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Modern Dreams

DJ. Tatum

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Well I have an idea for a story so here goes...

The time period is now.An mysteriously evil force has arisen in the world,but nobody knows of it.The oncoming danger is shown in the dreams of 8 teenagers.Each of them ignored it as a simple nightmare.
A few weeks later they have the dream again, this time, they see theirselves defeating the evil and when they woke up a glowing gem is beside them.As each of them looked and picked up their stone,they were transported to a island floating in the clouds.....

Thats were you come in!
Here is what is needed for your character.
Nickname:If you got one
Stone color:Make up your own color
Bio:What you did when you first appeared on the island.

If you have any ideas to add , be my guest.

Well here is mine...
Description:Black hair,Brown eyes,orange shirt,blue vest,black jeans,and red nikes.CD player with headphones on ears.
Stone color:White.
Bio:When Tate first appeared on the island,he freaked out." Where am I?"he thought.As he wandered the island, he noticed the huge chapel in the middle of the island." Hey an Arcade!"Tate said as he wandered in....

Well there it is.:D
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Guest visser 3
Ok i'll join

Name: David

Nickname: Chaos

Description: Red hair, red eyes, red shirt and dickies, red trench coat

Power: Fire

Stone Color: Red

Bio: When he got to the island he found a volcano and went to enspect it.
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Sup' Tate. Heres my character.

Name: William

Nickname: Banner

Description: Dark brown hair, glasses, black jacket, black pants, grey t-shirt, and grey shoes.

Power: Shadow

Stone color: black

Bio: When William first arrives on the island, he found himself surrounded by complete darkness. He soon realized that he was in a cave, deep underground, and spent a great deal of time searching for a way out. When he finally emerged from the dark caverns he saw a chapel in the distance. "Maybe theres some people there, who can tell me what the hell is going on," he said, and began his quest towards the mystereous chapel.
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Name: Malara

Nickname: Willow

Description: Seagreen eyes. Long black hair. Blue taktop. Blue shorts. No shoes.

Power: Water

Stone color: Sea blue

Bio: When Malara arrived on the island she just sat in a tree and stared at the ocean. She never spoke a word to anyone(Mabey that will change) . She looked towards a chapal. She decided to see if anyone else was here.
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Well I'm editing my last post so here is a new profile.



Description:Long Black hair with a white cap,red T-shirt,Blue jeans,Brown eyes,and black sneakers.


Stone color:Green

Bio:When Asako fisrt arrived she stared at the ocean and wondered "Where am I?"Then she wandered around the place serching for who else was here.
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OOC: What powers are there?

Name: Kiara
Nickname: Kiki
Description: babyblue shirt, white capris, white with babyblue adidas
Power: Sun/Moon
Stone color: gold/silver
Bio: Kiara looked around her and thought, "Crap, not another survival mistake! DAMM! Why does this happen to me?"
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Description:Chocolate brown hair and emerald eyes usually covered by her blue tinted sunglasses.She wears a light but durable baby blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside.She has blue pants and blue and white joggers.
Power:I wanted water!!Oh well Ice
Stone color:Powder blue[color=royalblue]Royal Bluish[/color]
Bio:sakura looked around and saw that she was in a place like the arctic.She inspected the place and saw an igloo a far way off and decided to head that way for help.
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[B]OOC: Yeah, what kind of powers are there? I'm going to test the limits so I'll edit this post later if I need to. Please tell me if there's anything I need to change.[/B]

[B]Name:[/B] Dominic

[B]Nickname:[/B] Domino

[B]Description:[/B] Spiky, blue hair, green eyes, Black jacket, black jeans, and dark blue t-shirt.

[B]Power:[/B] Metal

[B]Stone color:[/B] Platinum

[B]Bio:[/B] When Domino found out he was on a floating island, he thought that it must be a dream. So he doesn't care what kind of risks he takes. After exploring the island, he found a chapel. He went in, but there was no one inside. He decided to head to the basement. It's like a maze down there.
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