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Emerald Slumber(Modern Dreams Remix)

Guest Soul-Lyricist

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Guest Soul-Lyricist
Well here we go!

Dream One: Where the heck am I!Journeys begin.

Jazz wope up on a strange island. He jumped up in panic frantically looking around.He noticed a red emerald in his hand.

Jazz:Hey! Where did this emerald come from?

??????:Its is your emerald of power.Fire to be exact.

Jazz:Who's there!Show yourself!

??????:Hey,hey you don't have to shout.Look in your hand>

Jazz:This emerald is talking to me.

Jazz's emerald begins to glow then floats out of his hand, right in front of him.A flash of red light engulfs the area.Jazz opens his eyes and sees a girl standing in front of him.She has deep red hair,orange eyes and and is wearing the same clothes as Jazz.

Blaze:Hi!I'm blaze your emerald spirit.

Jazz:Hey what happened to the emerald?

Blaze:I am your emerald,just in a different form.I can do this whenever I want.Cool huh?I am your partner so to speak.

Jazz:Ok?! Just one question.Where am I?

Blaze:Zarcadia.You're in Zarcadia Jazz.Nice name!Jazz I like that.

Jazz:Why am I here?

Blaze:You sure ask a lot of questions.There is some one who can explain it better than my gorgeous self.Come on.

Blaze starts walking and Jazz quickly follows her.Jazz and Blaze hear a thud in the distance.The run towards that area to find......
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Sakura got up and groaned and rubbed her head.In her hand was a clear emerald.More like a crystal.Sakura looked around and saw she was on an island.

Sakura:Is anyone here?!?!

Sakura cried out.No answer.


????:Hey hey quiet down!!

Sakura looked around frantically.

Sakura:Who said that?!

???:I did.Look at your hand.

Sakura looked down at her crystal.

Sakura:You can talk?!

???:I can do much more than talk....

A bright light flashed and a young boy about the same age as her appeared.He had the same brown hair and emerald eyes as her.Sakura was shocked.He looked like her except he was a guy.

???:Hey I'm Jace.

Sakura:Sakura.Are you the emerald?

Jace:Yes.I can change like this whenever I want.

Sakura:Cool!So where are we?

Jace:We're in Zarcadia.

Sakura:Ok so why am I here?!

Jace:Hey look someone's coming!!!

Sakura and Jace waited and Jazz and Blaze ran up.

Sakura:Hi!I'm Sakura and this is Jace.

Jazz:Hey.I'm Jazz and this is Blaze.

Sakura:Umm is Blaze an emerald perhaps?

Jazz:Yup.So that means Jace is an emerald too?

Sakura nodded.

Sakura:So now what?
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Kaze sat up suddenly and was on a island. There was a stone in her hand.

Kaze: Where am I?

Kaze looked around but no-one was there.

????: Hello.

Kaze looked around.

Kaze: Who was that?

??: Me look down in your hand.

Kaze looked down at the crystal in her hand.

Kaze: Ya can talk?

???: Yeah. But I can do more....

A bright light flased and the crystal floated and a boy appeared. He had the same blue hair and smokey gray eyes. He looked just like her excet he was a boy.

??: I'm Kyle

Kaze: Kaze. Where are we?

Kyle: We are in Zarcaida.

Kaze stood up and nodded she looked over a hill and saw some people. She walked towards the people.

Kaze: Hey down there!!

Kaze jogged down and stood infront of four people.

Kaze: Hey I'm Kaze and this is Kyle.

Sakura: I'm Sakura and this is Jace.

Jazz: I'm Jazz and this is Blaze.

Sakura: Let me guess Kyle is your emreald?

Kaze: Yea.
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Naito awoke with a his head in pain. he sat up and and held his thrubing head for a few minutes. then he noticed he wasn't anywhere he knew.

Naito: HELLO!?

