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[Quest of the Heavens]


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Logan [/i]
[COLOR=crimson]The Great Angel Darvyn-Me[/COLOR]
[COLOR=darkred]The Evil Sorcerer Jeric-Ben[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]The Water Elemental Fairy Hydraia-Ohkami[/COLOR]
[COLOR=indigo]The Warrior Katrina-Sage[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sienna]The Gargoyle Brother Maximoff- Zidargh[/COLOR]
[COLOR=deeppink]The Angel Luna-Sakura Kid[/COLOR]
[COLOR=navy]The Elf Derek-Zeh[/COLOR]
[COLOR=coral]The Lover Tia-Kesaik Inedia[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orangered]The Lover Zed- aYokano[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]Hallucin Trance Megelani-Raiha[/COLOR]
[color=firebrick]Kilda the Dark Fair-Mei[/color]
[color=green]The Earth Elemental Fairy Gaea-sweetreyes[/color]
[color=red]The Fire Elemental Fairy Brushfire-Blanko[/color]
[color=chocolate]The Gargoyle Brother Herald-Kysair Shade[/color]

Here are the colors, in order:

Dark Red
Deep Pink
Orange Red

You can only post in this rpg if you have signed up in the recruitment thread. Please, no one paragraph posts or changing something drastically.


Bringing his hands down to his sides and spreading his wings, he stood in front of the great God Tatidious. The Angel, dressed in a long crimson-and-gold like uniform, was known as Darvyn.

His pure blue eyes and golden hair were that of an angel indeed. Golden boots rested on his feet, golden pads rested on his shoulders. His wings, over a 30 foot span, were beautifully white.

[color=crimson]"Oh mighty God Tatidious, God of Spirits and all that is Holy, please hear my plea."[/color]he said, looking at the ground.

"What hast you found?" said the God, in his mighty voice.

[color=crimson]"Lord Tatidious, as you know, the Evil King and Queen, Jeric and Kilda have distraught the world and brought pain and suffering to those who bare upon the land. I, myself, have known that pain."[/color]

"Why do you come upon me, bearing news of time past?"

[color=crimson]"Because I have found Madiena's saviors,"[/color]The great god gasped in his almighty power. It was one thing talking of this evil in front of Tatidious, but another thing to say you could defeat it.

"Tell me more of these saviors," raged the god.

[color=crimson]"As you know, I have been studying the Ancient Ruins of Hataji (Hah-ta-hee), which bear the language unknown to all, even yourself. We have thus concluded that these hieorglyphics were those made by ancient gods, before humanity was created."[/color]

"Why do you tell me things I already know of, Darvyn?"

[color=crimson]"Because, they are not of ancient gods! I have finally found out who they were written by and why they were."

Ages upon ages ago, the Ancient Gods built this wonderful land. Before creating humanity and all of the races, they created the one feared race of this time: Sorcerers. But at that time past, sorcerers were friendly and well-thought of by the beasts.

One sorcerer in particular, was Kirskoff. Of all the sorcerers, he was the greats. He had a family, a wife and a child. When the child grew and became a full Sorcerer, his powers rivaled those of your own.

This was a blessed occasion in the Old Madiena. Yet, there was a danger to be told. An old Sorcerress, by the name of Jeweldina, told of an abomination and destructer of life. Being the nice sorcerer he was, Kirskoff listened closely.

His son, Mavrick, was unwise and unkindly; ignoring the woman, he made fun of her to the crowd. Many laughed; many cowered in the young sorcerers shadow.

The old Sorceress yelled and shouted at Mavrick, pointing at him and cursing him. Suddenly, she stopped. A single silk thread from under her garments suddenly unwove. She grew from her old state into a beautiful young Sorceress. It was the great Sorceress Jeweldina, second to Kirskoff.

"For your unkind and foolish nature, your sons shall be cursed, young Mavrick! Every son you have shall kill you; and then take over and mistreat Madiena."

With that, the young Sorceress disappeared. All the lower sorcerers and sorceresses gasped in fear. Mavrick stood there, stunned.

Kirskoff banished Mavrick to the Island of Forge, a so-though uninhabitated place. Finding himself alone, he ventured the island. He eventually found an uncivilized race of Sages, and married a young woman. Many years, he lived, and so did she. Many years, did he make sure he never had a son.

