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A long time ago in the land of medieval ages when the teenagers did work with their parents. There were many teens who wandered of and got elemental powers. They used them to defeat a great evil called Chaos. They continued with their lives naturally using their powers to help them...

The year is 2000
New elemental kids have arisen to defeat Chaos once again. They succeeded and continued with their lives but... 3 years later Chaos?s brother Death came for vengeance. That is when more elements arose. They found out of these powers and finally met with the original elements (not 4 use in adv.) The Original Elements called them Element X and so our story begins in a near by park forest where the old elements train the X?s.

What I need from you is this info...
Name: Be realistic here
Age: Tweens or Teens only (up to 17)
Element: Now here is where it gets interesting... I am only allowing few people to join BUT there are many elements to choose from. **look below**
Mystical Beast: These elements are already given a beast: Psy (spirit), Wind (griffin), Forest (don't no what it?s called but its like the body of a dragon and lots of snake heads), Fire (Phoenix), Water (Sea Dragon) and Thunder (thunder bird)
Weapon: MUST BE LIKE ANIMAL i.e. Fire (me) has a whip which is called the Phoenix Tail (fire?s beast is a phoenix)

Elements: Fire (me), Psy, Steel, Water, Ice, Earth, Forest, Shadow, Light, Thunder/Lightning, Wind, Cloud, Light/Shadow **see below for details**
Now for evil: Magma, Chaos (not the evil villain but a descendant), Iron, Swamp, Snow, Mineral, Grass, Moon, Sun, Electricity, Fog, Mist, Sun/Moon

Counter Parts(rivals)

Now for the details on the combination of light and shadow: Shadow was an evil villain who was not evil at first his element was light but was taken over by shadow, now he is good but still has the power of shadow AND light in him... and since the counter parts were made from DNA of the elements Sun/Moon was made from Light/Shadow.

My info:
Name: Max
Age: 14
Element: Fire
Beast: Phoenix
Weapon: Whip (Phoenix Tail)

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Heh, I guess I didn't make it clear with the whole Beast thing. Ryo, your supposed to make up your own beast if the element doesnt already have one. And Amber the beasts I showed are examples so its ok to have a dragon! :D
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Name: Jacob
Age: 18
Element: Snow
Mythical Beast: Yeti
Weapon: Yeti Ice Sword (this sword is hug and is heavy to the human touch but due to his power Jacob can wheeld it like a play thing, but he usually uses his yeti teeth dagars)
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Ok this is kinda getting on my nerves but here goes.
MYSTICAL BEAST!!! A raven and a falcon are not mystical...at least I should hope not. heh
WEAPONS!!! All it is, is a weapon with ur beast's name in it

i.e. Phoenix Whip, Wolf Glaive, Spirit Bow...etc etc
I hope that answers your questions NOW GO EDIT THOSE POSTS!!! :D

EDIT: Here are some ideas for beasts: Pegasus (unicorn), the Blob (heh heh), Cyclops:freak: (i no i no only 1 eye), Centaur horsy horsy, Griffin weeee, etc etc\

EDIT: Outlaw this is towards u, when I said realistic name I ment realistic...stone?? If you know someone who has named their son Stone then do tell. Otherwise change it...

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Outlaw: I guess your right, I knew someone named Vulcan so Stone isn't unrealistic. sorry! :bluesweat:

Sakuramon: Yup, someone can take a dragon. The beast doesnt have to be exactly like the element just similar. For instance a Phoenix couldb be a wind! But I have Phoenix.
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Ok let me get this cleared up! I will no longer be on Otaku and I am giving this Adventure to my friend Scorpio! He made this adventure with me so he knows what to have and not have ok? Bye 4ever! :D

P.S. I duno if ne1 can do this but if you want adm. and other people like that you can delete this profile.
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Name: Hikage
Age: 14
Element: Light
Mystical Beast: ??? yoOh kno what? im juss goin tah say i can call upon creatures to help me...
Weapon: pegasus wing stars(throwing stars shaped in little angel wings) or white wolf sword/staff/kendo stick/dagger/throwing star(it contains many different weapons
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Okay, I don't know if people can still signup, but...

Name:Aliki Lightheart
Age: 15
Element: Ice
Mystical Beast: Drake (It's like a dragon except slimmer, more aerodynamic, and it is ice-based instead of fire-based.
Weapon: Blade of the Arctic Fox (Ok, lame sounding. It's a sword that's like...twice her size)
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