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Sailor Moon: Dark Kingdom Return

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The year is 2100 A.D., nearly a hundred years after the time of Sailor Moon and her Sailor Senshi. Crystal Tokyo still has not come to be, but Sailor Pluto is not worried. She has seen the future, and she knows that sooner or later the beloved paradice [i]will[/i] come to be.

But for now, there is trouble. The Dark Kingdom has been resurrected and the Sailor Senshi have not had the time to be reincarnated yet. More heros are needed, and so Pluto reluctantly activated eight new Sailors. Theyw ere only to be back-ups, used in a time of emergency. But that time has come. And so, eight new pretty soldiers head out to conquer all evil...
Now on to the fun part, the sign-ups! ^~ The best part is, you guys get to make up your own, completely original Sailors! ^^ If you want to Play Sailor Pluto or one of the three guardian cats, the only original senshi who are still alive, please PM me and ask first. Now, on to the characters open for play:

Sailor Senshi (8 total, 7 avaliable): I'll be playing both the leader of the senshi and the leader of the Dark Kingdom, just to make it all easier, and because I don't trust anyone else to do it. ^^;; Yeah, I'm insecure that way... So 7 senshi are open to play, plus Sailor Pluto.

Tuxedo Knights (3 total): You know, the male warriors who swing down from rooftops and make "witty" speeches that would make Tatewaki Kuno proud.

Guardian Beasts: (8 total, one for each Senshi) Self explanatory. Each of the Senshi need one, plus Luna, Artemus, and Diana. They don't need to be cats either, just anything small, fluffy and usually harmless.

Major Generals: (5 total) The main generals under the ultimate bad guy (Amorrite, whom I'm playing ^~).

Minor Generals and Youma (unlimited): Yup, you heard me, unlimited! However, expect to get killed off pretty fast. ^~ But here's the great part. If you DO get killed off, just create another youma and go at it again! **These are the only people who will get to play multiple characters besides me.*

However, if not many people are signing up and you'd like to play more then one Senshi, General, ect., PM me. Now on to the form:

Secret Identity (if Senshi or T. Knight):
S.I. Description:
Species (if Guardian Beast):

And that's all there is to it! Here's my two:

Name: Sailor Vega (leader)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Attack(s): "Lyra Sonic Scream" and "Summer Star Flare"

Description: Sailor Vega's colours are light blue and hunter green. Her skirt and sailor collar are green, and her bows, shoes, and the rolls on her gloves are blue. Her shoes are sandels laced up her leg (like Sailor Neptune's). She has white-blond hair about shoulder length, and little earrings shaped like harps.

Secret Identity: Miya Kenji
S.I. Description: Miya is tall for her age, and looks older then sixteen. She has white-blond hair that tends to stick up in spikes, and green eyes. She usually wears jeans and a t-shirt, or whatever she pulled out of her closet that morning. She's shy, and prefers to be by herself, reading a book. She's not overly smart, and loathes math and science of any kind. She dreams of being a writer someday.

Species: Human

Personality: See S.I. Description
Name: Amorrite (leader of the Dark Kingdom Reborn)

Age: Unknown, he looks about 20-22

Gender: male

Attack(s): He carries a magic sword, but doesn't have any "magic attacks" like the Senshi do.

Description: He has long green hair and blue eyes. He's tan, but not overly so. He wears a grey uniform and cape similar to what Kunzite wore during the first Dark Kingdom invasion, but much more ornate.

Secret Identity: None
S.I. Description: None

Species: Corrupted immortal spirit

Personality: Evil. Um, duh? He's more of a warrior then a leader, and wishes he could just do away with all the overly-stupid minions and hack the Senshi to bits himself. It's unclear why he wants to take over the world (I'll bring it out later. ^~)
And that's about it! ^^ Once we have everyone (or close to everyone) signed up, I'll go ahead and start it.
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Name: Salior Yami

Age: 15

Gender: female

Attack(s): Black hole and dark side of the moon.

Description: has an oufit like sailor moons buts all black with silver bows. Her hair is styled like kikyo's off of inuyasha.

Secret Identity (if Senshi or T. Knight): Kerika Kamiya

S.I. Description: looks kinda evil. She wears her black hair in pig tails and is a goth.

Species (if Guardian Beast): human

Personality: secluded. She's extreemly naive so she like to try and stay away from people to keep from being decieved. Even though she seems kinda evil deep down all she wants is love.
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Guest dayday
Ahh...why not.

