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- The Armageddon Conformity -


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[color=crimson][i]September 3rd, 2031

Dear Laura,

As I write this, dearest, I can hear the demonic foes bearing down on this position. Our defense held for 1 long, ardious week, and we have finally reached the point that we can no longer fight the supernatural beings. This letter.. keep this letter, for the world will want to know what happened here, today, at this moment. I'll start at the beginning...

It was two weeks ago, Dr. Strongrotzer came upon an ancient rune, one of which had never been seen before- To describe it would take effort, alot of it, for its beauty was something to behold, something so magnificent we held a large celebration that night for the discovery- Wine, bread, meat, music and the like. We all thought we had stumbled upon something that would bring us great fortune, glory and power, but our wisdom failed as our greed clouded our eyes.

Immediately that night it started, an odd eeirie silence that captivated your mind and ravenged it raw, how I dont know, why I dont know, but we were all suddenly ebbing into an insainity from this silence. I remember somehow falling asleep to the sound of someone screaming, a dreary drowsiness washing over me within 45 seconds or so.

That morning, half the camp was slaughtered into small chunks, as if meat at a butchers, the blood drenching their tents, belongings, and anything within immediate reach. A new type of silence dominated the camp, one of stunned silence, as we pondered and debated as to what had happened. But it wasnt long, perhaps an hour after we awoke, before we saw them- Black, misty figures with vampiric batwings, a crimson tattoo embedded in their forehead. They played with us, tempted us, even rapeing one of the female scientists infront of us, before finally ripping her head clear off, her face locked in a momeny of agony for all time.

We bolted, all of us, grabbing pistols and rifles, several of the remaining hired-hands turning in a stupidly brave show, letting off shotgun rounds as fast as they could. I didnt turn to look, but I did hear the gurgleing screams they let out as the blood flooded their lungs, their bones letting out a haunting crack as they controted in ways which nature never intended.

8 of us remained of the original 40 that came out here into the jungles of Mexico, and we holed ourselfves up inside of the very pyramid we had been sent to excavate. Every night there were poundings at the stone doors, mixed with the sounds of the creature's bloodcurtling screams and that of our own gasps of fear. It kept that way for the last week, before finally- as I speak, I can hear the stone being broken into chunks, the long claws of the creatures digging as hard as they can.

I can hear them speaking in a strange language, one that sounds almost Latin in nature, and it sends chills to my bones thinking of what plans they have. All of us here did not die in vain, nor do we die as martyrs, rather we dedicate this letter to science, as all 8 of us have unanimously agreed to do. We must describe them, tell you about them as much as we can.

The creatures are around a man's average height, 5'8-6'3, the females being a few inches shorter, but each gender having a reletively muscular, fit, healthy look to them. Their skin is all black, except for a tattoo on their forhead that is some strange symbol, it's color being crimson. Each of them seem to have normal features for a human, gender seeming to be the same as in our race. My friend noted that each of them seemed to have different shades of hair, some purple, some violet, some red, some a normal-hazel- It seems it doesnt matter at all, and we judge its the same with it's length- Several females having short, masucline haricuts while a few males having longer, more messy hair- I deduct that its up to the individual creature. The only thing that would descern them from being human at a distance is the massive batwings that are on their back, their wingspans being at 7-8 feet from each end- Tho, I dont think any of us have seen them fly.. but dont rule it out. Clothes wise, they seemed to be wearing each an outfit individual to its own- I saw several females with short, seductive outfits and yet others that had on more modest, travel-wear, yet the males seem to keep a more general tone with pants that are made of a denim-like material, most wearing no shirt or anything else- But two people say that they saw one off to the side with a sheath on his back, no doubt holding a secondary weapon. That brings us to their massive, nail like claws that retract at will- The maximum length seems to be at around 6 inches, but sharp as a diamond saw. Some prefered using swords, bows, or even their teeth.....

Slaves.. They dont act, or look as slaves- More as members of a society, each with his own independant veiws, thoughts, preferances and actions. Some seemed to be quipping taunting remarks at us in that Latin-esque language, while others just silently slaughtered and chased- Even a few looking moderately amused. But what caught my eye the most was some sort of... energy.. yes, energy that caused sparkles- Brilliant, flickering sparkles, like the stars at night as they twinkle, to surrond one of them- Then, I swear it, a large wall of flames took out a section of the camp, two people running out as their flesh began to melt and blacken. I'm a fan of fantasy.. so yes, Laura, I think it was magic, or something very close to it.