Then announced his wife she was pregnant. Mavrick was outraged. He loved his wife dearly, so he let her live. The child, a baby boy, was born. Jeric was his name, and his future was distructious.

Mavrick raised his son without teaching him sorcery, yet he could not escape the curse. The young Jeric read a spell aloud, one that turned his father into a snake. Not knowing it was her husband, Jeric's mother killed him.

So started the life of Jeric; he conquered the island his father was banished from and the Island Forge. After that, it is unknown to us."[/color]

"So this was written by who?"

[color=crimson]"This was written by nobody else by Jeweldina herself. Knowing the curse would come true, she cast a reincarnation spell on twelve of her top students. Her prophecy was as so:[/color]

[color=tomato]From the heavens, two siblings bearing wings shall guide the warriors.

Enchanted beings, these sister will be Mother Nature herself.

A rogue princess she shall be, with pain in her heart and a sword in her hand.

From the stone of the world, these brothers are hard to control.

An elf is a creature too, and he can fend for himself.

Lovers are strong and will be helpful against the evil.

A psy she is, and you don't need to be shown any less. She will be misguided, but will find her way.[/color]

[color=crimson]I know where these warriors are located. In fact, you stand in the prescence of one."[/color]
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[COLOR=purple][i]She stood up and brushed the thick dark hair from her eyes, moving the circlet on her forehead back up. He was at it again, and she didn't really care. She could feel his mind touching hers, and cooly shoved it out of the way. There were other things to do. Things that didn't involve her current lover and employer.[/i]

Hallucin: ....not now dear.

Jeric: What are you going to do instead?

Hallucin: Go torment a human.

[i]She smiled at him and left his lair, moving lazily. Her hair brushed the floor, trailing with her long robe. Heels clicked against the marble floor and she allowed the guards to open the door to the outside. She waltzed through and was instantly marked by a fellow mercenary. He came up behind her, hand on her neck. She tilted her head to one side and let him touch her.[/i]

BlackFox: You smell like him. Boss isn't going to like that.

Hallucin: I accepted his offer. Why bother standing up to his advances?

BlackFox: Because you used to belong to my boss....

[i]She glared at him and he removed his hand. She snapped her fingers and in an instant, he was rolling on the ground, clawing at what he imagined were millions of tiny spiders.[/i][/COLOR]
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OOC: Here are the locations in which we can venture, excluding the heavens.

Forge Island- Dark Island, inhabitated by low-level sages
Ancient Ruins of Hataji- Ruins hidden deep in the jungle of Tavernia, only known to the Gods and Angels
Tavernia- A large jungle, inhabitants include Makara Beasts
Mystical Forest of Zanjahar- home to dozens of types of fairies and calm beasts, including the Three Elemental Fairy Sisters
Kingdom Diadem- A kingdom which was once made of pure crystal, now is home to Jeric and Kilda's castle, and is made of marble
Uncharted Territories- Unknown lands even Jeric has no knowledge of. Darvyn and the God Tatidious are the only one who knows what lies in them
North Kingdom of Shiar- A kingdom in the north, a prosperous kingdom. Specializes in trade
East Kingdom of Firo- A kingdom to the south, where Jeric's dark warriors are trained
Elven Plain- A floating fortress in the sky. Made of complete crystal. Elves are trained here
Zaquar- Ocean

Here are where your characters are as of now:

Mystical Forest of Zanjahar- The Three Elemental Sisters
Kingdom Diadem- The Gargoyle Brothers
North Kingdom of Shiar- Tia and Zed, Katrina (she is exiting), Hallucin (inflicting pain upon random people)
East Kingdom of Firo- Jeric and Kilda
Elven Plain- Derek
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Deep in the Mystical Forest of Zanjahar a red colored glow came from inside a huge old tree. The tree was tall and had very large cave like holes in its trunk thauseful to many creatures. The redish glow came from a glowing essence who was actualy a fairy. She glanced around carefully as she sat there. She felt rain or something was coming and it was in her best intrest to avoid it.

[COLOR=red]BrushFire mummbles quietly to herself, "Whatever it is... i dont like the sound of it..."[/COLOR]

She sticks her head out of her little home and glances around to see anything. She notices some odd berried on a nearby tree. She flutters her long bright glowing red wings and seems to float out of her small home and up to the berries. She sniffs a few and lifts a finger. A small tiny flame came from her finger and she barely singes the berries she then picks. Takeing her roasted dinner she flys back into her home just as it begins to rain.

