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Digimon adventure (sign up)

sailor crimson

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hi all, I wanted to start an adventure of digimon, this isn't like everyother adventure, in this we explore what would really happen if seven kids were hurled into anothe rdimension, with little food and no shelter. having a creature by your side which doesn't relly help yopur situation. here are the rules and signups:

1. your character's name
5.their history
6.where they live (pick anyplace in the world)
7.their digimon's bio's (name, height, attack)
8.why they were summoned to the digital world. (be creative)
the first seven people to sign up are the chosen seven, have fun! (PM me if you have any questions)
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1. Tori
5.Tori is an orphan and is thrown between foster homes, she fights a lot and can't make friends very easyly.
6.london, england
7.usagimon, a little blue rabbit type digimon with wings. attack: angel touch, a blue bubble hits the target.
8. Tori was summoned for her good thinking and fighting skills.
Appearance: short brown hair, bluish eyes.
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Kay I'll join
Name: Kenjiro Sanga
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 5ft 7in, 172cm
History: Troubled child, parents split up, lots o fights.
Live: The shoulin temple (i'm creative)
Digimon: Can I make up one? If so:name = Katanamon, height = 4ft, 2in, attacks = Katana cannon, blade fury. If not, I'll have Agumon or something.

I was summoned to the digital world because my elders were contacting the holy spirits, to see if I was worthy to train with them! Suddenly they opened a portal and I was sucked in.
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1. Ryu
2. Male
3. 14
4. 5'10''
5. A usual kid with a usual life. He usually is in mischeif at school and not on purpose. He likes to draw also and is not bad at it. But when he was little, he had an experience he'll never forget.
6. Austrailia
7. Guilmon, 5'8'', Fireball
8. Ryu was wandering the streets one day when a thick fog overlapped his home. Suddenly, out of nowhere came a digimon; No ordinary digimon; It was... evil. Ryu didn't know what it was since he never heard if Digimon. They were no game or card decks. He stepped foward and suddenly the creature grabbed him, placed something on his shoulder and left through a portal.

Years later, he found something in the alley. "Huh? Who's there?" He walked in, placing his hand on the wall as he entered the dark, damp alley of the streets. Suddenly, he was tackled by a strange digimon. Of coarse, he didn't know what it was. He jumped out of the alley as it chased him. After he got tired enough, he tripped.

He came up to him, sniffed him and spoke, "Ryumon? To digi world." Ryu looked at him and then his shoulder started to glow. A little chip came from it and it turned into a digivice.

"What... is this?" Immediatly he was taken in a huge tyfoon-like hurricane and swept out of the streets. People continued their day like they never even noticed he was there. Guilmon went with Ryu and they were taken to where else.... but the Digital World.
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Katanamon is an Echidna with two Kitana's(samurai swords) as front claws,
Kitana Cannon = Fire's his two front claws at the enemy (instantly regenerates these)
Blade fury = Slash's repetedly at an opponent.

Kenjiro was chosen for his ambition to fight and his ability to follow his heart!

So can I join?
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1: Jim
2: Male
3: 15
4: 6'2"
5: Goes to military school. Lots of muscles. Return home after death of his sister. Trying to cope with the new kids(rich brats)Always do recon. madly in love with Tori.
6: Hawaii(have to swim to mainland everyday)
7: Deathmon 7', double edge scyth, Poison Fang (spits them out), Soul Sucker: Paralyzes the enemy, cannot to block.
8: The strong feeling of his dead sister being alive somewhere. Swims to England. Love at first sight (Tori). Follow his heart, jumped into a crater. To his amazement it's the portal to the digital world. Sister's spirit follows, become Deathmon.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
[B]Hey guys, I think tori should be the leader! Agreed? [/B][/QUOTE]
If you are a digidestined you usualy have to be a normal person. digimon are creatures who fight to protect you a sort of companion. you become sucked into the digital world and fight to get back home. I hope I answered some questions.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Krillin6913 [/i]
[B]Hey im in so keep my reservation.

and can someone help me out? im not a huge digifan and i dont know alot of digimon, can anyone think of a cool digimon i should use?

and here are my stats on my sig. [/B][/QUOTE]
whoops I quoted the wrong person, just read the above post.
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1.your character's name = Hajime
2.gender = Male (Duh!)
3.age = 11
4.height = 4 2'
5.their history = Ryu gets picked on a lot at school, because he loves computers instead of playing Football (Soccer for Americans)
6.where they live = Hmmmm...Tokyo
7.their digimon's bio's =
2 1'
Flaming Claw
8.why they were summoned to the digital world. = Ryus knowlage for Computers would be perfect for the Digital World.
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