No matter. Their powers are enough without it- They are moderately faster, stronger, and were more strategetic about their destruction.. it wasnt a random, barbaric slaughter, upon further reveiw of my memories, it seemed cordinated, the clear shout of someones voice seeming to be giveing orders out.

Upon all this, they still have the ability to be hurt- albeit, it takes much more **** to be thrown at them for a bloodied wound to appear. With this knowledge, each of us is takeing different positions in this ancient pyramid, I being in the very center with 2 people, shotguns aimed at the doo-.. *sentance ends suddenly*

Gunshots. Damnit, how am I going to send this.

Godspeed, I love you, and remember me- Because this is the last ****ing way I thought I would ever go.

With love,
Richard Ham *signature stops just short, with at trail of ink leading down the page, where, in messy handwriting the letter continues.*

We are the Ikrantu, or The Shades.

For too long have we been in the background herding you like helpless, bloodied flocks of sheep.
We now step out to begin the butchery of Mankind, and to take back the land that God unjustly gave to you unworthy roaches. This is an open declaration of war on the whole of mankind, perpare for the invasion- The Harvest starts on the south coast of the United States.

Perpare for the slaughter, pigs, for our stomachs are growling with hunger that only your bleeding, lacerated flesh can fill.

*blood stains dot the rest of the paper*[/i]

Notes: Humanity can use the powers of magic to aid them, as the power seems to have become unlocked with the sudden arrival of users of the true Primal Magick- The innate within us probably has been laying dormant. Intially, your powers in magic may not be all powerful- But several explosive awakenings have already occured throughout the world, therefore your character can not be Merlin.

Race: [Shade, Human]
Age: [Note: Shades are alot like Elves in the respect of age, IE they are generally ageless in appearance.]
Weapon: [Optional, I guess =)]
Supernatural Power: [Optional. Magic, pyshic, otherwise.] [There is a line on this that should not be crossed- No Godlike characters.]
Bio: [Optional, I prefer you fill it out though.]
Description: [Optional, I prefer you fill it out though.] [Personality and Physical] [Remember, Black skin for the Shades is the only thing i'm forcing on you.][/color]
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Name: Fayne Kenra
Age: 23
Weapon: Automatic pistol, antuiqe Machetti.
Supernatural power: precognition [previously had], pyrokenesis [newly gained]

Bio: Fayne knew she was different, even as a child, she spent a lot of time alone, thinking, writing, figuring out the images in her head. She quickly learned that the images were what was to happen in the very near future and kept it to herself for a long time. Fayne graduated college with an english major. She now works for a newspaper but spends her free time working on her horror novels.

personality: Although fayne can be morbid and pessimistic at times she can also be amiable and motivated. It takes quite a bit to hurt Fayne emotionaly yet when you do she can easyly slip into a state of depression that can last for days or weeks at a time. Periods when she is receiving a vision usualy result in minor panic attacks that dissapear as soon as they come.

Apperance: 5'7", short black hair, lively grey eyes, she usualy dresses in what she feels comfortable in, choosing dark monotone colors.
you did a great job so far deathknight, can't wait for the rp to start!
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[b]Name:[/b]William Stonewall



[b]Weapon:[/b]M16A1, 9mm pistol, combat knife, grenades

[b]Supernatural Powers:[/b]Mind Speak(can talk to others telepathically) Flame Strike (shoots small fireballs)

[b]Bio:[/b]A young man who grew up in San Francisco, he is a friendly outgoing person. He has heard of the recent going ons and joined the military. Despite standard issue equipment, he managed to pull strings to get an AK-47. He recently discovered his ability to speak to others threw telepathy and his fire ball ability. He is ready if they come.

[b]Appearnce:[/b]5'9" with black hair and green eyes. Slight muscles, usually wears a uniform.
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[b]Name:[/b] Ali Alkabar



[b]Weapon:[/b] Kalishnikov Ak-47

[b]Supernatural Powers:[/b]Magic. Sand Storm, Raging Winds, Flame Strike, Protection

[b]Bio:[/b] Raised in the deserts of the middle east, he was instructed in the magic arts. He travels the world over, simply looking to the answers to his questions.