[COLOR=red]She mutters, "Well... i was right... at least i have some berries and such... perhaps ill take my miday flight tomorrow..."[/COLOR]
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Hydraia sighed happily and floated outside of her home and fluttered around in the rain.

Hydraia saw something and floated over leaving a glittering blue trail behind her that was disquised by the rain.

She arrived and saw it was a small mouse that was running to get shelter from the rains.Hydra picked it up carefully and stroked it's damp fur with a finger.

[color=blue]"It's ok little one..."[/color]

She fluttered off again and saw a hollow in a tree just big enough for the mouse to go in.Hydraia checked it and made sure it was empty.She set down the mouse and fluttered off and returned a while later with some dry straw she found in another unoccupied hollow.Hydraia took out the mouse and put the straw in it before placing the mouse back in.

[color=blue]"There.Now if you need help from the rain ask me ok?"[/color]

The mouse squeaked and fell asleep in the straw.

Hydraia smiled and flew off back home for some rest.
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Brushfire stared out into the rain...she never liked being out in the rain but she loved watching and listning to it. She watched as it got thicker and rained even more. THe forest floor became like a large puddle. Brushfire smiled and leaned back in her home. The home was just a hole in the very large tree. The hole was only big enough to fit 2 of her. She was 5'5'' and the hole was almost as tall as her... but it was more long then tall.

[COLOR=red]"Rain...Hmmm I hope it eases up soon..."[/COLOR]

She leaned back and feel asleep. Her bright red glow dimmed a bit as she fell asleep and relaxed.
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OOC: Please, stick to the names. It should be Hydraia (High-dray-a)


After the meeting with Tatidious, Darvyn had gone to find his sister, Luna. The prophecy told of two siblings bearing wings from the heavens; Darvyn and Luna were these siblings.

Being the young girl she was, she was always out doing something. Thank Gods for the Heavens that there was a limit to where she could go. But now, now they would have to go down to Madiena. This would take a crap load of magic and patience.

[color=crimson]"Luna! Luna!"[/color] shouted Darvyn, cupping his hands around his mouth.

[color=deeppink]"Big brother, big brother! I'm here!"[/color] said a five foot three girl, with brown hair and green eyes. Her dress, made of pink and purple threads, dropped down to her ankles. Her shoes, each with a small heel, were dark purple and had purple ribbons tied around the bottom of her legs. Her wings weren't as big as Darvyn's, but they were close.

[color=crimson]"Luna, we need to talk,"[/color] he said camly.

[color=deeppink]"Oh, big brother, this won't be serious, will it?"[/color] she said, tilting her head.

[color=crimson]"Yes, Luna, this is important,"[/color] said Darvyn. Luna sighed as they headed back to their heavenly home.
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[i]Unlike in the deep forests, out in the desert-like Kingdom of Firo, there was no rain. The sun scourched the land, burning down upon all who inhabited it. A youthful appearing woman, of 5'4, and obviously magically gifted, stood in the sand next to a tall, handsome man.[/i]

[color=firebrick]Honestly, why do you insist on coming out here all zee time? And why did you choose such a silly place to train our soldiers?![/color]

[i]The obviously calm man turned to his fairy wife, whom glared angrily towards him[/i]

[color=darkred]Dear, [i]sweet[/i] Kilda, beautiful treasure of mine, I apoligize for bringing you out here, but I MUST know how our forces are coming along, and truly I believe you should too.[/color]

[i]An almost kindly smirk across the Socerer Jeric's face accompanying his words were all it took to calm the dark fairy down.