???: down here

Naito looked down to see a dark purple emarld. it began to glow and then lifted off the ground. it flashed and a girl stood in its place. she had the same white hair, but shorter, and the same hazel eyes.

Naito: ok, now i know i hit my head. i have to be seeing things.

???: no, sorry. this is real as you can get. i'm Tsu, your....partner if you will.

Naito: ok, where are we then, and why?

Tsu: wel i can tell you were on Zarcaida, but why will have to answered by someone else. hey look, there are the others come on.

Naito followed Tsu where they meet the others.

Naito: hi, i'm Naito.

Tsu: and i'm Tsu.

Jazz: i'm jazz, and this is Blaze.

Sakura: i'm Sakura, and this is Jace.

Kaze: i'm Kaze, and thats Kyle.

Naito: so, you all have emarld buddies too?

all: yep

Naito: ok, maybe i'm not seeing things.
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Virtua awoke in the middle of an island. He had no idea how he had gotten there, he never even remembered being knocked out. He just opened his eyes and here he was. He felt a bit of a headache, but when he reached up he saw that he was holding a translucent green rock.
"What is this?" He looked at the rock in confusion.
"I know what you're thinking. I ain't some junk rock!" A strange voice replied.
"What are you?" Suddenly a brilliant flash enveloped the area, and he looked at a young man, a little shorter than Virtua albeit with pale green hair and eyes. They were wearing the exact same clothes.
"Hey, I'm Fate, nice to meet you." Virtua only looked at the boy in confusion
"Oh, nice to meet you too." Fate mocked, mimicking Virtua's voice.
"Who, or what are you?"
"I'm an emerald spirit, your emerald spirit! We're like partners!"
"So, what are we supposed to do?"
"If I were you, I'd introduce myself to the chick behind you." Virtua wheeled and saw a young girl and a guy standing next to her. They had a striking resemblance.
"Oh, hi." Virtua said, slightly nervous. Fate shook his head.
"Come on man, that's not how you do it!" Fate mocked. He went over to the young girl.
"Hi, I'm Fate, where have you been all my life?"
"Hiding from you." The girl replied, Virtua whistled.
"Do I smell smoke? cause that was a..."
"Shove it, kid." Fate retorted. Virtua walked over to the rest of the group, who had been waiting behind trees. Introductions were passed around, but Virtua failed to listen to half of them, since he was wondering what he was doing here and how to get out...
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Akira opened her eyes and saw that she was being stranded on an island. She looked around for other people, but didn't see them. She had no idea where she was and how she got there. She stood up and noticed an emerald on her belt.

[B]???:[/B] Hey, so you're Akira.
[B]Akira:[/B] Yeah. What's it to you?
[B]Celest:[/B] Name's Celest. I like your attitude kid. Stick with me and you'll be ok. Come on, we're on Zarcaida. Let's go look for other people.

Akira nodded and started walking around. She was walking backwards taking pictures of the trees and flowers and wildlife. She then bumped into someone.

[B]Akira:[/B] Sorry. Didn't see you. Name's Akira.
[B]Jazz:[/B] It's alright. Name's Jazz. That's Sakura, Kaze, Naito, and Virtua.

Everyone waved and they got to know each other.
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Praetor opened his eyes and saw he was on a island. He was suddenly very confused. He had no idea how he got there. He stood up and looked around, then felt something hit his foot. He looked down and it was a green stone, he bent down and picked it up.
"It's a emerald of power," a soft melodic voice said.
Preator spun around looking for the voice, and found himself looking face to face with a young girl, whom had long brown hair, and green eyes. Very pretty.
"Who..? Wha..? Huh?" Praetor asked dumbfounded.
The girl gave a small giggle. "My name is Jasmine, the emerald you hold is the Emerald of Nature, and I, am the emerald spirit. We will be working together."
"Uh.. blah.. uh." Praetor answered.
"Oh come off it Praetor! There's a world to be saving and you standing there oggling at me isn't getting it saved any quicker!" Jasmine snapped, with a slap across Praetor's face. Which seemed to wake him up.
"Men!" Jasmine snorted. "Well there are plenty of other people around! Go make friends!" She snapped.
Praetor suddenly became aware of other people on the island and went to go make small talk with them. Introducing himself.
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Ice opened her eyes slowly to find a boy that looked like her only male staring into her face. "Ahhhhh" Ice jumped up and backed away from the guy. "Who are you? where are we? Why was I knocked out?"
"Whoa hold on slow down! I'm frost, your emerald." Ice looked at the white emerald in her hand and then back up at frost. "You're the emerald?"

