses grip on her tough self and her true kindness shows through but she snaps out of it quickly. For she knows if shes soft out on the streets they would tear her apart. She knows its a dog eat dog world out there. The weak are eaten the stronger prevail... She remembers this every single day. and she lives by it. She wont go after others she jsut stays strong and tough to prevent herself from getting into trouble.

Clothes: Black army boots, Army Camoflauge Pants, A black t shirt with flames, She also wears a spiked collar.

Appearance: See attachment
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Name: Kiara
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 1/2"

Appearance: shoulder length, red streaks with cherry brown hair, sunglasses(blue lens), silver ring with implanted diamonds, silver necklace-chain, blue jeans, jack prussels (is that right?), gray t-shirt w/ angel devil spelled on it in silver and red

Kiara dislikes a lot of stuff, especially ppl like snobs, liars, back stabbers, etc. She never smokes, drinks, or does anything stupid, she drives a really nice car(her foster dad was kind of rich), a black, lowrider, toyota supra, with metallic blue dragons on the side. she's an independent person... does things on her own.
this car is similar to kiara's car only different style
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Name: Ricardo Ramirez

Age: 17

Gender: Male

P.O.I.(Place Of Interest): Anywhere on the streets.

Appearance: Roca Wear pants (black), Timberland boots (black), black tanktop and a black hoodie, he also wears a black beanie. (if i can make or finda pic i will), he has ice blue eyes, which is unusual, and black hair..(he's puerto rican like me lol, oh junk, im gonna use my pic for him lol..)

Bio: Ricardo has lived on the streets all his life. He has taken care of himself since he was 7 years old. The Latin Kings and The Crips both have beef (grievences(sp?) with him. He carries a bo that he found behind a martial arts studio everywhere. He has practiced with it becoming quite good. He stays to himself and hasn't talked in 5 years since he saw his best friend shot and kileld in front of his eyes.
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Name: Raazi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
P.O.I- Usually near nightclubs
Appearance: Raazi wears purple knee-length skirt with a gold streaked shirt. Mid-calf boots with gold buttons. She has gold clamps on her arm and a bird pendant.
Bio: Raazi is a strange person. She doesn?t readily mix into anything. She simply hangs out in nightclubs and acquires some strange friends who are like her, tough and carefree. Raazi likes birds and is a bit cleverer than the average person.
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