[b]Appearence:[/b]A slim man with black hair and brown eyes eyes, he stands at 5'11". He has tanned skin and tends to dress for the desert, no matter what clime he is in.
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[b]Name:[/b] 'Havoc'; 'Amatros'

[b]Race:[/b] Tool of destruction of the Ikrantu.

[b]Age:[/b] Now ageless

[b]Weapon:[/b] Teeth, claws, napalm which is stored in body.

[b]Supernatural Power:[/b] Aside from natural abilities, he can speak with his mind instead of his mouth [since he actually can't].

[b]Bio:[/b] Sentient beast brought from the darkness by the Shade, as a form of frontline-attacking, a way to initiate the war and a means for total destruction.

[b]Description:[/b] His temper matches the fiery burning rage of the napalm that he spews from his body. Cross him once, and you'll be lucky to survive. Cross him twice and survive, then you have most likely the best run of luck ever. Cross him three times and survive, and Hell will freeze over. Or so, that's what his track record shows; he's killed all who opposed him in a blight of flaming fury.

As for size, he's about twenty feet long, and has a wingspan of around thirty-six feet. If you've seen Reign Of Fire, this makes it all a lot easier.

[Note; This is such a crappy sign-up because I spent two hours on my original one and Microsoft Word decided that then was the perfect time to have an error.]

[size=1]Also, this character is unique. I got special permission from Ken for this, so for your sake, I hope no one tries to copy this.[/size]
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[size=1]Been waiting for another one of these for quite a while. :)

[b]Name:[/b] Ikturu (Ick-Too-Ru)

[b]Race:[/b] Shade

[b]Age:[/b] 759

[b]Weapon:[/b] Normal Shade equipment plus a small curved dagger.

[b]Supernatural Power:[/b] Bloodrush- Quickens the pulse of the body and speeds up reaction time. The world seems to slow down, even though you just get faster.

[b]Bio:[/b] Trained from birth to be a general, Ikturu is as ruthless as he is evil. When Ikturu was born he was bathed in human blood. Slowly, he was taught to despise the humans and to learn the most efficiant ways to kill them. One small organ seemed to hold the key to destruction for the animals. Destroy that and they fall. He was trained until he was 100 and then he broke off to train on his own. He toned his sleek, black body into an instrument of destruction. He lengthened his claws to seven inches in length through pure will. His wings are capable of short term flight, but nothing over ten minutes. Turning down the offer of an army, Ikturu prefered to go up on his own. It's how he works best.

[b]Description:[/b] 6' 8" in height. Blazing orange eyes and bright blue hair. Ikturu wears a loose fitting black denim pair of pants with a black tanktop. His skin is blacker than either article of clothing giving his presence a very evil look. His wings are streaked with very dark grey.[/size]
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: Kenratu Asagord

[b]Race[/b]: Shade

[b]Age[/b]: Unknown, placed at 6,000 or more.

[b]Weapon[/b]: Aside from his claws, a single sword that is held firmly in a brown sheath on his back. The blade's length is held at 6 inches, the grip being in the fashion of an oriental Katana. It is half an inch in width, makeing it seemingly heavy to any humans. He calls it "The Reaper".

[b]Supernatural Power[/b]: Status of his power is currently unknown, most likely is extremely violent in nature, as would be expected of the Leader of the Ikrantu.

[b]Bio[/b]: He has seemed to be the leader of the Ikrantu for all time, his only heir to the right to lead being his only daughter. His past is clouded, sometimes somewhat purposely, but in the recent years he has succesfully lead his people under the cover of darkness twards the very pyramid that held the rune he needed.

Humans are animals to him, mere herds of cattle to feed off of, as it has been for years. The thirst within him for blood caused him to seek one the one thing that could help him- The Rune of Cryaslis. The Rune held the true power of his bloodline, the power of the Ikrantu's forefathers. It led him into a jungle, to a pyramid where the slaughter was good, and the Rune was acquired. He could feel the Rune's energy granting him knowledge, power, and the people around him felt the boosted effects of the rune too.

Now.. his Harvest of Humanity begins.


Physical- Tall, 6'5 and extremely muscular. His midnight black skin holds dozens of scars, each one of them holding a story that he can tell by heart. His claws extend to a length of 5 inches, but he prefers using the sword that his father owned, his skill with it unsurpassed.

He generally wears no shirt, with baggy, camoflauge pants being the only other item of clothing besides his sheath.