"Yes and were in Zarcadia."

"Are there anymore people here?"

"I would think so." They both her voices and looked over at thier location.

"They're over there!" Ice began running in thier direction."

"Whoa wait up!"
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"Hey, you awake?" a deep voice asked, making Eclecis jump. The man smiled, staring above her.

"Oy vey," she replied, trying to stand up--but failing miserably. "I guess that's what I get for wearing platforms." The stange man laughed heartily, offering his hand to help her up.


"Anis. I'm your emerald spirit." Eclecis looked at him strangly.

"Umm, hey buddy...I think there's a mental facility somewhere around here. You might want to go there. They can help you." Anis laughed again, from her reply and the way she was eyeing the island.

"I know what you're going to say," he spoke, looking at her confused face. "We are on an island...Zarcadia."

Eclecis freaked, "Zar-what?"

"Zarcadia. Oh, and going back to that whole "me being your emerald spirit, I wasn't lying. Look in your hand." she looked at him wearily then obeyed, seeing an amber-colored stone in her hand. "It is the Psychic emerald." he replied, seeing her hand close over the stone. After a few moments of silence, she sighed.

"Well, I have a feeling you weren't lying. Well, Anis, you're kinda cute for a spirit."

Anis chuckled, his blond hair swaying in the wind, his eyes flashing. "Well thank you, Ecle. You're a beautiful lady yourself." he spoke, eyeing her clothes, which she hurriedly covered with her long white coat. "Although I think that you wouldn't have wore that if you knew that you were coming here..."

She cleared her throat, "Well, all joking aside. Is anyone else here?" he nodded, leading her down a hill.
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Naito watched as more and more people came.

Naito: good lord, how many are there?

Tsu: well, in total there are 10. pluse us which would make 20.

Naito: i think were missing one.

Tsu looked around and noticed he was right.

Tsu: well, guess will have to wait a bit longer.

Naito: you can hit me if you want but your quiet beautiful.

Tsu blushed from the impulsive remark.

Tsu: well....thank you.

Naito: can't denie a the truth. so what emerald are you?

Tsu: i'm the emerald spirit of dark.

Naito: dark, well didn't see that one. never knew darkness could be so nice to look at.

Tsu blushed again.

Tsu: your very flatering, but i don't think...

Naito: what, that your beautiful. thats denile. i wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. ask anyone here, and i bet they'd tell you the same. i hope you don't think i'm hitting on you. i'm just telling the truth and making talk while we wait.

Tsu: your a very strange person Naito, you do know that?

Naito: so they tell me.
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Guest Soul-Lyricist
Jazz looked at the other people.

Jazz:Hey I'm jazz,this lovely girl over here is blaze.

Blaze began to blush.

Blaze:You only say that cause its true.

The others introduced themselves as well Jazz looked at his surroundings.

Ice:Jazz what is wrong.

Jazz:Nothing,this place is just beautiful.I feel like running for some reason.

Blaze:Oh its starting already! how soon.Your powers are begining to develop.Super speed is your skill.

Jazz:Oh snap ,Oh Dang!

Akira:What is it?!

Jazz starts running toward a nearby clearing.He takes off at breakneck speed leaving a trail of fire behind him.

Jazz:I feel like Sonic the Hedgehog!Yeaaaaaaah!

