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AssasiN clan recruiting for a demon hunting adventure

Jubei Yagyou

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ok here are the rule things

weapons and armor

Story line is that a rogue ninja has moved to a new continent in search for bounty on demons. he soon figured out he cant kill these powerful demons on his own. so he erects a sign for demon hunters. who will join?


Name: Kyoshin
Abilities: stealth movement, sword strike ( A flash of energy from his sword)
weapons and armor: light chain link steel all over body and 2 ninja-to on back
bio: assasin for family clan but clan destroyed by demons
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Guest dayday
I think he means clan like group. But clan does mean family.

Name: Adrain
Abilities: stealth, superfast arm movement
Weapon: nunchaku
Bio: Stole most of life and kills anyone in her way.
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Ok sounds fun I thought it might be an online group thing
Name Ryden
Abilities has the ability to teleport
Weapon Very large pure silver heavyblade sword
Bio Nobody knows where he came from. He seems dead set on becoming stronger
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Name:Akki Koroshiya

Abilities:Sin harvest(fire rain apon an enemy as the groud beneath their feet crumble into hot magma and a fire bubble covers me so i am protected from the damage,flight,summoning,marksmanship and super speeds

weapons and armor:2 crossbows with enchanted arrows(they are attached to a few metal poles so they fold and fold again then fold so they are hidden behind me),a whip made of sharp edges and diomond tips(tied around my waist),a long ancient sword which doesnt come to a tip but can tear through virtually anything(in a case on my waist),and a staff that can break into a small sword,some wrist mounted claws that are able to retract.the forearm armor comes to a point at the able so as to cut anything that i elbow,same as the shin armor,the shoulder armor is big and also come to a point,the chest/torso armor has strange markings on it and down the back armor there are back spines,each one is on a seperate plate,these plates allow the same movement as a regular human.and one huge black feathered wing,it is a wepons in its own right because a sharp spine emits from the bone that hold together the wing.

Bio:A demon turned him into a demon so he would have to do his biddind.but because he was a demon slayer,he was able to fight the curse and only become half demon.so now he heard about a group taking down demons,since his accident he kinda went on a vacation,and this mission would be the perfect way to start up his slaying again.
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He's saying enough with the little footnotes making entire posts. If you have something that little to say than please it in in an already made post, or wait and say it all at once.
PS sorry for the length of this one. I just thought it would be easier to get the point across with a small explenation.
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Name:Atsuko Hasimoto
Abilities:wind demon/side evil she can cut human and demon flesh with her wind powers.

weapons and armor:she has two nunchakus and a ninja sword.She wears a black suit she has baggy ninja pants with a black belt and a black riped t-shrit also wears a cape and a one sided mask of a frowning face.And raps around her feet to her knees and from he elbows to the end of each finger.

Bio:she is a very fast wind demon that has masterd the art of wind.
know one knows where she has come from. but she has a record of killing over a 500 humans just for fun. she eats hearts to gain the powers of others. she acts like its all a game and will kill anyone who gets into her way....or kills anyone peroid!

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ok i am in but i do tell more about my charachter if that is ok.

name: thalen
age: ancient
gender: male
height: 1,90m
weight: 75 kilo
technique: deathstrike
appearance: tall, half long hair to the schoulders, eyes deep grey, a dark cloth wrapped around his schoulders wearing a dark long leather coat underneath, under that a dark shirt.
he wears loose pants and strong boots with steel noses.
he also wears dark finerless leather gloves.

weapons: sword of aege, containing the powers of the universe, the sword never breaks or leaves the hand untill the carrier puts it away, also giving the carrier unlimited stamina.
sice he is alive for so long he masters his sword with exelent skill.

powers: thalen was made by darkness and light together forging grey powers wich are very powerfull.
abillities: orb energy shield, different energy attacks, flight, speed.
bio: thalen was made of light and darkness wich were absorbed by mother earth.
with the help of the moon and the sun with all the stars they gave him the spirit of soul and the spirit of mind.
roaming the earth`s diferrent dimensions he found te sword destined for him alone.
he has been a loner existing between mankind untill this verry day, never dying of age.
peronality: a closed book silent type and a real loner.
side: against whom ever to crosses his path.
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