[b]Personality[/b]- He is nice, careing, thoughtful and deep to his own people, respecting each one individually. He can be a bit sarcastic to them at times, even a bit harsh, but its only for the goodwill of his people.

He hates humans with a passion, a burning fury that never stops. They are nothing but a source of food to him, cattle that somehow were granted greater rights than the rancher, and that needs to be corrected.[/color]
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[size=1][color=darkred][b]Name:[/b] Leila


[b]Age:[/b] 2763

[b]Weapon:[/b] Although adept with most weapons, Leila prefers to use her katana, made of amazingly light - yet strong and durable - metal, which seems to glow a strange blue at odd times.

[b]Supernatural Power:[/b] Pyromancy [The ability to control fire and heat], Aquamancy and Aeromancy.

[b]Bio:[/b] Leila draws her strength from her upraising and heritage; that of the heir to the Ikrantu. As Kenratu's daughter, her past is just as clouded as his.

She's been raised with Kenratu's opinions and beliefs, and adopted them, seeing humans as her inferiors and treating them with all the contempt she has in her being. Leila delights in tormenting them, and her favorite past-time is hurting them.

Strangely child-like, Leila has a chirpy, rather morbid - in a happy way - personality. Her reactions to circumstances conflict, as they tend to be childish and mature at the same time. Intellectually, she uses everyone of her years. Emotionally, she is both a confused teenager and an elderly she-demon.

[b]Description:[/b] Only, with black skin, with no horns.

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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Mykkael
Race: Shade
Age: 4000 or so. He doesn't really keep track anymore.
Weapon: [img]http://www.1sks.com/images/coldsteel/cs-88cws_sm.jpg[/img]
Blade is 17 inches long, hilt is 14 inches.

Supernatural Power: Psychometery. Basically, every bit of matter in the universe has an energy aura. This aura leaves impressions, images, on matter around. Psychometery is the ability to view these mental images. Picking up a stone, for example, could give you a twenty thousand year history of that rock in under a second.

Bio:Mykkael is an outcast shade, due to a slight indiscretion involving the Shade's history. They have a few secrets about their past that they don't particularly like, and that the majority or their people aren't supposed to know. Mykkael's unique ability posed a few problems. And when he started exposing the sick sad truth...well, it was either exile or death. Mykkael had always been shunned anyway, so leaving hadn't been too hard. He'd lived in dark places away from all life for years. Tends to come out on Halloween every now and again though. Always gets complimented on his costume... And, he's been known to make himself a good enough psychic to almost get himself a television show... You know, the whole, I know all about your past because I spoke to your dead relatives thing. But then he realised he'd have to touch people.

Description: Six foot tall, and very slender. Skin is a hard, glossy black, without reflecting light. Crimson design on his head has darkened to a dull read, due to his prolonged seperation from his people. The design itself is two concentric circles, with wavy lines joining the circumfrances at several points. From certain angles, it looks a lot like the iris of an eye.

Mykkael's face has a slight grey, internal glow, though the features themselves are black as the rest of his skin. It makes his face readable.

His wings are more developed than the average Shade, and he can use them for short periods of flight. Mainly due to the neccessity of getting out of places quickly...a task he's performed quite a few times. Wears specially made black leather gloves, as it is his hands that are most sensitive to auric resonance. From any other part of his body, he can black the images off.

Personality wise, Mykkael is basically what you would expect. Though not bitter, he is cynical, introverted, almost mercurial in moods, and secretive. He tends not to trust anyone, though he hasn't got close enough to trust anybody for a good five hundred years. He is canny, but relatively uneducated, for a Shade. Knows a lot about history though...

Mykkael has been observing humans for years, and has found almost a kinship with certain members of their society. The outcasts, the goths, the freaks. He's considered actually meeting some of them face to face at times, but has never dared take that ultimate step.[/font][/color]
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Hey Ken, i told you it would get alot of people. And it's still on the rise, well like i said....It's Shade Time ^_^. Ok...that sounded really....gimpy.

[b]Name:[/b] Shin Zarobaz

[b]Race:[/b] Shade

[b]Age:[/b] Ageless

[b]Weapon:[/b] Zaro - A Huge Double Sided Shade Axe.

[b]Supernatural Power:[/b] "Sucktion" - He oustretches his arm, with his plam facing you, and an almost black mist imits from his palm. It eats away your Stamina, Strength and Power, and it is added to Shin's. There is a weakness to this, but not yet found.....

