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The tribes.


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I thought I'd do an RPG. But, you hav eto help, I don't really understand fully...Please sign up...

Humans no longer exist, and the world is comtrolled by the all stronge animals. This world was better known as the animal kingdom. Thay all lived in peace and every animal loved life without humans. One day an huge gang of tigers from the north took over. This caused a rait betwwen every animal and a war started. The war was about who owns the animal kingdom. The war ended with nothing but pain. 2 years after the war, the gang still had controlle. One of the countrys stood up to that and said that the kingdom was theres. But other tribes and countrys didn't like that. Each country swobaled over the kingdom. Later on the world was spilt into tribes. Threre were 5 tribes. Each tribe had there own side of the kingdom. Here are the tribes;

White tigers; A group of large cats (tiger for Eg) with power.

Dark warriors; A tribe of animals with speical abiletye. Leonx is there leader, he has power to turn into a legandary dragon. (what you exspect he is half lion half dragon).

Falconers; These are not ordendry birds, there about the size of a human. The other thing that makes these speical is that most animals rejected them, so thay hate ever animal in the kingdom.

Red Demons; This is a tribe of evil half demon half humans. The were also rejected.

Shadows; These are mix animals. Thay hide in the dark night. There most powerful member is night drift, the shadow halk.

Post this to sign up...

Animal; (Falcon for egg)

I got Dibs on leonx, no one steal that! If you want to start, then PM me. I won't start until theres atleast 3 people per tribe. Please PM if you would like to start, no probleme.
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Tribe: Dark Warriors
Animal:Wolf and a Bird.
Power:Transformation and Magic
Description:Her wolf form is dark navy blue almost black.She has silver streaks through her coat.Her bird form is white and brown.
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I'll post mine now.

Name; Leonx
Tribe; Dark warriors.
Power; Transforming into the legandary dragon.
Animal;half lion and half dragon.
Discribtion; Has no fur, only slike skin. He has a scare on his right eye. Most of his body is red and yellow., he can unlesh a powerful fire. He has a dragons tail in his lion form.
Others; He has scales that grow into his wings when he transforms.
Rank; Leader

If you would like to be a leader just put your rank. (Shoould have said that before!)
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Power:Can form balls of dark energy that can attack,can run really fast,can shot a dark energy beam,can turn into a shadow
Discribtion:A sliver fox with raven wings and three tails.His eyes are yellow and he has three black ear rings on his right ear.
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Here's my first hater in RPG history!
[color=blue][u]Name:[/u] Ametite
[u]Tribe:[/u] Falconers (what do you mean by "falcon for egg"?)
[u]Animal:[/u] Raven, but she looks sort of like a harpy...
[u]Power:[/u] Hypnotic powers and dark energy blasts/orbs/shields
[u]Description:[/u] Though she is a raven, Ametite has some catlike and humanlike features. She is bluish purple in color and has blue eyes. She looks like she has a human head with a bird mask, sort of. Around her neck is a thin, green ring with four large, flat, purple gemstones hanging from it, two of which are held on her wings. Above where her tail is is a "skirt" of purple lace. Her wings hand tail have layers of purple and green feathers at the end.
[u]Others:[/u] Her wings glow bright blue when using her hypnotic powers.
[u]Rank:[/u] Leader[/color]
I will also create some members for the Falconers tribe if no one else joins it. That way, (hopefully) we can get this RPG started faster!
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[COLOR=deeppink]Name: Starr[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Tribe: Dark Warriors[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Animal: Dragon, Dryphon, [URL=http://www.devermore.net/surbrook/finalfantasy/ff7/ffred13.gif] and Liger[/URL], Gryphon [/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Power: psychic, element of darkness/shadow/light/and all others, magic, transformation, and ability to call upon creatures and others[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Description: Starr has 3 forms. When she is in her Dragon form she is a Black Dragon. When she is in her Dryphon Form it is her Dragon and Gryphon mix. Her Dryphon form is a Golden Gryphon and Golden Dragon. When in her Liger form she is a red Liger with a fire tip. She can also transform into a human to disguise herself.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Others: Each form has a different element and fighting ability.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deeppink]Rank: 3rd in command?[/COLOR]
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I'll start today. I have a lot to do over the next week, so would the leaders of there tribe and the rest of you, read this please:

1. In your post, write about your tribe. You can make battles.
2. There are others in the tribe, ones that sign up, and ones that are just in the game to die or to make your tribe big.
3. Try to post a bit of your guy, and other peoples.
4. No killing the main guys, only kill the ones that or you put in for exratas.
5. Have fun.
6.Make your post pretty long.
7. Have fun again!

Ohkami, I need you to carry the tread along. But basicly just post first. I have to put my trust in all of you, 'cos I'm going to scotland for a week. So, Ohkami you have to type in about to guys, Leonx and Sakura. Cheak the adventure arean in a mo. If you would like to join The tribe, then just PM me and post in your guy. I await new members.

Have fun without me! I'll be in Scotland! Yeeehhh!
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Just a small change


Tribe: Dark Warriors

Animal:Wolf/Vixen/Leopard(SnowLeopard)/Falcon(Hawk)(These are her main transformations)

Power:Transformation,Magic and Summoning Abilities

Description:Her wolf form is dark navy blue almost black.She has silver streaks through her coat.The Vixen form is black with red ear tips.Her Leopard/SnowLeopard is a misty grey color.And her falcon(hawk) is brown and white speckled with dots.

Others:Every form is better at something else than the others.

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Hello. I'm a friend of Vicky. She said I could join. :D

Name: Sli
Tribe: Red demons.
Power: Fire
Appearance: Long black hair. He has red wings and skin and wears black pants.
Others: Is very powerful
Rank: Leader

Thank you! HAIL VICKY!
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