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Wallpaper. SO3 Till the End of Time

Hittokiri Zero

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like the rest of my wallpapers, simple, pointless, and not much effort, yet I still somewhat like it =P.

Basically for some reason it has taken me forever to create a half decent aura effect that I actually like, and this was the result. Although this aura effect is all behind the picture, so i do plan on redoing it and making it much better than it is now -_o, basically i plan on varying the contrast of the aura, and overlaying a few "wisps" over the picture, instead of having them all behind.
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]That's great!! I love the colors you chose, and they all seem to fit right together. ^^

I love the smoothness of it. It looks so glossy and... fresh!

9.8/10.[/color] [/size]
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I was half hoping to see some stars in all the blackness of the background. ._.

Prettiful! Works very well together. What impresses me is the lack of white edges. EXCELLENT.

Did you do the effect around the character, or was it that way natch? Either way, you still walked away without edges showing, so kudos!

If you have PhotoShop, try to pull up a paintbrush that looks like a cluster of dots (it's a bit down the brush list). You can use that as a good star effect, if you so choose.

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[quote]I thought you'd left....?[/quote]

I'm a bad liar ^_^'.

[quote]Did you do the effect around the character[/quote]

yep, yep, I made that effect with the airbrush and smudge tools =D.

Hmmm... because i'm using the trial version of photoshop 5.0 I don't have the brush that you said, but i may try this other dust/snow/rain effect thing that i know -_o.
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