Blaze:Sonic the hedgehog!Who's he?

Virtua:He is a video game character in our world.Really popular to tell you the truth.
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Naito: alright, so what can i do?

Tsu: well, you can see in the dark like you where in the day time.

Naito: alright, guess i have to wait awhile to test mine out. so can you do anything special?

Tsu: i'm your guide and not much else, i do have a few abilities but not many.

Naito: ok. so what about the rest of ya. what powers did you get?
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Eclecis walked down the hill, holding Anis for support. He merely chuckled, feeling her hand on his arm. "Ecle, you wouldn't have this problem if you didn't wear those shoes." She growled lightly, gripping him harder.

"Keep pushing it Anis..." she threated, seeing him smirk. She scoffed, seeing the group of people. "Well lookie there...we're on a camping trip. Break out the S'mores and beans." she spoke, merely flipping her hair. Coming closely, she eyed the group. [i]At least the guys here are cute.[/i] she thought, waving to get the group's attention.
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OOC: Question, can we see each other's emerald spirit?

IC: Praetor had introduced himself to everyone that was present, but now he saw a beautiful woman about his age being led down the hill. He didn't say much when she joined the group. He heard her say what her name was, Eclecis, an odd name he thought. He wasn't going to introduce himself until she was done talking to that had struck up a conversation with her.
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Eclecis smiled at the group, "Hi there!"

"Hi, my name's Jazz." she smiled at her, looking at her dress. "I like that...it's very cute."

"Ah, this...I made it. Do you think it's too revealing?"

Jazz looked at her, "A bit...but it's a beautiful dress." She looked at Eclecis' shoes. "You can walk in those?"

"Pretty much," she spoke, taking off her glasses. "I've been wearing plats for a long time now." Jazz nodded, seeing her sweep her hair into a ponytail. Eclecis smiled at the younger girl, taking off her white jacket and tying it around her waist, leaving half of the jacket to hang on the ground. She turned around, seeing a handsome man staring at her. She smiled at him, tucking the rebel strands behind her ear.
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Naito saw the new memeber of there group and decided to be poilite.

Naito: hello, i'm Naito and this is Tsu.

Eclecis: i'm Eclecis and this is Anis.

Naito: which element did you get?

Eclecis: pyhcic, and you?

Naito: mines dark.

Eclecis: dark, well i didn't think the dark on would be polite.

Naito: hey i'm enteresting, right Tsu?

Tsu: you are that for sure.
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Guest Soul-Lyricist
OOC:Avalon, Jazz is a guy,Blaze is the girl.

Jazz looked at his new friends.

Jazz:Well now looks like we are all here. Blaze lets go.

Blaze:Where are we going?

Jazz:To meet this person you were talking about.The one who can anwser my questions.

Blaze:OH, right!We need to go to the chapel its this way.

Jazz:See you all later!*Waves to the others*
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Sharia woke up a little groggily.
???: Well, Sleeping Beauty finally woke up!
Sharia: Who said that?
???: Look in your hand.
She looked and saw a light brown stone.
???: Yeah, I talk. I can do more though. Wanna see?
Sharia: *shrugs* I don't see why not. I'm sure this is a dream anyway.
The stone floated a little and began to glow. She shielded her eyes and waited. When she thought it was safe she turned and saw a boy standing in front of her. He looked just like her: caramel skin, reddish-brown hair in cornrows, dark brown eyes, medium height, and wearing baggy black jeans and a sweatshirt. The only difference there was the color: hers was baby blue and his was the same color as the emerald he came from.
Sharia: *blinks* A rock just turned into boy, a kind of cute boy...
???: I'm standing right in front of you. And I wasn't a rock, I was an emerald. Get it straight. The name's Chester.
Sharia: Uhh...Sharia...are there any other people here in... Where am I anyway?
Chester: You're in Zacardia and I think there are some people over there.
They walked over to the group and introduce themselves.
Sharia: Hi, I'm Sharia and this is Chester.
Jazz: I'm Jazz and this is Blaze. Did he come from an emerald?
Sharia: *nods* Did she?
He nodded and introduced everyone else.
Sharia: It's great to meet you all and, not to be rude or anything, but why are we here?

