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Yu-Gi-Oh Graphic Novels

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The manga is actually the basis for the show. So what we're reading right now is Season 1 which America never gets to see because it was dubbed to violent. So we started off with Season 2 which is Duelist Kingdom. So yes it is good to actually be able to read the magna without a lot of editing.
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For the *LAST* time, the so-called "First" Season of Yu-Gi-Oh was actually another series.

What we see in America is "Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters". The original Yu-Gi-Oh series was based almost directly on the manga. However, similar to the various Tenchi Muyo series, it's nott he same. How can you tell?

Well, it flat-out contradicts YGO:DM in several areas. Most notably, it intros Kaiba and Bakura as the way they originally appeared. (Yami Bakura turned the cast into game pieces in a Dungeons & Dragons type game, not card characters.)

Also, the 1/2 hour YGO movie takes place in the orinigal show's timeline.

I'm sorry, but that's a pet-peeve of mine. They're two different shows.
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Animeintro states very well that both are actually different series. They were not produced by the same companies, nor did they even followed each other (the first one was produced in 1998, the other in 2000) or have same names (it's the reason why the serie is actually called Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters).

From edo's page:

[QUOTE][i]Is it true that there was a previous Yu-Gi-Oh! season? Why didn't they broadcast it here?[/i]

No, there was not a previous season. There was a previous series. There are several reasons that the previous series was not released in English, among them being: both series are animated by different companies, the first series had a lack of good animation quality (it was somewhat low budget -- most of the money went to hire big-name voice actors), and it parallels the early part of the comic book. Now, that usually is a good thing, but the earlier portion of the comic was very violent. If the first series would have been brought over, it would have been sliced up beyond belief. However, one of the final reasons is that sake of money: companies like 4Kids Entertainment don't make much money off the series; they actually make their money off of derivitive works, such as toys. The earlier portion of the series didn't have much to offer in the sake of those items, which means a lack of derivitive renevue. The second series involves a card game, which means a lot of derivitive games. [/QUOTE]
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I really enjoy the manga of YGO.:)
It's a lot different than the American TV show.:rolleyes: I like it because it isn't censored, :demon: it isn't just about the cards,:grumble: and the danger is cooler.:naughty:
I really enjoy that about the manga in Shonen Jump! (monthly)
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