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Donnie Darko


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[color=deeppink]Ahh, Donnie Darko is the perfect example of Art Cinema. It's a crazy mixed up movie about a guy who has weird dreams and hilucinations, and researches the possibily of time travel. This character named "Frank" apparently tells him to do all sorts of strange things, and to be honest with you, I STILL don't understand the movie.

We had to watch it in my cultural studies class, and even though I attend a college campus that is home to my school's film program, none of them film students understand it. Does it really make sense to you, Miss Meow? Or do you just have your own interpretation of what the heck happens? :confused: I'd love to hear some more insight into what other people think; I don't understand it at all![/color]
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Ok Here are my thoughts on the film:

The Guy in the red jogging suit is EITHER God OR the audience.

I belive that Donnie did not halucinate Frank. the pills onle enabled him to see into "a higher plane of existence" as it were where Fank comunicates with him. (Only when Donnie starts to take his pills again does he start to see Frank)

The Reasons why Donnie had to die:
1. He found out the secret of time. That it is all pre-decided by a Soverine God and that is why the world had to end, so he went back in time to stop himself from finding out the secret. True he did know the world wold end before he knew the secret of time but if all time is pre-decided then so "God" would know what was to happen and may be he didn't wan't his little world to die just yet.
2.To prove all of the above...though im not sure who he's proving it too. Maybe when they all die the will meet up in "The place that's the best" and Donnie will get to say ..."Haha i knew and proved my thoery of time and god before you did!!"

Why It was Frank who travelled back in time:
1. He wanted to earn Donnie's Forgiveness, for running over Gretchen, as he travelled back after he died therefor he couldn't change what he had done.
2. Bunnies have been used in stories such as Wish By CLAMP as the mesengers of "God".

How exactly Frank traveld back:
When Donnie tells his counceler( Can't remeber her name ) that the world will end by the sky opening up she tells him that if it were to happen then all that would be left is you, your thoughs, experiences and those who you have touched. I think that as Frank Swerves to avoid Grandma Death that he knows her and has some knid of kenection with her there fore knowing a bit about time travell. Most others stop and get out of their cars, when confrounted by gramdma Death, Frank didn't, he swerved so skillfully and precisely with apaprently druk that it proves he must have been there manny times before.

Well that's all i got...FOR NOW!!


P.s the story is about a boy who was summond to learn the secret of Li


[b]Please do not double post, use the "edit" button instead. Also, try to use [spoiler] tags if you're going to give stuff away. --Elite.[/b]
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[color=black][size=1][font=rockwell] I'd love to see this movie; seems right up my alley. Is it in theaters, or is it out on video, or what? This is certainly worth checking out, heh.

I like movies that are all about things like this. That are really allegorical and actually mean something.[/color][/size][/font]
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[size=1]I saw parts of it while i was at my friends house... All i really remember was some guy poking a mirror with a knife, with a crazy bunny on the other side. And him burning down a theater....

I suppose it would be a pretty good movie, if i watched it from the beginning.[/size]
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[font=gothic][color=purple]I loved this movie, even when I think about it too hard now it makes me cry, what he did in the end, for that chick. I think that's why he did it - to save her.

The movie pulled heartstrings for me also because of the theories it put forward.

Definately a favorite movie of mine, as you can probably guess by my banner and sig. My banner, by the way, is a link to the donnie darko website. Wonderful movie, wonderful soundtrack, wonderful site. [/font][/color]
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[size=1][color=darkblue] Donnie: Frank, Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?

Frank: Why do you wear that stupid man suit?

I saw this movie on DVD today, It was a great movie. It was a little hard to comprehend, but I like a good movie with a bit of depth [spoiler] I thought the end waqs a little sad though, he had to die to save his girfriend. [/spoiler]

It was an excellewnt movie with good drama and humor, and an antagonist in a bunny suit. Key ingredients for a great movie :p [/size][/color]
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