[b]Bio:[/b] Shin is a full blood, born and bred, Shade. His relations lead back almost as far as the first spawns. He has been raised, to hate humans, have no remorse for humans, and to basicaly treat them as "One of whom has killed your mother!". That was what was been drummed into his head from his Father since a child, and seems to be, almost a religious oricle to his mind.

[b]Description:[/b] He is huge, even for a Shade. Boasting 7'5" in hieght and 800 lbs in wieght, he is a beast, not only to another race. He has Zaro attached to his back at all times. Topless, showing off his muscluar fisique, he only has one thick, brown, leather strap holding Zaro, which is diagonal across his chest. His bright Blue eyes, look very wierd becuase of the intense contrast of his Eyes to his black sleek Body. His hair covers his pointed ears, yet is only as long as his neck. His trousers consist of dark blue/Navy baggy trousers that go down as far as the middle of his shins, were they stop at a ragged, ripped end. His wings are most of the time folded in, yet when erect, they are huge and can lift his bulk of a body for almost 12 minutes at a time. This is also great training for him to.

[b]Personality:[/b] When it comes too humans, you would belive that he was the devil himslef. Yet when it comes to his own kind... then it's a diffrent story, his dark, booming voice, loves to have a laugh. Yet his sense of humour is sick...to the human mind that is. He is mentaly unstable, even for a Shade and even the slightest annoyance from ANY race, he will lash out, He will usually kill them, if they are majorly weaker.
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[color=royalblue]Wow, Ken. This is deep. Seems like it'll turn out good.

Name: Rayne Kratchen

Age: Unknown

Race: Shade

Weapon: Longbow

Supernatural Power: Simple telekinesis.

Bio: Rayne has had a somewhat rough life for a Shade. Her parents left her alone when she was young and she had to grow up by herself. Fending for herself was easy because she's very rage prone and tends to be very violent when threatened. However, one day, Kenratu came across her became some what of a friend. They often talked and did other things, and she picked up on his slight sense of humor. She appreciated him for caring for her so deeply, as she probably would have gone and done something drastic if he hadn't. She sticks close, but stays a respectful distance away. Her life is better now, but she's still on that narrow edge....

Description: Around 5'10", short white hair, and steely-gray eyes. Not very tone, but still rather strong. Wears white T-shirt with long black pants, and her bow slung over her back.

Personality: Rayne is very odd. Sometimes she can be the main one cracking jokes, but other times, she can be severely withdrawn and angry for no apparent reason. She has a very quick temper and can take things the wrong way, but she's very kind to her friends and would do anything for them. She doesn't care for humans, as none of the Shades do, but her hatred for them doesn't go as deep as one would think given her attitude.[/color]
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[b][size=1]Bleh. I wanted to be a Shade. But that'd mess up the human:shade ratio thing even more so..

Name:[/b] Yulaw Star

[b]Age:[/b] 15

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Weapon[/b] The Hyperion (a long flat heavy sword, similar to those of Cloud, FFVII)

[b]Supernatural Power[/b]
Freak Unleashed - During rushes of adrenaline, at random intervals Yulaw seems to momentarily flash and flicker about at barely visible speeds. It happens about once every five to twenty seconds, and burst lasts for about the same time.
(But yeah, he'd most likely be trying to beat things to hardly breathing bloody pulps during his rushes.)

A pessimistic youth abandoned alone in the slums, left to be swallowed by street rules, Yulaw was raised as one of a next-gen in-your-face ghetto pack.

For now, Yulaw is still a gang member (and weaponless at that).

A hazel-eyed and faintly blue/black haired teen of Asian descent. His hair is gelled forward. Yulaw is an average 5'7" and 140lbs.
He wears a pair of white slim trainers. His white denim jeans have a dragon-type black pattern scrawled across the right-leg side, in the same manner as the black design on his white hooded top.

He's seen it all, and helped do it all, and pretty much couldn't care less about the rest of the world. It left him helpless, so why should he care about it? Heh..the irony of it all...[/size]
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1][b]Name:[/b] Lithil

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Age:[/b] 118, Died at 24.

[b]Weapon:[/b] None.

[b]Supernatural Power:[/b] Healing Magic. (Can't heal self.)

