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Gundam: Evil Arises


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Years after DG was defeated and G Gundam ended.........

A new evil arose. It was a new gundam, and it called itself Ultimate Gundam 2332. At first it wasn't donig any harm, so nobody hurt it. But, eventually, it started attacking cities. The Shuffle Alliance was called to attack it and stop it, but they failed. Now it is up to other Gundam controllers tha are rising to the top to take it. A message was sent to them.

Post here with your:

Gundam Name: (can be real or fake)
Gundam Appearance:
Attachable Weapons:
Character Bio:

Now, i don't know a TON about Gundam, and this will probably STINK like last month's garbage, but i'm gonig to try to wing this.


Name: Kazumaki
Age: 25
Appearance: Kinda short white hair, blue eyes. About 5'9", wieghs about 200 lb.
Gundam Name: Canum (CaNume) Gundam 2c-07
Gundam Appearance:

Weapons: Energy Bazooka, Beam of the Undefeated of America, Fire Foot, Bling Blast, Canum Sword(sword of Energy)
Attachable Weapons: 2nd Canum Sword, HyperGun, GunBLade
Character Bio: Was born 10 years before the battle with DG. Practically lived with Gundams, was raised in a family that once won the Gundam fight thing to see who rules the world. Very good with a gundam.

Note: The attacment isn't exactly like how it looks.
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Name: Leon Heartbound
Age: 18
Appearance: tall black hair, hazel eyes. About 6'1", wieghs about 223 lb.
Gundam Name: Paladin Gundam 4d-99
Gundam Appearance:

Weapons: excaliber(huge beam sword), Holy fist of the undefeated of the north, scatter shield, knight's shield, dual arm blades(heated)
Attachable Weapons: mega particle cannon, manuverable platform, huge mounted shoulder cannons
Character Bio: Was born 3 years before the battle with DG. He grew up in nobility and being of noble birth became a paladin like his father, His suit is integrated so that it can draw out his swordsmanship capabilities. Very good with a gundam.
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Name: Xion Rai

Age: 21

Appearance: See Attachment

Gundam Name: (can be real or fake) Re-designed Deathscythe Hell

Gundam Appearance: Basically looks like the Deathscythe, but has had upgraded armor, weapons, etc.

Weapons: Twin-Beam Scythe, Ultra Beam Sword, Beam Sword*normal*, 2x Vulcan Cannon, Beam Gun, and Cyber Sword

Attachable Weapons: Shield *I can shoot it towards an enemy*, Dragon's Sword, and Wings *can be used as a shield or weapons that can serve as swords *electricity*

Character Bio: Calm and friendly in battle, but fierce in battle. His anger anf rage seem to come out during battle.

Is this acceptable?
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Name: Will

Age: 20

Appearance: You know the what he wears*except for the gauntlet* right Shinobi?

Gundam name: Archangel

Gundam appearance: Think of Wing 0 custom, pure white and instead of guns, it has lances.

Gundam weapon: Lancex2, Wing cannons on each feather hidden.

Attachable weapons: Energy shield

Bio: Simply a normal man, who acceled as a pilot and was given the Archangel. Now he must go and face the new threat with the other gundam pilots....
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Okay here i go!

Name: Kyoji Kasshu

Age: 16

Appearence: Looks just like his father except he doesn't have the scar.

Gundam: Shining Gundam.

Appearence: Need I really tell you what this bad boy looks like?

Attachable Weapon: An energy shield.

Finishing Moves: Shining Finger, Shining Finger Sword, Sekiha Tenkyoken

Bio: Kyoji is the son of Domon and Rain Kasshu, he is one of the youngest entries this year in the gundam fight. He had finally mastered the Hyper Mode of Shining Gundam, he has also been taught the Sekiha Tenkyoken by his father. Although Kyjoi has learned to activate his Hyper Mode he prefers to keep that a secret, a trump card if that's what you prefer to call it. But other than that Kyoji is a very good fighter. He knows that his father was almost defeated by the Devil (dark gundam) as were his friends of the Shuffle Alliance, so he will go to earth and while in the Gundam Fight he will find the Dark Gundam and destroy it.
I hope this is acceptable.
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Name: Sakura Hinai

Age: 15

Appearance: 5', star tattoo on sides of eyes, light brown hair-
shoulder length, shorts, custom fighting top

Gundam Name: Wing Hell Custom(its wing 0 redesigned and all that crap)

Gundam Appearance: [URL=http://www.houseofgundams.homestead.com/files/gundam0fly.jpg]Wing 0 flying[/URL] , [URL=http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/thewings/images/zerocus.jpg]Wing 0 custom[/URL]

Weapons: twin buster rifle, beam saber, machine cannon, wing vulcan

Attachable Weapons: twin swords *attached on back w/ buster rifle*, cannon *attached to hip*, wings *underneath are laser beams*

Character Bio: an independent girl who fights for freedom and safety. She will not let anything stop her in finding her true destiny. Her recent mobile gundam was destroyed in a war. Now, her new gundam is stronger, agile, and more powerful.
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