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A fun suggestion.


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There's a lot of depression poems here. I wonder if we can try this. Once a poem was posted up by someone, other can reply to it with another poem (the poem must be related to the original), you know like the stuff in RPG.
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Okay! Sounds like fun. Here's mine then...
I call this one wind...

I looked outside my window,
Thinking and stareing,
I listen to the soft wind blow.
The sound shived though my blood,
It chilled my speical bones,
Is wish I could fly like it I wish I could.

I was like my friend,
My speical friend,
I loved the time That I would spend.
The person I should be,
Is the mighty wind blowing,
If only you could notice, if only you could see.

I stood listeing to the wind blow
How I love to be free,
I would like that if only I wasn't so slow.

I would love to be the wind,
But that's just a dream.
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(my favroite topic, the wind :))

Look in to my eyes and you will see,
They way I wish, wish I could be,

Soaring high above the clouds,
Like a bird without a doubt,

To ride the wind so wild and free,
To be with the wind is where I wish to be,

To as a bird, one with the sky,
To be as a cloud floating up high,

The wind the clouds the birds you see,
Ts way up high where I wish I could be.

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[size=1]I used to hear the voices say
Just think a happy thought--
A touch of magic, you'll be flying--
I never asked them what.

[i]Fly straight on till morning
Until you reach the place
Where mermaids still laugh
And pirates still sail
And heartbeat adventure reigns[/i]

I never asked them what they meant--
Of course a child can't fly
And mermaids, sweet but long ago--
And pirates seemed so scary

Who knows the reason why it is
That reason never knows
The freedom of adventure--
Imagination grows.

You know, it's impossible
For us to leave behind
The cares and worries we now know
--We're too old to pretend.

Too old, too smart, and now too late
To laugh and love and fly
But children's hearts still understand
[i]What's real is not what's true.[/i]

Fly!--any happy little thought--
In skies of brilliant blue
I never asked them what they meant--
I guess I always knew.[/size]
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[size=1]What's real--
What's true
It'll touch you

What's true--
What's real
It'll feel

There's this feeling I get
When I look to the south
There's this moan and wail
So quiet and pronounced

There's this feeling I get
When I look to the south
There's this sigh and exhale
And it has whispers that're soon
As I point out what's true

As I point out the land
My eyes cold and sand
There's this touch I've never had
My head's humming--it won't go--
Because I don't know

Elated and dead
I can hear it call
A touch--a tap--
A small, a slap
I can't go back[/size]
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[size=1][b]Can't go back--[/b]

[i]You can?t beat the phone company
You can?t make a waiter see you until
he is ready to see you--

And you can?t go home again.[/i]

I walk down the sidewalk
Cracked, and sprouting dandelions
The way it was last year
And the year before--and ten years--

I walk down the sidewalk
And pass the meeting of Elm Street and Maple Grove--
There was only ever one tree there
And they cut it down the year before I left

I walk down the sidewalk
And find myself at the corner
Where I spent one hundred hours of my life
Waiting for the school bus.

I pause for a moment, unmoving
As I gaze down the sidewalk
That left scars on my knees and elbows--
a hundred yards further--

I turn, and walk on. [/size]
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[size=1] I turn
And walk on
Perhaps for life
But death's touch is long

As your life blinks on
You take your palm
As the trees rustle on
You take your palm

This bus is yellow
It's engine's sure
I can hear it roll

As the tress rustle on
You take your palm
There's something
You take your palm--
Something's gone

Death's grasp is long
It touches--touches sure
And on

But I turn
And walk on[/size]
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[size=1][b]Something's gone[/b]

She can't remember what she's missing
But there's an emptiness inside
And she's positively certain
Memories are trying to hide.
It's been a week since yesterday
She's not sure just how long
She's been wiping her own tears away
While crying to your song
And she's forgotten all her 'membering
But she thinks it used to hurt
The pain's not there; she's trembling--[/size]
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[size=1]The pain's not there; she's trembling--
When I ask her before
She says she's holding it out
Rolling and it's all about

I saw the pain beneath the stairs
I couldn't hear--for it impairs--
There's a wail like a tongue
It's drawled and under-fair
And in the morning
There was nothing left
Just a dream that's leapt

This wail's like a tongue
It's taste and it's lung
It's spleen and it's touch
And believe me
There was nothing left

When you wish upon
When you cry down inside
Sometimes it's like you've died
All I can say--all I can sigh
Are you beneath the stairs

Perhaps--perhaps it's just there[/size]
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[size=1][i]Star light, star bright...
First star I see tonight...
I wish I may...
I wish I might...
Have the wish I wish tonight...[/i]

The little girl kneels on her bed
Beneath the window, looking out
Across the housetops
Of suburbia, and wishing...

