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MegaMan Battle Network The Sigma Virus.


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For this rpg the first 15 peopke will be ecepted. The first person to join will be co-captin. Please tell your real world and net world charaters apearances, bios, personality, bit chips, style, and spec. techique.

Real World:
Name: Dynete
Apearance: Cloud style hair, with Dart's clothes.
Bio: Is facinated w/ the pets and decides to get one and makes a promise to be the best.
Personality: Sarcastic most of the time, and likes the "beat down!" stratigey to deafete his enemys.
Bit chips: Z-canon1,2, and 3, Life sword, and Megaman1,2, and ,3
Sepc. Tech: Total Anialation (can only be used every 50 battles)

Name: Leon
Apearance: Looks MegaMan in his FalconArmor in MMX5, w/ orange and blue color combo.
Bio: Is loyal to Dynete and thinks the same way "Deystory'em fast!"
Persanlity: Same as Dynete.
Style (optional) : Falon Hunter
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Name: Lance Armada
Age: 14
appearence: Black hair, Blue eyes, Blue jeans and red shirt, red running shoes, and a green trenchcoat kinda like the one neo wears in the matrix except Green.He is 5'8.5.
Bio: Lance likes pets and all but he has made a promise to be the best net battler ever.
Personality: Honourable and trusting Lance stands by his friends like glue if a friend is needing to rest in a battle he will take over for them... Much like Zero from the megaman series. But if Lance sets his mind to something nothing will stop him...
Battle chips: Z-sabre, recover, Triple spear, Z-buster, and Z-helmet shot.
Spec. Tech: Z-Weapon Blast

The net:

Name: Zero Alpha
Appearence: Looks like Zero from Megaman Zero [url=http://www.vgws.com/fonts/megaman/Mega-Man-and-Mega-Man-X/20/16][/url]
Bio: Loyal to his friends but he is a fierce fighter... His Z-weapon blast desimates his opponents with powerful Strikes from the Z-sabre. Z-buster, and Z-Helmet shot at once.
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Real World:
Name: Lianne (Lia) Conrad
Apearance: 5'5, caramel skin, grey-green eyes, light brown hair,
Personality: A shy, quiet girl most of the time, but a fierce merciless competitor during battle
Bit chips: Lightning Cannon, Lightning Sword, Light Shield,

Name: Jinkourai
Apearance: baby blue and white body armor
Personlity: Same as Lia
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Hey that last name looks familiar ;)

Real Name: David Bustion
Appearance: 6'5", short brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned nicely, scar on his hand.
Bio: A big nerd, but gets along well with all people.
Bit Chips: Leon V1
Spec. Ability:

Net: Rad Dragoon
Appearance: Red and black body armor.
Bio: Same as David.
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Name: Niyente Azayaka
Appearance: Fine light blond hair, blue eyes about 5'9", usually seen in a grey jacket and sweats.
Bio: An orphan who has a natural knack with technology, he found a broken PET lying on the street and fixed it, he even programmed it himself. He loves to hang around with friends and is a great guy to talk to.
Chips: Barrier, Satellite 3, Recov, Dash Attack, Mega Bomb,
Attack: Kijin Form
Navi Name: Jet
Navi Appearance: Black and white suit, small bladed triangles on hands and feet, jetpack on the back.
Navi Bio: His creator is quite good to him, and always looks to engage in a conversation. His data is also related to that of another Navi, but since he was reprogrammed, he cannot remember what the other Navi was like.
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[b]Real World:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b]Chocolate brown hair,emerald eyes,wears a blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside,blue pants and blue and white nikes.
[b]Bio:[/b]Loves PETS and got Slinx for her birthday when she was young.
[b]Personality:[/b]Friendly,fun,great person to be around,caring
[b]Bit chips:[/b]Frost Bite,Ice Blade,Blizzard Slash,Dry Ice
[b]Special Technique:[/b]Howling _______(Element)

[b]Net Navi:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b]Looks like a metal navy blue wolf on 2 legs with a sword in a sheath on his waist.
[b]Bio:[/b]Sakura and Slinx are best friends because Sakura got Slinx for a present at a young age and Slinx took care of her.
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Umm story line?

Ok a virus starts to infect the net. Slowy detrying any thing in its path. Scientes creat a 15 pets that can deystroy the virus and send them out all over the earth. and for the bit chips they can be made up. Oh we can all net batle each other to get the oppents navi chip. (example LeonV1).
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Hello! Is any one else going to sign up?! Well, if no one else is going to sign up in the next 3 days i'll start it with out the 15 i was going for.

Oh! i just remebered! Dimtri Dragoons bit chip LeonV1 I let him start out with it lets just say we net battled before the story began and he beat me.
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Uhm...I'll sign up, but I really don't know the first thing about bit chips and special techniques...I'm an olod-school megaman fan. If someone can explain them to me, I'll sign up.
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Appearance: Kool afro with pick,Brown skin kinda like Dex,Wears Blue Striped Shirt and White Jeans,Wears Blue and White and1's, has a Star with a Sword in the middle as a Necklace and has a pair of Black rubber Gloves for electric work.

Bio:loves his Protoman alot even though he is not rich

Personality:Quiet but Determined

Appearance: Scarf, Sword attached to Left Arm,Red,and purplish color armor.

Bio: A thoughtful Navi that looks carefully before he makes a decision even in battle!

Style: Heat Shadow Style


Ability:Can absorb Sword attacks once ever 30 battles
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Real World:
Name: Jay
Apearance: red hair parting on one side, blue eyes,5'7", medium tanned skin.
Bio: Battles for the fun of it...he feels if he does something wrong he'll just stop doing it.
Personality: Cold, mean, and sarcastic to everyone but women.
Bit chips: electro-whip, Super buster, energy shield, buster blade.
Navi Chips: LeonV1
Special Tech: Overdrive Buster (Can only use once every 10 battles)

Name: Bass
Apearance: Looks like Bass from the old Megaman series (Except he has the cloak from the new video game)
Bio: A specialized navi made for Jay by his brother before he went away
Persanlity: Just as cold and harsh as Jay, except he makes no exceptions for women. He gives no mercy and is extremely powerful.
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