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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DuoMax [/i]
[B]Willard=NO! [/B][/QUOTE]

^_________________^ *drinks her biiig cup of coffee Juu Gave Her*
....No= what..No as in good, no as in bad, no as in i havent seen in, no as in i wouldnt see it, no as in your wrong.. no as in dont drink the coffee...No as in what.

[on a lighter note]....YES I AM HYPER.....*POINTS AT JUU...*...sHES THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THE COFFEE...
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[size=1]My review for the school paper...

Willard is the heartfelt story of a lonely man who befriends a large group of cute, four legged creatures, and through the power of friendship they overcome their problems. Ok, so the cute, four legged creatures are really rats, the lonely man is psychopathic, and they overcome their problems by killing people... but is this movie really that different than ?Air Bud? or ?M.V.P.: Most Valuable Primate?? No. All of these movies have bizarre premises featuring animals, and all of them are predictable. The only thing that sets ?Willard? apart from the rest of the pack is its dark humor and disturbing visuals.

As I mentioned earlier, ?Willard? is about a lonely man, Willard Stiles (Crispin Glover), who is in his 30?s and lives with his ailing mother. Willard lives a very sad life. He is so busy taking care of his mother that he often ends up arriving late for work. As a result, his boss, Mr. Martin (R. Lee Emery) ridicules Willard on a daily basis, making his life a living hell. One day Willard finds that there are rats in his basement, but after trying unsuccessfully to kill them, he tries to become their friend instead. Willard develops a close friendship with one albino rat, Socrates, and through Socrates Willard discovers that the rats will follow his commands.

The entire premise of this movie is pretty weird. It is actually a remake of an older 1971 horror film, but this version tries to pretend that it a psychological thriller. This does not work very well though, and I do not think that there was a single point throughout the movie that I was ?thrilled?. This movie would probably not scare anyone, unless they had a severe fear of rats. Willard?s few rodent friends multiply into hundreds by the end of the movie; but I highly doubt that anyone who afraid of rats would see this movie, so I am not entirely sure who the audience for this film is. The acting was a little overdone, especially by Mr. Martin and Willard?s mother. They are a sharp contrast to how composed and monotone Willard is. The only ?normal? person in the movie is Willard?s love interest Cathryn (Lauren Elena Harring), but it seems like her friendship with Willard is out of pity more than anything else. Willard has no idea how to act in front of people, as he only feels comfortable when he is with his rat friends. In fact, Willard is so socially inadequate that he is boring to watch. He hardly ever says anything, and when he does he often repeats it several times for dramatic effect.

The best acting in this movie was done by the rats, but I can?t be sure if most of them were real rats, or just computer generated rodents. In the 1970?s when special effects were limited, seeing rats attack a person might be more frightening because the audience could easily tell whether it was real or not. We live in a world of dancing hamsters and rapping kangaroos, so the ?wow? factor of seeing the rats do certain things is diminished.

So, the only thing that would have been able to keep my interest was the story, but that also failed miserably. When Willard uses his army of rats to seek revenge on his enemies, the conclusion of the movie is obvious. There are very few good qualities to this movie, and I would not recommend it to anyone unless they were a fan of extremely bizarre and films. By the time the movie was over I felt like I had fallen victim to an eight dollar mouse trap.

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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]Wow... that was a really neat review. ^_^

I'm not too sure if I want to see this movie very much. I'm not really into really dark movies, and they really tend to freak me out lots. @.@;

Especially if it's about rats. :shifty:[/color] [/size]
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I love rats. My rats were the best pets I ever had :)

So yeah, that's the only reason I'd even be slightly interested in seeing this movie... And even that's not really enough.

I can see my friend wanting to see it though. He has the absolute worst taste in movies I've ever seen. I've had to sit through Boa, Dragon Fighter and several other B-rated movies that always seem to star Dean Cain. One of them was about a snake that lived in Anarctica. This is right up his alley heh.

I've not seen Cripsin Glover since Back to the Future. He doesn't look much different.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shyguy [/i]
[B][size=1]the lonely man is psychopathic,[/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=teal][size=1][b]They should've used me in that movie...

I went to see this movie and I say it's okay.I don't really like rats, but I like this movie.It's very emotional and sad.I'm a big fan of that kinda stuff.The man only wanted friends.....[/b][/size][/color]
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I don't know why everyone is coming down so harshly on this movie. lol

The film was both chilling and entertaining. And, it is a remake of a 1971 movie. So, although it couldn't have derived any influence from the Turtles, I'm sure that [i]The Birds[/i] played an influential part in the film's creation. Which, is a very good thing.

My main gripe with the film is a fatality involving a cat. It was very heartbreaking. Especially because of the song playing during the chase. The scene itself is incredibly well done and startling. It left me very thankful that there are no rats in my house to attack my kitty.

Crispin Glover was a [i]perfect[/i] choice to play Willard, too. Everything from his unsettling look to his voice was great. He just screamed "insane loser." The line "[I]Tear 'em up[/i]" was very fun to repeat after the movie, for some reason too.

Overall, you guys shouldn't smell a rat. It's a very enjoyable movie, unless you're absolutely petrified of rats. But, that could only make it more fun. ;)
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Why would people pay to see a movie about a man being stranded on a deserted island talking to a volley ball for about three hours? Or why would anyone want to watch some boring movie that takes place in one room, a panic room, almost the entire movie (minus five minutes)? Huh? Those two movies were both worse than Willard, as a matter of fact I rank them as two of the worst movies ever. If you haven't caught on, I'm talking about Cast Away and Panic Room.

Those movies were horrible, but Cast Away is what I consider the worst movie ever made.

I basically agree with everything Charles said. It was a good movie, not great. But still it deserves more credit, especially since it was a movie from 1971 originally. They definitely did a good job of updating it to today's standards, and Crispin Glover was great in the role as Willard. I'd rather watch a guy with rats, than watch either of those two movies I mentioned. Hell, I'd rather watch Willard more than most movies.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by The Vampire: Ed [/i]
[B]Why would people pay to see a movie about a man being stranded on a deserted island talking to a volley ball for about three hours?[/B][/QUOTE]
I can't stand [i]Cast Away[/i]. The movie is completely stupid. If any other actor had been in it, it would've flopped... badly. But because Tom "Gimme An Oscar" Hanks was in it, critics and movie-goers somehow thought the 30 minutes of pure silence was "deep." That movie was [i]entirely[/i] dependant on who starred in it, not on the plot or how good the actor was.

Anyway, about Willard. Rats creep me out. In fact, they make me kinda itchy just to look at. The commercials don't make it seem all that appealing to me, although they did re-kindle my love for old Michael Jackson songs.

Ah, Ben.
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