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[COLOR=royalblue]To Whom It May Concern...

Due to a major increase in workload at school [college prep] and a major increase in a home situation... The personage known as Raiha will be taking a long trip into the real world to cleanse her mind and body and hopefully prepare herself for the final weeks of testing at school.

She bids you all a fond farewell, and expresses her love and well wishes to those she knew, and those who knew her. [At least the nice ones anyways.] Until she returns, she would like to hope that her place here will be reserved. That includes her post count.

For the people she wrote with, "Say goodbye. Say goodnight."

And to a few women who know who they are, she offers the best of luck.

There will be no further communication until September 2003.

[i]"Close your eyes, don't be afraid. Say your goodbyes, and then go away.[/i]


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[color=black][size=1][font=rockwell] I wish you the best of luck. I never really got to know you well, but you seemed nice.

It's funny how things go, isn't it? Good-bye.[/color][/size][/font]
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