Kilda forced her face onto Jeric's shoulder, letting her hair run round his neck, and snuggling her chin into a comfortable position.[/i]

[color=firebrick]Dear husband of mine...I love you so...and yet..[b]and..yet[/b], you smell of another![/color]

[i]Kilda sent a shot of multi-elemental sparks into Jeric, pushing away from him crudely.He stumbled a bit, but quickly regained his composure and strutted to Kilda[/i]

[color=darkred]Kilda, I know not what you speak of, or why you have attempted to harm me, but please explain![/color]

[color=firebrick]You always smell of another...one who is not I, though I should be zee only one to get so close to you! I know not whether it is just zee horrid stench of the troops gathering round you, or if you are daring enough to betray me![/color]


[i]Jeric quickly wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her into an embrace.[/i]

[color=darkred]Never would I think of such a thing, for I married you, and though I may be evil...my heart would never become so cold! You are the one that keeps me alive, for I love you like no other![/color]

[i]Kilda let out a calm sigh, then backed away from Jeric, holding his hands in hers.[/i]

[color=firebrick]That 'tis all I wanted to hear dear Husband! Together we shall create a new...darker world, and only together shall we succeed.[/color]

[i]The two lovers clasped eachother as the sandy winds blew, while a dark smile sat upon Jeric's face, and in the backround, gruesome training was taking place for the coming war...[/i]
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Kilda left the room quietly, appeased by her husband's words. His wife's words stung him slightly. True, she had a right to be angry. But it was not entirely [I]his[/I] fault. That mercenary Hallucin...She had some sort of power that he did not yet comprehend fully. He felt guilt about betraying Kilda, yet there was something forcing the guilt down to the depths of him, seeming to lessen its potency.

[COLOR=darkred]"She is manipulating me."[/COLOR] he said quietly to himself.

This revelation did not come as much of a shock. He had seen her around others. They always seemed to wish to de her will. Either out of fear, or obvious lust, that depended on the person. But he, Jeric? Succumbing to a hireling's magic?

[COLOR=darkred]"No longer."[/COLOR] he said, again to himself. He pledged that he would not take up with Hallucin again. He made this pledge not out of love of Kilda, nor out of ill will towards Hallucin, but out of some obscure motive he did not yet know.

Then, wishing to get a closer look at the progress of his troops, he magically lowered himself down to the sand below.
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[COLOR=green] Brushfire, wake up![/COLOR]
Startling her sister Gaea laughed as Brushfire's body glowed intensly and then dimmed down to normal.
[COLOR=red]Sister, why must you always disturb me when I'm sleeping. Go pick on Hydraia.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]And lose the chance to pick on my younger sister, why? You know that I enjoy it and half the time it brings you joy as well. But today something is different. And sister I do feel it too. Trouble is coming and we must now, more thatn ever be more cautious. Come we must go meet with Hydraia. There is no time to waste.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]But Gaea, you know I don't want to go out in the rain.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green] Dont worry my leafy friends will protect you.[/COLOR]

As Brushfire and Gaea left the sanctuary of Brushfire's lair. Both sisters knew that hard times would soon be upon them. They hovered over the water on the forest floor, shelters by the trees who moved their branches to cover the sisters.

[COLOR=red]Do you think we will have to leave our home, sister.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green] Brushfire, I do not know. But this will finally give us a chance to leave and find out who we truly are as well. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]You still think about our parents don't you?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Yes everyday.[/COLOR]

The sisters continued on the walk drawing closer to Hydraia. As Hydraia turned to look at her sisters. They were all able to tell what was on each others mind.
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[COLOR=purple][i]The bar's doors were locked. She inserted a nail into the lock and it clicked open swiftly. She pushed open the doors and entered the lair of BlackFox. He was sitting at the table, a common whore on his lap. When he saw her, he stood, pushing her to the ground. She glared at Hallucin. Who smiled broadly and waved a perfectly manicured hand at him.[/i]

BlackFox: Welcome Hallucin. It's been awhile.

Hallucin: Did you send him to get me?

BlackFox: He was supposed to bring you here...yes.

Hallucin: He won't be joining us today.

BlackFox: Tell me you didn't kill him.

Hallucin: Of not. He's just scratching and clawing at himself right now...he'll get over it in a few hours.

[i]The prostitute left the room, shooting a hateful glance at Hallucin. She purred back, then deliberately sat on the table, legs spread in front of BlackFox. He grinned at her openess but didn't do a thing about it.[/i]

BlackFox: So...you're taking up with this Jeric I assume.

Hallucin: Why not? He pays well. And he's a cutie.

BlackFox: ....remember who you are.