OOC: I know I'm late, but I've been in a bit of trouble lately.
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"Oh boy.." he said, realizing he had been caught staring.
He took a deep breath and walked over to her. "Hi, I'm Praetor, this is Jasmine," he said, introducing himself and his spirit.
"Hello, I'm-"
"Eclecis, I know, I heard. You also have the Psychic element, I'm a good listener." He said with a small wink. "I've received the Nature Element."
HE wanted to carry on but he just couldn't find the right words. So he just thought in his mind. [I]Blah[/I]
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Virtua looked with some embarassment as Fate flirted shamelessly with every girl in sight. He wondered why he had to be stuck with the self-proclaimed ladies man over there. A young lady came over and talked to him.
"Hey" Virtua greeted in his nonchalant way.
"Hi, I'm Sharia." The girl introduced. Virtua looked over and saw Fate get slapped by Praetor's spirit, Jasmine.
"Have you met Fate?" Virtua laughed, then remembered something.
"Oh, I'm Virtua, nice to meet you." He shook hands with the young lady, this might not be so bad after all...
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Naito and Tsu watched from a distance Fate getting in to all kinds of trouble. going from girl to girl getting slapped.

Tsu: if he comes over here i'll give him more than a slap.

Naito: don't worry, i won't let him get to you.

Tsu: well, how kind of you. but you don't have to do me any favors.

Naito: i know, but were partners remember. which mean we look out for each others. no matter how odd or dangerous it may be.

Tsu looked at Naito with an odd eye. he was watching the other cut up and laugh at each other. she noticed that he didn't talk to the other much. he said hello then that was it almost like he didn't like being around all those people. guess the dark stone did go to the right person. not dark in morals but in how he lived with other people.

Naito: don't you agree Tsu?

Tsu: what? i'm sorry i spaced.

Naito: about what i said about sticking together.

Tsu: oh...yeah. thanks..
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OOC: Sorry about that! A bit confused at the time...

Eclecis smiled, [i]He's cute...a good listener huh?[/i] she thought, biting her lower lip. [i]Well, he'll be a good person to know.[/i]

"Well there, Praetor. You can call me Elce, this is Anis." Eclecis smiled nervously, feeling him lean on her shoulder. She simply nudged him, none to gently, in the side to get rid of him.

"Oh," Anis spoke, smirking at her, "You want to talk alone with this fellow!" Elcecis narrowed her eyes a bit. "Alright, I'll be around conversing." he gave Praetor a tap on the back and whispered "Good luck."

Elcecis chuckled irritatably, "Ha, that Anis...a real funny man, isn't he?" she chuckled again, listening to that voice in her head that screamed, [i]What are you doing?! Get yourself together girl![/i]

She sighed, shaking her head to "shut" the voice up.
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[i]My god, he's cute.[/i] Sharia smiled and kept shaking hands with Virtua.
"You do realize you look like an idiot, right?" Chester wishpered into her ear.
"Go away and you won't get hurt. And yes, I do," she whispered back.
He shrugged. "Just making sure you know." He walked away, probably to talk with everyone else, but she didn't much care.
"so, umm, hi." She let go off Virtua's hand and smiled even more.
[i]This might not be as bad as I thought.[/i]
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Praetor didn't really know what to say, so he just agreed. "Yeah, he is, no offense though isn't his name a little odd?" Praetor decided not to think of the name for to long.
Praetor let out a little noise of distress, "You'll have to forgive me, I honestly don't know how to act around people, so I may appear a little... off at times." He said finally, then added with much hesitation. "So.. um.. Anything interesting ever happen in your life? Other than this?"
[I]My God I'm dumb[/I]
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