Name: Sailor Siya
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Attacks: Back of a Coin, Tomorrow(yeah I took episodes from Silent Mobius)
Description: Same outfit and colors as Rei. Has black hair the same length as hers and the same style.
Secret Identity: Sonia Hida
S.I. Descrption: See Attachment (don't mind the hair color)
Species: Human
Personality: She's kind of a workaholic but likes to have fun most of the time. She's always gets the job done before she goes out and haves a good time.

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Guest Taylor Hewitt
Name: Sailor TH
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Attacks: Punch, Kick, I have a desert eagle in my pocket.
Description: Red hair, 6.2 height, big :), blue eyes.
Secret Identity: Taylor Hewitt
S.I. Descrption: Black tux/suit, red bowtie, black pants.
Species: Human
Personality: Friendly, playful, nice, serious sometimes, intellegent. And a gentleman.
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Hello there everyone...I'm obviously new, but here's my little profile anyway!

Name: Sailor Andromeda
Age: 17

Gender: Female

Attack(s): Various elemental sword attacks

Description: Wears a grey and yellow fuku, grey skirted and yellow bowed. The body of the fuku is the regular Sailor Scout white. Has a special broadsword she attacks with.

Secret Identity: Yaturi Kenako (Kenna-chan to close friends)

S.I. Description: Stands about 5' 9", Long straight brown hair down to her bottom, dark brown eyes.
Personality: Very neutral, and doesn't speak until spoken too mostly, but has a very lively personality when prodded correctly. Very hard to get angry as well.
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At last, I can play a decent creature.. Also, any Sailor Senshi can pick me, I don't care which one. (But if I make a request for a 'owner' it would be DayDay, looks like she could use a cat ;))

Guardian Creature.
Name: Cooth
Age: 6-ish
Gender: Male
Attack(s): Claws of fury.
Description: Solid black, with no sign of brown, or white or the sort. Just straight black, with very green eyes, also is a little plump, to much cat food. ^_^
Secret Identity:?
S.I. Description:?
Species (if Guardian Beast): Cat, all the way.
Personality: Frisky. Likes to play with anything that moves, doesn't give the greatest advice, but in times when he is needed he can. He thinks he's human some what, but will always tell a Sailor, or anyone for that matter that he can talk to, that he is better than them in many ways. He's also very cuddly, and purrs a lot. He will purr for anybody that that gives him loves and cuddles. Also likes to have his belly rubbed, but will bite when he doesn't want anymore.

*As a cat, rolls on his back, purring loudly, waiting for somebody to rub his belly* [i]puurrrr[/i]
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Name:Sailor Arctis



Attack(s):Various Ice and Water spells

Description:Main fuku part is white,the ribbon is a rich blue with a white center,the sache at the bottom is rich blue,the skirt is rich blue and the flaps at the top around her neck are rich blue with a white stripe around the edge.Her boots are the regular type and are also rich blue.

Secret Identity:Kimana Toki(Ki)

S.I. Description:Chocolate brown hair,emerald eyes and you always see her wearing a blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside,blue pants and blue and white joggers.

Personality:Friendly,caring,smart like another Amy,helps anyone in trouble and will do anything to help a friend.
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I was thinking bout joinin this.... I guess you need a tuxedo knight...
Name: Tuxedo Bandana
Attack(s): White rose throw and red whip smack
Description:Wears a black tux and wears a bandana instead of a mask to cover up the face. He has the top hat on as well.
Secret Identity (T. Knight): Dragus Loader
S.I. Description:He is 6'0" he always seems to have black jeans and a red shirt on during the day.
Species (if Guardian Beast): human
Personality:Nice to his friends but if they are threatened he'll pull out the stops to save them. Most people think him as aloof and wierd but his friends think him otherwise.
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Haven't watched the show in years. Hope I still remember^^.
I'll be Guardian Beast.

Name: Nayan
Gender: Female
Attack(s): Mach Wind, Talon Sword
Description: See attachment. She's more glowy and shinier.^^
Species: Bird of Paradise
Personality: Nayan is very independent and loyal. Her beauty is only matched by a very keen intelligence. Sometimes unreasonable, she is very helpful to those she trusts and loves to fly.
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I will be a Major General

Name: Shiro Uzuki(in his human form) Sparda(in his true form)

Age: 18(appears as in human form) 408 is true age.

