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I... I... Draw I.... I drawed... I....

Desert Shadow

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[b]Oh, you wouldn't beleive it.
I'm telling you, i ATE P-A-N-C-A-K-E-S fer BrEaKfAsT!! :eek:
Ohmigawsh, that was so ummy!!!!!! ^_^


Anyway, i noticed something very very intresting these days... Very...... intresting..... you wouldn't beleive it.... Intresting....

I bet you want to know what. Its intresting....

Well, y'know about the stock market? How yer s'posed to buy low, sell high?
I realized how evil us americans are, when one day.... These two strangers see, these two guys... *illustrates with hands*
These two guys, they was walkin' along like this, see?
And this one guy says to this other guy like this. He says "High".... Referring to the stock market right? and as you all know, you gotta sell high, not buy. BUT, when he passes the guy, he.. get this, he says "Buy"....

Simple as that. He walks up to him, says "High", then walks by and says "Buy"..... *sigh*


Anyway, i want to show you a pic-a-ture i drewed yesturday. I was watchin' DBZ when i drewed it. Its purdy intresting. Its of that one guy, Pikkon. In the new episodes. If you remember him in the other world tournament..... Anyway, take a peek! Its in the attachments ^_^[/b]
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I have a strange feeling you're hyper. *backs away slowly* Hmm... ...hmm... I don't really know what I'm hmm-ing about, but that's alright. I've just noticed the purdy smilies. I'm gonna use some just for the heck of it. :angel: :devil: :cross: :sleep: :blush: :D Awww, they're so CUTE!

Me likes drawing. Drawing good. Me likes pancakes. Pancakes VERY good. DS lucky. Duckie sad. ;__; I'm scaring myself. Don't mind me.
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Aragorn is awesome.

[I]All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost
From the ashes a fire shall be woken
A light from the darkness shall spring
Renewed shall be blade that was broken
The crownless again shall be King...[/I]

I don't know if that's exactly how it goes...I typed it up from memory...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by *GaLxY-GiRl* [/i]

[COLOR=purple]Bilbo Baggins......what a silly name.:laugh: The only Tolkien book I've read was "The Hobbit." It was really good novel.:)[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

I haven't read the book, I saw the cartoon...

Lucky me, huh?
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