For a pony, for a dollar, for a brand new baby brother
For a pair of roller skates (sugarplums dance figure-eights)
For a yellow box of crayons, for a trip to Disneyland
For a necklace, for a ring, for a talking doll that sings
Or a frosty ice cream cone, dresses, makeup, a room of her own--
The evening's prayer is at an end...
Always wishing for a friend.[/size]
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[size=1] Fire stars are hearts
And figures are ribbons
They cut and they see
String and lace and being

Hearts are lava
As they kneel on the bed
This is her--her prayer--her said
String and lace and being

For a yellow box of crayons
Is a sun and sand
This window hides a spider
Black willow for the night

You might wish
You might to-night
For this fire star
Is here and bright[/size]
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[size=1]Bright -- like the sun
Her face shines with hope
Tomorrow is another day
And all it promises is...

The wind whispers
And holds itself true
Locked in the powerful
Thrust of tradition.

She stares at the tree
And mouths the words
Eye pleading with no one
For the hope she recieves.[/size]
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[size=1]Laying everyone low
Stepping out of the shade
Says something like,
"You and me babe,
These promises we hold."

Laying everyone low
With this tree's shade
Mouths and words
Leaves are beautiful--fain--
He steps out of the shade
Says something like,
"It's going to rain, babe,
Let's never let it fade."

She stares at the tree--
This beautiful, this fain thing
The leaves are falling like string
But she stares at the tree
Says the words
Mouths what's heard

He smiles
Branches and brown lines
This bark and old nectar-wine
Letting out a long heard sigh
His leaves wither
And die[/size]
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[size=1] Seeking words of wisdom
She cringes and smiles
Death and desire
It's entire

For what design
This smile lies
She lays it down
And cringes her smile

It's heartless and sure
Like a dark side of leaves
It hits and stings
Like a scorpion and leaves

This poison hits her face
Makes the stretch and place
She's learned to smile
An ugly taste
Certainly affable and placed
Like her skull's displace
And the tears begin to race[/size]
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[size=1]Drip after drip
Acid tears roll down
Burning their path
Through her body
Through her mind

Through the looking glass
Just like Alice she stares
Eyes wide, lips parted
And sees what she's become

A shadow of a smile
The ghost of hope
And all she can see
Is her big blue eyes
Downing in pools
Begging for her reality

Begging to be let out
To return
To the other side
Of the looking glass.[/size]
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[size=1] I look through this glass
It's clear and passed
Taking my hand
I feel a puddle
And stand

Saying don't be afraid
I looked back
And waved good-bye
Looked into the glass
And came to stand

This glass's opaque
I take the puddle
Feel its taste

Saying don't be afraid--
'Cause some say it's soon
To her--to him
This glass is opaque
Let go
And taste[/size]
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My feet are drenched,
the puddle deep,
Oh God, I fear
The dreaded sleep.

The dark light,
The short eternity,
The wind that pulls
My soul's journey

It hurts, the pain
The twisting grasp
Of death, of life,
Of this meaningless task.

The tunnel is long,
It will not end
The light is gone
No more hope to send

Death is waiting
My soul is pulled,
I fear.
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I live for my soul,
It lives for me,
Walking though me,
Walking the endless strolle.

The soul lives on in me,
After death,
It lives forever,
Soon each for you to see.

If your heart is fine,
Your soul is strong,
The light of your soul,
Will begain to shine.

In me the soul,
Keeps moving on,
Pushing though my body,
Walking passed our heartless holes.

Theres a soul in me,
There a soul in you.
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[size=1]We can't lose the world
until we lose ourselves.
And if we lose ourselves,
then what difference does it make?

To consume is to live.
To consume is to destroy.

Life and death.
Nothing can be created
until something else is lost.

What did we lose for my existance?
What will we gain from my loss?

