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Ghost in the Shell. ^^

~Mystical Pan~

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Nothing fancy. Oo

*wonders if she'll get any comments since last time she got NONE*

Life's like that...

[edit]Image isn't appearing..but when you open a browser and enter it's url, you can see it. [url]http://ambikasmalice.netfirms.com/banners/ghostbanner.jpg[/url] [/edit]

If it doesn't work, I'll wait till someone posts so I can upload it in another post.
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Here. I attached it. That site works in such a way that you need to copy and paste the link to see the image (and it doesn't work in Opera annoyingly, I hate Internet Explorer).

Good job. I think the text is little too blurry, but that's the only "complaint" I have for it.
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That's awesome. I really like the background and you did a great job with the coloring. The text is a little blurry, as Semjaza Azazel pointed out, but I still like the quote a lot.

Very nice :)
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Wow..That is...GRRRRRREAT! [strike]Buy Kellogs Frosties TODAY[/strike].


It is amazing, very nice indeed. I think he is talkin about the eery, cold, mechanical feeling.

Oh and can i ask, why does it say Avoided_Island?
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