Hallucin: Always. And right now, he's going to tell me no. But he won't...he'll always give in again.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=coral]Tia looked over at Zed who was laying on his back. His hands were behind his head and he gazed up a the clouds as the wind blew them by. Tia was sitting up beside him and she pulled a blade of grass from out of the ground. Tia riped the blade of grass into tiny strands slowly then held them up and let the wind blow them away. Tia layed down beside her lover and snuggled up to him. She put her hand on his chest and layed her head on his shoulder.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=coral]Tia siged "Zed, whacha thinkin' about?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=coral]Zed looked over at her. "Nothing really. I was just watching the clouds that's all.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=coral]Tia layed there in the peace for a minute and thought back to when they first met. She could remember how young they had been. She also remembered how thier parents didn't like the Idea of them being lovers. Her mind shifted to her family. She woundered how they were doing. Tia stood up.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=coral]"Where you goning?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=coral]"hmmm, I thought I might find something to eat. Mabey there's some kind of fruit around."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=coral]Zed stood up. "Allright I'll come along."[/COLOR]

OOC: sorry logan the first post is always the hardest...
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Brushfire remained silent as she eyed the rain carefully. As always known water beats fire in ever essence of its being so Brushfire was cautious. Her long wings silently let her fly across the somewhat flodded forest floor. When ever there was heavy rain this happened. Provideing much more life in the weeks after the rain waters vanished.

A long trail of red glow followed behind brushfire...Green followed Gaea... They two silently went along going over their thoughts till finally Brushfire broke the ice a bit.

[COLOR=red]"I wonder what is wrong... or going on. Lately i have noticed many changes around here. The creatures are more scared... Fear... Not to mention that these rains... i can sense an odd smell... in the rain and the wind.."[/COLOR] BrushFire trailed off as the rain seemed to die down a bit. She glanced around and noticed another wrong... [COLOR=red]"You sense it too dont you?.... Its quiet.... too quiet...."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She smiled at him and he rested his hands on her thighs. It wouldn't be the first time he had slept with her, but just the same....it wasn't the most pleasent of experiences. She stood up before he could move his hands upwards and kissed him sweetly. As usual, he put his arms around her and kissed back. There was a knock on the door and he swiftly pushed her out of the way. She melted into the shadows, muttering the spell of invisibility. The doors opened to reveal the one she had screwed around with earlier...covered in claw marks and sores.[/i]

BlackFox: Interesting. Her skill grows.

Hevien: Kill that bîtch!

BlackFox: Hardly. She's one of my better mercs....and you aren't.

Hallucin: I'm so flattered Hevien. Usually, people don't fall for such simple hexes. But you did.

BlackFox: Trance, leave him alone.

Hevien: I swear you and I are going to duel some day. And I'll leave your sorry åss for the dogs to pick over.

Hallucin: Brave words. From somebody who can't even remember his own name....[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Logan, you forgot to post the map in this thread! Could you please do that? :D

Hmm, why my character is "exiting Kingdom Shiar"? Shouldn't she be exiting her [i]own[/i] country, Kingdom Diadem? Oh well...[/size]
* * *
Cold wind blew over the green moors. Lonely woman was riding rapidly through the rough landscape, constantly peering behind her.

Woman: "Damn, why can't you fly, you worthless mule! They are getting nearer!"

Of course she knew that the horse didn't understand her, but lately it had been the only one she could talk to. Just half an hour ago she had entered a lively town, but when she tried to get herself something to eat, the watchmen had noticed her and were now chasing her.

Woman: "Oh, why don't they just give up! Why exhaust their horses for a loaf of bread and a few apples?"

The next time she glanced behind her, she saw one of the watchmen gaining on her very fast.

Woman: "How does he do that?"
Watchman: "Stop, thief! Stop in the name of justice, and return what you have stolen!"
Woman: "Aw come on! I need to eat too, don't I?"
Watchman: "You should work for your food, then! Now, surrender!"

The woman knew she couldn't escape. There was something special about the watchman and his horse. Finally she stopped her horse and raised her hands.

Woman: "Alright, alright! I'll surrender! What are you going to do now, [i]hang me[/i]?"
Watchman: "Let's just take one step at a time. Now, what shall I call your highness?"

The woman smirked. [i]You have no idea how right you are.[/i]

Woman: "I am Katrina Braveblade, daughter of Erich Braveblade, the king of Diadem!"

The man looked at her judginly for a second, and the bursted into laughter.