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[size=1][font=gothic][color=gray]Achilles took his last stand
The green the sand
For the heavens and the Earth
This quiet place this floating city
Of the heavens and the Earth

There was a silent moment when they told us so
I turned to you smiling, my face quiet. "How can we say no?"
These arms these feet these bones
Those who claim they know
But the devil's in his hole

To the south and to the east
The pieces on the ground
And to sail away
To laugh so loud
To die and never be found
The sweet refrain

Wondering and wondering
One place to rest my head
The heavens from the Earth
For the mighty arms of Achilles' hands
For the mighty death of this land

I'm going to rain
For the mighty death of this land
For the mighty arms of Achilles' hands
For the heavens of the Earth
The ethereal and beatific hurt
I'm gonna rain

Achilles took his last stand
His arms his hands
This green Earth this land
For us for me
For you for thee
Achilles took his last stand

It's going to rain
Going to rain
Like stars and love
Gonna rain

As I turned to you you turned to me
All we said and all that's done
Gonna rain

When the mighty arms of Achilles hold
Of the heavens and the Earth
This city flying in twilight's birth
Achilles' last stand

What fun can be had
Live those dreams
The ones we've always had

And as you turn to me and touch me so
All I can say is, "How can we say no?"[/size][/font][/color]
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[size=1]Cassie smiles as the combs her hair
Watches her reflection in the mirror there
It's early morning, getting ready for school
Just a few more minutes, she'll be out the door
And ready to climb up the school's front steps

Cassie sings as she walks past the school crest
She gets back her math test--she's among the best
But things aren't always as clear as they seem
Even crystal waters may be murky beneath
It's been a long week, and she's ready to rest

"I want it to be over," she says to her friend.
The girl laughs and smiles. "It's almost the end.
Just a few more weeks, and we'll be off free--
It's already May, and summer's nearly here."
Summer, the promise that's so far away.

Her smile fades as the day goes by
She's so very tired, and speaks with a sigh
But the faces and voices of the school don't see
The tired little girl in the midst of them
Walking a little bit slower, and wondering why.

She speaks to her teacher, "I'm so very tired."
The teacher smiles. "Sleep a little bit longer."
That's not what she meant...the whole world seems a mess
But you can't force people to understand
Richard Cory words flicker through her head.

Cassie the poet, the muse, and the prophet
Unlucky in love, and nearly forgotten
Somehow unheard when she asks for advice
Somehow unnoticed in the bustle and noise
She shakes her head sadly--doesn't anyone care?
But no one seems to listen to the girl standing there.

Late afternoon sunshine burns bright on the walls
It'll be there again when school starts in the fall
But one girl's been saying all week that she won't
Spirit broken and tired, she's ready to stop.
Cassie the poet, the muse, and the prophet
Spoke visions of future, somehow forgotten--
Pleaded for help, in her own quiet way
Prophesied endings each long warm spring day
Some time now past, spirit threatened to leave her--
Cassie spoke--her heart broke--but no one believed her. [/size]
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[size=1][font=century gothic][color=gray]It is quite funny
To say as they will
That her heart broke
As the sun rose in the east

Her shoulder was under her wrist
The bones pushing constant on her never remember to exist
And as she spoke they all turned in hushed lisp
Skully's mind just couldn't forget
And she asked him with a voice that hurt even Ms. Velmer
To think it hurt even Ms. Velmer is harder as it is
Because she was a nice lady--one that was always reserved
You will hear Skully's mind redress
For Skully's mind just couldn't forget

"Why did you do it?" was all that Skully said
It spun around the room on wings and angels that were dead
The entire room was quiet almost forever until he said
The only words that would come to his mind

"Because I loved you," was what Calvin said
No one even knew what this was all about
Not anyone but Skully and Calvin as they stood and shout

Skully was now in tears that wouldn't shout
But these tears were more powerful than anything
Ms. Velmer tried to calm her as she put her arm around Skully
And told her it was going to be all right
That she didn't need to argue in this classroom
This night

Skully spoke but her voice wouldn't come
All that came was a long sigh and a dead hum
So she sat down because she knew that this wasn't the place
To cry and talk about what had happened and been done

It is quite funny
As she lie in bed
When she was dreaming this all over again
In her head

It is quite funny
To say as they will
That her heart broke
As the sun rose in the east[/color][/size][/font]
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[size=1]It doesn't matter what they say
Opinions change and move and sway
It doesn't matter what they do
But when it matters most to you
The sun will rise as it does set
So you will never have to fret
These things can happen, things can change
Another day is not the end
But only the beginning

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