Sarana: Sacrifices own life to restore another's.

[b]Bio:[/b] Lithil is now 118. She was born to a small tribe, who lived near an oasis in Egypt. They practaced spiritual spells, and rituals where they could resurrect one who was dead, by sacrificing the life of another's. The night of her birthday, Lithil had a dream of a strange group of creatures who would slaughter and destroy men in the future. This dream temped her to write, and the same night, she began to write about what she had seen in her dream. The hour she finished the book, her throat was slit. Her sister found her body, with a book in Lithil's arms. Çariatha began reading the book. A week later, her family went out to find the creatures she had spoken of the night she died. They were successful, yet only Çariatha returned. Blood trickled down her wrists, as she wrote the spell of resurrection on a large scroll. After wrapping the text in a wooden case, she went into her sister's tomb, where she left the case.
96 years later, an archaeologist found Lithil's tomb, and began reading the heiroglyphics printed on the scroll out loud. Suddenly, a chilling breeze swept towards him from her tomb. The archaeologist fell to his knees, his flesh torn. Only his skeleton remained, as the breeze lifted higher up towards the sky. The tomb opened, and Lithil stepped out, looking the same as she did 96 years ago. A mark remained where she had been slit, and she could feel the presence of the Ikrantu.

[b]Personality:[/b] Lithil is rather quiet, and is unsure of the present world. Her tribe wasn't at all associated with the outer world, and stuck to their tribal ways, far from civilization. She is gentle, although she tends to snap at things often.

[b]Description:[/b] Lithil has onyx-black hair, and gentle sepia eyes. Her skin is a smooth, milky coffee color, to match her Egyptian heritage. Her outer layer of clothing is a beige leather, and the inside is a dark brown. Her boots and gloves are also beige, except for her palms, which are still tainted with her blood. [Meh... bad pic. - .-;][/color] [/size]
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[color=crimson]The Following People are in the RPG.




Lady Katana
Lady Asphyxia
The Harlequin

[Haha. Shin didnt make it in.]

I would enjoy if anyone else that wants to join be human, most likely with that as your base you'd be let in easily. I guess we can start with this though. ^_^[/color]
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>_< MEANIE! Ok, well I geuss I'll re-sign up as a human, Yeah?

[b]Name:[/b] Willie McDonald (Known as McD)

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]Weapon:[/b] A Double Barrel Sawed-off Shotgun and 20" Machette

[b]Supernatural Power:[/b] Back in Scotland, he was out in an old field at the age of 15, were he found a ragged piece of cotton looking material. It had some kind of pattern or words in a diffrent language. This was what inspired him to be an Archeoligist. As he moved towards his dream, he learned many languages including Spanish, French, German, Latin and of coarse English. From background knowledge and reashearch for any years, he roughly translated that old rag that he treasured, it read:

"The Mexican Border Is The Key And Destruction To Humanity"

So after saving up money he finally left to Texas, this is where he will unearth a secret of his body a magical power never known to man!

[b]Bio:[/b] As he is a full bred Scot. He lived in Scotland for most, if not all his life, it was only recently, when he moved out to Texas because of an old Manuscript. This is were he found a group of voyagers going out into the forrest for a camping and exploration trip, of coarse he was almost magnetically attracted to this and was almost forced to go by his own mind.

[b]Description:[/b] He is a tall man with brown hair, Striking blue eyes and a brown goatee. He has an almost rough look to him. He is big in size, yet not unnatural. He is 6'7" and 270lbs. He wears a tight fitting black "muscle" t-shirt which is purposly tight around the biseps. He has his Shotgun in a holster which is attached to his big thick Black belt, with a patriotic Scotland Flag belt buckle. His machette is also in another holster at the left side of his belt, parralell to his Shotgun. He wears his favrioute Denim jeans were he has a thistle, dried out, flattened and sewn onto the top right hand side, just underneath the pocket.
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Guest cloricus
[b]Name[/b]: Jim Finland

[b]Race[/b]: Human

[b]Age[/b]: 26 years old

Jim carries a small array of military grade weapons. He has access to a personal arsenal. With him he has an f88-Styer, a Desert eagle hand gun, an assortment of grenades. (Frag to Flash.) He also carries non-projectile weapons, a dirk, a small pocket knife and a small short sword.

[b]Supernatural Power[/b]:
Fire is his main power, though he hasn?t explored his full potential. Accuracy and speed are also on his side. It is unknown if this is all the powers he poses.