Watchman: "Yeah right, and I'm Jeric the bloody evil sorcerer himself! Why don't you just come with me back to the town, and I'll see what I can do for you... princess."

The man took the harness of the woman's horse, and turned back to the direction they came from.

Watchman: "Now really, tell me what I can call you, or else I'll have to think of some silly name for you"
Katrina: "Just call me Cat."
Watchman: "Very well, Cat. Say, I bet you can use that longsword of yours?"
Katrina: "Well, I haven't lost a single toe this far, if that's what you mean?"
Watchman: "Hah, kitten, I think I know how you can pay for your crime..."

Katrina rolled her eyes towards the sky in frustration. What kind of country she had escaped to?[/color]
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With the words that Brushfire spoke, a horrible chill ran down Gaea's back. As Brushfire continued on to find their sister Hydraia, Gaea paused and turned around.

[COLOR=green]Brushfire please go on ahead and find Hydraia, I am sensing something, and I must confer with the trees.
[COLOR=red]But what about the--[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]Don't worry they will still protect you. They will also guide you as well. Just follow thier trail of branches making a path through the rain. Stay on that and there you will find her. I will soon follow.[/COLOR]

Doing as her sister asked Brushfire relunctanly continued down the trail. Gaea kept watch over her sister until she no longer saw her bright red trail. Gaea no longer protected by the trees stood in the middle of the downpoar and felt the rain drops upon her body. They ran from the crown of her head and foolowed the curves of her body till they touched her feet. As in a kind of trance Gaea planted her feet in the ground mimiking her friends as soon relaxed her whole body. Soon her body was in a deep meditation. Flashes of pain ran though her as she could sense the trees slowly dying.
[I][COLOR=green] Poison, my trees they are being poisoned.[/COLOR][/I]
More images of dead animals and fish soon flashed trough her head.[COLOR=green][I] Our forest someone is killing our forest.[/I][/COLOR]

Gaea uprooted herself and flew off after her sisters. Delirious with all the pain she felt from the Earth she knew that they must find a way to help their home or everything within this beautiful forest would be dead!!!!!
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Hydraia sat in her waterfall of a home.It was really a hollow in the rock around the waterfall.She saw a red glow through the water a bit far off.'It must be Brushfire.'she thought.She saw it was raining and was confused because Brushfire never went out in the rain.She smiled as noticed that she was flying through a path of leaves that covered her.Hydraia stopped the waterfall briefly and saw Brushfire clearly.The path of leaves stopped and so did Brushfire.

[color=blue]Hydraia:What's wrong Brushfire?[/color]
[color=red]Brushfire:Hydraia!You know I dislike water and it's raining.I'm not leaving unless I have cover.[/color]
[color=blue]Hydraia:*sigh*You should learn to be in the rain.How can you dislike such a beautiful and calming thing?[/color]

Brushfire glared at her sister angrily.

[color=blue]Hydraia:Okay Okay.My goodness.[/color]

She created a small air bubble around Brushfire but she still didn't move.

[color=blue]Hydraia:What's wrong Brushfire?[/color]
[color=red]Brushfire:How does this....bubble help?![/color]
[color=blue]Hydraia:Oh Brushfire!The bubble is like a barrier.You won't get wet by the rain.[/color]
[color=red]Brushfire:Are you sure?![/color]
[color=blue]Hydraia:YES!!Now are you coming or not?![/color]

Brushfire sighed and cautiously exited the leafy path.She was still dry even though she was in the rain.She became more comfortable and flew into Hydraia's home.Hydraia made the waterfall run again and she and Brushfire sat.Soon enough Hydraia saw a green glow approaching at a fast speed.Hydraia quickly stopped the waterfall again as Gaea entered.As soon as she was safe inside the waterfall continued to flow.

[color=blue]Hydraia:What's wrong Gaea?![/color]
[color=green]Gaea:*puffing*Someone's poisoning our forests!!If we don't stop it...Our beautiful forests will be destroyed!!![/color]
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Brushbire got a bit sarcastic....

[COLOR=red]"Well thats probably a good thing... then the forest will turn into a desert... then ill live in heat... and there wont be hardly any rain..."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]"HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING!!! "[/COLOR] Gaea flared back...

[COLOR=blue]"I agree! Without rain there is no life!"[/COLOR] Hydraia added...

