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Kingdom Hearts:The Capture of Kairi and The New Evil


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This is kind of the same as the game.But,Different evils(Still heartless),and Mickey isn't captured.It's Kairi that is captured.

Here's a storyline...
Sora,Riku and Kairi were mucking around on Destiny Island when a dark portal opened up next to them.Sora,Riku and Kairi didn't have their weapons with them.Suddenly some shadows jumped out of the portal.Some attacked Riku and Sora.They didn't see that the other shadows had stolen Kairi.The shadows disappeared through the portal and it closed.Sora and Riku panicked.Then sat and wondered what to do.

In Another Place...
Little did Sora and Riku know that Kairi had been captured to become the new evil.She was pushed into aa machine and was changed.When she came out she was wearing dark colours of her normal clothes.She aloso carried a staff with a sapphire orb ontop adorned with a pair of bat wings.The shadows bowed down before her.

Back at destiny Island...
Sora and Riku decided to round up their friends from other worlds and find Kairi.Sora and Riku collected their weapons and supplies and left Destiny Island.

Okay.So we have our setup.
Riku-Sakuramon(Me)I'll take him unless someone wants to be him.
Leon/Squall-G/S/B Master
Yuffie-G/S/B Master
Moogle(Kupo)-Mighty Mandy
(Anyone from the other worlds eg.Tarzan)
(If I missed anyone tell me)

Name:Every time someone chooses a character I will post it up top.
Weapon:Real weapon
Summon:Only 1 and from the game
Description:A picture/or description
Bio:Why they want to help find Kairi

Here's mine for Sora
[b]Bio:[/b]The reason that Sora wants to save Kairi is because Kairi is one of his best friends.Although he doesn't know where she is,or what has happened to her but he won't give up until Kairi is safe again.
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Ok, I havent actually played Kingdom Hearts. But Ive read about it and seen my friends play, so Ill need a little help.

Name: Tidus

Weapon: Baraque Sword

Summon:Mushu- Flare attack

Description: [img]http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/ffxblitzball/Tidus3.jpg[/img]

Bio: Being tired of a boring life, he desperately wants to help Sora
on is quest to rescue Kairi. He is a good friend and will do what ever it takes to aid is party.
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Hey don't worry.I havven't played it either.But I know the whole storyline and everything.

For summons there is:
Simba-Lion King-Attacks
Bambi-Bambi-Drops rare and recovery items
Tinkerbell-Peter Pan-I think she heals
Mushu-Mulan-Casts Flare
Genie-Aladdin-Uses Magic
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OK heres my character.

Name: Cloud Strife

Weapon: Buster Sword

Summon: Dumbo- Hydro blast attack. (He's a summon in the game)


Bio: Sora helped the Cloud in the past, by reuniting him with his lost love, Aeris. After hearing of his young friend's distress, Cloud hopes to repay Sora for his help, and joins him on his search for Kairi.
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:mad: Ok Ok stop begging William, I join! Sheesh, man you can be a baby sometimes you know.

Name: Wakka
Weapon: BlitzBall
Summon : Genie ,Magic ( Don't jump on me if it is wrong I don't play this very often!)
Description: White tanktop, blue and yellow baggy shorts, Red shoes.
Bio:Wakka lives on the island with Sora, and after Kairi was kidnapped Wakka joined Sora because he wanted some action.

That ok William ? So stop complaining!:laugh:

I don't play Games like this normally , so if I get something wrong don't hassle me.
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I'll sign up with NO summons

Name: Leon
Weapon: Gunblade
Summon: None, N/A,Zero
Description: He wore the same thing exept a short jacket with a red griever head in the back.
Bio: He was helping Sora finding Kairi because it was an reward from beating him with Yuffie and with Cloud in the Colliseum.

I'll play Aeris and Yuffie for you if you like.
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Ok can i sign in as Moogle?
Name: Moogle [Kupo]
Weapon: Bow and arrow
Description: A little pink cat look alike creature with wings
Bio: Moogles are found all over the final fantasy worlds. Saving the games, selling items etc
Summon: Bambi
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Hmmm Mandy how abt Kupo?
And G/S/B Master would you be Yuffie?There's no aeris so can you be someone else too?
It'd really help!If so then we'll start it.:D
BTW:Can I get people to be double/triple/quadrupal characters?
Me and G/S/B are more then one.Please people?
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Remember not to double post Ohkami. I've deleted both of the said posts not only because of that issue, but because it's also against the rules to post simply for the purpose of bumping your topic.

You know, posting only to say "Come on! I need more people!" ;)
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Ok, oh yeah one more thing, Riku and Sora are enemies.

Character 2: Yuffie
Weapon: Ninja Stars
Description: Same thing from FF7
Summon: None
Bio: Same as Leon's.

Character 3: Beast
Weapon: Claws
Description: a beast with a Purple cape and fancy Clothes.
Summon: none
Bio: He wants to help find Kairi because he want to return the favor for helping him find Beauty.
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Riku is the enemy not both of them. Riku tried to control the Keyblade in the middle of the game, because Maleficent said so. Riku was Maleficent's pawn because he wanted to bring back Kairi's heart. So in a point of view, Riku is either good or bad. If wanted to be in the beggining and have Kairi be taken instead of King mickey, Riku would be a "Good Guy". If it's after the game, Riku is the enemy.

P.s. The person who brought back Kairi's heart was Sora.
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Guest Steiner
Name: Genie

Weapon: Magic (what else is thier?)

Summon: None doesnt need one



Bio:became freinds with sora while looking for king mickey and will stick by his side in any battle and adventure.
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Name: Riku

Age: 15

Weapon: his sword...

Summon: Genie

Description: darn..... grrr.. well everyone knows what Riku looks like right?

Bio: He is Sora's best friend and if Sora wants to find Kairi then he's in it too.


Name: Selphie

Age: 13

Weapon: her jumprope

Description: [IMG]http://www.angelfire.com/nc2/selphie/selphiekh2.jpg[/IMG]

Bio: Selphie is a carefree, young, innocent girl. She also probably likes Sora... hmmm.... and also she admires Kairi.
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