Jim was an army freak. At a young age he was the sort of kid that would kill the next door neighbour?s kitten just for the fun of it and for the weird need he felt to see blood shed. Though he never felt the need to see fellow humans in pain years in the local metal asylum changed this. He was let out after the maximum holding time in his state had expired. They planed to put him back in right away. He had other plains, killing the staff and then going after their families. He would have succeeded if the army had not intervened and offered him a place in an elite section that was started to take out the ?evil? people of the world. Many missions past and he was promoted to be head of the section. Over time the need for people to be eradicated lowered, the world was becoming a better place. Though over the time Jim had been in the section his insaneness had dissipated. He still needed to kill, but he had control again.

The invasion of these new freaks as some had called them was a mission that his section had been assigned. They failed; they were slaughtered within minutes of being deployed. One other and Jim survived and escaped, they retreated to the groups secret base and started to build defences and stock pile weapons.

His need to kill humans had been replaced with the will to kill these freaks.


[i]Physical[/i]- He was about 6?1, very strong, very fit, very fast. White, with a tan coursed by a lot of sun. Scares down his arms and tattoo?s on his forearms. Always clean shaven with crew cut hair style. The stereotypical seal look, but with the scares of a traumatic childhood.

He wears DPCU. (Dispersed, Pattern, Colour, Uniform.) Not very much variation, he enjoys the ability to not be seen and the uniform helps. Though he does wear other things when needed.

[i]Personality[/i]- His personally is subject to the situation, he can be helpful though to abusive and suicidal within minutes. If the case is needed he will show good leadership and win the situation.
He needs blood to stay sane, though it is no longer human blood he craves.

If he is respected he will do all he can to help and assure that those who are with him are safe.

He cannot stand the freaks; he will kill any he finds and not only kill them but mame and destroy them. He tries to restrain himself but in battle he loses control.


Eps - Signing up is fun. :P
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[B]Name:[/B] Sauros [Saw-ross]

[B]Race:[/B] Shade

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown, roughly 5200

[B]Weapon:[/B] Sauros carries a large scimitar, the blade of which weighs almost a tonne. A large, dragon-like creature is engraved into the blade, and everyone who looks at the carving swears that they can see fire and flame within it.
He also carried a Mace, the chain of which can extend to over 30 feet in length.

[B]Supernatural Power:[/B] Sauros posseses no external powers, but rather his body itself has been greatly enhanced;
Stronger than any other shade, he can lift roughly 12 tonnes thanks to a natural enhancement and much physical training. He thinks that the power of the Rune is, however, enhancing his strength to even greater levels.
Sauros also has enhanced senses. He can track a person by a very weak scent that is over 3 months old, and in enclosed spaces, such as caves, he can hear light breathing from nearly a mile away. His reaction times are also greater than normal, roughly 5 times that of a humans.

[B]Bio:[/B] Sauros is a soldier, a warrior. Considered mighty even by Shade standards, he is a very old friend of the Shade leader Kenratu. He will obey any order given, even if there is a chance of him loosing his life, which there often is. He has trained for millenia with his sword and mace, his claws and his teeth, and has become a champion of fighting, with the scars to prove it. He hates humans with passion, almost as much as his leader, and when in battle with one, only then is he truely happy. At all other times, he is constantly brooding and anticipating the next time he will hear the sound of a human's weak flesh and bone ripping apart as his Sabre tears through them. At this present moment he is un-settled, anxious and angry as he waits for his leader to let him loose on the humans inside the temple.

[B]Description:[/B] Sauros stands at 6'11", and his muscles are more clearly definable than his own face. He has quite a few scars, most of which have been inflicted by other Shade, his most distinguishable one being the one that comes down across the brow of his right eye, continuing then onto his right cheek, while leaving the eye un-damaged. His large shoulder muscles make his neck invisible, and he hunches forward, so that he normally appears to be only about 6'2".

Sauros is a very serious Shade, often the only time he ever laughs or even smiles is when talking about a battle. However, most find him easily approachable and down to earth, dispite his mammoth-like appearence.
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Guest cloricus
Yes Medra that is what I mean, if you read my post it does explain that...

Ken... Need more Humans...
BTW I'm assuming that in the end the humans are going to lose?

Eps - Hmm... School work. I think not!
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