Gender: Male

Attack(s): Darkness of the Heart
Fragment of Sorrow
Night of Fate

Description: Human: Has silver hair and green eyes. Wears a pair of torn plack jeans and a red and silver shirt.

True Form: Is a red demon with black bat-like wings.Carries a chain sycth and a large jaged blade.

Personality: Very cold,and decaptive.
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I'll be a major general as well..bear in mind this a char I came up with years ago, so it's probably pretty bad.

Name:Motokazu Omi (human) Cardian(true form)
Attack(s):Ace of Spades, 52 Card Pickup, Royal Flush
Description:He looks like a normal Japanese colege student, with tinkling bright green eyes
S.I. Description:He stands at 5'10" in this form, dressed in a black cape and rred and white military-ish uniform. He has black hair that falls to his shoulders, and his green eyes are now filled with malevolence.
Personality:He is c ruel and calculating, enjoying the destruction of others. Everything he does, he does for a personal gain. Evantually, he hpes to take control of the Dark Kingdom himself.
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Another Major General. ^.^

Name: Hitotsu (true form) Kougetsu (human)
Age: Looks about 17
Gender: Male
Attack(s): He has various sword and hand techniques
Description: In his true form he looks older, around the age of 20 and 23, much more handsome than in his 17 year old state. His black hair is longer, going down his back and stopping before his butt, and he wears a white Chinese gi.
Secret Identity: Kougetsu
S.I. Description: In this form he looks 17 and wears a blue pair of pants and a white long sleeved shirt. Over this he wears a blue and black jacket. He has short black hair and brown eyes, plus he wears little tinted glasses (like Enishi from RK)
Personality: He is very claim and polite, cunning and skilled. Quick thinking and has a sense of justice.
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I suppose I'll be a guardian beast.
Name: Marli
Age: between 4 and 5
Gender: Female
Attack(s): Rage
Description: I'm assuming you all know what a cat looks like. Light brownish-red with darker streaks and a white belly and paws and a white circle around her right eye.
Species: Cat. Why? I'm not sure.
Personality: moody and sarcastic but loyal to the end and a good source of advice when she's awake. She sleeps as much as possible and doesn't enjoy playing much. She rarely purrs and acts unhappy all the time, even though she usually isn't.
This cat sounds like me. Anyway, there may be more added to this.
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I guess I'll be a minor General..Since no one else wishes to get killed off I guess I'll take that spot!!

Since Im a Youma I think there will be multiple me's so there for as the story progresses I'll introduec each charecter with a descption and a biop okay!!! I dont want to waste time hear!!!

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Name: Salior Rox, or the Dark Sailor Scout ( how orginal huh^_^!)

Age: (huh? I don't know? What is the common age of a sailor scout?)

Gender: Female

Description: Her colors are deep purple and black. Her sandals are a combo between boots and strap sandals, and they're all leather with very high heels, of course!.

Weapons or Special Moves: Highly Skilled with any blade.
Vanish: a move that allows one to desinagrate(<- spelling, sorry!) and reappear. Also was trained in martial arts.

Serect Id: Kigo Te Soon

S.I Description: Young, Tall, Long Black Smooth hair, Korean( trying to get into my character..Heh, hee!), Black eyes with heavy black eyeliner, short-midlength skirt(green), black high heel (very trendy) boots(lace up the front), semi tight white t-shirt, and a a black belt with spikes on it. She is very smart, but also a rebel for her age! A computer wiz, can hack into and any system, and hopes secrectly into becoming a model.

I think that's all, but I'm new at this...so how do we play? Anyone? I have no clue on what to do I just thought it'd be fun to try something new!:rolleyes:
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Name:Sailor star
Attack(s):Star storm, Star dragoon, star sword attacks
Description:A brown haired girl with green eyes and a green out fit
Secret Identity: Sora
S.I. Description:A brown haired girl with green eyes and a school uniform

Personality:A shy girl who is looking for a boyfriend
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[SIZE="1"]Hi Kari989! Welcome to Otakuboards Theater.

Unfortunately, this Sailor Moon RPG was created way back in 2003 and is no longer running.

In the future, please check the date of post (located at the top left-hand side of the post) in order to figure out if it's still a live thread.

But generally, a good rule of thumb is stay on the first page of the auditions.

Thanks for your interest in role playing. I hope this doesn't discourage you from auditioning again.


[COLOR="DarkRed"]Thread Closed[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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