[COLOR=red]"You know i hate water... And you both know i did not mean that comment... havent you ever heard me being sarcastic before?"[/COLOR] BrushFire defended...

[COLOR=blue]"Alright alright.. .i know you hate water... im the very opposite... i love it so! You need to work on that sarcastic attitude of yours BrushFire... It will get you into trouble one day!"[/COLOR] Hydraia calmed ... as so did Gaea

[COLOR=red]"Well whatever... The forest is being poisoned and i dont know what i could ever do...we dont even know the cause or the source... i figure we should look for those two things first... before looking ofr the solution... you cant find a solution if you dont have a cause ... as Akitu would say..."[/COLOR] BrushFire mentions an old friend of hers..

suddenly they all hear a massive thundering outside... Brushfire flinches a bit as the rain got so hard you could hardly hear yourself think. Lightning flahsed into a nearby pond sending a large elctrical surge through the water. The forest was to wet to catch fire thought the tree sisters.
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[size=1][color=darkblue]OOC: I apologise to post an OOC for my first post, but I wasn't informed this started. I apologise. I shall edit this with my first post. I'll inform Zeh that the RPG has begun. Once again, I apologise for my inactivity.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=purple][i]Hallucin yawned and waved her goodbyes. BlackFox stood and watched her go. Hevian yowled and thrashed on the ground once more. Black Fox looked at his table. She had left something. A simple scroll apparently. He read it, then swiftly threw it into the fireplace. Information like this wasn't lightly thrown around.

She sauntered down the street, and stopped at her place. The door opened magically for her, then locked itself behind her back. She set down her things and cleaned the place up for a few minutes. Then she stopped and sat down at her table. She reached into the cabinet and poured herself a glass of wine. Out of habbit, rather than fear, she droped in a tablet of iodine and drank the whole lot down. Then she stood and walked into her garden.

Motherwort, Nightshade, and Laburnum, gathered and still abundant in her growing places.... used in some of her more potent magical spells. She carried the poisons down to her lower level chambers....and mixed them accrdingly. Two vials each, stowed away in her chain link belt...then magicked to disapear to the causal eye. Anyone who had any sense of self preservation would most definetly see them. She smiled, the closed the chambers off.[/i]

Hallucin: ....mmm...[/COLOR]
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[size=1] Maximoff sat in a potential-pretend slumber of which he did not grasp attention from guards nor civilians, the perfect technique used to enable him to watch.

Having followed the life of every citizen for mere minutes in order to surface any event that may cause trouble, Maximoff had also taken it upon himself to listen in on Lord Jeric and Kilda. For they had caused distraught for Maximoff and he was not planning to stay around as a mere stone gargoyle to be gloriously taken advantage of, now it was for him to avenge those of whom Lord Jeric and Kilda murdered.

As day passed, the life styles of every working or slumming citizen changed as the light was secluded behind clodes and exchanged with the moons. Taverns were filled, street lamps were lit, and the constant laughter and jeers from the townsfolk began to muffle the sounds of the constant groans and clashes that were created from the training soldiers. These soldiers had a different purpose than to defend the perimeter of the city, but to expand the empire and murder those without any hesitation in the Kingdom's path.

[color=sienna]'' 'Tis time for me to seek my brother in the cliffs. He has gone since morning and I feel it is time to hear what he has to say about his senses that have been disrupted.''[/color] Maximoff muttered to himself in a deep voice.

Maximoff was unlike any other statue or gargoyle, this was as gargoyles share a distinctive pattern, however, have a deep signifigance to others. Maximoff was of an upright statue who took pride in his density of a black, coal tone of which he could absorb the sunlight and transfer into energy. His claws were incredibly strong and could engrave even the most reluctant of materials. His wings however, made of a strong, stone-like scaling, consisted of huge wingspans to enable Maximoff to fly even to the highest of altitudes.

Having realised that the streets were quiet, and the training was continuously preventing any other sound to reach metres away, Maximoff opened his huge wings subtley and upon looking back at the moon that had once shone down upon the bustling and friendly kingdom, jumped and flapped the gigantic wings that created a huge gust of air to carry Maximoff on his way to the nearest cliffs.

[color=sienna]''He better be there,''[/color] Maximoff stated in a friendly tone of voice.[/size]
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